Alfred Webre With Lisa Harrison Nov 24-2014 [Video]

Alfred Webre joins Lisa Harrison to discuss the evidence of the positive timeline we are now on and his latest book ‘Omniverse’

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SO News ~ M7 Quake, Liquid Sun – November 27 2014 [Video]

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Freeman Fly Interviews Jay Weidner ~ False Flags & Real Consciousness [Audio]

“You’ve been dreaming – now it’s time to wake up!” – J Weidner

JayWeidnerJay Weidner joins us for a discussion of False Flags and Real Consciousness

With love, magic, mystery, prophecy, conspiracy, psychics, underground cities, the Illuminati, Light Bodies and much more. Jay’s upcoming film is The Last Avatar which tells the story of the emergence of Kalki Avatar. Who is Kalki? Kalki is the final Avatar of our current Age of Chaos.

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AA Gabriel ~ Living Life In Thanksgiving

HappyThanksgivingDivine Presence, I AM grateful for the Beauty and Power of the living Earth that sustains all life and blesses all who are fortunate to live in this beautiful world. I give thanks that all beings are awakening to these gifts.

Thank you for this day. Help me to see the blessings in my life, and learn the lessons given to me to learn. Show me what I need to know in order to grow into a more kind and loving human being, and take care of my responsibilities with Grace and Ease. Help me to share the gifts you have given me in a way that adds more value to the world.

Thank you for helping me move with great Clarity and Certainty. Thank you for inspiring my heart centered action in every area of my life.

I AM grateful for physical, mental and emotional Health and Well-Being. I recognize Wellness as my most empowered attribute and it blesses every area of my life. Continue reading

Joseph Farrell ~ News And Views From The Nefarium November 27 2014 [Video]

HUGE rumblings from France as French National Front leader Marie le Pen demands that France repatriate its gold. Here’s the Zero Hedge article:…

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Greg Hunter Interviews Bill Holter ~ Gold is Kryptonite to the Dollar [Video]

Financial writer Bill Holter says the players in the gold markets are fearful. Why?  Holter says, “The GOFO rates, or gold forward rates, in London are negative.  They should never be negative, and they are more negative now than any time since 2001.  That shows extreme tightness in the metals market. To me, it shows mistrust.  It shows that people are saying I want my gold now.  I don’t want gold in the future, I want it now.  Negative GOFO rates should never happen.”  Holter also says that the COMEX market is what he calls “corner-able.” 

How much would it take to buy the entire deliverable gold and silver inventory? Holter says, “The way I would put it is it’s a ham sandwich without the ham or the cheese.  You are talking about $1 billion would be enough to clean out COMEX gold registered category, and another billion dollars would clean out the silver inventory.   It’s nothing.  $2 billion dollars would clean the shelves dry.” Continue reading

SO News ~ Geoengineering, Thick Ice, Spaceweather – November 26 2014 [Video]

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Mac Slavo ~ This Is Why You Should Never Trust A Bank

“Your personal deposits and live savings are nothing more than investment vehicles for your bank. And if they screw up, you are the one who will get screwed.” – M Slavo

BankstersThe recent actions of mega behemoth Wells Fargo show us just why so many people are distrustful of large financial institutions. The bank, which claims it will help you achieve what’s important, has done exactly the opposite in the case of Rosemary Ronstein.

At the height of the 2009 financial crisis Ms. Ronstein was facing a home foreclosure. After her husband passed away that same year the widow was searching through personal records when she happened across a 30-year old CD purchased by her husband in 1984 for the sum of $18,000. The CD, which offered the bearer a 10.9% interest rate and renewed automatically until it was cashed in, was originally issued by First Interstate Bank, an entity that has since been acquired by Wells Fargo.

At the time, Ronstein faced the real possibility of having her house seized for failing to pay her mortgage. The CD was like a dream come true. All her problems would be solved, which is exactly the reason why her late husband originally purchased the CD and gave it to her for safekeeping.

But when Ronstein arrived at Wells Fargo to trade in her financial instrument, she says that not only did the bank refuse to make good on the Cash Deposit, they practically laughed in her face.

But when she tried to get the money that she believes is rightfully hers, she the bank “practically almost laughed at me.” Continue reading

Stuart Wilde ~ Go With The Flow

DogTigerIf you are very logical it is hard to believe in the illogical, but all logic breaks down eventually, space-time bends, particles appear and disappear, stuff you are logically sure will happen suddenly goes random and erratic.

My tactics is to believe everything, why Not? It costs you nothing to believe things but it does not mean I act on all the information I get.

When I first started talking about the walls going soapy in the Morph and the floor falling away and humans disappearing people must have thought me nuts but now I’ve shown it to over one thousand five hundred people that have come to my weekend gigs in Amsterdam and Las Vegas, they came to believe in the non-solid nature of reality and the human body. To know a human can dematerialize in front of you is hard to believe unless you have seen it. But it is true. Continue reading