Shanta Gabriel ~ Walk In Beauty

ShantaGabrielThis is one of my favorite messages. I received it the first time that I was traveling to teach a workshop in another state in 1994.

It was the answer to the question, “What do I need to know as I make this journey?”

This powerful message is just as relevant to all of us now and is the answer to the same question posed for any journey in our lives, inward or outward.

Beauty is one of those high-frequency living words that came to life after 2012. When we claim Beauty as a field of Light around us and within us, our entire being sparks to a higher level. When I feel a little low, looking for Beauty can empower me by changing my consciousness very dramatically. Anything of Beauty — Nature, a heart-melting animal video, sweet babies, music, prayer, you name what works for you — anything that opens our hearts raises our vibrational frequency. It is an extremely simple way to feel better very quickly.

Doing small things to create Beauty in our homes, such as placing even one fresh flower on the table, raises the energy frequency by bringing new life to where we live. These higher frequencies equate to us feeling more uplifted and filled with Well-Being (another of those living words).

Can you even imagine living in Trust? Knowing that there is such a thing as Divine Order, trusting that all your needs are met with Grace and Ease, having the deep trust that there is a Creative Solution no matter how dire the situation appears to be. How would that switch in your belief system impact your life?

We are being asked through this time to move into the present and open ourselves to a level of unknown that is beyond human experience. For me, it can feel like leaping empty-handed into the void. This causes all sorts of upheaval in my stomach. Yet, my deeper experience is that I am always taken care of. When I get clear about what I intend to experience, stay in present time and not project fear into my future, it allows me to move with more Ease into the unknown. I have also found that when I trust my inner guidance, all is well. Any benevolent outcome in my life is only able to come about when I can live in more trust and stay as conscious as I can moment to moment. Continue reading

Angel Messages For July 28 – Aug 3 2014 ~ Doreen Virtue’s Angel Oracle Card Reading [Video]

This week pushes you to be your best, and to step up the level of your personal, spiritual, and healing growth. You are guided to live at the highest vibrational levels of joy, love, and peace . . . as your contribution to world peace.

The beginning of the week helps you to enjoy your career more, and to start a new enjoyable career. You’ll get plenty of synchronistic help along the way this week, which you are encouraged to accept.

By the weekend, you’ll be dealing with self-esteem issues. Ultimately, you’ll learn lessons this week that help you to appreciate yourself more.

Hilarion’s Weekly Message ~ July 27-August 3, 2014

“The unseen will become visible and will open up a new vista of experience and sensory delight to all who have attained this level of frequency. As more people attain this level, it paves the way and makes it easier for others to rise to greater levels of consciousness and understanding.” Hilarion

Beloved Ones, The pressure within increases as the energy intensifies from the cosmos. The activity of purification is intensifying in all quarters of life. There is no escape for anyone or anything upon the earth plane. All are as one in the eye of the cosmic storm that is passing through. The energy sensitive among you will find yourselves moving into the next step of your journey in wonderful and unexpected ways. With a suddenness that is startling, you will find yourselves in a blessed space as you find the longed for peace within. As this alignment and recalibration takes place yet again, you enter a new phase of healing within your human operating system. The healing will become noticeable in your daily life as you go about your duties. There will be more energy flowing through you and you will have the energy to create all that you desire in your lives. Your ability to remain focused upon your goals will see a marked improvement.

There will continue to be a choosing of the crossroads for each and every soul upon the planet and it can be difficult for many as the rifts within families and friendships continues to occur. Many times, these rifts are temporary as those who are confused about what is occurring or totally unaware of it move away in rejection of the awakened ones. Hold your ground and remain centered in your own truth. Each person on Earth is responsible for their own choices and decisions at all times and must accept the consequences that come about as a result. Those who hurt or harm others will find that energy coming back to them in numerous ways that will keep them having to look within themselves in a clear and honest manner until they understand that the energy they give out into the universe comes back to them in equal measure, no matter if it is positive or negative. Continue reading

John Smallman ~ Everyone Will Awaken And No One Will Be Forced To Do So

“There is only One so no one can be left out, discarded, or abandoned.  The game of separation and abandonment, the illusion, will last as long as there are people who wish to play, but it can no longer restrict or contain those who would awaken, the very vast majority of humans.” Saul

smallman_bridgeMany of you are undergoing great stress and bodily and emotional discomforts at present as the energy levels of the Tsunami of Love intensify.  This is to be expected, so do not be alarmed, just relax into the now moment and allow these energies to flow through you and on out to all of humanity and to Gaia herself.  This is what you came to do, you have just forgotten how demanding it would be on your physical vehicles, so make sure to ask regularly for help from your friends, guides, mentors and angels in the spiritual realms.  When you do you will feel better, more easily able to accept the discomfort, and assured of its necessity as your frequencies rise to prepare you and humanity for your awakening.

We are inundating you with spiritual help and assistance but the many alarming events happening across the world are distracting you and drawing you down into the illusion where you tend to enter into the pain and suffering that you see there.  See the pain and suffering, send Love and compassion to those involved, but stay removed from it – “be in the world but not of it.”  Doing this will make it far easier for you to connect with your intuition, your higher Self, and those in the spiritual realms who are always standing by to answer your calls . . . I promise you that there will be no muzak while you wait for the next available associate! Continue reading

Paul Lenda ~ Let Go Of Who You Are To Become What You Might Be

“To change your mindset is the most critical and most important step in actualizing your dreams. The rest will follow . . .” P Lenda

WomanWaterWe all have dreams, hopes, and aspirations. Most of these are left to the confines of our minds, acting only as seemingly-unattainable realities that are nice to think about in order to escape the daily reality we find ourselves in, day after day. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We as humans have the incredible ability to have unbridled will that can be the driving force for attaining the most amazing dreams, hopes, and aspirations we come up with. Combine this will with the courage to transform our thoughts into realities and an unstoppable determination to actualize those thoughts, and you now have the mental framework laid out which will allow you to live your dreams.

As humans we have relatively short lifespans and as we grow older and begin to feel to side effects of aging we tend to reflect more and more on our past and the things we managed to accomplish or have experienced. This self-reflection can lead to great sadness and depression if we look back and see regretfully that we didn’t chase our dreams (usually because of the fear of the great unknown) or we have regrets about things we did that we never reacted to with actions that could undo those regretful decisions.

It doesn’t have to be this way… it doesn’t have to be this way at all. Why settle for anything less than the live you imagined for yourself?

If you look around you and see that others have attained what you wish you had, then this shows you that you can create the same reality for yourself. As long as what you dream for yourself is possible within the confines of the 3D reality we as human beings experience on a daily basis, then the only obstacle between you and living the life you imagine for yourself is your mind. As the Kala, Makia, and Mana principles in the ancient Hawaiian Huna philosophy state:

There are no limits… Energy flows where attention goes… All power comes from within. Continue reading

Owen K Waters ~ Your Last Breath

“A common misconception is to think of spirit bodies as non-physical. Spirit bodies are quite solid to each other, even if they seem tenuous from our dense-physical viewpoint. A better term for matter in the spirit realms would be “quasi-physical.”” O K Waters

OwenKWatersIt was three in the morning when we heard her breathe her last breath.

My wife and I sat by her sister’s bed as she desperately gasped for air to keep her cancer-ridden body alive. Then, something quite wonderful happened but, first, let me explain a little more about what happens after a person takes their last breath.

We all go through physical death eventually. Hopefully, your passing will be a seamless transition into the light and you’ll pass over leaving behind only a smile and no regrets. Although our survival instinct makes us avoid thoughts of death, as spiritual seekers we have a higher, more compelling motivation. We all want to know what happens beyond the veil of what used to be the unknown.

“What happens in the afterlife?”

In the last 40 years, promises of heaven (if you’re good) have been replaced by actual, documented “facts of death,” painstakingly gathered from endless research cases. Near-death experiences have been studied until there can be no doubt as to their veracity. Then, to gain even deeper knowledge of the afterlife, many research subjects have been given recall of their pre-life experiences using hypnotic regression to open up their subconscious memories.

What we now know is this: After their last breath, a person will typically be filled with a feeling of peace and with freedom from pain, while feeling drawn to pass through an energetic tunnel into a higher world of much light and beauty.

Subjects also report being personally guided by a being of light who helps them review their life’s experiences from a higher, soul-centric viewpoint without any sense of judgment being imposed on these experiences by themselves or others. Continue reading

Celia Fenn ~ Core Power And How It Sustains You And Guides You In The Transition

“As you Remember Who You Are and focus on What your are Becoming, you will find it easier to move through this great period of Transition on your Planet, and to cope with the endings and changes that are a part of the releasing of the old and the coming of the New.” C Fenn

DiamondHeartYou may ask….what is this Core Power of which we speak? It is a very deep inner power and knowing that you have been developing since you began your process of awakening and transformation.

When you awakened, you began the process of activating your Light Body and activating your DNA in accordance with the Divine Template or Blueprint for Human LIfe. When you were ready, you were able to receive the Light Codes that activated the Christ Consciousness with its Golden Christ Light, and the Diamond Codes that activated your Galactic Consciousness and enabled you to align fully with the incoming Galactic Light Codes.

The combination of an active Light Body and Light Activated DNA creates a powerful energetic flow that can be directed through the Heart and the Higher Chakras to create what we would call “Core Power” in each awakened and conscious individual.

This means that you have a power and an influence that goes beyond your mind and your simple mental thoughts and judgments. You have a flow of energy that is aligned with the Cosmic Heart and you can draw on that power at times when you feel blocked, challenged, or without focus and direction on the Mental level. Continue reading

Tina Schomburg ~ 6 Life Lessons I Discovered While Plucking Weeds In The Garden

” Be conscious of your thoughts and actions, so that you can quickly identify when you’ve stopped being focused on the task at hand and self-correct your behaviour.” T Schomburg

1. You must remove all negative influences from your life

WeedingGardenPlucking weeds isn’t just an aesthetic practice to keep your garden clean. It’s an essential practice to keep your fruit-producing plants healthy. Weeds are known to feed off the nutrients in the soil, leaving the plants around them starved and depleted.

You likely have had or still have people in your inner circle that simply drain you. Being around them, you may find yourself wondering, ‘Why do I continue to surround myself with this person?’ Our friends are supposed to make us feel refreshed, energized, happy, inspired and loved.

So here is a rule of thumb: if you continuously feel robbed of your energy after hanging out with one of those “negative” friends, you’ve found yourself a weed. Get rid of them or at the very least, create a safe distance.

2. You need to get to the root of problems

Continue reading