Reasons Empaths Are So Good At Spotting Fake People

empathsThomas – Empathy is something we’re all soft wired for. We are able to experience the plight of others as if their plight was our won. It’s really an incredible ability, something that I think borders on being a superpower. And it’s a power that many forget about and leave behind. But there’s another class of people who don’t just acknowledge it, but embrace it. They are called empaths. They aren’t just good at feeling peoples’ emotions. They’re good at spotting fakes too. How?

They can sense a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Perhaps the greatest tool in an empath’s kit is the ability to spot a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s someone who seems like they have great intentions but actually have the worst. Empaths are often wise beyond their years and can see right through the act.

They can tell when you’re insecure.

Often, people aren’t fake because they want to be malicious, but rather, because they aren’t comfortable with their true selves. It’s not always to be you, especially when the real you is someone you’d rather not be. Empaths can tell when you’re insecure about yourself and are putting on a fake front.

They can tell when you’re lying.

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Oracle Report ~ Saturday, February 6 – Sunday, February 7, 2016

sunBalsamic Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius: Sunday 12:59 am/5:59 am UT: release, envision

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Seth, God of the North, God of Enlightenment

Skill: focus on peace within the fellowship of humanity and the restoration of enthusiasm for the experience of life

True Alignments: receiving information, saved by a rejection, integrating an important concept, mixing things, appreciating the abundance and beauty of nature, increased will, going outside of the box, what is fun and pleasurable, ability to adapt and adjust to changing structures or plans

Catalysts for Change: power issues (including powerlessness), drained of energy or manic with energy, disclosing too much or too soon, secrets, control through fear, suppressing or stalling creativity, not recognizing the efforts of others, overburdened with responsibility, the boredom of repetition, emotionally overwhelmed and ungrounded, traps

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a hidden choir singing during a religious service” (unseen assistance)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres” (recalibration of consciousness)

On Saturday, the Sun will square Mars, bringing a tremendous amount of energy for changes – changes of mind and mindset, direction, perspective, focus, belief – just about anything.

The Sun will empower the energetic of“a man being unmasked at a masquerade” with truth and true intentions coming to light. Secret things are often exposed. When it happens, it prompts the need to face or come to grips with what is shown. Continue reading

Vampire Empire

VampireFreefall –  Those eyes still freak me out.

The vampire is the perfect metaphor for what we are seeing today. His qualities of not being able to stand before the light, the inability to be seen in the mirror (dead to self-reflection), and enslaving others by stealing their energy are common trends in this disintegrating culture.

But the one quality of the vampire that stands out to me more than the rest is his ability to draw his victims to him by controlling their minds. Not only do they not attempt to escape but actually end up baring their necks to him.

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to meet someone like Obama. Many have described him as being able to put them at ease. They soon grew to like him even though they were previously against everything he represented. Obama’s one of the best in the business when it comes to running recurrent con games in which each lie is piled upon another while continuing to get away with it. The vampire nature is strong in him.

As children, it is the traumas committed against us that causes much of our problems in our lives. Although we had no choice regarding the initial violation, we are inexorably drawn back to the vampire’s embrace, as many suffering abuse later become abusers themselves. We become the offspring of other vampires.

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The Truth About the Zika Virus [Video]

Jon Rappoport on The Corbett Report

You may have heard of the wave of birth defects that is ravaging Latin America as the globe gears up for another pandemic panic. But do you know how many of those cases of microcephaly have been confirmed? Or how many of those confirmed cases are said to be “related to” the Zika virus? Today Jon Rappaport of joins us to separate the truth from the hype with the Zika virus panic and discuss whether the WHO and the CDC are merely crying wolf yet again.

SF Source corbettreport  Feb 2016

Freeing Julian Assange: The Last Chapter


Julian Assange waves from a window at Ecuador’s embassy in central London (Reuters/Chris Helgren)

John Pilger – February 04, 2016 “Information Clearing House” – Assange is now closer to justice and vindication, and perhaps freedom, than at any time since he was arrested.

One of the epic miscarriages of justice of our time is unravelling. The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention  – an international tribunal that adjudicates and decides whether governments comply with their human rights obligations –  has ruled that Julian Assange has been detained unlawfully by Britain and Sweden.

After five years of fighting to clear his name – having been smeared relentlessly yet charged with no crime – Assange is closer to justice and vindication, and perhaps freedom, than at any time since he was arrested and held in London under a European Extradition Warrant, itself now discredited by Parliament.

The U.N. Working Group bases its judgements on the European Convention on Human Rights and three other treaties that are binding on all its signatories. Both Britain and Sweden participated in the 16-month long U.N. investigation and submitted evidence and defended their position before the tribunal. It would fly contemptuously in the face of international law if they did not comply with the judgement and allow Assange to leave the refuge granted him by the Ecuadorean government in its London embassy.

Previous celebrated cases ruled upon by the Working Group include: Aung Sang Suu Kyi in Burma, imprisoned opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in Malaysia, detained Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian in Iran, for which both Britain and Sweden have given support to the tribunal. The difference now is that Assange’s persecution and confinement endures in the heart of London. Continue reading

News And Views From The Nefarium – Feb 4, 2016 [Video]

Henry Kissinger was in Russia visiting President Putin, a week after a very interesting press conference from Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov:


SF Source Joseph P Farrell  Feb 2016