Major Oat Buyer Now Rejects Oats With Monsanto’s Glyphosate

Major oat buyer Grain Millers, based in Western Canada, announced that it will no longer source oats that have been coated with glyphosate.

glyphosate“In an April 20 memo to Prairie oat growers, Grain Millers said the new policy was ‘driven by functional performance attributes of finished products manufactured from oats known to have been treated with glyphosate and by customer demand.’ [1]

For years scientific data has conclusively proven that the primary active ingredient found in Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide Roundup — glyphosateis highly toxic to plants, dangerous to animals, and can be detrimental to human health. Unfortunately, Roundup (as well as other glyphosate-containing herbicides) also happens to be the world’s number one weed killer with no signs of slowing down … until now.

One major oat buyer has now stepped forward to reject glyphosate-treated oat crops. Having consistently experienced and seen the actual damage that Roundup does to the oat crop, Grain Millers has rejected it.

Why would any company accept such an inferior food product when organic alternatives are readily available? Likewise, why would oat farmers continue to pay for herbicide applications which cause such obvious and predictable damage to their yearly harvests?

But seemingly more importantly (to companies, at least), why would companies continue to choose pesticides and GMOs when consumers are demanding organic and non-GMO? This is actually the driving force behind the recent changes instituted by many companies.

Here’s what repeatedly happened to annual oat crops treated with glyphosate: Continue reading

Oracle Report ~ Friday, May 22, 2015

Crescent Moon in Cancer/Leo (5:43 pm ET/9:43 pm UT): challenge, perseverance

lifeGoddess of Wisdom: Tara (Goddess Who Guides)

God of Will: Ian (God of The East, King of The Fields)

Skill: focus on nurturance and sustenance of the soul

Catalysts for Change: truth behind the façade, meaninglessness, refusing to compromise or change, arrogance, pulling a fast one (tricking someone out of something), theft, hiding intentions, adherence to superficiality, riled up and destructive, demands, rushing, pushing things before their time

True Alignments: grasping the essence of something, surfacing, wishes granted, rewards for practicality and hard work, things coming from anonymous sources, flowering, slow and steady, solutions, the rights of humanity, transcending issues and worries, creativity

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a mature woman reawakened to romance”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres”

An eruption from far behind the northeast limb of the Sun produced a coronal mass ejection at 6:00 pm ET/10:00 pm UT yesterday. At that moment, the Moon, which was activating all of the energetics between Venus, Pluto, and Uranus, was located at 18 degrees of Cancer (17’Can29″) and the Sabian symbol of “a hen scratching for her chicks. “This symbol is about nurturing new beginnings and new life. Continue reading

Why Are We Still Vaccinating? 25 Questions From A Former Pro-Vaccine Advocate

vaccinesBrian Rogers – I used to be pro vaccine. I know the feeling of thinking others were just plain crazy and wrong for not vaccinating their children and themselves. ‘Irresponsible!’ I said when pointing my finger. I’d use the same old arguments about polio and small pox and how vaccines saved us from all those horrible diseases and just swallowing and regurgitating the propaganda I was brought up with. It was only recently, in 2009 that I started questioning my long held beliefs and began digging in to the history, efficacy and safety of vaccines. I was appalled at what I found and the recklessness of those government health agencies entrusted with our health and our children’s safety, and angry with myself that I had put my family’s health at risk by blind faith in others when I was ultimately responsible for the medical decisions of my family.

When I began to put this article together I specifically chose not to include research from or links to websites that are considered untrustworthy by most pro-vaxxers, sites such as Natural News, Mercola, etc. even though I personally trust those sites and much more than I would WebMd and for good reason [a]. Instead I chose to employ basic logic and also incorporate independent and .gov scientific studies-mostly peer review, journals, news from mainstream sources (that pro-vaxxers love and totally trust) and articles that link to other .gov scientific studies, as well as government statistical resources. So, I started writing down questions and then looking for answers. I’ll admit, some of these questions have already been asked by others, but I just expanded upon it to form a helpful list.

I hope the following information helps you in your lifelong journey in search of health, vitality and truth in your own lives and your children’s lives.

Questions About Vaccines Everyone Should Ask

1. Why are newborn babies vaccinated on their first day of life against a disease that is primarily transmitted sexually and by needles in drug users?

(Pregnant women are already tested for STD’s prior to birth so there’s no reason to give it to an infant). Interesting to note, of the few vaccines that still are given to infants and STILL have thimerasol is Hep B and DipTet (and Flu shot recommended to pregnant women). So, the claim that it has been removed from all vaccines is a lie and misdirection. If they give it to all newborns then ALL the newborns are getting that thimerasol (mercury derivative). “It was removed from many child vaccines in 2002 but remains in some vaccines (e.g., hepatitis B virus and)” Page 21.

2. Why are babies given vaccines to produce antibodies when they do not produce antibodies until after the age of 3 to 6 months? Continue reading

City Council Member Gets Mind Control Weapons Banned

Melissa Dykes – It’s hard to even guesstimate the number of people, not just in America but around the world, who feel they are being targeted by space age directed energy mind control weapons and gang-stalked by minions of governments and shady groups for scientific experiments and other seedy ends.

The numbers are at least in the hundreds of thousands at this point.

Every once in a while, a little piece of this trend rises to the surface and makes its way into mainstream headlines, if even at a local level as is the case with the recent news that the Richmond, California City Council which just passed a resolution “in support of the Space Preservation Act and the Space Preservation Treaty to permanently ban spaced-based weapons”.

Via San Jose Mercury News:

Few societal threats escape the watchful eye of the Richmond City Council, so it was no surprise Tuesday night that it voted its opposition to airborne weapons systems that have allegedly targeted residents with mind-control technology. You read that correctly.


Jovanka Beckles, Councilwoman

After a dozen professed victims told of pain suffered from chemtrails, particle beams and electromagnetic radiation, the council voted 5-2 in favor of Councilwoman Jovanka Beckles’ resolution “in support of the Space Preservation Act and the Space Preservation Treaty to permanently ban spaced-based weapons,” with Mayor Tom Butt and Councilman Vinay Pimple dissenting. [What unfortunate names…]

“I’m just a dumb city council person,” Butt said, “and this is way, way over my head. I frankly think it’s way out of the purview of what this city council should be taking up.”

Colleague Nat Bates was more understanding: “I’m going to support the resolution for the simple reason that we have voted on a lot of dumb ideas.” Continue reading

Joseph Farrell ~ News And Views From The Nefarium – May 21 2015 [Video]

goldThe Nefarium has been busy folks! Joseph comments about those Chinese gold stories recently circulating, and the Russian “take” on Secretary Ketchup Kerry’s recent visit to that country:

SF Source Joseph Farrell


Gold expert Rob Kirby arranges deliveries of the yellow metal to his clients measured by the ton.  Kirby says news that China may disclose it has 30,000 tons of gold will be devastating for the West.  Kirby contends, “We could be fast approaching the moment when the tide is going to turn and go out, and we are going to find out who’s wearing a bathing suit.  I think that time is fast approaching, if it is not here already.”  Kirby also says, “I think the implied message is we are going to show you how much we have, and then you are going to have to show us how much you have. . . . America, very likely doesn’t have, in my view, doesn’t have the gold they claim to have.  They also probably spent a lot of other people’s gold in safe keeping.” Continue reading

New Moon In Taurus – Creating Self Reliance

Simon Vorster – With every New Moon and Full Moon alignment that takes place, there is always an important message that reflects to us where we are in our current evolution and exactly how we are evolving and changing at an energetic level.

When I look at the New Moon cycle and the configurations of the planets and the aspects and angels they are making to each other, I am becoming increasingly aware of the magnitude of the events taking place right now. As these planetary alignments are intensifying and huge shifts are taking place in our perception and our vibration, I am compelled to share with you how I am seeing these changes reflected in the skies — although in truth, there are not enough words available to describe what is taking place at this unparalleled point in our evolution…

We are subtly but constantly having internal spiritual earthquakes, bringing us more into alignment with our authentic selves and prompting us to help consciously evolve the planet. Are you feeling it?

Happy birthday Gemini! May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warmly upon your face.

Planetary Alignments Reflecting our Evolution

Jupiter in Leo and Mercury in Gemini Inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn

This alignment between Pluto, Mercury and Jupiter in astrology is called a Yod. This is when three planets are involved; you have two planets (in this case, Jupiter and Mercury) on one side, 60 degree’s apart, making connections to a third planet directly opposite the other two, in this case Pluto, which forms the apex of the yod.


The third planet, without getting into too much detail, is in a blind-spot alignment to the other two planets, which essentially causes a unique interaction between the planets. Creating a crisis which then leads to internal reflection and then to a confrontation of limitations inducing evolution, the Yod is about evolving past the limitation through crisis.

Continue reading

Oracle Report ~ Thursday, May 21, 2015


“A wise woman reawakened to romance” – by Christine

Crescent Moon in Cancer: challenge, perseverance

Goddess of Wisdom: Tara (Goddess Who Guides)

God of Will: Ian (God of the East, King of the Fields)

Skill: open to something that is reawakening or sparking inside yourself

Catalysts for Change: feelings of victimization, unacknowledged, obsession, unimaginative, putting blame on others, uninvolved or zombie-like, inability to recognize what is right in front of our faces, demanding things of others, nervousness, manipulative behavior

True Alignments: clarity and objectivity, the extraordinary, drawn to others of like mind, standing up for self and for what is right, quests and puzzles, attraction to The Mysteries, expanded understanding, overcoming, connections, things reviving and igniting, joy

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a mature woman reawakened to romance”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres”

The divine Gaia Sophia endeavors to do nothing less than enchant us to fall back in love with life and revive the happiness in our hearts. Today, the stars begin a dance of rapture to help make it happen.

The astrology in effect today is intense. Many things are happening:

The Sun is opposing Saturn, juxtaposing two interrelated Sabian symbols. The Sun is located at the degree of “a glass bottomed boat reveals undersea wonders” and Saturn is located at the degree of “the ocean covered with whitecaps.” Both symbols imply deep emotions, diving deeply, and deep penetration of clarity. We are deeply immersed in things but have a special insight. We are seeing from within. Continue reading