Hillary’s State Department Calendar Filled With Clinton Foundation Donors [Video]

Michael Trimm – Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State, scheduled and deleted records relating to over 75 Clinton Foundation donors meeting with her in private while in the State Department. She also was caught sending messages to State department officials that were not previously known clarifying the importance of all non-work related emails staying as private as possible. What does this mean? Here’s my interpretation!


AP Article: http://uk.businessinsider.com/clintons-state-dept-calendar-missing-scores-of-entries-2016-6

SF Source Michael Trimm  June 2016

Human Consciousness Is A Field of Energy

humanPhil Harris – Consciousness does not arise in the brains of people, it is contained within a field of energy which flows through humans. This may be a contentious statement for materialists who give credence to a human brain as the source of consciousness; however I have personally had experiences which confirm this statement with undeniable proof available to myself.

[Simple examples: I have maintained full consciousness after leaving my physical body to appear in places on the other side of this globe. And, I recently received communication from a lady asking that I help her get buried. Only on making enquiry later out of curiosity did I learn that she had in fact died two weeks before, and a family squabble had prevented her funeral. ].

Everything which we can, or cannot, perceive with our senses, is part of a field of conscious energy flowing from the original source of creation. This energy has a duality of expression which manifests “thought-”Forms” being born out of itself. It is a universally shared consciousness, which manifests outlets for its expression by altering its frequency of vibration.

Hence every “thing” is a product of consciousness. Consciousness itself can not ‘evolve’ as we state.

That which evolves is the perception-of-itself, which a form has, within the field of consciousness.

Behind every manifested form is a “Spirit Being”; of a more defined perception than the form it has generated; which manifests and supports that form.

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World stunned as BREXIT achieves HUGE WIN

glutenMike Adams – This might just be the most shocking news of the decade (so far), and I only cover it here on Natural News because it has paradigm-shattering implications for economies, nations and the very future of human civilization. According to published media results so far, the BREXIT vote appears to have won a referendum victory that all of us at Natural News had hoped for (but we also thought would be rigged from the start to defeat BREXIT).

If this “leave” victory holds, it would indicate the greatest voter revolt against the global elitists the western world has ever seen. (It also gives me huge respect for UK citizens who are finally waking up and raging against the machine…) Click here to see current BREXIT results at the BBC.

A BREXIT victory would also mean that voter outrage somehow managed to overthrow the most deliberate ballot rigging fraud the UK has ever witnessed. EU elitists were so determined to do anything in their power to prevent BREXIT from winning that they arranged for the murder of a member of Parliament (Jo Cox) just to manipulate public opinion.

It almost worked, too. Support for BREXIT plummeted after the Cox murder, which was of course followed by a deliberate, nationwide media hoax which blamed the murder on pro-BREXIT forces. (It’s the same way the U.S. media blamed the Orlando terrorism event on conservatives… it’s all a farce.)

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The War on Weed Is Winding Down – But Will Monsanto Be the Winner?

cannabisEllen Brown – The war on cannabis that began in the 1930s seems to be coming to an end. Research shows that this natural plant, rather than posing a deadly danger to health, has a wide range of therapeutic benefits. But skeptics question the sudden push for legalization, which is largely funded by wealthy investors linked to Big Ag and Big Pharma.

In April, Pennsylvania became the 24th state to legalize medical cannabis, a form of the plant popularly known as marijuana. That makes nearly half of US states. A major barrier to broader legalization has been the federal law under which all cannabis – even the very useful form known as industrial hemp – is classed as a Schedule I controlled substance that cannot legally be grown in the US. But that classification could change soon. In a letter sent to federal lawmakers in April, the US Drug Enforcement Administration said it plans to release a decision on rescheduling marijuana in the first half of 2016.

The presidential candidates are generally in favor of relaxing the law. In November 2015, Senator Bernie Sanders introduced a bill that would repeal all federal penalties for possessing and growing the plant, allowing states to establish their own marijuana laws. Hillary Clinton would not go that far but would drop cannabis from a Schedule I drug (a deadly dangerous drug with no medical use and high potential for abuse) to Schedule II (a deadly dangerous drug with medical use and high potential for abuse). Republican candidate Donald Trump says we are losing badly in the war on drugs, and that to win that war all drugs need to be legalized.

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New Evidence Indicates Multiple Hacking Attempts and the Disabling Of Security Protections For Clinton Server

clintonJonathan Turley – As discussed this week by the TechDirt, new evidence is further contradicting the account of Hillary Clinton as her former aides have increasingly refused to answer questions in depositions or, in one case, invoked the Fifth Amendment over 125 times.  New evidence shows that the State Department was faced with an incompatible use of an unsecured server in sending emails to State Department staff.

 Efforts to convince Clinton to use the secure State Department system were rejected.  Instead, the State Department “solved” the problem by removing security protections — essentially lowering the communications to the security level of the the private server.  Moreover,  as reported by CBS, it is now clear that Clinton did not turn over a critical email expressing her desire to deny access to “personal” emails despite assuring the country that anything remotely connected to the State Department or email system was turned over before her aides deleted tens of thousands of emails.

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MSM Trump Fact Checking Totally Unfair, No Recovery Economic Update

Greg Hunter – The mainstream media (MSM) calls their latest unfair coverage of Presidential GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump “fact checking.” In reality, it’s a way for the MSM to hide the fact it is unobjective, totally unfair, and only out to destroy Trump in favor of the candidate and party they’re in the tank for, Democrat Hillary Clinton.


The only candidate the MSM is “fact checking” is Trump.  Meanwhile, every week, there is a new angle to the Clinton private server scandal, or her so-called charity, the Clinton Foundation, which some say is a huge charity fraud, or allegations of influence peddling while she was Secretary of State in the first Obama Administration.  There are no teams of reporters and producers on this ongoing story.  There is only “fact checking” by the clearly biased MSM on the candidate and party they hate.

I have been telling you “there is no real recovery for Main Street” for years now, and finally the MSM has stopped saying the “recovery” word when talking about the poor economy.  It’s so poor, the Federal Reserve, once again, could not raise interest rates.  Fed Chair Janet Yellen, this week, told Congress the economy is facing a number of “uncertainties.” She admitted to the Senate Banking Committee that the economy was “surprisingly weak.” Meaning, there is NO RECOVERY.  Debt is exploding central bank balance sheets, while interest rates are being pushed down.

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