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What’s In Your Milk? 20+ Painkillers, Antibiotics, And More

Natural Society | December 31 2012

With the aid of innovative and highly sensitive testing, Spanish-Moroccan scientists determined that there could be up to 20 painkillers, antibiotics, and growth hormones in a single glass of milk. The researchers say that the traces are so small that consumers need not worry about adverse effects, so we’ll just have to take their word for it, it seems.

The scientists analyzed 20 samples of milk—cow’s, goat’s, and human—bought in Spain and Morocco, and found a chemical cocktail of ingredients added to the animal’s diet prior to milking or contamination through feed or on the farm. Some of the contaminants found in trace amounts include triclosan (an anti-fungal), 17-beta-estradiol (a sex hormone), and florfenicol (an antibiotic).

It’s worth noting that the image provided by the University of Jaen lists the anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac twice in error. Their findings were published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Advances in Food Safety

University of Jaen’s Dr. Evaristo Ballesteros marveled over their technique, which could be used to assess the food safety of other products. “We believe the new methodology will help to provide a more effective way of determining the presence of these kinds of contaminants in milk or other products.”

“Food quality control laboratories could use this new tool to detect these drugs before they enter the food chain. This would raise consumers’ awareness and give them the knowledge that food is…harmless, pure, genuine, beneficial to health, and free of toxic residues.”

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Sartre ~ Preppers, Patriots & Pirates

BATR | December 30 2012

Now that the prospects of a second Obama administration are hitting home, the pace of a rapid deterioration are confronting all thinking Americans. The radical transformation that is centrally planned for the economy and authoritarianism administrated by the statists that are part of the most tyrannical regime in memory, is taking place before our eyes. Falling off the cliff is more like descending into the abyss of martial law contrived to eliminate the last remnants of independent citizens. Advocating for civil liberties is treated as a criminal act and the gun culture is looked upon as the preview of a terrorist cell.

Several decades ago, the label of being a survivalist painted a prepared person as odd if not deranged. Today the “prepper” is demeaned as an enemy of the state. The Obama dependency society demands that government is the dispenser of all wants and needs. The threat to the state from a prepared population has become a primary target of the New World Order minions.

So what is so perilous about the Prepper Nation? The overt resistance to arbitrary authority is a fear that any beholden bureaucrat abhors. Combating the grievous culture, which is the federal ruthless and tyrannical government, is a crucial concern of the beltway elitists. Thus, the prepared individual is a dangerous agonist that ignores, if not resists, the best-laid plans for a controlled society.

The American Dream presents a perceptive analysis and alert in Why Are Preppers Hated So Much?

“In fact, it has been estimated that there are now approximately 3 million preppers in the United States alone. So now the mainstream media has decided that mocking the movement is the best strategy, and lots of “critics” and “skeptics” out there have picked up on this trend. Instead of addressing the very real issues that have caused millions of Americans to prepare for the worst, those criticizing the prepper movement attempt to put the focus on individual personalities. They try to find the strangest nutjobs they possibly can and then hold them up as “typical preppers”. The goal is to portray preppers as tinfoil hat wearing freaks that need to be locked up in the loony bin for their own personal safety and for the good of society.”

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Nicholas West ~ Council On Foreign Relations Plan For Global Governance In 2013

Activist Post | December 29 2012

Council of Councils Members

It is incredible that mention of a one-world government in many circles is still considered to be conspiracy talk. Fortunately, the global political awakening that arch-globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski has referred to is forcing ever-increasing justifications for their use of globalist language.

One would hope that a relatively new Council on Foreign Relations initiative that is expanding can lay to rest any debate about the desire to form a global government in the name of supposedly solving global problems.

The initiative called The Council of Councils was featured in a recent round table discussion of the central problems facing the world that they believe require multilateral cooperation. The discussions and recommendations released from this convention of experts is important to keep available the next time you hear the label conspiracy theorist hurled in your direction. The title of the round table was Challenges for Global Governance in 2013.

Just as we have seen from other think tanks such as the Project For a New American CenturyThe Royal Society, and the Brookings Institution, among others; their thoughts translate to reality on a less-than-coincidental frequency, so we would do well to listen to what they are saying.

The Council of Councils initiative was announced in March, 2012 and clearly identifies a strategy for forming alliances across a series of shared concerns as set forth by the CFR. It is important to note from the beginning that the CFR bills itself as non-partisan; and here is where the uninitiated can immediately be tripped up. Non-partisan sounds like a good thing, going beyond typical party divisions, while striking a note that rings of independence and an objective search for the truth.

However, when one understands that in their own words, “The founding membership of the Council of Councils includes leading institutions from nineteen countries, roughly tracking the composition of the Group of Twenty (G20),” we begin to get an inkling that their version of non-partisan means that they are flexible in their use of whatever political language is expedient to get results that go beyond any concept of nationalism.

The party of the CFR is the One World Party.

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Take A Leap Of Faith Regardless Of Outer Condition

Inspire Me Today | December 31 2012

When people ask what I’ve learned from the experiences in my life I have to smile. What always comes to my mind is faith, accountability, courage, forgiveness and compassion.

I have learned perception is everything, And, most of all participating in your own rescue is not an option. It’s a necessity.

My life has been an amazing adventure from the very beginning. Some may hear my story and say, “How did she survive”? I have gone from the highs and lows of a childhood where I had no idea that my sense of always being different, feeling and seeing so many things beyond my understanding would ever make sense, to an eating disorder. to alcohol abuse, to rape, violence and drug addiction. While any one of these experiences can be defined as horrible, collectively, it’s my life. They all led me to the person I am today, and enabled me the gift of insight and deep compassion for others who suffer.

All of those painful devastating things led to an extraordinary spiritual awakening and the deep integrated recovery that is a reflection of who I am today. I could tell my story as a victim or I could tell it as an adventure where I was the heroine that found the magic of meaning in all stories. Both would be true.

And there are other stories within the stories! There have been more that shape the person I am; writing and singing music, creating bestselling books, meeting the man of my dreams, and countless others. So what do they all mean? Whatever I decide they mean.

I tell them all the same thing. Perception is paramount. I’ve learned to define what the experience could mean to me, only when I allow myself to see through Spirit’s eyes and then the choices really begin.

I’ve learned that in order to thrive in life you MUST participate in your own rescue. This means being willing to take ownership of your role and actions in the experience. Make the choice to:

  • Love yourself enough to ask for help.
  • Love yourself enough to say no when it is necessary.
  • Love yourself enough to receive the help with an open heart. Your self worth depends on it! Participating in your own rescue also means that you are willing to be brave enough to do whatever it takes to turn yourself around.

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A Lesson In Time #2

Beacons Of Light | December 30 2012

You did not think I was coming in but I am Elrah and I am here. I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service. I cannot sit down, I have to stand up. Okay. I will even fix the jacket for the Keeper because he likes his jacket. Does he not look good in a jacket? Does it look good? Welcome everybody. We mess with you camera guys. You were not expecting this, were you? Well, I play the human really well and I come around and do all kinds of fun things. I am here to talk to you before the Time Keeper comes in because he is my brother, you know, and we talk all the time. We have no problems between us, because we have no egos. I am trying to pretend I have an ego and I am doing a pretty good job so far, but it is just a pretend game because I do not care if I am talking through him or if we are talking through me. It does not make any difference because we are all part of each other, kind of the same way that you are. You are starting to see that more and more, but in the days ahead you are going to see quite a bit of difference. I am going to tell you a little bit about what is taking place right now.

You have a vortex that is forming and it is becoming very interesting. Did you ever look at the toilet when you flush it and you see the water swirl going down? That is a vortex. Yep. You do not have them everywhere just here in the United States. In Europe, they do not do the same thing. Anyway, if you look at a vortex it is only half of the picture because that is all that is visible. There is always an energetic duplicate to the vortex, so even though you are only seeing half of it there is a whole piece of it you do not see. You have just entered a time vortex which the Time Keeper is going to explain to you. However, I want to share the concept with you first because you have already stepped into it. Boy, when we say you have stepped into it, you really stepped into it this time. Here is what is taking place. You are entering a new world. Oh, we got you on that one, did we not? You were not expecting that but you have been planning on it for so long – even the Mayans knew it was coming. You stepped into the middle of this, yet that transition from here to over there is a big step and very scary for a lot of humans. So, we started a human wave for you to move and open up the vortex. Now what is happening is that the vortex is becoming complete. You have one side of it that attracts the energetics from the other side, then when all that starts moving it turns into a portal. You ask, “A portal to what?” Well, a portal to the new world that you are talking about, the wonderful place that you call Home. I call it Home with a capital H because that is where I am from, and that is where you are all from as well. You have been dancing throughout the universe in many different ways and here you are landing on Earth just in time to watch yourself go through this portal.

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Born Again, And Again, And Again…

Infinite Being | December 30 2012

Have you ever wondered how many incarnations make up a complete set of human experience here on earth? To many, the answer comes as quite a shock.

The older you get in this life, the closer you come to gaining mastery over the main lessons of this particular life. These are lessons that you planned at a soul level before you were born. When you look back on your life, it sometimes seems that it all went by in a flash.

It seems like just yesterday that you were still young enough to feel like you knew a lot about life. Now you’re older, and you’ve learned much more since, it become obvious that there’s a whole lot more to human life than anyone can learn or experience in one short incarnation.

When I lived in Los Angeles in the 1980’s, I used to look forward to visiting a past life regressionist every Tuesday afternoon. Once a week for several months, I’d be guided into a deep, altered state and recall scenes from whichever past life my soul consciousness wanted me to encounter next.

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7 Methods For Detoxing And Cleansing Your Body Of Toxins

Natural Society | December 26 2012

With the myriad of toxins we’re exposed to in modern society, we’re faced with an increasing burden of unnatural substances that invade our bodies, from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides to air and water pollution, mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals in our food, and the list goes on. Our current unhealthy living conditions call for a few radical corrective measures, if our goal is to maintain any level of healthy lifestyle. One of those corrective measures is to partake in a holistic detox.

The following is a list of various recommendations to effectively lessen your internal toxin levels, which can be done in any combination for increased effectiveness. For optimum results, these should be applied on a regular or seasonal basis, and at minimum once a year.

1. Include Plenty of Deep Colored Vegetables, Herbs and Algae in Your Dietary Arsenal

Cilantro, parsley, alfalfa, and a blue-green algae, chlorella, are three extremely powerful chemical and heavy metal chelators. Dark green vegetables and herbs alkalize and purify the blood, making it easier for the body to rid itself of wastes with less discomfort or “healing crisis” (when the loosening of toxic debris causes a sick or flu- like reaction). You can juice these, include them in salads, and/or mix powdered forms into water or juice for a quick and effective dose.

2. Try Fasting with Lemon Water, Cayenne Pepper and Maple Syrup

This is a radical, but very effective method of giving your digestive system a much needed break from the constant intake of less than optimal foods and flushing out harmful substances. A period of 3 to 7 days, 3 to 4 times a year is a sufficient and proactive strategy. (Use as much lemon as possible, with just enough maple syrup to make it palatable.) Drink as much as desired throughout the day.

Of course lemon water anytime has great benefits.

3. Fast with Juice! A Grade-A Health-Boosting Method for Health

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The Key Maker From The Matrix

Stuart Wilde | December 30 2012

The Key Maker Matrix Reloaded

In the Matrix Reloaded film, the Key Maker is one of the sentient programs, that is a rogue to the system. He carves shortcut keys that allows a person to move throughout the entire Matrix, being able to access any and all, of its entities or places. He is summoned by the Oracle, Neo has to find the Key Maker to access a multidimensional door to the Architect, who is also credited as the initial source of the Matrix.

I saw a very strange vision of an old man with long, grey hair, he was in a full length robe, he held an over sized key in front of him, it was about three feet long. Then later, I saw the key to my right, hovering in the room I was in, it was very odd, I did not know what to make of it.  I knew I was waiting for something to happen, but I didn’t know what.

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Arguing With Statists

The Jeenyus Corner | December 29 2012

arguing with statists

Having decisively lost their propaganda war for your emotions following the tragic shootings in Connecticut, the Statists have come to realize that once again, the American people simply refuse to support gun control.

The force of logic and reason aside, in this country, we will not give up our guns. After each school, movie theater or mall shooting – gun sales go ever higher.

After each utterance by this President, or those who support him, gun sales go higher. So much so, that commerce in firearms has never seen such numbers.

Responding to bolster their failing argument, we are seeing more and more contrived statistics, out of context studies or flat out falsehoods. Its well known that once Statists have cherry picked their own data or sufficiently tainted the actual ones, there’s no point in further discussion using the facts. Intellectual dishonesty shall always prevail. The hysteria on global climate change is evidence enough of this.

Let’s take an opposite consciousness view of the situation.

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