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FDA Hacked Into Private Gmail Accounts Of Its Own Whistleblower Scientist Using Covert Spy Technology

Natural News | January 31 2012 | (Thanks VK!)

NaturalNews | The criminal tendencies of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration were on full display today when it was revealed the agency installed spy software and illegally hacked into the private Gmail accounts of at least half a dozen of its own top scientists. Those scientists, it turns out, were the very same whistleblowers who warned Congress about the FDA’s approval of dangerous medical devices that threatened the lives of patients. In response to them taking action to protect the lives of the innocent — something the FDA is supposed to do but has long since abandoned — they were instead subjected to illegal hacking and having their employment contracts with the FDA terminated.

Those six scientists and doctors have now filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court which claims that they were subjected to FDA internal harassment and unjustified job termination. The lawsuit also describes how the FDA hacked into the private email accounts of these scientists, then intercepted their “whistleblower complaints” intended to be seen only by members of Congress.

“The complaint details how the FDA targeted its employees with a covert spying campaign that lasted for two years,” reports (…). “The [FDA] installed (or activated) spyware on their workplace computers and used other technology that to monitor their password-protected Gmail-to-Gmail communications. Managers used the collected information to learn the identities of confidential whistleblowers and to obtain the details of the public health and safety concerns the whistleblowers intended to disclose to the Office of Special Counsel, Congress and the Agency’s own Inspector General.”

More importantly, documents reveal that the FDA’s own lawyers engaged in a criminal cover-up of evidence in order to obstruct justice and retaliate against the FDA scientists:

“The managers who spearheaded the surveillance efforts were the same managers involved with the wrongdoing and corruption that the whistleblowers were seeking to report. Lawyers at the FDA and HHS Offices of General Counsel, who should have understood that the program breached the employees’ confidentiality, helped FDA managers with their obstruction and retaliation.”

Read the rest of this important article @ Natural News

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How to Master Your Financial Destiny

Jafree Ozwald | Enlightened Beings | January 31 2012

“Life in itself is an empty canvas; it becomes whatsoever you paint on it.
You can paint misery, you can paint bliss. This freedom is your glory.” ~Osho

I remember many times in my life I believed I was not “destined” for great things. My mind was trained to entertain ideas like, “Making money was for fools, and that money was the root of all evil.” Sure enough, I manifested some pretty frustrating financial situations from these negative beliefs. At one point I felt so financially stuck that it felt like I was constantly drowning from the inside. Every morning it seemed I was swimming in some frantic financial “doggie-paddle” just to stay afloat and pay the bills to get by.

Then it happened one day in mid-paddle… I surrendered to my drowning experience and realized something deeply profound. I was creating everything. I understood that I was the one choosing how I related with my financial situation. I saw that had a choice in how I approached my feelings about money. I realized that I could simply invent a NEW relationship with it, one that was based on freedom, abundance and self-worth. I could decide to stop letting myself feel this feeling of struggling to survive.

I knew that I manifesting the same financial challenges every year, not because of my lack of effort, yet simply because I was wasn’t willing to explore and shift my personal relationship with money. The moment I looked inside and saw my thinking habits for what they were, I changed the way I related to money. I created a relationship that was empowering and felt good! I knew that those electrons in the bank account didn’t actually give me real power, purpose or fulfillment. I was responsible for giving myself those experiences. I knew that nothing real came from the outer world. It was from this understanding that I became financially free and realized I was the master of my financial destiny.

“Find God. This is your mission. You are the center of the Universe. Your center is God, Consciousness, Absolute Reality, Perfection, Brahman. This is the only piece that exists. You have absolutely nothing to give up, nothing to surrender, nothing to let go of. You are already liberated.” ~Robert Adams

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Goddess Centered Gardening

Cathy Aarset | Fairy Goddess Gardening | January 30 2012

If you’re in or near West San Gabriel Valley, California, and love Mother Earth contact Cathy for inspired advice! ~ Gillian

Goddess Centered Gardening is centered in the heart. It is time to stop, become still and listen.

Listening To The Land

You who are the caretaker of your land, can best listen to the spiritual matrix that is centered in the land that surrounds your house.

What It Is

Goddess Centered Gardening is loving your land. It is loving the plants that have been there for ever! It is sitting with your Garden and asking what can bring more light and energy flow. It is learning about your soil and planting what best will live in harmony with the spiritual matrix and you. It is sitting, listening, waiting with joy and anticipation at what amazing possibilities that can come into your life if you would just ask. The land will tell you and Source will meet you, then all three will dream and imagine, create and activate that which will facilitate joy, light, healing and harmony for all who enter your garden and all who live within It’s borders.

Goddess Centered Gardening Is A New Way

I know that this is wholly new. Gardens are alive with energy flowing through them, just as you and I are. This way will not be everyone’s way. We are, though, awakening to our world on a deeper level. I would like to help you connect to your land so that; you can create an environment that suits just you and those who live with you, so that light, healing and energy flow effortlessly.

You and the Garden will lead the way and I would like to help you connect with the spiritual life of your garden so you can listen and create a design that is harmonious and healing. Connection with Earth, Spirit and Source is what Goddess Centered Gardening and Fairy Goddess Gardening is all about.

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Cause And Effect

Enlightening Life | January 30 2012

The Universal Law of Cause and Effect states that every cause creates an effect, or every action has a reaction. This law becomes important when we work with energy because it reminds us that energy is not judgmental or discriminating, it simply responds to manifest the result that mirrors the cause. We see this law at work in our lives every day because everything in our life, every situation, person, relationship and event is an effect or result, that was created when we moved energy in some way, consciously or unconsciously. In the world and in our lives, we are the cause and everything we experience is an effect.

This law is very simple and it governs how we interact with the world. It is possible to change the effect when we change the cause but before we can make those changes we must also understand what the cause is. That is, what was happening energetically and vibrationally within us to create the outcome that we have. And to do that we have to go beneath the surface because all energy creates, whether we are aware that we have that particular energy or not. So we are always creating an outcome with every thought, belief and word. And we create from the level of our lowest energetic vibration, no matter how unaware we are of it or how much we may want something different.

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Paul Craig Roberts | January 16 2012

Dear friends: I am pleased to bring to you Gerald Celente’s assessment of the threats posed to Internet freedom. Celente’s Trends Journal is one of the most insightful publications of our era. PCR

Do you remember the Safe-Cyber instructions they taught you in the mandatory Computer Ed class (operated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology)? First you fire up your Secured Computing Device (SCD) and its hardware token authenticator.

Then you enter the six-digit algorithmically generated password displayed (a new one flashes every 60 seconds) and are asked to supply your biometric identifier. You place your thumb on the built-in fingerprint pad, click, and wait for the Internet connection to begin. But it doesn’t.

Instead, the screen goes black for a second before the dreaded words appear: “Malware has been detected on this SCD. As mandated by federal law, it has been placed in quarantine.” Then the machine shuts down.

This is not just conjecture, but an imminent scenario. Policies, such as the White House proposed “National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace,” which will transform the character, culture and freedom of the Internet, are already in place. The 20 cybersecurity-related bills introduced in the Senate in 2011, and the dozen introduced in the House of Representatives, have wound their way through committees and, according to Senator Harry Reid, are scheduled to be voted on in the first quarter of 2012. Almost all of them, with the blessing of the White House, would make the Department of Homeland Security the overseer of private-sector networks.

Considering the apocalyptic rhetoric coming from Washington and the ranks of cybersecurity experts – echoed by media reports that portray every picayune data breach as Armageddon – it would appear that the vulnerability of the Internet has been underplayed for many years.

In the Internet’s start-up decades, both industry and government were committed to establishing an atmosphere of trust that would draw the public into conducting more and more digital business. Though data breaches, theft of trade secrets, identity theft and bank robbery have been a fact of Internet life since its beginnings, there were few laws requiring disclosure. Banks and credit card firms ate their losses as a cost of doing business, and the giant corporations kept mum rather than roil the public. Recently, the pendulum has swung in the other direction and a raucous alarm has been sounded regarding the great danger posed by the Internet.

The Nation is at a crossroads. The globally-interconnected digital information and communications infrastructure known as “cyberspace” underpins almost every facet of modern society and provides critical support for the U.S. economy, civil infrastructure, public safety, and national security. This technology has transformed the global economy and connected people in ways never imagined. Yet, cybersecurity risks pose some of the most serious economic and national security challenges of the 21st century. The digital infrastructure’s architecture was driven more by considerations of interoperability and efficiency than of security. Consequently, a growing array of state and non-state actors are compromising, stealing, changing, or destroying information and could cause critical disruptions to U.S. systems. (White House Cyberspace Policy Review, 2011)

While there may be other factors behind the current wave of cybersecurity alarmism, we have identified three major forces: The Government, the Cybersecurity-Industrial complex, and the so-called “Hacktivists.”

The Hacktivists LulzSec and Anonymous, the most-publicized of the hacktivists, along with a growing community of ad hoc cyberactors, have had a multi-faceted impact on the cybersecurity environment that goes far beyond the number of hackers at work or the amount of actual damage their exploits have inflicted.

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NDAA ~ Utterly Unconstitutional Legislation. Here’s Why

Super Potato 1 | January 28 2012

Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers is interviewed by John B Wells On Coast To Coast. Fascinating interview ~ Gillian

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Dying Honeybees: It Was the Insecticides All Along

Jeanne Roberts (Celsias) | Reader Supported News | January 28 2012

With news that the U.S. honeybee population has been so devastated that some beekeepers will qualify for disaster relief dollars, comes a report from Purdue University that one of the causes of honeybee deaths is – as long suspected – neonicotinoids.

I say one of the causes, because the article does. In fact, the levels of neonicotinoid contamination of the powder used to spread seeds – up to 700,000 times the lethal dose – suggest that this pesticide may be the major, or precipitating, cause, with Varroa mites and other problems simply the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

And this, a myriad of causes, none of them dominant, is what agencies like the U.S.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture would have us believe, either because (as some suggest) they are understaffed to adequately investigate Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), or because some of their former (or present) members are in bed with major chemical and genetically modified (GM) seed manufacturers.

The study, by Christian Krupke (professor of entomology) and Greg Hunt (professor of genetics and honeybee specialist), explains that the contaminated powder is residue from the seed treatment. What happens is, corn and soybean seeds are treated with neonicotinoids in a talc base to keep them moving through today’s high-tech vacuum seed spreaders when it comes time to plant.

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Max Egan ~ Total Criminalization

aodscarecrow | January 28 2012

This message from Max is well worth a listen ~ Gillian

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Your Life Tests Nudge You In The Right Direction

The Pleaidian High Council | Aquarius Channelings | January 27 2012

Your paths are now clearly being laid out before you. As this year progresses and the energies hitting your planet increase moment by moment in scope and purity, many of you are beginning to realize that the old simply cannot exist anymore. The dense and faded energies of the old, the old that has been the norm on your world for so very long, are to be transmuted and have their energetic templates changed to that of a Lighted, Loving energy.

The old has been disintegrating for some time dear souls, and as you continue to feed the lower vibrations that are ceasing increasingly to be on your world, you are finding that you are being nudged toward activities, thoughts and feelings that are of the Light rather than of the dark, as the duality of your world is beginning to cease.

The arrival and establishment of these energies could not come to be if it was not for you on Earth who have put in the energy and effort to make it so. Dear souls, you have given so much of yourselves to Earth and her ascension, and many of you are incarnate on Earth to serve exactly the purpose you are serving now.

So we ask you dear souls, at this stage in the game, would it make sense to turn back to what you have known as familiar, to those older and lower energies that you have felt comfortable in, but that have also caused you pain and hardships whilst living and existing in? We can feel that many of you will make the choices that are most aligned with your Life paths, and we can feel that the lower-dimensional tests that many of you have been going though, are nudging you in the right direction.

Dear souls, if only you knew how planned and coordinated your Lives really are, and your Lives are not in fact coordinated by us. The events that manifest in your lives are first planned by you in accordance with your Higher Self and many aspects of your Higher Self which have been funneled down to exist in realities slightly more pure than your third/fourth dimensional reality in which you are currently Living. These funneled-down yet more advanced parts of yourselves exist just beyond the sphere of third and fourth dimensionality, and they are simply awaiting your presence on ever higher planes of existence, so that they can guide you and help you to learn for your and their experiences.

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