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FDA Hacked Into Private Gmail Accounts Of Its Own Whistleblower Scientist Using Covert Spy Technology

Natural News | January 31 2012 | (Thanks VK!)

NaturalNews | The criminal tendencies of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration were on full display today when it was revealed the agency installed spy software and illegally hacked into the private Gmail accounts of at least half a dozen of its own top scientists. Those scientists, it turns out, were the very same whistleblowers who warned Congress about the FDA’s approval of dangerous medical devices that threatened the lives of patients. In response to them taking action to protect the lives of the innocent — something the FDA is supposed to do but has long since abandoned — they were instead subjected to illegal hacking and having their employment contracts with the FDA terminated.

Those six scientists and doctors have now filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court which claims that they were subjected to FDA internal harassment and unjustified job termination. The lawsuit also describes how the FDA hacked into the private email accounts of these scientists, then intercepted their “whistleblower complaints” intended to be seen only by members of Congress.

“The complaint details how the FDA targeted its employees with a covert spying campaign that lasted for two years,” reports (…). “The [FDA] installed (or activated) spyware on their workplace computers and used other technology that to monitor their password-protected Gmail-to-Gmail communications. Managers used the collected information to learn the identities of confidential whistleblowers and to obtain the details of the public health and safety concerns the whistleblowers intended to disclose to the Office of Special Counsel, Congress and the Agency’s own Inspector General.”

More importantly, documents reveal that the FDA’s own lawyers engaged in a criminal cover-up of evidence in order to obstruct justice and retaliate against the FDA scientists:

“The managers who spearheaded the surveillance efforts were the same managers involved with the wrongdoing and corruption that the whistleblowers were seeking to report. Lawyers at the FDA and HHS Offices of General Counsel, who should have understood that the program breached the employees’ confidentiality, helped FDA managers with their obstruction and retaliation.”

Read the rest of this important article @ Natural News

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UN Seeking Global “Mental Health” Plan

Alex Newman | The New American | January 30 2012

A coordinated effort to increase the United Nations’ role in the fields of mental health and substance abuse is now underway, with experts, national governments, and global bureaucracies lobbying for the UN World Health Organization (WHO) to get more involved. Critics of the schemes, however, blasted the notion of a global mental-health regime.

On January 20, the WHO Executive Board released a resolution entitled “Global Burden of Mental Disorders and the need for a comprehensive, coordinated response at the country level.” The document calls for, among other measures, collaboration between national governments and the global health body in developing a “comprehensive mental health action plan” for the world.

The resolution asks the WHO Director-General to draft a “comprehensive” plan which includes model legislation and policy measures for member states. The program would encompass everything from education and human rights to health-care delivery and employment, with the WHO boss instructed to integrate all relevant sectors of society and government into the “comprehensive” scheme.

Just a few days before the WHO released its controversial resolution, a team of academics published a peer-reviewed paper in the journal PLoS Medicine calling for exactly what the global health body envisions: An international regime to deal with mental health. Led by Vikram Patel of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Judith Bass from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, the authors even called for a world “People’s Charter for Mental Health.”

“The time has come for recognition at the highest levels of global development, namely the U.N. General Assembly, of the urgent need for a global strategy to address the global burden of MNS [mental, neurological, and substance-abuse] disorders,” the authors wrote, citing data on global mental-health trends. “The fact that MNS disorders affect people in all countries should offer considerable incentive for investments by both public and private sectors in this initiative.”

Meanwhile, the government of India was among the busiest promoters of the global scheme. It was joined by the Obama administration and other governments around the world in helping to advance the WHO’s resolution, according to Indian media reports.

Critics, however, slammed the developing push to grant the UN and its organs more authority over mental health. Across the political spectrum, commentators actually worried about giving global bodies and the massively powerful psychiatry industry any expanded powers — let alone the ability to craft global policy. And as the debate heats up, scrutiny is expected to continue growing.

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Mike Shedlock ~ Brussels Hit by First Coordinated Strike in Nearly Two Decades (And More)

Global Economic Trend Analysis | January 27 2012

The Financial Times reports Brussels hit by strike as EU leaders meet.

A general strike brought widespread disruption to Belgium on Monday, as European Union leaders arrived for a summit in Brussels with a focus on boosting employment across the region. Trains, shipping, air travel and public transport were all hit by the trade union action, called in response to reforms enacted hastily by the new government of Elio Di Rupo.

It is the first time in nearly two decades that unions from all sectors of the economy have co-ordinated a strike. As well as schools, the postal service and other branches of the public sector, some private enterprises were affected as unions flexed their muscles.

The strikes in the EU’s capital are a reflection of union discontent across the continent, worried that austerity measures will jeopardise the recovery. A Europe-wide “day of action”, bringing together unions from across the continent, is planned for February 29.

Voter distress and open dissent is no where close to peaking.

Spain to Miss Deficit Reduction Goals

Courtesy of Google Translate, please consider Spain deficit to Hit 6.8% in 2012 and 6.3% in 2013, according to IMF

6.8% is far from the 4.4% that the European Commission has imposed
IMF predicts two years of recession, with declines of 1.7 and 0.3% in 2012 and 2013

Spain will not meet deficit reduction goals of the European Commission in 2012 and 2013. Specifically, the IMF projects that the deficit will be within 6.8% of GDP in 2012 and 6.3% in 2013, when Brussels requires, at most, a deficit of 4.4% this year and 3% next.

The agency, predicts a recession of two years for the Spanish economy, ending the last three months of this year with a contraction of 2.1%. This indicates the organization in the latest update to its Global Growth Outlook, published today in Washington.

France Halved 2012 Growth Forecast to 0.5 Percent

Yahoo! Finance reports EU leaders struggle to reconcile austerity, growth

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Veronica ~ Assessing The Value Of Any Relationship

April Crawford | Inner Whispers | January 31 2012

Encounters with others while in the physical can impact both parties deeply. The exchange of energy needs to be balanced enough to create opportunity of growth for all. It is through a harmonious exchange of energy that most lessons are learned.

By harmonious we do not always mean pleasant. Some energies come into our lives to participate in lessons that may be extremely uncomfortable for all. It is always important to look at the end result when assessing the value of any relationship. Creating balance energetically is important in that everyone involved gets what they desired from the relationship. Often what one desires spiritually can be different from what one expects physically.

So how does one effectively create harmonious relationships? One where everyone expands and grows from participation within it?

First and foremost it is important to speak your truth. no matter what the circumstance. It is important to know yourself well enough to present whatever it is that resonates within your soul.

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Enlightened Beings ~ How to Master Your Financial Destiny

Jafree Ozwald | Enlightened Beings | January 31 2012

“Life in itself is an empty canvas; it becomes whatsoever you paint on it.
You can paint misery, you can paint bliss. This freedom is your glory.” ~Osho

I remember many times in my life I believed I was not “destined” for great things. My mind was trained to entertain ideas like, “Making money was for fools, and that money was the root of all evil.” Sure enough, I manifested some pretty frustrating financial situations from these negative beliefs. At one point I felt so financially stuck that it felt like I was constantly drowning from the inside. Every morning it seemed I was swimming in some frantic financial “doggie-paddle” just to stay afloat and pay the bills to get by.

Then it happened one day in mid-paddle… I surrendered to my drowning experience and realized something deeply profound. I was creating everything. I understood that I was the one choosing how I related with my financial situation. I saw that had a choice in how I approached my feelings about money. I realized that I could simply invent a NEW relationship with it, one that was based on freedom, abundance and self-worth. I could decide to stop letting myself feel this feeling of struggling to survive.

I knew that I manifesting the same financial challenges every year, not because of my lack of effort, yet simply because I was wasn’t willing to explore and shift my personal relationship with money. The moment I looked inside and saw my thinking habits for what they were, I changed the way I related to money. I created a relationship that was empowering and felt good! I knew that those electrons in the bank account didn’t actually give me real power, purpose or fulfillment. I was responsible for giving myself those experiences. I knew that nothing real came from the outer world. It was from this understanding that I became financially free and realized I was the master of my financial destiny.

“Find God. This is your mission. You are the center of the Universe. Your center is God, Consciousness, Absolute Reality, Perfection, Brahman. This is the only piece that exists. You have absolutely nothing to give up, nothing to surrender, nothing to let go of. You are already liberated.” ~Robert Adams

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Greg Hunter ~ There is No Real Recovery in Economy

Brandon Smith (Guest Writer) | USA Watchdog | January 31 2012

If the economy were doing so well, the Federal Reserve would not be announcing (last week) an extension of its zero interest rate policy until the end of 2014.  If the economy was truly in a real recovery the Fed would be hiking interest rates instead of giving away money for virtually nothing.  It is just not the U.S. that is doing badly, but the rest of the world is also tanking.  Just look shipping traffic around the globe.  Today’s guest writer, Brandon Smith from, does just that in a new post that takes an in-depth look at the Baltic Dry Index.  This mainly measures international shipping and the news is not very good.  Please enjoy the excellent post below.  –Greg Hunter—

Baltic Dry Index Signals Renewed Market Collapse

Much has been said about the Baltic Dry Index over the course of the last four years, especially in light of the credit crisis and the effects it has had on the frequency of global shipping.  Importing and exporting has never been quite the same since 2008, and this change is made most obvious through one of the few statistical measures left in the world that is not subject to direct manipulation by international corporate interests; the BDI.  Today, the BDI is on the verge of making headlines once again, being that is plummeting like a wingless 747 into the swampy mire of what I believe will soon be historical lows.

The problem with the BDI is that it is little understood and often dismissed by less thoughtful economic analysts as a “volatile index” that is too “sensitive” to be used as a realistic indicator of future trends.  What these analysts consistently seem to ignore is that regardless of their narrow opinion, the BDI has been proven to lead economic derision in the market movements of the past.  That is to say, the BDI has been volatile exactly BECAUSE markets have been volatile and unstable, and is a far more accurate thermometer than those that most mainstream economists currently rely on.  If only they would look back at the numbers further than one year ago, they might see their own folly more clearly.

Introduced in 1985, the Baltic Dry Index first and foremost is a measure of the global shipping rates of dry bulk goods, mostly consisting of vital raw materials used in the creation of other products.  However, it is also a measure of demand for said materials in comparison to previous months and years.  This is where we get into the predictive nature of the BDI…

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Greg Giles ~ All The Things You Work So Hard For On Earth Come Easy To You Once You Release Yourself From This Land Of Illusion

Ascension Earth 2012 | January 30 2012

Open your hearts. What is it that certain of you want to do at this time? What is it that your heart desires? What is calling you? Whatever it is that calls your name in the winds shall you heed, for it is this calling that is your reason for being here on this planet at this time. For many of you there are a multitude of different worlds you could be living in right now, but you chose to be here at this very time. Why? What is it that is so important for you to be here at this point in time? The only way for you to find out is to go out and seek these answers. Along this journey you may discover many other things as well, and you will have the opportunity to bring all these wonderful discoveries home with you when your mission here is complete.

We see so many of you searching for these answers, and we are so pleased to see that you are now motivated by what truly matters in your lives. Releasing the distractions of your 3D world is the key to finding the paths you have laid out for yourselves before you entered into the human vessel, and it is this path that will lead you back home.

Take the time along your travels to assist your brothers and sisters on their journey as well, as this is not a race, but a team effort, and there are no prizes for you for finishing first. You may find that the greatest prize comes in the satisfaction in knowing that you helped another soul on their journey. Such is your never ending journey through your many stages of development throughout this universe. You will find that all the things that you work so hard for here on Earth come easy to you once you release yourself from this land of illusion, but what requires effort is assisting others that could benefit from your help. Such has been the careful design of your universe, with the intention of bringing us all together in love and service to each other while we enjoy the splendors of this magnificent creation.

Take the time to look after yourselves at this time as well, as it is important to take care of your body as well as your mind as you approach the many changes in store for you. Ascension, as magnificent as it is, is only one of the life-changing events that your race has to look forward to, and this year of 2012 shall see the unveiling of many of these. We await your house to be put in suitable order, clearing the way for the commencement of some of these events, and there are many men and women working tirelessly behind the scenes to see to it these paths are cleared. Be patient my dears, as you cannot yet see the tremendous efforts of so many of your brethren to bring about these changes at this time.

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Cathy Aarset ~ Goddess Centered Gardening

Cathy Aarset | Fairy Goddess Gardening | January 30 2012

If you’re in or near West San Gabriel Valley, California, and love Mother Earth contact Cathy for inspired advice! ~ Gillian

Goddess Centered Gardening is centered in the heart. It is time to stop, become still and listen.

Listening To The Land

You who are the caretaker of your land, can best listen to the spiritual matrix that is centered in the land that surrounds your house.

What It Is

Goddess Centered Gardening is loving your land. It is loving the plants that have been there for ever! It is sitting with your Garden and asking what can bring more light and energy flow. It is learning about your soil and planting what best will live in harmony with the spiritual matrix and you. It is sitting, listening, waiting with joy and anticipation at what amazing possibilities that can come into your life if you would just ask. The land will tell you and Source will meet you, then all three will dream and imagine, create and activate that which will facilitate joy, light, healing and harmony for all who enter your garden and all who live within It’s borders.

Goddess Centered Gardening Is A New Way

I know that this is wholly new. Gardens are alive with energy flowing through them, just as you and I are. This way will not be everyone’s way. We are, though, awakening to our world on a deeper level. I would like to help you connect to your land so that; you can create an environment that suits just you and those who live with you, so that light, healing and energy flow effortlessly.

You and the Garden will lead the way and I would like to help you connect with the spiritual life of your garden so you can listen and create a design that is harmonious and healing. Connection with Earth, Spirit and Source is what Goddess Centered Gardening and Fairy Goddess Gardening is all about.

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Hilarion’s Weekly Message ~ January 30 2012

Marlene Swetlishoff | The Rainbow Scribe

Beloved Ones,

You who have walked the lonely path of Light are soon to be joined by many, many others who will begin to walk their path with you. For every sacrifice you have made for the highest good of all, the Universe is already bringing to you many wonderful synchronicities, miracles and gifts. All you have to do is open your hearts to receive and be in trust and in joy. Watch for these in your daily living, recognize them, receive them, enjoy them and record them. Soon you will begin to know without a shadow of doubt that you have always been loved and cared for and that you never walk alone.

Along your trail blazing path, you have encountered much that was not love and being empathic, took on these energies thinking they were your own. The time has come when your power of discernment and intuition will grow by leaps and bounds and you will find the ability to detach from the energies and challenges of others while still giving Love and compassion. Each of you have had tests and trials that have been making you turn yourselves inside out in your quest for transparency and purity. Even as these old energies are still being brought out from the depths of your Being, know that it is only a matter of time before these fall away from you forever, leaving only wonder and awe in its place.

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