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Twelve Insight ~ Your Ego Wants An Answer Inside The Box

Twelve Insight | July 1 2012

There’s a reason why we do not always give you straight answers when you ask us a direct question like “What should I do?” It’s because the straight answers—the ones you expect—are already boxed in by your limited physical viewpoint. That is, they come with the expectation that the answer is available in a simply physical cause-and-effect kind of solution, that gives you the most productive and efficient tasks to undertake to get you where you are wanting to go. But it’s not necessarily the most productive or efficient tasks from a physical standpoint that are the most productive and efficient.

Thus we tell you to feel your way. We tell you to do that which you are moved to do. The right thing to do is already in front of you when you allow the Universe to set you up. And sometimes the right thing to do might even be nothing at all, in a meditative kind of way, so that you are re-engaging your Connection with Spirit.

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Raul Ilargi Meijer ~ Angela Merkel Is Playing You For Fools (Thanks, Thomas)

The Automatic Earth | June 29 2012

Picture Angela Merkel Upside Down by ciscaix for

Oh come on, leave the girl alone already. First off, all those people talking about a solution for the eurozone need to finally understand there ain’t no such thing. And whatever slim chance of a solution the most optimistic – delusional – among them may be so desperate to cling on to, at least they should recognize that Angela doesn’t hold the keys to the city. She herself knows it: she’s just another gal knocking at the gates, even if she’s dressed as the empress.

A thought experiment: how would you solve the euro crisis if Germany were not part of the equation? If you would have to put the de facto German contribution to the puzzle at zero, neutral? What would you be left with then, and what steps would have to be taken to come to a solution? If the sole remaining big players were, let’s see, France, Spain and Italy?

That changes the picture, doesn’t it? Take Germany out and all you’re left with is pretty much roadkill. Plus a motley crue of comparatively small barely breathing rodents like Holland, Finland and Austria.

See? With bailouts for Spain and Italy now all but inevitable, if you leave Germany out of the picture for the moment, you’re left with no-one at all to pay for those bailouts. Not even a complete and immediate move towards a fiscal, banking and political union would do anything to resolve Europe’s financial quagmire if Germany is not present.

In other words: it all comes down to Germany. Berlin is on the hook for everything. The required funding for the EFSF and ESM emergency funds would, with Spain and Italy moving into roles as debtors instead of creditors, have to come from Germany to the tune of what would fast approach 50% or so.

Does anyone think that is realistic? That Germany can make the markets truly, as in for more than a day or so, believe it has that kind of money lying around, and is wiling to gamble it? Or is it perhaps more likely that, if the Germans would even try it, the markets would turn on Berlin the next morning? If you look at bunds right now, there’s no doubt they’re perceived as a safe haven. But what are the chances that perception would last if Merkel agreed to take on the Savior Of All Of Europe part?

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Matt Taibbi ~ Banks Paying Huge Fines For Wall Street Scam

Rolling Stone | RS_News | June 30 2012

A Huge Break in the LIBOR Banking Investigation

OPINION ~ This is a huge story:

On Wednesday, Barclays won the race to reach a deal with U.S. and British regulators, beating UBS, which was reportedly the first bank to begin cooperating with international antitrust authorities. Barclays agreed to pay at least $450 million to resolve government investigations of manipulation of Libor and the Euro interbank offered rate (or Euribor): $200 million to the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, $160 million tothe criminal division of the U.S. Department of Justice and $92.8 million to Britain’s Financial Services Authority.

I wrote about the Libor investigation in the current issue of Rolling Stone, in “The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia,” about muni bond bid-rigging. Throughout this spring, while the Carollo bid-rigging case played out in a Manhattan courtroom, negotiations between banks and regulators were going on in this far larger cartel-corruption case. It’s been clear for some time now that a number of players had begun cooperating, and the only question was which bank was going to settle first.

Despite widespread expectation that it would be UBS, it turned out to be Barclays. You know how in Law and Order Jack McCoy always puts the two murder accomplices in separate rooms and tells them both that whoever talks first wins? Something like that happened here. In any case, the Department of Justice filing on the settlement contained excerpts of emails and other evidence that recall the taped phone conversations in the Carollo case: once again, we have seemingly incontrovertible evidence of wide-scale market manipulation. From Alison Frankel at Reuters:

Barclays employees agreed to manipulate the rates they submitted to the banking authority that oversees the daily Libor report for seemingly anyone who asked them to monkey with it: senior Barclays officials concerned that the bank would look weak if it reported too high a borrowing rate; interest rate swap traders trying to improve Barclays’ derivatives trading position; even former Barclays traders begging for favors. We’re talking naked, blatant manipulation. Here’s one exchange cited in the DOJ filing:

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Oracle Report ~ Saturday June 30 – Sunday July 1 2012

Oracle Report | Gibbous Moon Phase

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, changes in relationships will continue throughout the weekend. Overall, the status of everything is changing – taking shape – but these changes are rough around the edges right now.

Edge is the keyword for the weekend. Things are “raw” and we will have the tendency to feel pushed to the edge, especially on Saturday. Sometimes when we feel pushed to the edge, we have to take a leap of faith and just jump into the unknown. We are always supported by Spirit when we do this. In actuality, it isn’t totally unknown. We are bringing forth the best of the past as we jump forward.

The purpose of all of this is to help us get real. There’s no going back to the way things used to be. And would we want to? We are like a diamond in the rough being cut into brilliant facets this weekend. The beauty that is inherent within us is being brought forth so that we may be of greater service to the planet, ourselves, and each other.

Yesterday we were bombarded with solar energy. There is a dual relationship, a contract, between the Divine Being Sophia (Earth) and the Divine Being the Sun (known by many names but my favorite is Tzolkin). The Sun is donating a boost of power to Sophia and Sophia is using it to implement changes within herself and in turn, changes within us. Our electro-magnetic fields are continually being upgraded. This produces many things: increased intuition, increased intelligence (via activation of more of our DNA and more of our brain), increased ability to communicate (especially with animals – and if you are inclined to learn more about animal communication, check out one of my dear friend’s site), and most importantly, stronger direct connection with Sophia herself. This weekend, give a word of thanks to the Sun for this donation and focus on the brilliance of the light being brought forth.

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Raven Clabough ~ High Court Ruling Will Provoke States to Nullify ObamaCare

The New American | June 29 2012

Despite Thursday’s controversial Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare, states retain the right and authority to nullify the healthcare law, and the state of Missouri, among many others, is undertaking efforts to do just that. According to Missouri legislators, regardless of the High Court’s ruling, Missouri voters will maintain the opportunity to vote for or against the so-called Affordable Healthcare Act in November. And Missouri is not the only state seeking to circumvent ObamaCare.

November’s vote will be the second time in two years that Missourians have voted regarding Obama’s signature legislation. CBS News explains:

In August 2010, Missouri became the first state to officially snub the new federal law through a referendum when 71 percent of voters approved a proposition barring the government from requiring people to have health insurance. The Missouri law set up a direct conflict with a federal provision requiring most people to have health insurance by 2014 or face penalties.

November’s vote would focus on the healthcare law provision that requires states to create a health insurance exchange by 2014. The ballot measure would prohibit Missouri’s governor or any other official from taking steps to establish the exchange without the expressed consent of the people through vote or through a state law.

In a similar expression of opposition, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has already declared that he will not establish a healthcare exchange in his state.

“We’re not going to start implementing Obamacare,” Jindal said during a conference call with Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. “We’re committed to working to elect Governor Romney to repeal Obamacare.”

Yahoo News reports, “Several Republican governors, including both Jindal and McDonnell, have put off setting up the exchanges in the hope that the law will be repealed or struck down by the Court.” Now that the court has issued a ruling in favor of the healthcare law, however, Jindal continues to contend that he will not be complying with the law.

“Here in Louisiana we have not applied for the grants, we have not accepted many of these dollars, we’re not implementing the exchanges,” Jindal said. “We don’t think it makes any sense to implement Obamacare in Louisiana. We’re going to do what we can to fight it.”

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Joe Wolverton II ~ Supreme Court Rewrites ObamaCare; Rules Individual Mandate Is Permissible Tax

The New American | June 28 2012

Supreme Court Rewrites ObamaCare; Rules Individual Mandate Is Permissible Tax

“Simply put, Congress may tax and spend.” With those historic words, the Supreme Court forced upon the United States a bleak dawn of a brave new world in which the federal government cannot be checked in its march toward totalitarianism.

In a 5-4 decision the Supreme Court upheld the joint venture of the President and Congress to force every American, regardless of ability or desire, to purchase a qualifying health care insurance plan by 2014 or face a tax penalty for failure to comply.

Today’s ruling demonstrates a bizarre interpretation of the Constitution wherein the majority of the justices held that while the Constitution does not grant Congress the power to compel the purchase of a commodity, it does have the power to tax anyone who doesn’t make such a purchase.

Chief Justice Roberts, writing for the Court, held while the “individual mandate is not a valid exercise of Congress’s power under the Commerce Clause and the Necessary and Proper Clause,” it is valid as an exercise of the taxing power granted the federal government by the Constitution.

In her partial dissent, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg disagrees with the Chief Justice’s interpretation of the constitutional limits of the Commerce Clause. Ginsberg writes:

When contemplated in its extreme, almost any power looks dangerous. The commerce power, hypothetically, would enable Congress to prohibit the purchase and home production of all meat, fish, and dairy goods, effectively compelling Americans to eat only vegetables. Cf. Raich, 545 U. S., at 9; Wickard, 317 U. S., at 127–129. Yet no one would offer the “hypothetical and unreal possibilit[y],” Pullman Co. v. Knott, 235 U. S. 23, 26 (1914), of a vegetarian state as a credible reason to deny Congress the authority ever to ban the possession and sale of goods.

Ginsberg, therefore, believes that concerned citizens and constitutionalists should not worry about the future imposition of a “vegetarian state” because it’s just “hypothetical.” That isn’t to say, however, that Congress couldn’t make such a mandate under its broad Commerce Clause power, she insists.

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Caroline Myss ~ The Gift of Seven Extraordinary Days of Grace (Part 2)

June 2012 Salon | June 30 2012

The response to the May Salon introducing the subject of, The Gift of Seven Extraordinary Days of Grace, has been wonderful. It’s obvious that the subject of grace remains as intriguing now as it was two thousand years ago when the graces were first named and identified. It’s so fascinating that as a result of a leap in humankind’s spiritual evolution brought about by the advent of the great Divine beings of Jesus and Buddha (a bit earlier), and others not quite of their caliber, emphasis was turned to the exploration of the power of the individual in relationship to the Divine. As the Judeo-Christian tradition began to take shape, the spiritual powers of the merger of these two traditions likewise formed.

Not that you need a sort of “religion” class, but I think this information is essential and I present it not – repeat not – from the “religion” perspective but rather from the historic. In order to delve into the subject of grace, we must look to the history of grace. The teacher and great cosmic being, Jesus, modeled the fully-evolved human soul. He could heal and perform miracles, he had mastery over physical matter including death and disease, he could speak to anyone, he had the gift of prophecy, he felt energy flow through him that was meant to heal people – he was, in other words, fully present in his physical form while having a fully cosmic soul.

Realize that Jesus’ message was, “These and other things can you do.” He did not position himself as a Divine being, much less as the initiator of all the trappings that have come after him. His role, I believe, was to model the highest potential of the human soul. I will never believe he came here to found countless churches, but to inspire people to understand the spiritual purpose – and therefore spiritual power – present within the human experience. (Note: the only way people through the centuries could explain his “power” was to deify it.)

Jesus left a legacy of phenomena behind him. He baffled people, astounded them, and inspired them. He also left those early Christians in a state of awe as they continued to witness healings and miracles in a way that we will rarely if ever see. It’s not that such healings are impossible. It’s just that we do not relate to either the “spirit” or to the power of grace in the same divinely organic way that characterized people so long ago. Let’s say, before we became so “enlightened or rational,” miracles, healing, and the mystical nature of life were far more accessible. People did not demand that proof be provided before faith; rather, faith came before proof.

Stories of early Christians seem to reveal that people eagerly embraced the gifts of healing, prophecy, knowledge (or revelation), piety (profound faith), counsel (extraordinary intuitive abilities), wisdom (decision-making abilities/leadership), discernment (clear judgment), mercy, and the more mysterious “speaking in tongues.” But as the church developed into a more political and controlling organization (which did not take long), managing these precious gifts became an issue. I mean, how could everyone just qualify for “gifts” – just like that? Impossible.

Arrogance took precedence over humbleness and the rest, as they say, is indeed history. It’s no wonder then that today we live in a society that needs grace defined again and again – and yet, again. What is it? How does it work? But how do I know when grace has come into my life? What do I do to make grace come into my life? Do I need special prayers?

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Deborah Dupre ~ Microwaving Targeted Individuals: End Rights Abuses Barrett Tells Government

Examiner | June 30 2012

Bush and Obama administration’s widespread human rights abuses includes assaulting Targeted Individuals with Directed Energy Weapons says famous authorDr. Kevin Barrett

The U.S. murdering, disappearing, torturing, terrorizing and assaulting with Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) innocent targeted individuals, its own citizens, has no business criticizing other nations and needs to clean up its own act to have any credibility on human rights, according to controversial author Dr. Kevin Barrett on Thursday afternoon, also asserting that the U.S. needs to heed former President Jimmy Carter’s call to obey its own Constitution.

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