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Dutchsince ~ Multiple Views Of Large Solar Filament Eruption – Earth Directed [Video]

Dutchsince | August 31 2012

A large solar filament has ruptured sending a blast of charged particles from layers above the sun’s surface in an “earth facing” direction.

This means we have the possibilities of power grid disruption, communications interruptions, possible out of the ordinary auroras in more central latitudes. Also watch for post arrival earthquake, and storm activity.

Monitor the ionospheric maps to see the ion flux as it arrives — this sometimes shows the hard hit areas which tend to display earthquake / storm excitement upon arrival of charged particles.

solar images / video available at:

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Laura Bruno ~ Blue Moon August 31st: The Master Maker

Laura Bruno’s Blog | August 31 2012

Thanks, Minty.

In keeping with my morning tradition, I pulled a Wisdom of Avalon Oracle card today: The Merlin. This card emphasizes magick and support in forging dreams into reality. On a Blue Moon (the second full moon of the month) approaching the third third of 2012, a little extra magick seems like a wonderful thing, indeed.

But that’s not all. Apparently, the Faery Realm wanted to share some comments, too, in this case via Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth’s The Faeries’ Oracle deck. I’ve learned not to argue with the fay, since they are most persistent creatures! Here’s what they had to say about the August 31st Blue Moon:

“Card 22 ~ The Master Maker

“Skill, Craftsmanship, Magician, Moral strength, Invention

“The Master Maker is the master of the forge, upon which we create our futures and forge our own souls. He sees the world beyond the otherworld, the world of first causes. Through his magic, he brings them into his own world of Faery. From his world, these concepts trickle down into our own, through dreams and visions picked up by artists and craftsmen everywhere. Be he makes the first, the original. He is the great inventor, and the sign above his door reads: Practical Problems Solved Here.

“He sings as he works, and, as in all faery magic, his song does as much to shape objects as do the blows of his hammer … The master of fire, air, earth, and water, he adds the faery element of moonlight to everything he creates. He would be the first to tell you that superb craftsmanship, however magical, is hard work — joyful and energizing hard work, but always challenging. As the Master Maker reminds us, ‘No job is too small to do beautifully.’ …

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Susanne Posel ~ It’s Official: Keep Your Money In This System & Lose It All [Audio]

SGTbull07 | August 31 2012

Writer & researcher Susanne Posel of joins me for an in-depth conversation about the recent court rulings declaring it LAWFUL for banks to use YOUR money to pay THEIR debts and bad bets. It’s all in place now with legal precedent, so if you lose your money to these banks in the future, just remember YOU WERE WARNED.

Listen to Part 2

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Replacing Negative Projections ~ August 31 2012 Full Moon Synchronized Care Focus

GCI Care Focus | August 30 2012 | Thanks, Christina

Welcome to the Global Coherence Initiative’s August 31, 2012 full moon (15:54 GMT/UTC) synchronized Care Focus. Thank you for being with us. In order for GCI members around the world to participate at a convenient time, we have chosen 4 a.m., 12:00 p.m. (noon), and 8 p.m. Pacific Time (GMT/UTC minus 7 hours ) when GCI members in the Global Care Room can do the Care Focus together.* (The following website – – is a time conversion site for determining the exact time the Care Focus will take place in your Local Time Zone. Select time: 8 p.m. (date optional). Convert from: Location: U.S.A. – California – San Francisco. Convert to: Location: Select your Country/City.)

More and more people are sensing the vibration of the planetary shift and its energetic effects. Whether it’s ongoing economic uncertainty, unusual weather and geological events, extreme political divisiveness in the USA and other countries, or the instability in Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and other parts of the world, all these stressors create energetic effects. We have a choice in how we respond to these energetics and a choice in how we perceive the future. We can help co-create a future that we want by seeing a new heart-based global community being born as old world structures are falling apart.

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Selacia ~ Remedies For Sensitivity

Selacia | August 31 2012

Feeling extra sensitive lately? You are not alone. You are living through an energy cycle catalyzing hypersensitivity, impacting you and people you meet in everyday situations. This means that normally sensitive people can become even more sensitive. Likewise, people not easily overwhelmed by strong sensory input can become rattled and react in unusual ways.


  • You are waiting in traffic, unable to move forward, and drivers behind you aggressively honk their horns.
  • When a meeting you have been planning for a month gets canceled last minute, you become upset, your nervous system going into overload.
  • Your dog, upset by the stress in your home, messes on the floor and you react atypically with a punitive tone.

As a divine changemaker, alive now to co-create a more loving world, your task in these types of situations is simple: cultivate a reasonable response to unreasonable happenstance.

Doing this is easier said than done, of course. That’s where your extensive training and life wisdom come into play. When you apply what you have learned over time, you become your own resource of stability. This means that you have the skill to respond differently than the average person, able to show others a more reasonable way to be.

Tips for Cultivating a Reasonable Response

Update your view of time. As soon as you attach a fixed time to something, unwilling to adjust to life events, you put yourself in a box.

Time really isn’t a fixed commodity. It’s a reference point, especially helpful when you are planning to meet someone or deliver a project dependent on timelines of others. From spirit’s perspective, there is a divine timing for all things – it is not static, but fluid and adjustable for energy shifts. To honor yourself and others during these years of mega energy shifts, a more flexible approach is required.

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Christina ~ Finding Congruency Each Moment Is A Defining Moment

Golden Heart Dialogues | August 24 2012

Multidimensional Me ~ Christina Fisher 2012

The Shift of the Ages

The shift of the ages allows the inclusive empowerment of humanity. We are waking up from an unconscious existence and finding ourselves in unison with all of civilization. The shift of the ages is humanity’s defining moment, a historical juncture of unfathomable comprehension.

Each moment is a defining moment; each choice a defining choice. If we are caught off guard, what will we choose? Will it be the pinnacle of our liberation or the decline from our apex? Will we choose disempowerment through inaction? When we ignore ourselves, we ignore our inner personal ethics, which echoes the voice of our wisdom.

Self-empowered individuals are the hosts for global empowerment. The shift of the ages begins with empowerment from within. Global empowerment is predicated on each person’s awakening and seizing the defining moment. Every individual choice is a global choice. Choosing, at this important juncture, sets the course for our collective reunification. We are a global community, coming into wholeness at the same time. Lessons from the past remind us that this is the moment.

The defining moment is ours. Choose well. Choose quickly. Be the voice; be the instrument; be the tool for the empowerment of the ages. Be your limitless self, and awaken. Abide by your highest, most pristine inner guidance. Actuate each of your individual empowerments in perfect unison.

A World in Transition

We are living in a world of unparalleled chaos and turbulence. Despite this, there is hope and promise for the future. We are living through the most unfathomable shift in consciousness humanity has known.

Many are suffering, and many are thriving. There are those who have heeded the call of their sovereign selves, the ones who know how to survive. Those who are still tethered to the earth’s old paradigm are finding their daily lives excruciating.

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Anthony Migchels ~ The Swiss WIR – How To Defeat The Money Power

Real Currencies | April 19 2012 | Thanks, A.L.

For eighty years a major not for profit, private currency has been operating in the heartland of Europe. In Zurich, almost next door to the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, there is the WIR, turning over the equivalent of almost 2 billion CHF per year.

WIR was founded by businessmen Werner Zimmerman and Paul Enz in 1934. It was a direct response to the Great Depression. They built on the legacy of Silvio Gesell, whose thinking also was the basis for the famous Wörgl Scrip and today’s German Regional Currencies, like the Chiemgauer.

Silvio Gesell is in fact the Patriarch of what I suggest should be called ‘German Economics’ or ‘Interest-Free Economics‘, the theoretical basis for the anti-usury movement. His analysis of Usury inspired both Gottfried Feder and Margrit Kennedy, two other leading lights of the European anti-usury movement. He also had interesting and much needed ideas about land reform.

Where the Wörgl and the Chiemgauer were/are backed by national (banking) currencies, the WIR goes where nobody before dared to go: it is basically Mutual Credit. Mutual Credit based currencies are nowadays used in Barter organizations world wide. Barter in this sense is a misnomer, they do use a means of exchange but not the national currency. WIR is undoubtedly one, if not the first Mutual Credit facility in the world and most certainly the longest surviving one.

Nowadays WIR turns over a little less than 2 billion WIR (1 WIR = 1 CHF) per year. Because many transactions involve maybe 25 to 50% in WIR while the rest is settled in CHF (Swiss Francs), real turn over generated by WIR is maybe up to three times higher. It has 1 billion of WIR in credit outstanding.

Transactions are settled with the use of debit cards or with their on-line banking system.

Silvio Gesell

WIR is operated for the common good and not for profit. About 62,000 small and midsized businesses participate. There are six regional offices through the Swiss republic.

WIR is especially important during downturns. Deflation and capital scarcity make businesses more creative and more willing to deal with WIR’s limitations.

For our purposes WIR is important because it proves that Mutual Credit facilities have a viable business model. It proves currency can be offered at very low cost while maintaining a prosperous and professional organization over the long term.


Notwithstanding its major achievements, WIR suffers from some significant limitations.

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David Icke ~ Israel … The Playground Bully And The Spoilt Child

David Icke Newsletter Preview | August 31 2012

Israel … The Playground Bully

And The Spoilt Child …

Waaaaaahhhh … I wanna bomb Iran but all I get is Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Gaza and Syria … Waaaaaahhhh.’

How long are we going to stand for it?

Rothschild Zionism is not a race or a people; it is a political philosophy in its public expression and at its core a global secret society with its agents in government and dictating to government the world over. It does not work for the best interests of Jewish people. Its goal is the enslavement of the global population – including the Jewish people that it falsely claims to represent.

The Rothschild secret society networks also control the United States, Canada, Britain, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand and so many others in every continent. This is why you never see the United States and Britain criticise, condemn or vote against Israel and rarely does this happen elsewhere among western governments.

Is the Rothschild-controlled US government going to criticise and condemn the Rothschild fiefdom of Israel? Or is Rothschild-controlled Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand? Of course not. This is why they never do.


You only have to observe the sickening sight of the members of the United States Congress, with springs attached to their arses, giving Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu standing ovation after standing ovation when he makes a speech before them. They boinged to their feet 29 times in 50 minutes in 2011 – a standing ovation about every 100 seconds.

Netanyahu ~ ‘We will continue to take billions every year from the American people thanks to criminals like you who we have on the payroll and in our pockets.’

US Congress ~ Boing, boing, boing.

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