Could Your Problems Be Gifts?

ravenise00 | April 5 2012

Writes ravenise  ~ As we enter 2012, many people believe they’re under extreme stress, and as a result, many have lost sight of a compelling future. For those people, I offer the story of Alice Herz Sommer. She was born in 1903, survived a Nazi concentration camp, and is still living a healthy life today. I had the privilege of interviewing Alice in October, and found her to be a beautiful soul. Please watch, I think you’ll gain some powerful insights.

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3 thoughts on “Could Your Problems Be Gifts?

  1. Phyllis

    What an amazing story that is highly inspirational. A simple message…see the good in all things, laugh, love and perhaps, create your own music.

    1. Gillian Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Phyllis. She IS quite an amazing soul. Makes us realize that our state of mind is truly the governor of our experience. Have a blessed and blissful Easter. ~G

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