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My name is Gillian Grannum. I was a quiet child who read a lot and played the violin. I grew up in a normal dysfunctional setting (multiple ones, in fact) and was taught that education was the ticket to salvation. So I earned a Doctorate in Education and a Master’s degree in Journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill and, to this day, I still haven’t exactly figured out why.

I moved rapidly out of the world of academia to full-blown spirituality (some might say “avoidance of material plane requirements”). I hung out with Henry Miller at the Stargate Light Center and led the group meditation when requested.  Concurrently with Henry’s sessions I stumbled somewhat haphazardly through “A Course In Miracles” and “The Keys of Enoch” with Leslie Jackson’s groups that met at her home in Chapel Hill in the late 1980s. Barbara Marciniak was a member of Leslie’s Keys of Enoch group, and actually started channeling the Pleaidians (The “P’s” as we affectionately called them) while a member of our Keys group. As time passed, JJ Hurtak and the Keys got increasingly less attention and Barbara and the “P’s” began to rock and shatter our belief systems — all to the good and in the cause of enlightenment.  I learned more about life, reality and the universal plan in those 4 years with the P’s than I had learned in 18 years of formal education — and that’s before the educational system became scary bad.

Yes, those were truly exciting times in life! Reality ceased to be what the Main Stream Miasma regurgitated ad nauseum for the dumbing down of the masses and morphed into a mind-stretching, de-programming adventure of life altering dimensions. This was thanks in large part to Barbara’s great leap in personal development and commitment to drag humanity out of the abyss of entrapment and enslavement one mind-boggling idea at a time.  I was simply one among the P’s (“Bringers Of The Dawn”) engaged questioners/listeners in those early days. And the wake-up call definitely served as a high-voltage shock to the programming I’d imbibed since my first breath.

Now because this world is owned by the money lords I had to figure ways to earn a living. I did tech writing for a spell in the Research Triangle Park. Then got hired by a major international telecommunications corporation (now in receivership) as a Senior Analyst and Senior Design Project Manager in Information Technology. Then I got laid off along with all the other exceedingly well qualified and well paid “useless eaters.” You see, the Cabal running the show (and screwing it up beyond belief) decided the time had come to destroy the American economy en route to their New World Order. Since then, it’s been . . . interesting, to say the least.

Life isn’t hard once it’s figured out. It’s figuring it out that’s the problem we set ourselves before we arrived and found ourselves veiled at birth and brainwashed shortly thereafter. Despite the rigging we’re here so may as well enjoy the journey. It is uniquely our own.

worldAbout Shift Frequency

This site is about the changes occurring in all areas of life — political, economic, environmental and spiritual.  I am personally indifferent to the “hegelian dialetic” used by the Elites and their minions to control perceptions of reality.  As such you will find content from the entire spectrum on my website — left, right, middle, insider, outsider, aligned, non-aligned, earthling, ET, — whatever attracts my attention. Sometimes I’ll post what I’m thinking and feeling. I’m interested in what’s happening right now around the world and will be posting articles daily. For my writings visit the Newsletter archives. There you’ll find commentaries on articles I select to highlight and share with subscribers once a week.


Please note: While I take full responsibility for article selection I do not take responsibility for the content of posted articles except if written by me. Content remains solely the idea/research property of the post’s author or audio-video creator.


Please comment if you feel like it. I’ll reply sometimes but not as often as before due to time constraints.

Thanks for visiting this page and my blog. Blessings.


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In order to defray expenses I accept advertisements on the site. Shift Frequency has arrangements with a few major online advertising and marketing groups who place ads based on key words in articles. I do not control the advertisements that run.  Occasionally ads may run that are decidedly NOT what Shift Frequency represents, ads, for example, offering GMO products for sale. I do not personally endorse these products though they appear occasionally on the site. Please use your own discernment and wise judgment when visiting advertisers online.

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120 thoughts on “About Me

  1. James Thomas

    Hello Gillian
    I have done some channeling and Remote Viewing in my younger years, but have learned that the separating out of one aspect of our learning and then stopping there does not advance our understanding of what we euphemistically call channeling.
    What I have learned is that the continuum is not at all what we would think it is. It is effervescing and allows any and everything constant contact with everything else. We have physical filters that help us lessen the constant, almost overwhelming onslaught of information available in our present lives.
    IE; We can pick and choose which information to allow into our sphere of influence, that which is also fluid in the continuum. What we call channeling is something that all persons can do, but which most do not have a clue that they are doing it.
    I have come to realize that what we do today affects not only our future, but our past as well because all aspects of ourselves flow within that continuum. I have also come to realize that we are compilations in this reality of all aspects of ourselves in all other realities, whether they be human or otherwise.
    It seems that everything we channel is subjective until such time as we can produce verifiable and efficacious results. So my dear one, are you channeling Pleiadians or that aspect of yourself flowing through the cosmos / continuum as it were?
    There are reasons behind the strict protocols in the remote viewing community, to assure that the information is not filtered with the inborn prejudices of the viewer. This is unlike the open arena in channeling where we must purely accept that you are actually channeling an alien species, verses seeing and knowing of yourself in that reality.
    I would be very interested in your position on my post
    James Thomas

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi James, thanks for commenting. I don’t claim to have ever channeled the Pleiadians. What I had the joy of receiving is one of the best educations in the way things are on this planet (back in the late 80’s) by energies who have been proved exceedingly right about events predicted back then and transpiring now. And when listening to Barbara Marciniak channel the “Ps” (as we affectionately referred to them) I never once has the sense of communicating with an “alien” species.

      I totally agree that ” we are compilations in this reality of all aspects of ourselves in all other realities.”

      I have studied Remote Viewing protocols with Gerald O’Donnell. Not entirely sure I “see” probable futures with any reliability though I am convinced of the interconnectedness of consciousness within this matrix/hologram.

      Blessings, G

      1. Gillian Post author

        Thanks, Barry. And no, I’m not married. Am too free-spirited for contracts and vows. Blessings, G

  2. Joy

    Hi, Gillian.

    Greetings from the Philippines!

    I don’t remember exactly how I came across your site. I remember browsing on some things that interest me, then that’s it. A post struck my interest; I marked it in my favorites’ folder, then visited your site since. I have read some of your posts; I enjoyed [tho honestly some are yet beyond my grasp – the shift thing which is normal; the great truths are beyond celebral]. I will surely be visiting to read more of your posts.

    I am glad (blessed) that I came across your site. Would appreciate it very much if you could include me in your e-mailing list.

    I like this paragraph from ‘about you’:

    “Life isn’t hard once it’s figured out. It’s figuring it out that’s the problem we set ourselves before we arrived and found ourselves veiled at birth and brainwashed shortly thereafter. Despite the rigging we’re here so may as well enjoy the journey. It is uniquely our own”.

    Very well said. Amen to that.

    Cheers to 2013!

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hello Joy! And greetings to you as well from North Carolina! I know what you mean about some of the posts being very cerebral. Some spirit-filled beings write from the heart. Others write from the mind. These occasionally engage in what I term “mental gymnastics.” Both, nonetheless, play a role in educating us re the true meaning of life, and the opportunities we create to learn and grow. Thanks very much for visiting Shift Frequency and finding value here. Blessings ‘n blissings. G

      1. Anthony Mercadante

        Gillian,I have come to your web-site in search of a Gentleman by the name of Jeremy Rys AKA Alien Scientist.
        I am a Retired Police Officer,and after watching his video pertaining to 9/11/01 I gathered the links that he used to comprise his video,then filed a Civilian Criminal Complaint with The DOJ to date I got in responce a generic letter.
        What I would like is to get Jeremy’s video out into the main Stream Media…because what happened that day was wrong,how and who did it was worse.
        I will continue to try and bring those who perpetrated the sinful acts of that day to Justice,but I need help..You seem like you have a kind heart and I look forward to your reply.Sincerely Retired Police Officer Anthony Mercadante

      2. Gillian Post author

        Hello Anthony, thank you for your kind words. These are much appreciated. Unfortunately you will likely not get a meaningful response from DOJ concerning 911 because that rabbit hole goes way too deep. The criminal activity perpetrated on 911 has spearheaded the drive to kill the US Constitution by gradually whittling away at our rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness (NDAA, TSA, FEMA camps, chemtrails, killer vaccines, etc.). As you know, 911 couldn’t have happened on US soil without “agreement” from very powerful entities within the US power structure.

        The mainstream miasma will not touch this, Anthony. They are also complicit in covering up the truth. The commission that investigated that tragedy was a hand-picked joke, and it is clear that the Obama administration is perfectly content to continue the policies of the Bush administration. So there will be no interest coming from them. You may wish to contact Jeremy directly concerning any ideas he may have re getting the info more generally known. He can be reached @ alienscientist@alienscientist.com. Blessings, G

  3. Phoenix Raine

    You are so ‘right on’! I am in resonance with your spiritual insights about how we must align ourselves with the higher vibrations of Divine energy which then opens us up in awareness in order to live about the programs that we’ve been indoctrinated with. Thank you for what you’d shared. Looks like you have your ‘mission’ 🙂 Much love and light 2 U…

    1. Gillian Post author

      You totally get it! There are so many out-of-control programs running around reality at this time that it takes considerable discernment to ferret out “truth.” This site isn’t exclusively “spiritually focused” for this reason. I think the contrast between what we’re told to believe that life “is” (on the outside) and what we discover life “is” (on the inside) fulfills the requirement of choice. As free-will beings we get to choose our focus and adjust our beliefs through awareness, knowledge, and grace. Thanks very much for commenting. Blessings. G

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi Kristin! Unfortunately I can’t do so. The email systems don’t allow it. I will be changing ISPs next month and will put up a subscribe button again. Please check back around January 15th and you’ll be able to subscribe. Alternatively you can use http://blogtrottr.com/. Just input my blog name (http://shiftfrequency.com) and select the RSS feed. You can then tell it how often you wish content delivered. Blessings and have a wonderful 2013. G

  4. elfeneule

    Hi Gillian,
    I hope this is a good place to say thank you. I am so grateful that you put all that work into collecting all this information. And I am immensely happy to have found this blog two month ago. It is a constant source of inspiration, interesting information and uplifting messages.
    I hope you had a nice and quiet Christmas time and I wish you a very happy and inspiring year 2013 filled with love and laughter.
    Again: thank you!
    Sending you a big hug from Vienna, Austria

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi Elfeneule! Thanks for your kind good wishes for the season and thankful comments re Shift Frequency. I feel blessed to have attracted such an intelligent, insightful, wonderful readership. I certainly didn’t know where this would end up when I started the blog. I’m very grateful I did. You can email me at any time using my contact info

      May 2013 be a year filled with light, joy and wonderment for you. Hugs ~G

  5. Felix Oleander

    Hi there Gillian!

    Greetings from Sweden!

    Just stumbled across your site, and decided to permanently book-mark it.
    I have, for a long time now, been suspecting that the world as described by the corporate media, is totally bogus. As a result, my old TV is mainly gathering dust in the corner of my living-room. Yes, I can clearly see that the world is changing, but I am still uncertain as to which direction. I have been browsing your site, and it is diverse, I give you that. Some of the things written there, is indeed surprising, not to say unbelievable. But then again, if a statement appears to be totally off the rockers, that doesn’t mean that it is provably wrong, that has to be determined through examination, right?
    “conformists doesn’t change the world, heretics do”. Honestly, I don’t know about the Pleiades and all that stuff, maybe it has to do with my inherent down-to-earth attitude (I am of Finnish stock). Nevertheless, it is a most interesting site, and I will follow it in the future.

    Sincerely yours,
    Felix Oleander

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi Felix! Thanks for visiting Shift Frequency. Yes. Some of the stuff is definitely “out there” floating around somewhere but there is much that is unknown about the hologram we inhabit. I tend to keep a (mostly) open mind, though there are some ways of viewing the matrix that simply have no appeal to me. In fact I find them highly prejudicial – verging on maudlin. To those I say “thanks but no thanks.” I appreciate your taking the time to comment. Blessings, G

    1. Gillian Post author

      Wow! Thanks, AbZu. Really pleased and honored that you added me to your site. 🙂 I’ll go check it out now. Blessings, G

  6. Bonnie Mitchell

    Hi Gillian,

    Love your eclectic website and enlightened observations. I have been following Kryon and Sheldan Nidle and Steve Rother among others for many years and look forward to learning more about the wider world’s situation through you.

    Thank you!!

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi Bonnie! Thanks for your observation re my blog. It is indeed “eclectic.” I choose to position myself in both 3D and 5D, and that can sometimes be a problem for folk who prefer things to be more focused. However, as long as we’re here (from my perspective) we may as well be astute observers of “the game.” 🙂 Hugs, G

  7. Murray

    Hello Gillian,
    What a delightfully refreshing blog and especially your About Me section. I discovered it/you by following up the latest Fulford post (and finding he has radically shifted his view of President Obama), but like what you are doing here. The old political lines (right/left and libertarian/planned) are ceasing to make much sense now as a way of understanding the world.
    Awake and asleep might be better, but I think ‘good hearted and universalistic’ as opposed to ‘sectarian and deeply selfish’ might capture the key distinction now. I will certainly be back to read more.
    Thank you for working on this excellent blog

    1. Gillian Post author

      Thank you for your kind comment, Murray. At times it has been “testing” (shall we say) to maintain neutrality in the midst of the Hegelian dialectic – to seek “truth” within the programming wherever this resides. It pleases me deeply when individuals such as yourself see life clearly enough to realize the greatest freedom comes with wide-angled lenses (aka “all perspectives”) and sharp focus. 🙂 Blessings, G

  8. johnathan ramsay

    Att: All,

    Tomorrows may seem a little scary to those who are still in the ‘evil’ darkness of life, but the great news is that we can now all ‘come out’ and be free!

    Isn’t it better to know the truth & immobilize things that are not in our best interests or ought we plant our heads collectively in the sand & be ‘..ucked’ from behind without permission?
    Our moral obligation as people who are working towards universal social, cultural and economic harmony is to find and use the smoothest possible path that maximizes Humanity’s potential collective ability to bring an end to corporate deceptions and adopt a world-universal reality system of natural sustainability.
    We each have a truly basic obligation to ourselves, as family members of Humanity itself, to be objectively self-responsible and realistically truthful with ourselves and the destructive belief systems which we are programmed to support.
    Under the dark cover of deception, we have all been led down ‘the garden path’ of treats and sweets, blindly consenting to our own destruction foolishly thinking it’s all OK. But it’s not OK!
    Do we accept more corporate mind manipulations complete their brutal population reduction agendas or do we wake-up, escape from their control, re-possess our minds and adopt the following ground-zero trilogy as a more appropriate and safer plan-of-action than collective ignorant acts of fearful and defensive submissiveness?
    You can help embrace what Humanity resists the most by declaring your own fate by declaring your true intentions to yourself and whether you want to continue being controlled by Corporate Sorcery.

    Two unavoidable basic steps to Freedom.

    1.  Citizen’s Intent, Self Declaration. (Census-of-Intent)
    2.  Global Truth/Sorcery Closure-Inquisition.
    Effect:  Announcement of Global Mind-Freedom.

    “We, unaccustomed to courage
    exiles from delight
    live coiled in shells of loneliness
    until love leaves its high holy temple
    and comes into our sight
    to liberate us into life.
    Love arrives
    and in its train come ecstasies
    old memories of pleasure
    ancient histories of pain.
    Yet if we are bold,
    love strikes away the chains of fear
    from our souls.
    We are weaned from our timidity
    In the flush of love’s light
    we dare be brave
    And suddenly we see
    that love costs all we are
    and will ever be.
    Yet it is only love
    which sets us free.”
    In order to facilitate the Transformation we must resist the urge to identify those who would seek to control us as hopelessly ‘evil’. We must recognise the System for what it is and seek to change it in a loving, positive and balanced way. Even at the highest levels of the Brotherhood elite, the most misguided of the Illuminati, are not immune from the effects of the global reawakening. It is those who are most imbalanced towards negativity who have the greatest positive potential. If just one of these elite Luciferic controlled minds is returned to its natural balanced state then virtually the entire process could be reversed over night. This is a potential, and any potential is possible. It all depends on how much energy we channel into that potential to make it a reality.

    1. Gillian Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Johnathan. While it isn’t “about me” I appreciate the quality and direction of your thought. Blessings, G

  9. Warren in Boston

    Hello Gillian,
    I’m very pleased to have found your site… You have a beautiful nature about you.
    About six weeks ago I heard the economist Simon Johnson on a radio interview say, somewhat tongue in cheek, that an alien invasion event would fix many things. As I recall he was primarily addressing the economy.

    My google search of:

    has, in part, lead me here. The link did not seem to work.

    I still want to learn more about others reactions to what he said.. and will find more AND I want to say that I found this laughable moment quite telling.
    People in the audience sort of chuckled and another guest was asked add something and he made a sort of mocking “oooohhhhh” scary sound which brought more laughs.

    Obviously, the former IMF Chief Economist was joking, right?!!

    Surely he got plenty of dismissive giggles… but was he joking?
    My feeling is that there’s a mindset that’s projecting a sort of a: “We told you it would happen… and if you did not listen it is not our fault” …powerful message.

    I will you use the leads found “through you” and supplied below.. to learn more.

    I am not resting easy these days.

    And given that I have resources and am resourceful I feel that I need to make a plan, and yet I am simply ‘not sure’. I can feel something coming for so many reasons.

    If on Sept. 10th 2001 a person were to sound a warning ….. he or she would be thought to be a kook. And then on Sept. 12th people would think him or her a genius, or complicit.

    Thanks for reading / commenting.


    Archives | Shift Frequency
    (1); 16: Red Ice Radio ~ Daniel Pinchbeck – Change, Transformation & Tamera … 13: Greg Hunter Interviews Professor William Black – We’ve Decriminalized Fraud …… 10: Dr. Carol Rosin ~ 2012 Prepare for the (FAKE) Alien Invasion? …. 01: Simon Johnson ~ U.S. Banks Aren’t Nearly Ready For Coming European Crisis …

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hello Warren. Thanks for your kind words. They are greatly appreciated.

      As for Simon’s comment. It would appear we have already been invaded by an alien species. Certainly, David Icke believes the ruling class serves off-world entities that have nothing but contempt for humanity. The fact that these are actively re-seeding our planet’s atmosphere with “chemtrails” that contain materials that are deleterious to our health tends to lend credence to Icke’s belief that we are controlled by entities other than human, and this control is wielded most destructively through a privately-owned central banking cartel.

      From my perspective we all may as well rest easy at this time because the wicked ones are losing control of the game. It is simply a matter a time before the entire sick, sad mess blows up in their faces. Then we have a chance at “change we can believe in.” Blessings and thanks for commenting. G

    1. Gillian Post author

      Thank you, Duane. It isn’t always easy to maintain the right balance. Fortunately, I get a lot of help from readers who send in some truly superb articles. Be blessed. ~G

  10. Nathaniel Green

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. Many people see the signs. I read an article of yours about numerology that seemed very interesting. Do you translate your work into music? You seemed to describe it as such.

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi Nathaniel! Thanks for commenting. I don’t translate my work into music though I am aware of the harmonic overtones and undertones within each numerology chart I prepare. The harmonies express in and through us – more usually concordant than discordant in the birth blueprint, if truth be told. However, when we get here we seem to figure out some rather ingenious ways to make the most harmonious of blueprints quite discordant with our energy choices. 🙂

      Be bliss! ~G

  11. Pole Mid

    Congrats on finding your way. Finding who and what we really are is priceless. Many of us want a change, but we may not get it the way we want. One thing we can always count on, that can never be taken from us is the returning home for our next adventure. We are the light of the world while here. No pun intended.

    1. Gillian Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Pole. We are indeed the “light of the world.” We are many-hued beacons leading the way to freedom (free dominion) of Spirit within matter. Blessings, ~G

  12. Seeker of Truth

    A friend of mine introduced to your site. He knows that I’m sensitive to the woes of the world as evident through my music that I create. I’ve always been a seeker of truth and enlightenment. My whole life I’ve felt like I didn’t belong “here”. As a child, I would get visited by “something” and I would hover above my bed. I’ve never shared that with anyone close to me but I know it wasn’t a dream or hallucination. What are Pleaidians? I’ve been on this mission to find answers and the “real me”. I’m currently reading “The Higher Powers of Mind and Spirit” by Ralph Waldo Trine and while it’s a great book, I feel like there is “more”.

    Where should I begin my journey into learning who the Pleaidians are? I feel I will find some answers here. Excuse me for my rambling post. I’m just overwhelmed with the possibility of getting some answers.

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hello Seeker! Thanks for posting. I know what you mean about feeling like a stranger in a strange land. Many of us are totally unable to conceive the manipulation and tyranny we experience on this planet as “life.” We know life to be far more than this. Re the Pleiadians (The “Ps” as I refer to them affectionately) here is a good summary video narrated by Barbara (the channeler I mention in my “About Me” article)


      In addition, you can listen to the entire book “Bringers of the Dawn” (also narrated by Barbara) here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKpVR0jqL3w

      Hope this helps. Blessings ‘n blissings. ~G

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi Ruby (Island of Mauritius). Thank you for your precious comment. It means a lot to me. Blessings. ~G

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi John! Thanks for commenting. As you can tell I believe in enlightenment – all kinds. Blessings ~G

  13. Peaceful Warrior

    Hi Gillian,

    As I mentioned in another post, I love your site because of the ease of use, a great mix of articles and most importantly, your clear, concise and logical contributions to the discussions.

    Each morning, I look forward to entering your blog to preview the latest updates. Thank you for forming such an awesome community!

    Back in the early to mid 90’s I also read “Bringers of the Dawn,” and I think I read it in a couple of sittings, as I could not put it down.

    On a different note, today I ran into certain articles/sites which compelled me to forward to you. One deals with the special armed forces and who they endorse for president, and the other article deals with the chemtrails, and who is actually behind them. Check out the following links:

    1. http://www.specialoperationsspeaks.com/index.php/en/news-articles

    2. http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2012/06/special-operations-forces-organize.html

    3. http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2012/06/everygreen-cia-owned-airline-dropping.html


    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi Peaceful! Thanks very much for your kind words re the blog and the links. Please feel free to submit articles of interest to me via my email address which is listed on the “Contact Me” page. I paste many (but not all) submissions from informed readers such as yourself.

      I am outraged at Obama’s latest action, which is his attempt to shut down Congressional investigation of Fast and Furious, and Eric Holder’s role in continuing activities which actually began during the Bush administration. Who knows? This latest action by this out-of-control administration may be just what is needed to graft a spine onto that protoplasmic mass masquerading as the Congress of these United States. These are impeachable offenses and should be pursued as such.

      Blessings, ~G

    2. Kate

      I don’t trust nesara and the other one is just more fear mongering of those that want to keep us fearful. This kind of stuff is exactly why humans cannot get their ascension happening because articles that want to keep them in fear keep popping up to distract them from their goal. I see it constantly on the net. Our job is to hold the vibration of love and light and give energy to that, not to give energy to the nefarious activities of the dark.

      1. Gillian Post author

        Hi Kate, I have not published anything re NESARA on the blog. I absolutely believe there was a Farm Bill settlement. I don’t believe anything will come of it to benefit the citizenry unless and until we figure out how to get new SERVICE TO OTHER leadership in all 3 branches of government. Thanks for commenting. Blessings, ~G

  14. Regina

    I live near the NC mountains. I am a sensitive and this week had something teleported back to me that I had lost. The effects of this eclipse are affecting me physically also. I seem to be losing time. As a sensitive the things I experience daily would scare most people, but for me they are a part of my normal life. This however has shaken me a bit. I feel something is coming my way and because I do not read well for myself I cannot tell if it is good or bad. Anyway, I am glad that I have stumbled across your site. I will be checking it often. I know the P’s they visit me frequently and I them. I have been in the Hall of Records, but at the time I was there I was unable to access the records. Love and Light to the World Always>>

    1. Gillian Post author

      Thanks for your kind comments, Regina. I, too, am experiencing these energies as life altering in some deeply transformative way. I think it will be what we will it to be. And yes, the P’s energy is distinct. Once recognized, never forgotten. Your Hall of Records experience is much closer than I have been. So congratulations. The next time you’ll retrieve data if your Being wants that to occur. Blessings ~G

  15. Kristina

    Hi Gillian,

    I am glad I found your informative website with a lot of useful information. In this time and age we need as much truth as possible. Sometimes it is hard to decipher between truth and facts. I really enjoyed the article about “Lightworkers” and “Lighwarriors”. Thanks.

  16. gern

    You’re totally right. In fact, if you look closely, you can see little antennas sticking out of Brzezinski’s ears. He’s an alien!

    1. Gillian Post author

      Not sure about the antennas but hey! Anything’s possible. Thanks for commenting. ~G

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi Dan! I know the Trustee means well. In addition to meaning well he does have the support of legal (Constitutional) Common Law (vs Statute Law) to support his position. However there have been NUMEROUS LAWFUL attempts to redress the evils in this Color-Of-Law Disgrace of a system masquerading as jurisprudence in America – TO NO AVAIL. So, unless this Treaty is backed by the Joint Chief of Staffs or a Presidential Directive or Congressional legislation I won’t be holding my breath or breaking out the champagne. Blessings ~G

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi Lise! Sorry, no. I don’t have a translate module. I’ll look into what’s required. Thanks for asking. Blessings. ~G

  17. Caroline

    I just see you talking about JJ Hurtak. My Aunt G. knows him since a loooong time. Maybe you know my Aunt ? How funny.
    Much Love, much sunshine from suburbia close to Frankfurt 😉

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi Caro! Never met JJ Hurtak. Studied his Keys with the group. Mastery definitely eluded me! I honestly don’t know if I know your Aunt G. Thanks for asking. Blessings ~G

  18. Barbara

    Dearest Gillian:

    I am a “junior-senior” in age who has been on the path for too long to remember and now having discovered your web site, I feel rejuvenated. Why? Because of your marvellous support of the Indigo’s. These youngsters hold truth and I am an old hippie who recognizes what they are doing and why. Bless you for bringing them forward on your brilliant web site, and bless them for what they are doing. And I must mention the birthing of the Sun’s Little One. I think the CME’s from 1429 were birthing pains. I actually saw that event as described by “my” Arcturians some time ago, and to have it validated on your web site today, oh, be still my beating heart! Gosh, we are in exciting times for sure and I absolutely love the Indigo’s for bringing what we junior-seniors have worked so hard for to fruition. Onwards and upwards, Love, B.

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hello Barbara! Thanks very much for your kind words. I’m pleased you’ve found some content of value here. I haven’t censored myself in terms of the types of info I choose to include so it tends to be a bit bizarre when viewed as a whole. (But fun, nonetheless.) And I agree with you re the little body birthed by the sun. It IS pretty amazing (whatever it is!). Blessings ~G

  19. Torus 55

    Dear Gillian,

    I only just came across your site a few days ago.

    Your “about me” description is friendly, witty, informative, humorous, serious, sprinkled with an insatiable hunger to know, full of life and yet a quiet disregard of what people think about what you publish on your blog because you know it is right. Well done indeed.
    No wonder you have a masters degree in Journalism with such an easy to read and engaging description of your life’s experiences and view of life.

    I love your selection of articles and the dedication of keeping this level of publishing up since Sept 2011.

    I have done much research to find the truth over many years now, but only about three weeks ago I felt compelled to produce a website that has the potential to enlighten people to what is going on in this world. I never have done something like this before, but I understand that the time for people to know the truth is now more urgent than ever before.

    I found your blog because Shift Frequency was mentioned in a video I was watching in my research to find appropriate information for my site.

    Thank you for doing the work you are doing, your site is on my desktop now, so I can follow your work and spread the word.

    The link to my site is: http://www.futureearthportal.com if you wish to have a look at it.

    To an exciting, adventurous, informative and magical 2012 and 2013.
    Keep shining the light.

    Torus 55

    1. Gillian Post author

      Thanks for visiting and writing your kind comments, Torus. I checked out your site and love this line on your About page “Knowledge Protects – Ignorance Endangers!” That is the absolute truth! I definitely will spend some more time on your site. Very attractive to the eye. Blessings ~G

      1. Torus 55

        Thank you Gillian for your comments.
        I was acquainted with the words “Knowledge Protects – Ignorance Endangers” many years ago through the messages from the Cassiopeans, channeled by Laura Knight Jadczyk. At that time I read many hundreds of pages of those communications, it was very enlightening information for me. Two of their wise sayings have stuck with me ever since; one is the above and the other good information that has been very useful to me ever since, is: somebody is either STS (Service to Self) or STO (Service to Others); that was the Cassiopeans major distinction of any being, regardless of what reality they were from. That to me is the very clear, but silent core theme behind this current transition we are going through now. The current, welcome arrests are simply to remove or transmute the STS’s, to only let the STO’s be part of a future that automatically takes others compassionately into account in our thinking and actions. The increased vibrational rate will not let the STS’s flourish anymore – the light will be too bright for them. The Cassiopeans explained that they are our future self. It seems that there is a lot of hope for us yet! 🙂

      2. Gillian Post author

        🙂 I’m familiar with Laura Knight Jadczyk’s work with the Cassiopeans. The other extensive source re the STS/STO dynamic is The Law Of One. Thanks for the update. Blessings ~G

      3. Susan Arum

        Dear Gillian,

        Thank you for showing up in my life today, as there are no accidents. I too see the world in so many different ways now, and hope to shed the truth, and have been on my fb account, until I create a new website that will be coming forth in the very near future. I would be more then happy to be a part of your fb world, and have accepted to get your updates. How wise are you….very!:)
        I love your flow of wisdom that comes forth in your writing, and support you on your journey as things evolve and shift for the best on this planet…with love, light, health, hugs, best, Susan Arum

      4. Gillian Post author

        Dear Susan, thank you for your kind comments. I must confess to being a very indifferent FB user, as I seldom visit the site. I am grateful, however, to all who have posted links to my blog on FB, as they have truly assisted me in growing the readership.

        Wisdom is gained through experience. For some the opportunity to gain wisdom has been an unrelenting (though exceedingly worthwhile) pursuit when all is said and done. Blessings ~G

  20. Rodger

    I just discovered or was led to your great site of “truth”.
    I am a senior male and have evolved from “Cayce” to ‘Ruth Montgomery”, Dolores Cannon and her “Convoluted Universe” books series.
    As well as Patricia Cori channeling the Sirian group in her informative books “The Cosmos of Soul” trilogy, and recently Jim Teberron channeling the wise Metatron.
    I have been to two sessions of Barbara Marciniak channeling “The Ps”
    so your site seems to complete a circle of knowledge for we seekers that seem to have a need to attempt to see beyond the current mind control on humanity that brands people like us mentally lacking by the uninformed.
    The 12-21-12 date seems to complete the circle for us.
    the only thread left for me is to have an audience with “max” the crystal skull which I hope will happen in June. This is an exiting time we are living in and your site is instrumental to draw seekers into your library of knowledge.
    Thank you Gillian

    1. Gillian Post author

      Thank you very much for commenting, Rodger. Yes, we truth seekers have very similar “resumes” regarding our journey through the earth plane. Our Inner Being draws us unerringly in the direction of greater truth, light, and corroboration. We tend to attract like-minded teachers and guides, and we invariably grow to the point where we gain the discernment required to know “truth” from “false reality.” I am delighted you found my blog. Blessings. ~G

  21. Caro

    Dear Gillian,

    Much Love and Peace from Paris. I am following your blog since last year. I love to read your posts. I often come back here to find healing words.

    Thank you so much for all the work and love you put into ascension.

    I am about to create my own blog. This will take a while.

    Thank you again, have a lovely day,


    1. Gillian Post author

      Thank you, Caro. Please send me your blog link when you get it set up and going. And if I can be of assistance to you in some way please let me know. Blessings. ~G

      1. Caro

        Gillian, this is super kind, thank you ! I will see how far I get all by myself, but I am happy to know, that I can eventually come back for questions. Thank you so much !
        I wish you a lovely evening and week-end.
        Much Love and a thankful smile coming your way, Caro

  22. Lise

    Lovely Gillian
    So happy to have found you (through Laura Bruno). Rapt this morning so much wonderful ness. Loved reading about your journey. Fabulous places & people. Big hugs. Lise xx

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi Max! Thanks for sharing. Yes, Henry was very “present” with his Stargate Light Center and books in the 80’s. Blessings. ~G

  23. brenda

    I enjoyed all of your enlightenment…i am wondering if your knowledge would be able to comment on the Revaluing of the Iraqi dinar..do you think that this is possible to have the worlds largest transfer of wealth to ordinary people?

    1. Gillian Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Brenda. The world’s largest transfer of wealth to ordinary people is entirely possible when a sufficient number BELIEVE in loving cooperation and our divine right to experience the blessing of freedom – free dominion. From all appearances the power of the cabal crumbles. Something must take its place. With the daily uptick in frequency there is ever increasing likelihood that a now asleep humanity will awaken and break through chains of disease, impoverishment, powerlessness, and fear. Blessings ~G

      1. brenda

        I think before the question was asked i know the answer. I envision the wealth spread around the world..we the ordinary people will be able to create enough for all to share..paying it forward..but maybe money would not be needed or valued as it is now..working together in community of giving and loving would be an amazing new world..but to come to this wonderous world and not experience all of the good/bad ect would lessen why we are really here..

  24. sage

    I found your site through a link from a friend of a friend in a reply on a thread….etc, etc. Obviously it was not “by accident” and, having read through a bit of it, I’m convinced I was led here. You have a unique perspective on things and one I know I will enjoy reading at length. Thank you.

    love and light most abundantly

    1. Gillian Post author

      Thank you, Sage, for taking the time to comment. It never ceases to amaze me how Universe works – how the dots get connected. Glad you found me. Blessings. ~G

  25. kevin cronin

    i hope we can all use our thoughts together. whatever people do pray, meditate and the trick is to help each other on 23rd of march 2012 8pm GMT if we can. all people have to do is look up at the moon or the sun where ever they are and just think.

      1. Gillian Post author

        I honestly don’t know, but I’m sure if it’s being talked about I’ll find out. When I do I’ll let you know. Thanks for asking. Blessings ~G

  26. Molly

    namaste! i found your site via another blog i frequent (http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/). for the past couple of years i have had a lot of time on my hands and started really researching and focusing on the shift that is occurring in our world. I look forward to reading your insights.

    1. Gillian Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Molly. So very much is happening in all our lives right now. Time just isn’t what it used to be. The days seem to be galloping by at a ferocious clip! If you feel like it check out my archives. There are many excellent articles I’ve posted over the past couple months. And thanks for checking me out from Kauilapele’s blog. I read and enjoy his postings. Blessings. Gillian

  27. Martina

    Hello Gillian,
    found your post on http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com/ and looked for your blog today – I like it!
    I changed the worlds as you did after long years studying natural sciences. The P’s messages I got acquainted with later on in the 90s got me perceiving ‘the inner width of freedom’ as I called it for myself. I also liked the astrological readings of B. Hand Clow and many more…
    Greetings from Europe, M.

    1. Gillian Post author

      Thanks for checking out my blog, Martina. VK (One World Rising) is a great connection we share. And I LOVE your “inner width of freedom” and intend to work with it. Blessings to you today and always. Gillian

      1. Martina

        Oh, that’s great!!! And I like to add that the definition in my native language is described as ‘light’: ‘Die lichte Weite der Freiheit’
        Greetings & Blessings, M.

  28. Linda

    Gillian … as a PS, I also “stumbled” through a Course in Miracles, still read Bringers of the Dawn regularly and love the “P’s”! I’m so amazed at having found this site today and how it was seemingly by accident!

    Happy New Year! 🙂


    1. Gillian Post author

      I’m smiling, too 🙂 And yes, the “P’s” are special. As they often used to tell us, we are the Renegade Family of Light. It’s not surprising “A Course In Miracles” would have been tough sledding for such as us. And, for you, a second Pleiadian truism which I love — “May you dwell in divine nonchalance.” Gillian

  29. Linda

    What an incredible website! I was searching for a Happy New Year angel photo to post on facebook and through the one I found, wound up here. Seem to have lost the photo, but am I ever glad I found this site!

    By the way, I also grew up reading a lot and playing the violin. 🙂


    1. Gillian Post author

      Thank you, Linda. Life is full of serendipity (and grace). Really glad you found my site. Have a blessed, exuberantly fulfilling 2012. Gillian

  30. Visionkeeper

    Great site…I shall surely be here often. This is a grand time to be here on earth and if we can all help in a small way, it will get us to where we are header a little quicker….Blessings…VK

  31. Steven Andrews

    Hi-My name is Steven Andrews and I was very close to Henry Miller and was very involved in his stargate light center for several years up until he died, I to this day tell people about henry and that he was my mentor in the teaching of true spirtuality and the reasons for our exisitance. I am sure if you attended we met at some point. I also remember some of the other folks you mentioin and remember hearing about the “keys” as well. My uncle was graham bethune i introduced him to Henry you may remember he came and spoke a few times and was an X navy pilot and expert in the subject of UFO’s. I remember the channellings of the paledians and many others that i could talk about for days. I also have a lot of literature and old audio and video tapes from alot of those mettings at Henry’s and the guests he had in to speak.
    Are there any groups still going on in this area I moved away to indiana for 5 years and came back.
    I enjoyed seeing your site and I hope to hear back from you.

    Steven Andrews

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi Steven! Yes, Henry’s was hopping back in the day! He kept everyone on their toes, that’s for sure. I vaguely recall your uncle’s name and do remember some discussions on UFOs. So it’s likely I met him. I don’t know what, if any groups, are currently happening in the area. I live out in the NC sticks and don’t connect with group activities as much as I once did.

      Thanks for posting. Be blessed this day and always. Gillian

      1. Steven Andrews

        Thank you-my life this year has taken a turn that I would never imagined it must be the worse year of my life. Inj January of last year my best friend of 9 years died upstairs in the computer room and we had lived together for 9 1/2 years. From there everything from my health to my business has spiraled down hill. I know there is a plan and how thing are suppose to work but If you knew the details you would not believe how much has happened. I noticed you have a service that may give me a little better insight and I would like to talk with you to see if you can help.


  32. Yisraela

    You definately have traveled around the world metophorically. You have interesting insights from what I have read. And I believe in this cosmic truth as well : “This we know: All things are connected
    Like the blood which unifies one family.
    All things are connected.
    Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth.
    Man did not weave the web of life.
    He is merely a strand in it.
    Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.
    This was written by Chief Seattle, upon surrendering his tribal lands, 1856.
    Although it has always been my belief long before ever finding this quote, Chief Seattle spoke the words so eloquently and truthfully.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts. They seem to follow some of my own matters of the heart.

    1. Gillian Post author

      Thank you, Yisraela, for your loving comments and truth-filled quote from Chief Seattle. We are definitely connected through this warp and weave and web. Indeed and in deed, we all are.

      And yes, it is time for me to start posting my own insights into this stupendous, growth-filled Game of Life.

      I checked out your site and enjoyed what I read sufficiently to subscribe. I look forward to reading your posts. Yisraela’s work can be found @ http://2embracethelight.wordpress.com/

      Blessings. Gillian

  33. itsallcosmic

    “Life isn’t hard once it’s figured out. It’s figuring it out that’s the problem we set ourselves before we arrived and found ourselves veiled at birth and brainwashed shortly thereafter. Despite the rigging we’re here so may as well enjoy the journey. It is uniquely our own.”

    — You have a beautiful mind and beautiful words! thank you for connecting with me ! —

  34. Kauilapele

    Thank you, Gillian, for your blog, and for linking to my blog. I enjoyed reading your posts selections and about you. We are shifting, and that is so great. I’ve also found alternative ways to take care of Self (like apply for SNAP (food card), and state supplied medical. Basically rejected the insurance companies completely and declared that I (and all humanity) was completely supplied with all I needed, and lo and behold, it has appeared.

    Mahalo (thank you) again for your work.

    1. Gillian Post author

      You’re welcome, Kauilapele! I have enjoyed reading your blog and LOVE the photo of you pointing toward the sun. Great stuff! And yes! It is time we use the resources we have in America for peaceful, life-giving purposes rather than wars and other exceedingly harmful pursuits. Blessings to you this day and always. Gillian

  35. Denny Kitt

    I’ve been attending a channeling of the Centaurians once a month and it is becoming less inspiring as time goes on though my meditations are evolving. I’m glad to find your website and look forward to exploring it.

    1. Gillian Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Denny. I know what you mean about the malaise that sets in after awhile. It happened to me too, more times than I care to remember. 🙂

      I’m glad you found my site and trust you’ll continue to find the content stimulating. Blessings. Gillian

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