Alec Scheer ~ Police State 2012: Los Angeles Woman Arrested At City Council Meeting For “Speaking Too Long”

IntelHub | October 27 2012

Video of Karen Wright being arrested

Alicia Robinson/Staff Photo – The Press Enterprise

The over-bearing police state and the complete disregard for inherent rights has upped itself a notch in the textbook of oppression.

CBS Los Angeles reported on October 25, 2012, that police arrested a 60-year-old woman speaking at a city council meeting.

According to the article:

“A Riverside woman is facing misdemeanor charges following her arrest for speaking too long at a Riverside City Council meeting, the Riverside Press-Enterprise reported Thursday.”

The article went on to read:

“Karen Wright, whose arrest was videotaped and obtained by the paper, was cited for disrupting a public meeting Tuesday night.

“The incident unfolded after Wright exceeded her allotted three minutes to speak at the lectern while commenting on a sludge hauling contract,” the paper reported.”

It is said that the public servants or, more commonly known as “city officials,” sitting within the city council chambers did not order for her arrest.

The question arises, who ordered for her arrest? And do they have a firm understanding of the first amendment?

It seems as if the city’s representatives and cops do not understand of the first amendment. If they had an understanding this 60-year old lady would not have been detained for “speaking too long” at a city council meeting.

The blatant abrasion of our inherent rights is worsening each day with acts of terrorism like this unconstitutional arrest.

What is next? Being arrested for standing too long at a city council meeting?

Video of Karen Wright being arrested

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One thought on “Alec Scheer ~ Police State 2012: Los Angeles Woman Arrested At City Council Meeting For “Speaking Too Long”

  1. JT

    it’s too bad. the (relative) lack of outrage at the way we are treated leads me to believe it will get much worse before it can improve.
    this, plus the fact that there is so much noise out there. I appreciate that noise as I can decide what to tune into or not tune into.
    take drake – i still have not decided if he is cointelpro or real. what i can ascribe to is –
    the military does take an oath to defend the constitution from all enemies – foreign and domestic. is the military guilty of treason at this very moment? should there be a coup d’eta to install an interim govt that eventually returns our liberties?
    Or, should we merely focus on what we want, and in doing so – we can make our own path to the reality we want?
    As I said – this woman and her not being respected is merely an aspect of this rich tapestry we call our “world”.
    what we pass as democracy today is merely a bug light attracting us to it – only the then zap us. this bug light needs to burn out, and we need to enter the new reality.

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