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Richie Allen Interviews Alex Jones ~ World Government And Proxy Wars [Audio]

 “World Government And Proxy Wars Are Out In The Open Now, Because Of The Alternative Media.”- A Jones

SF Source The Richie Allen Show  Feb 26 2015

Jamye Price ~ Creating Problems And Solutions

rp_jamyePrice.jpgAs you begin to Allow more, you are opening to your powerful heart. Your biomechanism is complete in its ability, though ever changing in its details of availability. Humanity is moving from mind focus to heart integration – a profound change in the availability of new solution. Any nature of problem that is in your Earth experience has available solution. It is merely your ability to connect to it that changes.

Your ability to problem solve is in-built into your functionality. As all things, it is a balancing. Through Time, you move from imbalance to balance, the seeking such a compelling that it is natural to you and often unnoticed. Whether you seek peace, excitement or any other sensation, you are on a path of Life progressing that is honored by your willingness to consume it into new experience. Continue reading

RocksGrassSkyHawaiiA long time ago, Hawaii was a mystical and magical place (and still is today in many ways). What made Hawaii especially magical in ages past was that there were shamans called kahunas that lived on its emerald islands. These individuals experienced true nature of Reality, in which they realized several critical defining aspects of reality that were later taught to others in order to guide humanity towards a full Self-realized state of existence.

In the early 20th century, with the rise of New Thought, there was an individual by the name of Max Long who linked the ancient kahunas to abstract and mystical metaphysics he was contemplating upon. He believed the key to Huna is the concept of the ‘ Three Selves’, meaning the unconscious, conscious, and superconscious, which he called the unihipili, the uhane and the aumakua.  Also, the word Huna is a Hawaiian word meaning “secret,” but it also refers to the esoteric wisdom of Polynesia.

The 7 Huna Principles

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Oracle Report ~ Friday, February 27, 2015

“The energetic wave of the Sun’s opposition to the Black Moon, which crests overnight Saturday, has already entered and people are already acting ugly. Further projections of people’s shadow sides (core fear) will continue. Rise above it if someone projects their own stuff onto you. Mentally climb a tree.” – L Walker

SkyTreeSunLightFirst Quarter Moon in Cancer: take action

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Bagalamukhi (Goddess of Smoke, Goddess Who Solves Problems)

Skill: look with eyes that see and then take measure

Positive Imprints: open-minded, open-hearted, clarity, transformation of beliefs, accuracy with interpretation and analysis, supportive of others, integrating dualities, transcending, truth, acceptance and validation of one’s feelings, journeys, focus

Catalysts for Change: insecurities, set ups, accusatory tones, attempts to knock people down or knock people off, taken off course, trying to grind someone down and “the grind,” closed-minded, jealousy, whiny

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a crowded public marketplace” (human interchange and exchange, expressions of self)

Today’s energy is all about seeing things and then measuring what that means.

Some things we see clearly but may not want to. Some things we see with growing awareness as if we were panning back to slowly take in a larger view. Some things are not visible at all, but we are still on the lookout because we intuit that clarity is there. Continue reading

Dane Wigington ~ Engineered Winter, Engineered Drought [Video]

Earth’s climate system is being manipulated and forced in too many directions to comprehend. Governments around the globe are participating in the climate engineering not only over their own countries, there is also the weather warfare aspect between opposing countries.

Those in pursuit of power have turned our once pristine blue skies into a battlefield. Geoengineering is nothing short of an all out assault against Nature. Truly untainted weather is non existent, deep blue skies are no more. From record snows to record heat and drought, all is now being manipulated by the ecologically devastating climate engineering programs.

Each of us must continue to help sound the alarm on the geoengineering insanity so that when the population is forced to wake up (due to the rapidly accelerating devastation that is occurring), they will know just how horrifically they have been violated by those in power. Make your voice heard, share credible data with others, start “spot fires” of awareness wherever you go.

SF Source Dane Wigington  Feb 26 2015

(Thanks, Joe G)

Julian Rose ~ End Game Of Our Tormentors?

“Carried to its nadir, the pursuit of power takes the form of a total consumption of the all; the complete subjugation of the Creator and replacement with a false idol that takes on the characteristics of a god in its own right. The abstract, insentient god of disenfranchised divine power.” – J Rose

DarthCheneyHave you ever reflected on what might be the ultimate goal of the oppressors of humanity? I have – and this is what emerged.

Those in pursuit of power are seldom satisfied. They always want more. In a seemingly never ending act of compulsive consumption, they seek to dominate or destroy all that stands in the way of their thirst for power. The forces that currently hold a controlling influence over this world are of this stable. Their goal of ‘full spectrum dominance’ or ‘total domination’ of various aspects of this planet is not the summation of their ambition, it is a mere stepping stone along the way.

On the way to what?

On the way to becoming masters of the Universe.

The macrocosm has a dual energetic essence: an evolving outward force and an imploding inward force. An iridescence of light and an impenetrable darkness. A blazing sun and a black hole. Multiple members of each of course.

This theme of duality plays out throughout the macrocosm and microcosm – through the totality of life. Through sentient and insentient matter; down to the neutron, electron, cells, molecules, atoms and sub atomic particles. Everywhere energy is dual. Electricity requires the interaction and clash between opposing forces in order to be that highly energetic element that it is. Continue reading

Melissa Melton ~ Scientists Blame Fluoride For Underactive Thyroid Issues, Depression, Weight Gain, And More

WaterFluorideTruthstream Media ~ A new study out of the UK shows once again just how dangerous water fluoridation is.

This time, a look at 98 percent of GP practices found that high rates of underactive thyroid were 30 percent more likely to show up in areas with, surprise surprise, the greatest degree of water fluoridation.

Via Fluoride Action Network:

[The study] found a relatively strong and statistically significant effect, with General Practice (GP) areas being 62% more likely to have high rates of diagnosed hypothyroidism if their drinking water fluoride levels were above 0.7ppm compared to areas with fluoride levels below 0.3ppm.  This was after researchers had accounted for key confounders, which are other factors that influence hypothyroid rates.

Via The Telegraph:

…new research from the University of Kent suggests that there is a spike in the number of cases of underactive thyroid in high fluoride areas such as the West Midlands and the North East of England…

It could mean that up to 15,000 people are suffering needlessly from thyroid problems which can cause depression, weight gain, fatigue and aching muscles.

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Djwhal Khul ~ Justice And Karma

rp_djwhalKhul.jpgDjwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. Essentially we have the afternoon light streaming in here so making a nice effect on the video. And this week I want to put forth the concept of Justice and Karma.

Now Karma is something that can be transcended. It generally is balanced at some point in your existence after several lifetimes. And when you clear or what I call, tip the scales of Karma, you’ve cleared at least 51% of the Karma, then you start really making good headway and you can really sort of be released from Karma. That does not release you from cause and effect because that is the operating system so to speak.

Now when we get into Justice, we have much room for debate on what that is. And it can come from morals, laws, cultural preferences, tradition, all kinds of things, and now that really humanity is a global community, I encourage you to talk about what Justice means to you. Continue reading

Utility Commissioner’s “Smart” Meter Corruption, Negligence, Jail-Time? [Video]

Evidence has now been made public of illegal actions and collusion between former California Public Utilities Commission president Michael Peevey and utility PG&E, as criminal investigations continue.


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SF Source Take Back Your Power  Feb 13 2015