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Tough Talk: Putin’s Key Quotes From Valdai Speech [Video]

Vladimir Putin criticized the West for “sawing at branches” with sanctions against Russia and releasing a “genie in a bottle” with color revolutions. RT looks at the Russian President’s best quotes from his speech in Sochi – READ MORE

SF Source RT  Oct 25 2014

Ancient Explorers ~ These Stone Structures Aren’t Meant To Be Here

When historians first stumbled on ‘Adam’s Calendar’, the mysterious remains of stone structures that litter miles of land in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, they made what seemed a logical assumption: These circular pods must be cattle kraal left behind by the Bantu people who once inhabited the area. Yet further study showed this assumption was wrong. Because these formations had NOTHING to do with the Bantu people and everything to do with a truth that must radically change our beliefs of what early mankind was really capable of.


You’ll never guess what it is: Read this Location Report to find out the astonishing truth about Adam’s Calendar.

SF Source AncientExplorers  Oct 24 2014

J. D. Heyes ~ Is Obama’s Ebola Czar An Advocate Of Human Depopulation?

“In 2006, University of Texas scientist Dr. Erik Pianka advocated the development and use of weaponized strain of airborne Ebola to kill 90 percent of the world’s population, as a way to save the Earth. . . . In that speech, Pianka slammed the notion that humans occupy a special place on the planet, and added: “We’re no better than bacteria.”” – J D Heyes

ObamaNewEbolaCzarRon Klain, before he became President Obama’s latest czar (Klain is the “Ebola czar”), was chief of staff to a pair of Democrat vice presidents, Al Gore and the current VP, Joe Biden. His appointment by Obama has been praised high and low by liberal politicians. U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., has called his appointment an “excellent choice.”

But as was noted by critics of the choice when he was named, Klain has no medical experience whatsoever: He’s been a Democrat Party hack his entire career, and this latest appointment is seen by some as just another rung on the ladder of Democrat Party power.

To counter that criticism, the Obama Administration said they turned to someone with loads of managerial experience, to make sure that the efforts to contain the deadly virus in the U.S. would be coordinated and efficient. And that sounds good — except for new evidence that has surfaced which appears to indicate that Klain has very unorthodox views (though not for environmental activist academics and political figures) on global population. Continue reading

Charles Hugh Smith ~ Does Anyone Else Think The Stock Market Is Living On Reds, Vitamin C And Cocaine?

“This state of delusion would be amusing if it wasn’t so tragic.” – C H Smith

CharlesHughSmithThe stock market’s wild swings of sentiment have got me thinking it’s living on reds, vitamin C and cocaine. This is a famous line from the Grateful Dead song Truckin’.
I’ve marked up a one-month chart of the S&P 500 (SPX) to illustrate what I mean:


Reds are slang for barbiturates, a class of depressants/sedatives (downers). Cocaine induces euphoric highs in which the cokehead feels he possesses god-like powers–for example, he might imagine he is a Federal Reserve member, or even its chairperson.
There are multiple interpretations of the role of vitamin C in the lyric, but for the purposes of the chart it serves as a modest dose of something healthy to keep the drug-ravaged market from crashing. Continue reading

Simon Black ~ New Study: The Middle Class Is Collapsing In The United States

“Central bankers print money, and it pushes up the value of assets that the rich already own, making them even richer. In other words, if you’re born rich, you stay rich. If you’re not, it’s becoming harder to attain wealth. Talent and hard work matter less and less with each passing year. This is dreadfully, terribly wrong.” – S Black

AmericanFamily1950sSantiago, Chile ~ When I was growing up, my father was able to support his family of four on a single income. And when he was growing up, his father could do the same.

This sort of security simply doesn’t exist anymore.

These days, it typically takes two working parents just to be able to afford a comfortable standard of living. And even then, just barely.

Today people have to borrow on their credit cards just to get by. And young people are forced to indebt themselves decades into the future simply to pay for an increasingly worthless university degree.

In 1970, general tuition at the University of Pennsylvania was $2,550 per year, roughly 33% of the median household income at the time ($7,559).

Bear in mind this was at a time when most households were still supported by a single income.

By 2012, however, general tuition at the same school had risen to $42,734—over 86% of the median household income ($49,486) at a time when many households had become dual income.

This means that the price of a piece of paper from university went from 33% of a single income to 86% of two incomes combined.

This is unbelievable cost increase that illustrates a very clear divide that’s forming in the West. Continue reading

Steven Zunes ~ Gaza And The Bi-Partisan War On Human Rights

“The bottom line, though, is that there is currently a large majority of both parties willing to undermine and discredit UN agencies and reputable human rights groups in their investigations of war crimes and suppress the reporting and enforcement of international humanitarian law.” – S Zunes


Israel’s seven weeks of attacks this summer on heavily populated civilian neighborhoods in Gaza has led to unprecedented concern among Americans who, while still broadly supportive of Israel, found the attacks to be disproportionate and unnecessary.

Close to 1,500 Palestinian civilians in Gaza were killed in the Israeli attacks—more of 500 of whom were children—and 18,000 homes were destroyed, leaving over 100,000 people homeless. Despite this devastating civilian toll, leading Democrats in Washington have joined Republicans in claiming that Israel’s actions were legitimate acts of self-defense against military targets, dismissing reports by reputable Israeli and international human rights groups saying otherwise.

In July and August, the two houses of Congress passed four resolutions and forwarded a series of letters providing unqualified backing for the massive Israeli air and ground assault, echoing the Israeli government’s justifications for the war and directly contradicting findings by United Nations officials on the ground, as well as investigations by both Israeli and international human rights groups.

What is particularly shocking is not just the vehemence with which the vast majority of congresspersons so enthusiastically supported a military operation condemned by most of the international community, but that they went on record making demonstrably false accusations despite being repeatedly confronted with evidence directly contradicting their claims. Continue reading