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Belgian MP Laurent Louis Stands Against War – English Voice Over [Video]

On January the 17th, 32 years old Belgian MP Laurent Louis, the most controversial and demonized national political figure ever, explained why he voted against the Belgian support to war in Mali. Meanwhile, he expressed his disgust and wrath against the criminal foreign policies of the Belgian elite and its submission to foreign financial and interests groups. For the first time at the Belgian Parliament, he evokes that 9/11 was made up and says what no one before him has never dared to speak out!

Belgian MP LAURENT LOUIS stands against war in Mali and
exposes the international neo-colonial plot at the Belgian Parliament.

Honours to the MP for opposing the Imperialism, although I think there is a human trafficking goal in the Mali assualt that he has ignored in this speech. Translation from Feuillien Geraldine:…

SF Source 108morris108  May 2015 (originally posted January 2013)

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Stepping Aside – Letting Universal Intelligence Take The Lead

Caroline Diana Bobart – Can you think back to a time in the past when you really wanted to create a life-change but had a definite sense of there being both a literal and a vibrational gap between where you were and the situation or place you would much rather be?

reallyIn the intuitive coaching and strategising I do with clients day to day, I notice that this is precisely the gap that creates some of the most potent varieties of anxiety and fear. When someone steps into an initial consultation with me,  it isn’t uncommon to hear questions such as: Can I really do this? Can I really have what I want? What will others think? Will anyone ‘get’ it? Can I afford it? or How will spending money enable me to create the change I want?

As a universal human experience, it is invaluable for us to closely explore the underlying dynamics of being at this place; a place where you feel the urge to upgrade your relationships and experiences but don’t know quite how you will make it come about. If you are at this place right now, there are a few really key things for you to consider…

You are ready to leave ‘the old’ behind

‘The old’ runs the gamut from old family roles you may have been handed from birth to old identities, roles and ways of being, thinking and believing that no longer reflect your capability, magnitude and inner knowing in present time. Often when these begin to stifle the part of you that wants to move and grow, it can cause you to feel frustrated, angry or stuck. Spiritual restlessness or the sense of not feeling anchored or invested in the life around you is another sure-fire sign that there is a mismatch between your inner and outer worlds.

You are ready to have more of your true self

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Hillary Clinton’s Lucrative Life Of Crime

What is really interesting is that outside the USA, everyone sees Hillary for what she really is – a greedy politician. Of course MSNBC would never say a bad word against Hillary – she walks on water. When the law requiring balanced media reporting vanished in 1987 mainstream media gradually moved toward propaganda machines. It was the Fairness Doctrine of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which was originally introduced in 1949. This required the holders of broadcast licenses to both present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was, in the Commission’s view, honest, equitable and balanced. The FCC eliminated the Doctrine in 1987, and in August 2011 the FCC formally removed the language that implemented the Doctrine. That set in motion the propaganda machine of mainstream media. The real goal of this was to prevent investigative reporting since media was no longer required to present the truth. The FCC turned media into one giant propaganda machine.


Outside the USA it remains totally different. Edward Snowden had to go to London to get the word out for no major American news organization would have protected him. They would have offered him coffee while waiting for the NSA to come get him. I myself chose to go with the European media for the very same reason. No Russia activist would have expected Pravda to protect them either. So what does that say about the American press. You would think that with the banks paying $5.7 billion in fines for manipulating FX markets, the fact I had all the evidence on the bank manipulations back in 1999 which were seized by Allan Cohen who was then given a board membership at Goldman Sachs yet did not resign from the court keeping both positions would raise an eyebrow in the New York press. Obviously, not if they are bought and paid for. Continue reading

Banks Fined Over $5 Billion For Criminal Activity, Did You Get Any Of It?

governmentSimon Black – [On May 20, 2015] it was reported that some of the largest banks in the world were slammed with yet another stiff fine by the United States government.

This time it amounted to roughly $5.7 billion, after the likes of JPMorgan, Barclays, Citigroup and RBS admitted to criminal wrongdoing in years of manipulating currency markets.

The word “crime” is derived from the Latin word crimen. In their day, Romans were incredibly creative at dealing with their own criminals: crucifixion, torture, beheadings, were all commonplace. Some people were put into sacks with wild animals and then thrown into the river.

The bankers being charged now had spent years abusing the public trust.

They traded against their own customers for personal gain; they used sensitive information entrusted to them to manipulate markets; and now, all they’re going to get is a fine and a slap on the wrist.

It’s unlikely that anybody is going to go to jail, or that any individual will be held accountable—except for potentially a token scapegoat. Continue reading

Curcumin Matches Exercise In Slowing Aging, Protecting The Heart

curcuminMike Barrett – It is well established that exercise helps to preserve youth and protect the heart from aging, but it certainly isn’t the one protector out there. According to 3 different studies carried out by researchers from the University of Tsukuba in Japan, the spice turmeric may be just as effective as moderate exercise at preventing aging and boosting heart health.

For the first of the 3 randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled trials, researchers divided 32 postmenopausal women into 3 separate groups to examine the effects of curcumin and exercise on the heart. One group was given curcumin orally, the second group partook in moderate exercise training, and the third group did nothing at all. The study lasted 8 weeks.

After measuring participants’ vascular endothelial function – a key indicator of overall cardiovascular health – at the start and end of the study, they found that the control group saw no improvement while the curcumin group and exercise group saw equal, notable improvement. The study abstract concludes with:

“Our results indicated that curcumin ingestion and aerobic exercise training can increase flow-mediated dilation in postmenopausal women, suggesting that both can potentially improve the age-related decline in endothelial function.” Continue reading

Major Oat Buyer Now Rejects Oats With Monsanto’s Glyphosate

Major oat buyer Grain Millers, based in Western Canada, announced that it will no longer source oats that have been coated with glyphosate.

glyphosate“In an April 20 memo to Prairie oat growers, Grain Millers said the new policy was ‘driven by functional performance attributes of finished products manufactured from oats known to have been treated with glyphosate and by customer demand.’ [1]

For years scientific data has conclusively proven that the primary active ingredient found in Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide Roundup — glyphosateis highly toxic to plants, dangerous to animals, and can be detrimental to human health. Unfortunately, Roundup (as well as other glyphosate-containing herbicides) also happens to be the world’s number one weed killer with no signs of slowing down … until now.

One major oat buyer has now stepped forward to reject glyphosate-treated oat crops. Having consistently experienced and seen the actual damage that Roundup does to the oat crop, Grain Millers has rejected it.

Why would any company accept such an inferior food product when organic alternatives are readily available? Likewise, why would oat farmers continue to pay for herbicide applications which cause such obvious and predictable damage to their yearly harvests?

But seemingly more importantly (to companies, at least), why would companies continue to choose pesticides and GMOs when consumers are demanding organic and non-GMO? This is actually the driving force behind the recent changes instituted by many companies.

Here’s what repeatedly happened to annual oat crops treated with glyphosate: Continue reading

Oracle Report ~ Friday, May 22, 2015

Crescent Moon in Cancer/Leo (5:43 pm ET/9:43 pm UT): challenge, perseverance

lifeGoddess of Wisdom: Tara (Goddess Who Guides)

God of Will: Ian (God of The East, King of The Fields)

Skill: focus on nurturance and sustenance of the soul

Catalysts for Change: truth behind the façade, meaninglessness, refusing to compromise or change, arrogance, pulling a fast one (tricking someone out of something), theft, hiding intentions, adherence to superficiality, riled up and destructive, demands, rushing, pushing things before their time

True Alignments: grasping the essence of something, surfacing, wishes granted, rewards for practicality and hard work, things coming from anonymous sources, flowering, slow and steady, solutions, the rights of humanity, transcending issues and worries, creativity

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a mature woman reawakened to romance”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres”

An eruption from far behind the northeast limb of the Sun produced a coronal mass ejection at 6:00 pm ET/10:00 pm UT yesterday. At that moment, the Moon, which was activating all of the energetics between Venus, Pluto, and Uranus, was located at 18 degrees of Cancer (17’Can29″) and the Sabian symbol of “a hen scratching for her chicks. “This symbol is about nurturing new beginnings and new life. Continue reading