Ben Fulford (May 28 2012) ~ Insiders Predict A 5-Day Bank Holiday In Europe Before Euro Ends, Renminbi May Replace US Dollar In September

Benjamin Fulford

The final showdown in the ongoing financial war is appearing imminent. The 140 nation BRICS alliance is preparing to offer to buy up all cash US dollars and replace them with a new currency backed by a basket of commodities, including precious metals, according to multiple sources. After that move, any money printed by the US Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate would not be accepted as currency by the 140 nation group. This would force an end game for the criminal cabal that illegally seized power in the United States.
Before that move, though, there will be a 5-day bank holiday in Europe followed by the end of the Euro and the re-introduction of old national currencies like the Deutschemark and the Drachma, Rothschild family sources say. The situation, however, remains highly volatile and there are signs of dangerous end-game maneuvers by the cabal.

In Japan, the attempt by the cabal controlled media to create panic over the nuclear terrorism at Fukushima, is being accompanied by renewed threats of nuclear terror. The deep sea drilling ship Chikyu Maru has been spotted off the shore of the Rokkasho Mura nuclear complex in Aomori Prefecture Japan, according to Japanese military intelligence. The ship is crewed by Americans and brainwashed Japanese slaves.

Rokkasho Mura is the location of a giant plutonium processing complex that has already produced enough plutonium to manufacture 5000 nuclear weapons. Sending the Chikyu Maru to drill tactical nuclear warheads into the seabed off the shore of Rokkasho Mura is a cabal attempt to blackmail the planet with a nuclear holocaust.

Shoichiro Kobayashi, adviser to Kansai Electric Power, and Yoshiyasu Sato, adviser to Tokyo Electric Power and both members of the Rothschild crime syndicate’s Trilateral commission will be taken in for vigorous questioning about their knowledge of this renewed terror threat. They are expected to sing like canaries and point their fingers directly at the Rockefeller gangsters behind these latest terror threats.

Message to the Rockefeller family: Remove David, David Junior, Nicholas and J. from all responsibility and hand over control of the Rockefeller syndicate to the female members of that family. If you do not, every single descendant of John Rockefeller will be hunted down and eliminated from all levels of existence forever.

While we are at it, we would also like to kindly request that the Du Pont family remove all carcinogens and infertility causing chemicals from their product lines in Japan and elsewhere.

Sources in the Japanese underworld are also now reporting that the Inagawa Kai and Yamaguchi Gumi yakuza gangs are split between those who are still working for the committee of 300 and those who want to restore Japanese independence. The talk is that top committee of 300 traitor slaves Yasuhiro Nakasone and Junichiro Koizumi are headed for punishment from heaven.

Question for Nakasone: “What was in all those blue boxes your people loaded into a submarine and sent to your North Korean homeland?” Was it documentary evidence of your crimes or were you sending Japanese plutonium to North Korea?

The other people on the crime list in Japan are Hisashi Owada from the International Court of Justice and Eiji Katsu from the Ministry of Finance. Owada’s daughter, Princess Masako, recently tried to poison the Japanese Emperor, according to families inside the Royal Household Agency.

The Emperor recently returned from England where he discussed the White Dragon Society, among other subjects, with the Queen. A representative of the emperor asked for a meeting with a representative of the White Dragon Society on May 26th, but the between was abruptly postponed by the Emperor’s side. We do not know why.

We trust the Emperor and the Queen agreed to purge the Satanists from the committee of 300 and support a massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. Hand written letters will be delivered to both parties requesting support for such a campaign and requesting their voluntary appearance before a truth and reconciliation committee.

Returning to the situation in Europe, we notice most of the reporting about the “financial crisis,” there leaves out the elephant in the living room, i.e. the 140 nation BRICS alliance.

The link to the following map explains the real reason for the crisis:

Current Account Balance

Basically, Europe has maxed out its credit card with the rest of the world. The region as a whole needs to negotiate a restructuring of its debt to the rest of the world. The rest of the world is asking for an end to ceaseless warmongering in return. The only European country other than Germany that has enough money to solve the crisis without reference of the rest of the world is Russia. Give Putin a call.

Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, the longest serving Finance Minister in the G8 and a direct participant in the financial negotiations of the past few years, explains the situation very clearly in this op-ed. Basically, he is saying the Europeans need to take their medicine just like all other countries that went to the IMF for money in the past had to.

The firing of the head of the Vatican bank last week and the turmoil in the Vatican are more signs of the end of an era in Europe.

The situation in the US is also coming to a head. A very senior US agency source asked that the following information be spread far and wide:

President Obama’s social security number 042-68-4425 belonged to a John Paul Ludwig born in 1890. Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham, worked in a probate office in Hawaii where she had access to social security numbers of deceased individuals. Because Ludwig never received Social Security Benefits, there were no benefits to stop, therefore no questions were ever raised.

Dunham, knowing her grandson was not a US citizen, because he was born in Kenya and became a citizen of Indonesia upon his adoption, she scoured the probate records until she found someone who died who was not getting benefits and selected Mr. Ludwig’s for Obama, the agency official explained.

Detailed, indictable criminal evidence against Henry Kissinger was also provided by sources in Indonesia. Basically, Kissinger was involved in the murder of 14,000 Indonesians in Papua New Guinea to facilitate gold mining by Freeport, a company Kissinger advises. Kissinger gets $500,000 a year from them as a board member and gets another $500,000 in consulting fees.

In any case once the corporate government of the US is put out of business, the Renminbi will become the currency of the world. The date given by two insiders for this event is September 16th. We again remind readers that many dates have come and gone without predictions turning true so please remain skeptical and only believe 100% when you actually see it happen.

However, it is true that China has been systematically buying up all natural products like trees, copper, farmland or anything tangible to back a reality based currency.

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19 thoughts on “Ben Fulford (May 28 2012) ~ Insiders Predict A 5-Day Bank Holiday In Europe Before Euro Ends, Renminbi May Replace US Dollar In September

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  2. annefrankwasparanoid

    The owners of the Federal Reserve Bank financed Hitler.
    Hitler was recruited from being a painter and impressionable starving artist. After WWI much of Germany was starving due to the Versailles Treaty. In Iraq 7000 children under 6 starved every month under American Sanctions & now Iranian children will starve.
    Goebbels took over radio, press and films. In America all the media is controlled by five corporation. The strategy is standard to the Cabal take overs. Killing children is pleasure for them and it makes the survivors more pliable. When we began to hear that America is the Great Satan is when the Nazi control of our government was complete.

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  4. Rodger

    Thanks for posting these replies Gillian.
    We all must make up our minds based on the facts as we see it. Hopefully the 2012 ascension will awaken our perception and the real truth will become known. Until then I will rely on Ben’s record. “All flash and no dash” . Shouting the sky is falling.No predicted events have happened yet.
    Obama is a liar.Romney is a liar. Pick your poison.
    November 6th will give us one or the other or a deadlock and congress will pick for us.
    Until then I am awaiting REAL EVIDENCE his birth certificate is falsified.


    1. Gillian Post author

      Fair enough, Rodger. If the Bilderbergers ditch Obama in favor of Romney this weekend – as is being whispered at this time – you may have your proof sooner rather than later. And I am NOT for either party. I am an Independent. Blessings ~G

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  6. Rodger

    Sorry Gillian but Ben’s allegation that President Obama was not born in Hawaii has been proven false by experts who have researched this question. He has woven a fiction scenario that does not stand the test of “truth”.

    1. Gillian Post author

      You are mistaken here, Rodger. Obama’s OWN AUTOBIOGRAPHY (approved by him) has stated for the past 20+ years that he was born in Kenya. Would you allow the back cover of your autobiography to include such a statement if it were not true? So THIS IS NO LIE. As for the document sent to the Arizona official, that is also a cleverly crafted (by lawyers) NON statement as to the authenticity of Obama’s place of birth. This is the issue that will remove him from office and RESCIND those unconstitutional executive orders he has signed. Blessings, Gillian

  7. nines

    I have spent untold hours on the matter of Ben Fulford’s genuineness. I don’t know how much of what he says is true, but I know for certain he’s not lying. In fact, if one drops one’s conditioning so as not to judge it on what we’ve only been taught to call reality, it emerges that he is outlining the only SANE response to our predicament… irrespective of how much of it is only in his mind and how much is actually happening.

    I love him for that.

    Thanks for posting his stuff.

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi Nines, like you I fail to see the reason for someone to write the type of stuff Ben writes if there were no truth in it. He is certainly laughed at and scorned enough for it. Were he an out-an-out liar I’m sure he could come up with stuff that doesn’t stretch his credibility the way this stuff does. Thanks for posting. G

  8. wooddragon

    That Fulford cannot be taken seriously should be known by now. This time it is the Queen who will do something good for humanity? Give me a break, that thing has accumulated 17 trillion pounds, could have ended world poverty and hunger a long time ago. That parasite is a burden to humanity not a blessing. And what would be the benefit if female Rothschilds rule the world? Nonsense alarm!

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi Wooddragon! It would certainly take the poles shifting, the sun splitting in 2, and water running happily up-hill before any of the aforementioned lifted a finger to help humanity – unless, of course, that is the only way for them to maintain control and remain in power. As for the Rothschilds, they actually have instructions handed down from their founder that only the males are to rule the House of Rothschilds. So this, too, is unlikely to occur any time soon.

      But hey! Ben can certainly pray for a heart transplant to occur that provides these entities with a heart – for it is hard to believe they have a functioning organ at this time.

      It’s all just a very sick game that needs to wrap up swiftly, that’s for sure. Thanks for your comment. Blessings ~G

    2. Gillian Post author

      You’re right, jayjay! I replied to the comment without re-reading Ben’s post. Thanks for the correction. ~G

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  10. Rodger

    This man has the intelligence to write fiction into fact.
    Adolph Hitler through his propaganda minister used this kind of logic in shaping his new Reich. “Mix half truths,complete falsehoods with some truths, then feed the masses the whole package as fact”.
    It works great on the net.

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi Rodger! I’m not sure I agree with you. In this matrix what is “fiction?” What is “fact?” We do what we can to be truthful. Sometimes we succeed. It is not an easy task Ben has set for himself, that’s for sure.
      Blessings, ~G

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