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Bill Ballard | January 11 2012
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Opening The 11:11 Doorway 1/11/1992 & 2nd Group of 144,000 ~ Celebrating the 20th year Anniversary

Bill Ballard

A story is only a story – one person’s experience of events shared as a collective. There are as many stories of an event as there are those experiencing that event.

Today is the 20th year anniversary of the Opening of the 11:11 Doorway. I began what is written below as a small note telling others of the experience I had in my life leading into this now. As this story unfolded it took on a different shape as the explanation of my life experience began to unfold. So, I make this post without reservation to share with others who are also feeling this event, through telling my story. I hope you enjoy.

This just flowed!

Bill Ballard

My Story

20 years ago today, 144,000 of us gathered together at various sacred points around Mother Earth, on her chakra centers to do ceremony in which we joined together in a unified focused intent to Open the 11:11 Doorway. Solara remembered and gathered us, telling me why I knew those things I knew since I was a child.

The year leading up to that, which began exactly for me with the beginning attack of the 1st Persian Gulf War, January 16, 1991, was the unlocking of my encodings. Isaiah 13 was unfolding before my eyes. Peter Arnette in Baghdad filming the beginning battle, with the night vision camera, viewing the green glowing anti-aircraft fire in front of a mushroom shaped water tower that looked like something out of War of the Worlds (which it now seems it indeed was) for me was that trigger.

Starry Procession Giza Opening the 11:11 Doorway 1/11/1992

A friend would later hand me a Bible, showing me Isaiah 13, and I completely understood the meaning of the message. I was so spooked having had a déjà vu of this that I read the Bible cover to cover. I knew what it meant. I knew I was one of those 144,000 (2nd group of 3 End-times groups of 144K) and that we were soon to gather. You will find a mention of these groups in the Book of Mormon too, as the only two chapters that are copied from the Bible into Mormon areIsaiah 13, the first Persian Gulf war and Isaiah 14, the second Persian Gulf war, all the way to finding Saddam Hussein in the “pit” and his sons being killed, then the economies of the Earth would collapse because of certain events which were to transpire in the future.

I had so much uneasiness in me that brought back nightmares of the end times from when I was a Child. I came in remembering my future. The collective human consciousness makes up the events prophecy describes by its collective vibration. Thought creates illusion. The collective in the early 1960s was aiming for nuclear war. We were in the middle of the cold war and, at that time, the Cuban missile crisis with Russia. I was not too far from there in Old South Mississippi. These vibrations of the future end-times were of a very destructive world, which we are experiencing now. Actually, much of what I dreamed about as a child is now unfolding. I remember being so very scared with these future memories as a baby in diapers and up though my younger years, seeing the possible future of these times we are now living.

We have changed these prophecies I saw. Even the biblical Bottomless Pit, which I saw in the Middle East, having a nuclear bomb set off under/on the oil fields causing the oil field to collapse, and fire burn from there from that time on, and no one, could put it out. Well, the BP Bottomless Pit did occur, and believe me, we together have changed the prophecy I was shown as a child I would be a part of. Forty-five years later, it occurred as the collapsed BP Macondo oil rig, in my front yard on the Gulf of Mexico, 75 miles south. So the prophecy I was associated with and saw in my future when I was a child, I was indeed tied to. But we changed the Earth-killing human-killing possibility. We eased the pain, although the prophecy had to occur. It manifested in a much more suitable way, thereby saving hundreds of millions of lives globally.


So for the year after reading the Bible and having so much of my encoding of why I was here unleashed, I kept telling others around Mississippi who I was, what I was incarnate for and what was soon to happen. It indeed has unfolded as I felt, but in much less drastic and deadly ways. Yes, things are occurring but not near as brutal because so many individuals globally have shifted into their hearts!

So, during this year of 1991 I told people all around me the 144,000 was soon to gather. The first group of 144,000 was those of us who joined together for the Harmonic Convergence. There is a 3rd group, the last group, that is manifesting now, those who have fully activated their heart and other chakras and stepped on to the path of ascended mastery. These are the “Energy Bearers” who have actuated the ascension, beginning with the first 8,000 activating together November ~ December 2010. The ripple that was sent out by these original waves of activation of hearts began a chain reaction that was sent out to activate others globally. With that, the ascension of Humanity, the final wake up, and the super-dooper energy shift on Mother Earth began. (The Tribulation had actually begun a bit earlier.)

Ezekiel II ~ Wheels within Wheels ~ The Living Beings ~ Opening the 11:11 Doorway 1/11/1992

During this year of telling everyone, and of my frequency increasing I was shown many things. They were the future probabilities that were possible to fulfill the prophecies at the rate human consciousness was collectively vibrating at that time. Since the early 1960s that vibration had increased again. It shifted and eased as many were breaking the 3D Barrier into 4D connection to Source because of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. That event raised the planetary vibration and altered the super-dark outcome I had previously seen. But still it was not good.

As a child I saw much interiorly and began my training as a warrior. I became an expert woodman and survivalist. I trained in martial arts that began a lifelong practice and opened me up to many of my spiritual powers. I trained in yoga and higher levels of awareness. I practiced my 4th dimensional skills of intuition and seeing-feeling vibrations, and did blindfold training in my martial arts. I became highly skilled in hand-to-hand fighting and use of weapons. I lived subsistence and in the wilderness, which ended up putting me closer and closer to God and my source. I prepared for the gruesome outcome I had seen in my dreams. I learned all I could about everything I could (militaristically speaking) in case that scenario evolved, at the same time keeping the dream and vibration that could shift what I was seeing. I was playing in 4D while those around me were in 3D. My vibrations never felt easy as I was speeding along much faster than those around me.

So in the year before the first 11:11 I was telling everyone I could talk to what was about to unfold. I was trying to describe the events I write about now that so many understand, but back in 1991 they thought me crazy. I went to churches and spoke to individuals, those in control, all over Mississippi and was eventually told that if I don’t keep my mouth shut, I could be locked up, put away, or taken out. I already knew about the Illuminati, Trilateralist, Bilderburgs, and what was going on, but no one listened. Even with being threatened I kept on telling others. No one around me at that time had been harmed.

I spoke of being one of Archangel Michael’s Legions of warriors. I had known that all my life. I also knew I was a Melchizedek since I was a child and that I would be a part of the bottomless pit and a key player in the end times. I told them the 144,000 was soon to gather again.  I was threatened for saying these things and told to keep quiet about what I knew. This went on for about 6 months. Then I felt a 4th-dimensional need to drive 200 miles to the coast from Jackson where I was living  to see my mother in Ocean Springs. I had to go immediately.

Upon arrival I again told my story of what was unfolding. I was obsessed with it and could not get it out of my head. It was the only thing I could discuss as nothing else mattered. My mother looked at me, as so many times before, in disbelief coupled with acceptance that I was in the vortex picking up on the astral 4D knowledge that is so common, in tune.  She handed me a pamphlet that had Opening of the 11:11 Doorway on front of it.

I read it. It said all the things I had known and was telling everyone all my life but included even more information about what I was saying those months prior to visiting my mother. The pamphlet was from Solara. It both confirmed what I knew as well as told me the story about why I knew what I knew. The pieces of the puzzle fit together, as they had just a few years before when I knew I had to be a part of the Harmonic Convergence but did not understand the significance of what was unfolding. Information access in Mississippi was quite limited in those Old South Days before the Internet. It was the time of snail mail and there were no metaphysical book stores. I had to rely on what Spirit was telling me, as I always trusted before.

When the 11:11 booklet describing what I had been telling others for months before was given to me I printed out a few thousand copies and distributed them all over Mississippi. I went everywhere. I handed them to churches – to every religious group. I handed them to friends and  family. I passed them out to absolute strangers. And I was threatened far more than the first times when I was out talking about what I knew. I was told I would soon be locked up. Fears aside I kept on going spreading the message. I had to. It was my mission. I was the Light Bearer in Mississippi.

I tried to get others to join and form a group, knowing our thought created our reality. No one there would! All I encountered were ego-based people! I was in such a low vibration I always felt extremely uncomfortable! Despite that, I knew I loved these people. They have great hearts thought they were living in their heads and ego. When they finally open up to heart-centered focus that area has the potential to be one of the most enlightened places on Earth, shifting to the opposite polarity – from the lowest to the highest of vibrations. Balance is how it all works.

So even with being threatened I kept on telling my story. Then it came time to gather. My mother offered me a ticket to Egypt to be with the main pinion group at Giza that is filmed in the Legend of Atlantis movie on YouTube. But that was not where I was supposed to be. I knew it was somewhere near Mississippi because that lower vibration there had to be shifted. There was no one who would join with me in Mississippi to gather for ceremony. Even with literally 2,000 of these 11:11 Doorway Opening pamphlets I had handed out not one would join. I was the only original first wave 11:11er who knew what was going on in those low vibrations. It was a sickening feeling for me.

I contacted Solara at Star-Bone in Charlotte, Va., and learned about Walt Burchett (Medicine Bear) a Cherokee medicine man who made his own traditional medicines. He and I had an immediate re-member-ance of each other. We had worked together many lives. We knew we were supposed to be together again for whatever time we had left. Finally I had found another who knew these same things I did. It was so very comforting to find another light worker. We talked on the phone that first time. He gave me directions to meet him in Cooksville, Tennessee, at his home, from where we would caravan to Jellico, Tennessee (in Daniel Boone wilderness area) where the 11:11 Doorway Opening gathering and ceremony was to held on Dove Mountain, next to Angel Mountain. Amazingly (or maybe not) the ceremony was located at Hwy 11, exit 11 in Jellico Tennessee.

11:11 began to haunt me 20 years before when my first love had an 11/11/61 birthday. That was in 1978 and I knew it was something very special then. 11:11 was a sign that was all around me – in my name, my numerology, my birthday and on and on. But what did it mean? There was no information highway like we experience now. Can you imagine the test one goes through having these signs that must be followed in a 3D very dense material world? The battle between believing in the spiritual world that was invisible and the material exterior world, and that trust one must follow blindly to stay on the spiritual path, was a big one for me. All those around me said I was nuts and would not amount to anything. But I had to keep following what spirit told me.

Walt Burchett followed Spirit’s guidance and found the place we were to gather in Jellico, TN. We were to meet at this hotel dining room and gather before we went to do ceremony the next day. This was January 10, 1991. When I arrived and walked into the dining room where 200 others were meeting the most amazing thing I have ever experienced occurred. I knew all 200 others there by faces and energies, by memories of my future and past. I had never seen any of them before in this lifetime. They all knew me too!

Can you imagine that? There were more than 200 persons coming together, never having met each other this lifetime, and all knowing each other by memory! It was truly a magical event. I don’t know how to describe the sensations of that experience – simply feeling that something BIG was unfolding! We did a ceremony in practice that night and went to sleep, getting rest to gather in our whites for ceremony the following morning January 11, 1992.

We awoke about 2 hours before sunrise, got breakfast and gathered in our whites to caravan to Dove Mountain. There were a hundred or more cars following up to where we gathered, about an hour before dawn. As we were walking to the top of Dove Mountain I looked up as I always do to see the stars and get confirmation of my bearings. That night/morning, the electromagnetic field had done something and my usually perfect internal compass was off. Knowing the direction was difficult for me that morning, which was odd, as I can usually “feel” and know where north is. So I looked up, and the wildest thing I had seen on Earth to that date happened. All the stars were in the wrong places! I know my constellations well and nothing was recognizable! 

How to you explain that one?

I was not the only one who noticed that. There were others there who had psychic 3rd-eye sight and they were seeing 4th dimensional space ships. Others were seeing Angels. Everyone saw something and with every sight seen there were others there confirming what was being witnessed.

We did the procession and ceremony Opening the 11:11 doorway, dressed in our whites as a sign of purity of heart and Oneness. I began feeling this sensation of peace and bliss with an intensity that has only replicated on Earth this past year of 2011. The sensation was out of this world! We merged our hearts, our thought, our emotions into one being doing ceremony! We were tied and bonded to all others around Mother Earth that day. We activated the planet, opening the 11:11 doorway to allow these higher energies to come to Earth. That was the event that began the planetary frequency increase allowing the ascension of Mother Earth. You cannot have ascension without increasing the frequency. That is what the 11:11 doorway is about. It is about raising the frequency to support the raising of consciousness of those in that frequency. It expands one’s awareness and begins the ascension process. This event represented the 2nd Global Planetary Activation that allowed the end times to unfold.

I wish to say here that we have since changed the prophecies. Those things of prophecy which were and could have occurred are now unfolding in very different, less traumatic, ways. The final battle of light and dark which I saw being fought with weapons has shifted! It will no longer happen the way I saw it at that time and in that vibration of human consciousness 20 years ago. As the 11:11 Doorway now closes 20 years later (December 31, 2011) the game has changed. This final battle of light and dark has been altered because of raising the vibration of Earth from the physical war I had trained for into a war of higher vibration, of Spirit. It is a war of information, of waking everyone up to what we truly are. As that happens the game shifts. We play on a higher level of spiritual vibration as we activate. Each person who activates their heart chakra is equal to 50,000 persons who are still in lower negative vibrations. The activated heart chakra counteracts and neutralizes those lower vibrations. And now literally 10s of Millions of people are activating planet wide!

We have indeed shifted the planet and changed the probabilities for our world! This process continues and gains increased momentum daily. More and more persons from that initial wave 20 years ago, as well as those stepping into 5D who began activating their heart chakras in November ~ December 2009 have changed this planet. It all began with the 1987 Harmonic Convergence and those of Archangel Michael’s legions who gathered for the series of events leading to up to August 1987 and throughout the early and middle 1980s. What a shift we have made! This is what the end times are all about! We have fulfilled our destiny of changing Mother Earth, of shifting the planet. The time has come! The Closing of the 11:11 Doorway has indeed occurred and humanity has awakened! I am so very thankful to have been a part of that.

I want to thank Solara for showing me who I am! You can not understand the appreciation to have another tell you why you know all these things that others condemn and say you are crazy about thinking and discussing. This has been such a long road to get to this point, but we, as Humanity, have made it. I am so very grateful to have had a part to play, to participate in the unfolding of the End Times.

I also wish to thank everyone who is consciously participating in raising planetary frequencies during these end times by the spiritual work they are doing on themselves. What you do as work to awaken – clearing and raising the levels of your own consciousness by increasing your frequency – affects every other atom in the hologram we collectively experience as our real exterior illusion. The inside shifts the outside. What you do to better yourself you do for all else in All That IS (GOD). Together we shift the illusion into a new game. This is why the bible cannot show what will happen after the coming dimensional shift. Why? Because we have not jointly completed our process of this 3-4D illusion and manifested the new reality we are soon to go into. We do this as a collective.

That is what the 11:11 IS all about!

With Unconditional LOVE for ALL THAT IS!
Bill Ballard

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6 thoughts on “Bill Ballard’s Story

  1. Thomas Carroll

    You had an address, it was down.
    This is regarding current events requesting feedback if you would be so kind,

    First, I want to thank you for your many fun and uplifting posts with the The Galactic Free Press,
    You gave me such a great present by showing or giving direction for Lisa Renee ~ Externalization of the Krystal Star. This is helpful for those of us who find meditation challenging. So again, thank you. I have been paying attention to Heather Tucci and the OPPT, and her instructions to just start DOing and BEing, but I am concerned with the serious threats we keep getting from these entities that belie they have authority. This video interview with Jay Weidner and Jeff Rense was posted by Jon Rappaport, (author of Matrix), the site is here:
    The interview is down right creepy!

    I am hoping you might give some feedback. If we do things to try and affect these entities destroying our world would I be functioning in 3d? Also, if I turn away and just focus on my own spiritual growth and learning how to end my relationship via paper work the UCC provides more productive? One more question that would effect my first questions, Do you believe the light will eliminate the Archon threat. Because one video clearly shows some broadcasters speaking baby talk, ENERGY OVERLOAD?

    For a non violent solution to our worm infestation problem go to 11:20 – 14:00.

    God bless

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hello Thomas, I apologize for the mistake in typing my email address. It is Thanks also for your thoughtful feedback. Much appreciated.

      I wouldn’t concern myself too much regarding the “status” of ascension. It is enough to realize the changes in frequency bathing the planet. It is only a matter of time before these frequencies are too elevated for the dark to continue their increasingly boring “enslavement game.” I’m glad Heather et al. are doing what they’re doing to “undo” the financial (and other) enslavement protocols. It will be interesting to see whether the LAW carries more weight than the CRIMINALS employed within the legal system. Blessings, G

  2. David

    Prana of the human body has 144,000 primary channels…we can do a simply Google search under the word ‘PRANA’ and see diagrams showing these channels. The book of revelation speaks about 7 churches…how ironic that we have 7 major human chakra systems. We already know that consciousness moves from place to place…add all of these up and what do you get?

  3. Steve Harris

    Some one has been posting your articles and You Tube Videos on one of my favorite websites, Mayan Majix / Spiritual Articles Page. I asked Mike Shore the webmaster if I could have your email to drop you a line. Bill, you really make me laugh.

    Kryon has another statement that I use every day, “Dear God tell me what it is that you want me to know?” You’d be surprised what’s come my way, besides David Icke’s, Drunvalo’s, and David Wilcox’s material to mention a few.

    I like Ram Dass’ statement, “there’s only one of it in drag.”

    Keep up the good work.

    Much Love & Gratitude to you,


  4. June

    Beloved Bill Ballard, Thank you for sharing your story and for all you do to assist us here on this planet…It is such a relief to know that the all that we are is affected by the all that we do together. It is a very lonely journey of trusting that the Divine Diamond core of your Heart is what guides you back to the truth that all is Love in divine order. I love to surround myself with others who know the truth and are willing to share. Many wonderful blessings along your continued eternal stream of shining light…showing the way for so many.
    Love Joyous June

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