Bill Ballard ~ Big Brother Watching All Of Us … If You Love Freedom, YOU BETTER STAND UP NOW!

Shift Frequency | March 16 2012

Gillian Update | This happened to Bill when he attempted to post a link to his FB page on March 15. It has not happened before and is likely linked to the latest police state legislation signed into law by President Obama. I have chosen to post his email (minus personal email address) in its entirety.

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Bill Ballard | If you LOVE your freedom YOU BETTER WAKE UP TO WHAT’S GOING DOWN NOW! THIS IS NO JOKE! WE MUST JOIN AND BE ONE NOW! Exercise your freedom and voice while you have it! And then join in the unified meditation groups, because these have the greatest affect on all of humanity and the planet!

Time is short now, and the trap over humanity is almost set! WTF UP and SEE what is going on! But, be LOVE!

Be peaceful in all your actions and how you think and feel.

Remember: Your thoughts create your reality. KNOW that as you go! THAT IS what the Illuminati do NOT want you to know! Get it? So have NO FEAR! Only LOVE! And act. EVERYONE MUST ACT and now!

What Happened

I have been posting news all day long on the new censorship being discussed globally by the Illuminati-controlled governments. Obama has just outlawed our protesting against the government in the United States a few days ago. Below I post highlights of today’s big newz! This is about 1/10 of what’s going on, and just what I was able to post. There is far more I miss. I have no idea if any of the REAL news ever hits regular TV and radio as not much of what is really going on ever does.

Minutes ago, I was sharing a link from ShiftFrequency trying to upload directly to my Facebook page, similar to what I have done for years now. Usually there is a bot that is very similar as ones you see when sharing from another page on Facebook. What just happened was something very new to me. Look at the info they are requesting just if I click this one link now… WOW

Request for Permission

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Then check out the highlights of what today’s news was below. Again, this is not even close to what all is going on!

Stay heart centered! The Game is ON!

Bill Ballard

Today’s News Highlights 3/15/12


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5 thoughts on “Bill Ballard ~ Big Brother Watching All Of Us … If You Love Freedom, YOU BETTER STAND UP NOW!

  1. suhela caralis

    i’ve been re-wired for sure …no-thing is for sure any more …just taking a day at a time …and not on ‘time-line’ :) …. i’m costantly con-fused :) …a friend even posted a ‘real’ name for jesus today … LOVE and BLESSINGS to us all …see YA somewhere LOVE S

  2. Laura Bruno

    Yep, game on. But for many of us, it’s a brand new game. I seem to have left the old reality grid — just cannot make any of it feel real anymore. I posted Bill’s 40 Days event, suggesting people start on Equinox, which is a brand new year. If the US military can start a war on that date in 2003, then why can’t we start peace?

    Inside out, upside down, backwards front … I don’t even know why I’m writing this! LOL, just giddy with how good things are getting on The Other Side. All these Dark Cabal theatrics are like a Greek Tragedy, the catharsis. Things are being purged and purified before our very eyes, a huge spectacle, and then we can get on with REAL life. 3Dality’s a stage, and we can see this through or walk away anytime we choose. :)

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