Bix Weir ~ Banker Resignations & Gold/Silver Market Rigging

Road To Roota | April 10 2012

*A follow-up to Part 1: There were 2 more HUGE resignations since we did this interview. The first was the the person in charge of IMPLEMENTING THE MARKET RIGGING AT THE NEW YORK FED!

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I sat down with Sean at last week and discussed some of the hot topics lately. In the first interview we talk about the 450+ bankers that have resigned…

Are There Signs the Good Guys Are Winning?

New York Fed Markets Group Chief Brian Sack to Resign

And let’s not forget about the London office of JP Morgan which can’t seem to get out of the way of the spotlight these days. Remember that Fortune Magazine article almost a year ago about JPM’s goal to mine gold in Afghanistan? Here it is if you forgot:

Look where the leader of this adventure is now!…OH HOW THE MIGHTY ARE FALLING!

Mining Maverick Resigns from Rainmaking at JP Morgan

There are many more and you can try to keep up with them all here:

The second part of my interview with Sean is just as fun an can be found here:

The Market is RIGGED 100%, Every Day

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