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Angel Messages For August 31 – September 6, 2015 ~ Doreen Virtue’s Angel Oracle Card Reading [Video]

This is a week where you really get in touch with your power to heal and manifest! You lose any fears about being powerful, and you confidently save the day with your natural healing and manifestation abilities.

The week begins with intensity, and you’ll need to remind yourself to detach from other people’s bad moods and drama. Don’t let yourself be abused ever, but also don’t take on other people’s negativity or let it pull you off of your spiritual path. Instead of getting upset at the drama, you decide to do something positive about it.

Remember your Source, and know that your Source is within you. You have the power of God your Creator within you right now, and you can direct this power to uplift and heal everyone and everything around you. Continue reading

3D Drawing: A Realistic Glass of Water/ AMAZING illusion [Video]

Alana – Whether you draw or not, this 3-D drawing of a glass of water just might rock your socks! Amazing!

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Hollow-Face illusion

Wikipedia – The Hollow-Face illusion (also known as Hollow-Mask illusion) is an optical illusion in which the perception of a concave mask of a face appears as a normal convex face.

While a convex face will appear to look in a single direction, and a flat face such as the Lord Kitchener Wants You poster can appear to follow the moving viewer, a hollow face can appear to move its eyes faster than the viewer: looking forward when the viewer is directly ahead, but looking at an extreme angle when the viewer is only at a moderate angle. Continue reading

Plunge Protection Team Losing Control of Markets-Jim Sinclair

sinclairGreg Hunter – Legendary gold expert Jim Sinclair says what is going on right now in the stock market is just the warm-up act. Sinclair contends, “This is a pre-crash, and we are not making it through September without the real thing. Everybody is on credit. Main Street is on credit. This seems to be a bubble of historical proportion when it comes to the amount of money supporting the accepted lifestyles as being the new normal. Raising interest rates is impossible today.

The market is so fragile. Nothing can come out that causes people any concern or derivatives any change, nothing whatsoever. We are going through a period of time where expecting nothing meaningful is a dream. These are times never experienced in financial history. . . .It is very possible that we are going to have a super civilization change. ”

The US Plunge Protection Team is losing control of the markets, and Sinclair warns, “They got the dickens scared out of them. They actually backed off providing the funds necessary. . . . That’s your warning. The warning is markets can overrun plunge protection teams. Markets can and will overrun the manipulation of metals and currencies. The market will overrun the false strength in the US dollar. The idea that a lift in interest rates would be beneficial to the dollar is absolutely incorrect. We do know the limits of the Plunge Protection Team, and we do know the omnipotent power of the Fed is a total fallacy.” Continue reading

Fukushima & Depopulation In The Age Of Fission [Audio]

TEPCOSGT Report -My new friend and nuclear activist Lonnie Clark joins me to discuss the March 11, 2011 event that changed the world forever: the Japanese earthquake which led to the Fukushima disaster and ensuing nightmare.

Lonnie Clark is a radio host at UCY.TV, her show is ‘The Age of Fission’. Lonnie also helped create The Post Ignorance Project with Kevin Blanch, an effort to wake up the world to the Pacific Genocide.

On this call Lonnie and I discuss the fact that Fukushima radiation cannot be stopped, so the Japanese and United States governments simply ignore it or argue that “a little radiation is good for you”. Lonnie and I conclude that ultimately it’s all part of the ongoing depopulation agenda, demonic in its brilliance and scope.

Lonnie’s Show airs M, W, F from 8-9 am PST, show info & archives can be found HERE.…

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Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster

Safety concerns

1967: Layout of the emergency-cooling system

Fukushima reactor control room.On 27 February 2012, NISA ordered TEPCO to report by 12 March 2012 regarding its reasoning in changing the piping layout for the emergency cooling system. These changes were made after the plans were registered in 1966 and the beginning of construction.

The original plans separated the piping systems for two reactors in the isolation condenser from each other. However, the application for approval of the construction plan showed the two piping systems connected outside the reactor. The changes were not noted, in violation of regulations.[77] Continue reading

The Clash Between Voluntaryism, Leftism & Multiculturalism [Audio]


Henrik Palmgren – Connor Boyack is the founder and president of Libertas Institute, a free market think tank in Utah. He is the author of several books, including the popular “Tuttle Twins” series for children, teaching kids age 5-10 about the principles of liberty.

Boyack’s most recent book, “Feardom,” is an exposé of how politicians use fearmongering to acquire more power. In this “free market flashback,” Connor outlines his perspective on the leftist tyranny that has infiltrated the US via the federal government, the public education system, and the mainstream media. He explains his political philosophy and vision, which he refers to as “voluntaryism,” where a civil society is governed by cooperation and voluntary participation in contractual agreements.

Continue reading

Hillary In Deep Trouble, Iran Nuke Side Deal, Economic Warnings

dealGreg Hunter – Hillary Clinton’s email troubles keep getting worse. It is reported that national security laws were broken by Clinton and at least two of her staff. More that 300 of her emails have now been deemed classified and allegedly mishandled. Clinton turned over her server to the FBI and says she doesn’t know who wiped it clean. It is also reported that two of Clinton’s top aides have disregarded a federal judge’s order to make sworn statements that all government documents in their possession have been turned over.

Every day, this email scandal is getting worse. As I said months ago, Hillary Clinton will not be President, and it will not be the Republicans that pull the plug on Hill’s Presidential run, it will be the Democrats. Democrats have to be worried because this is looking like it is turning into a full blown crime and cover-up. At some point, the Dems will replace her, and they are not going to wait until a few months before the election. I think Hillary will be out before the first debate.

Continue reading