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Angel Messages For May 30 – June 5, 2016 [Video]

Doreen Virtue – It’s a week of moving forward with those positive changes you’ve been guided to make. You’ll get the motivation and courage to take action and make those changes in a balanced way.

From the Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes at:

SF Source Doreen Virtue  May 2016

The Archons History, Fakery, Transhumanism and The Awakening [Video]

The Last Avatar producer Sharron Rose speaks about the history of the Archons in the Christian, Hebrew and Egyptian Gnostic traditions, how they feed on and engender negativity and how to awaken and free ourselves from their fake, soulless realities.

SF Source SacredMysteriesTV  May 2016

“We’ve abandoned all common sense as a nation” [Video]

Well worth a listen – Warning: language.

SF Source Styxhexenhammer666  May 2016

HyperDimensional Interference and the Keys to Discernment – Panel Discussion [Video]

Bernhard – This panel discussion on “Hyper-dimensional Interference and the Keys to Discernment” was videotaped May 21, 2016 and features Eve Lorgen, Tom Montalk, Carissa Conti, Laura Leon, Bernhard Guenther, and James Bartley.

Discussion Points

  • The macro-perspective/bigger picture of the Hyperdimensional Matrix Control System and how it ties in with the micro-perspective: hyperdimensional interference on a personal/individual level. Clarification and definition of basic concepts.
  • Suppression of extra-sensory perception and social/cultural conditioning (starting in childhood) keeps hyperdimensional forces hidden from our awareness. Continue reading

Artist’s Unofficial Anthem For Bernie Sanders Is Going Viral [Video]

If You Only News – With over 17,000 [now 113,226] views on YouTube in just a few days, singer/songwriter Makana’s unofficial Bernie Sanders Anthem, Fire Is Ours, is going viral. Capitalizing on the “Feeling the Bern” play on words, the singer’s goosebump-raising anthem encourages people to vote for Bernie.

Here are the full lyrics of Fire is Ours:

I’ve been lied to. Misled.
Built up by what they said
Lifted only to be let down

I’ve been taken for a ride
Given power to decide
Only to find out I was wrong

But I’ve learned to tell the ones who fake it
From the few really fit to run

Just follow the money they’ve been takin’
And the truth will shine like the sun

Continue reading

VAXXED: Proud To Have Seen It Twice

Catherine J. Frompovich – After decades of researching as much studies, papers, data, vaccine package inserts and other documentation regarding Big Pharma-produced and CDC/FDA mandated vaccines, I finally was able to put to rest any possible “benefit-of-the-doubt courtesy” I could have had about the authenticity of the information Big Pharma-controlled CDC/FDA spouts as ‘gospel’ truth about toxic vaccines during the screening of the feature-length documentary movie VAXXED.  I saw it not once, but twice—two days in a row!


The second time I took notes, as I thought my readers would like to hear not only my thoughts about that most important, auspicious, and exceptionally revealing documentary, but also what happened after the second screening during the Q & A period that immediately followed the movie in which Dr Andrew Wakefield and two of the movie’s mom-participants, whose children are vaccine-damaged, graced the theater with their presence and graciously interacted with the large, obviously concerned, audience.  Some moviegoers, like my friend and I, were there for the second, or more times, to see VAXXED!  What does that tell you?

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe Official
Trailer from Cinema Libre Studio on Vimeo.

VAXXED was blacklisted and removed from the Tribeca Film Festival.  However, actor Robert DeNero, who has a vaccine-injured child, is having second thoughts about how he and his film festival were strong-armed to delete it from the list of films previewed.  Here are his comments as expressed to TV-man Al Roker.  “There is something that is not quite kosher in all of this.” Continue reading