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X22 Report ~ Episode 499 – Oct 22 2014 [Audio]

Government’s Secret Black Book On How Individuals Are Placed On The Terrorist List

  • Consumer price index prints at the smallest possible increase.
  • Hourly wages are dropping and are not keeping up with inflation
  • Retail chain stores sales declining.
  • Real estate imploding, loan gauge down once again.
  • Russia says it can sustain the ruble as the US central bankers try to crush their economy.
  • Secret government rule book to put people on the terrorist watch list.
  • Gunmen shoot out in Canada, false flag event.
  • Liberia will not be the guinea pig for the new ebola drug.
  • US Aid helping fund the Islamic State.
  • Syria claims it destroyed the jets that the Islamic State captured. No need for a no fly zone.

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RT News ~ World News Links (Oct 22 2014)

​‘Truth blocked in US through mainstream media’

RT Video screensh

RT Video screensh

A blockade on the truth in America can be broken by billboard campaigns, like that criticizing Fox News host Sean Hannity, with the involvement of crowdfunding and cryptocurrency, Max Keiser, the host of RT’s ‘Keiser Report’, told RT.

Max Keiser is one of the originators of a crowdfunding project that helped to get one of Fox’s most well-known faces up on a billboard of shame. Millions of people in Chicago can see the huge billboard with Sean Hannity’s portrait and the caption: “Breaking news: The Sean Hannity show is intellectual terrorism.” Hannity is an American television host on Fox News who has been accused by many of being “media terrorist.”

RT: Max, Why Sean Hannity? There are plenty of people on Fox you could have picked on?

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Selected RT_News LInks

GMO backlash: Syngenta faces mounting lawsuits over genetically-modified seeds

‘French oil giant boss’ death won’t affect company’s viability’

The Trans-Pacific Partnership – one sick treaty?

Vegetarians have fewer, less-healthy sperm than meat-eaters – study

Congress investigating deal between NSA official and ex-director’s company

‘No skin exposure’: US tightens guidance for Ebola protective gear

Russia limits fruit and vegetables from Ukraine over EU re-export fear

Paralyzed man walks again thanks to UK-funded tech

32 US cities tackle telecom giants in high-speed internet revolution

Russia, China prepare to sign unique cybersecurity treaty – report

North America gears up for Thursday’s partial solar eclipse-filled sunset

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Katharine J. Tobal ~ We Now Know Why This 2,500 Year Old Princess Died – Perhaps It’s Why She Was Buried With Cannabis

“The most important part was that the Siberian princess was found buried with cannabis. Researchers said that she used it in order to calm the immeasurable pain.” – K J Tobal


The mummified remains of a 2,500-year-old Siberian princess were extracted from the Altai Mountains in Russia in 1993.

The finding of the so-called Princess Ukok in a permafrost subterranean tomb in the Altai Mountains, somewhere near the borders of Kazakhstan, China, and Mongolia, is considered one of the most important Russian archaeological discoveries of the late 20th century. It was believed to be part of the Pazyryk nomadic tribe mentioned in 5th century BC by Greek historian Herodotus.

New MRI (magnetic resonance image) scans have revealed that the ancient Pazyryk princess died after suffering from acute breast cancer. Scientists believe the 25 year old woman could have used cannabis to ease the pain. Continue reading

Jay ~ Viral Liturgical Psychodrama

“While we gaze into our screens and await the latest download and update from our overlords on what the orthodox consensus reality is, let us not forgot it is a ritual psychodrama that is playing out, lest we be swept up into the religious rapture of the beatific television.” – Jay

Behold, the goddess has entered the media temple! Let all fall silent!

Behold, the goddess has entered the media temple! Let all fall silent!

In order to successfully navigate the raging sea of media shit storm, one must be ever-mindful of the overall designs of mass media without getting lost in endless details and rabbit trails that will be forgotten in a month. Remember Bowe Bergdahl? Remember how media was furiously researching his back story to make details match up, all of which ended up being a futile effort.  Remember the Malaysian planes?  I continually bring these recent reality television news events to mind because they are so illustrative of the present Ebola crisis, playing in all theaters 24/7 near you.  Just as the details of the stories of Bergdahl didn’t match up, as he went right back to a military post, so Al-Ebola, our new, very minuscule terrorist organization’s details, in regard to its victims, do not and will not match up.  Al-Ebola will probably fixate the mass gaze until vaccination season ends, when a new lineup of all-stars for Team Fear are announced.

In usual form, I intend on analyzing the emergence of the formation of the mass consciousness through mass media from its ritual and cultic connections, paying close attention to the pop symbology, but this time around, I will consider ritual itself.  Let us travel out of the media circus for a moment to the realm of liturgy, or communal ritual working.  Comparative religion luminary Mircea Eliade sheds light on this primal art in the following section of his The Sacred and the Profane:

“…[S]ince religious man cannot live except in an atmosphere impregnated with the sacred, we must expect to find large number of techniques for consecrating space.  As we saw, the sacred is preeminently the real, at once power, efficacy, the source of life and fecundity.  The religious man’s desire to live in the sacred is in fact his desire to take up abode in objective reality, not to let himself be paralyzed by the never-ceasing relativity of purely subjective experiences, to live in real and effective world, and not in an illusion….But we are not to suppose that human work is in question here, that it is through his efforts that man can consecrate a space.  In reality the ritual by which he constructs a sacred space is efficacious in the measure in which it reproduces the work of the gods.” (pg. 28)

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Dana Mrkich ~ Sun Flares

What a week, and it’s only Wednesday!! How are you feeling?” – D Mrkich

danaMrkichThe sun is flaring faster than I can keep up! The expected strong one today happened around 45 min after my last post coming in at a M9 ranking which is the next one down from an X flare. It was followed by another M class a few hours later. 

This week it has energetically felt like the Earth is a swaying ship riding some pretty mighty waves (so far 1 X class, 8 M class and some pretty high C class since Sunday). Everyone is holding onto the railings with that feeling of: “Woah, woah, here comes another one, woah another one up ahead, hold on everyone!” 

We’ve had physical symptoms like headaches, restlessness, adrenalin, heart palpitations, some people can’t sleep, some are sleeping more than usual. We’ve had emotional releases: old anger, grief, sadness, and deep gratitude. We’ve had spiritual and mental shifts: huge insights around old patterns and feeling yourself letting go of them finally, increased awareness around whatever you most need to be aware of, vivid dreams and ancient memories are all coming up.  Continue reading

Oracle Report ~ Wednesday, October 22, 2014

“The matrix is falling.  As pieces of it dissolve, windows of opportunities show through.  We respond to this.  There is every reason to not only be hopeful for the future, but to anticipate it with excitement.” – L Walker

Holding The Line - From Wise Owl Lawrence

Holding The Line – From Wise Owl Lawrence

Balsamic Moon in Libra: release

Skill: “prime the field” (see below)

Negative Imprint: immaturity and arrested development, refusing change, denial of personal needs, outworn patterns, narrow-minded

Positive Imprint: links, taking action toward goals and desires, dreaming, looking to signs from Spirit, abstractions, piercing the veil (outer appearance) to see truth

The Sun moves through the last vestige of Libra today, bathing us one final time in energy that nurtures and expresses beauty.

What does your heart stir you to express today?  Today’s energetic signatures take what is abstract or what is a picture in our minds and spin in into reality at a later date.  The later date may even be tomorrow.  Manifestation is becoming faster and more furious now that the goddess embodied as our planet, Sophia, is fully awake and engaged, and we have declared ourselves participants individually and through various groups (soul families).

As one wise owl heard at the end of Monday’s group meditation, “The miracles begin soon.”  I couldn’t agree more.  Continue reading

X22 Report ~ Episode 498 – Oct 21 2014 [Audio]

U.S. Is Now Directly Arming The Islamic State To Push The Agenda To Remove Assad

  • Europe is now introducing a new austerity plan so each country can receive more debt.
  • McDonald’s sales are down.
  • Existing home sales pushed up by condos and speculators.
  • CEO of Total dies in plane crash, he mentioned that oil does not need to be sold in dollars.
  • Swedish banks start enforcing FATCA rules.21 cities in US say its illegal to feed homeless.
  • Liberia sees the Ebola spreading slower.
  • The U.S. enforces screening for West African countries.
  • Obama getting ready to push his EO for illegal amnesty through right after the elections.
  • Iran doesn’t trust the US coalition fighting the Islamic State.
  • U.S. directly arming Islamic State and sending humanitarian aid to them.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

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Sumerian Texts: Do These Tablets Reveal Secrets About Alien Life?


In 1849, Sir Austen Henry Layard, English Archaeologist and global explorer, found himself among the ruins of ancient Bablyon in southern Mesopotamia. It was there he discovered the first pieces of what would eventually become one of Archaeology’s most controversial puzzles: Cuneiform Tablets.

Within this incredible ancient text are stories that have an uncanny resemblance to the Biblical stories of creation, deities, and even a reference to a great flood and a giant ark to survive it.

Specialists have spent decades trying to decipher these intricate symbols. One of the more fascinating aspects of cuneiform script is the evolution of the characters from the original pictogram Sumerian language to the wedge shaped strokes of Akkadian and Assyrian writing.

But the idea that this ancient civilization knew of distant star systems and had interacted with extraterrestrial life started with a controversial researcher and author named Zecharia Sitchin. His “Ancient Alien Theory” attributes the beginnings of Mesopotamian society to a race of beings known as the Annunaki, who traveled from a distant 12th planet called Nibiru.

Gods Among Us

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