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Rule By The Corporations

corporationsPaul Craig Roberts – The Transatlantic and Transpacific Trade and Investment Partnerships have nothing to do with free trade. “Free trade” is used as a disguise to hide the power these agreements give to corporations to use law suits to overturn sovereign laws of nations that regulate pollution, food safety, GMOs, and minimum wages.

The first thing to understand is that these so-called “partnerships” are not laws written by Congress. The US Constitution gives Congress the authority to legislate, but these laws are being written without the participation of Congress. The laws are being written by corporations solely in the interest of their power and profit. The office of US Trade Representative was created in order to permit corporations to write law that serves only their interests. This fraud on the Constitution and the people is covered up by calling trade laws “treaties.”

Indeed, Congress is not even permitted to know what is in the laws and is limited to the ability to accept or refuse what is handed to Congress for a vote. Normally, Congress accepts, because “so much work has been done” and “free trade will benefit us all.”

The presstitutes have diverted attention from the content of the laws to “fast track.” When Congress votes “fast track,” it means Congress accepts that corporations can write the trade laws without the participation of Congress. Even criticisms of the “partnerships” are a smoke screen. Countries accused of slave labor could be excluded but won’t be. Super patriots complain that US sovereignty is violated by “foreign interests,” but US sovereignty is violated by US corporations. Others claim yet more US jobs will be offshored. In actual fact, the “partnerships” are unnecessary to advance the loss of American jobs as there is nothing that inhibits jobs offshoring now.

What the “partnerships” do is to make private corporations immune to the laws of sovereign countries on the grounds that laws of countries adversely impact corporate profits and constitute “restraint of trade.” Continue reading

Astrology Report For June 2015

juneDorene Carrel – June is a fairly active month with four planetary stations, Saturn returning back to Scorpio and the Summer Solstice. We are now in the middle of a Mercury retrograde cycle, which began last month and will end on June 11. Since Mercury is in its own sign of Gemini, it affects communications, travel, link-ups and how we receive and process information. It is best to refine our plans now, rather than moving forward. We are also still under the influence of the May New Moon in Taurus until mid-month, which brings focus to our finances, resources and values, as well as our need for comfort and stability.

On June 2 the Full Moon occurs at 11 Sagittarius 49. This lunation aligns with Mercury and Mars, and is square to Neptune. Mercury/Mars produces much mental and physical energy that gets compromised by the Neptune influence, which tends to bring illusion, confusion, deception and lowered energies. Maintaining a less ambitious agenda is favorable, while also being more cautious and flexible. We can best use this cycle to re-examine our personal philosophy and beliefs from a higher spiritual perspective. The Sabian symbol keynotes for these degrees, “Liberation from the ghosts of the past,” and “The spiritualization and promotion of great symbols of a New Age by minds sensitive to its precursory manifestation,” suggests a forward-moving, evolving theme.

On this same day the dwarf planet Ceres turns retrograde. Ceres represents the Earth Mother archetype and also rules agriculture, gardening and cooking. Issues around nurturing or nutrition may come into focus. Other areas ruled by Ceres include eating disorders, custody issues and feelings of abandonment or possessiveness. Continue reading

Oracle Report ~ Monday, June 1, 2015

Gibbous Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius (2:40 pm ET/6:40 pm UT): trust, magic

Goddess of Wisdom: Tara (Goddess Who Guides)


Beautiful! – Photo by Kathleen

God of Will: Ian (God of The East)

Skill: hold ideals of greatness

Catalysts for Change: feeding off drama, controlling others, exclusion, mental health, alienation, glossing over things, not listening, blaming others, feeling taken advantage of, narcissism, undervaluing and under-appreciating, uncompromising, domination, rocky

True Alignments: inspiration at twilight, endurance and perseverance, maneuvering around storms, rich of Spirit, moving above limits, rights, respect for others and self, impulse to create, equality, exchanges with like-minded people, compromising, actively listening

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a mature woman reawakened to romance”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres”

Before the astrological new year on April 18, 2015, we were engaged in envisioning our ideals of greatness — our hopes, wishes, dreams, and intentions for the future. Today, a month and a half into the new year, those ideals return to the fore. Given the energetics in place this month that challenge our ideals and hopes for the future, we will need to hold tightly to them. We don’t give up on them, no matter what is happening. We can “let it be” when needed, but that doesn’t mean giving up. Continue reading

Survival Of Spaceship Earth: The Ultimate Rockefeller Depopulation Propaganda Film

Aaron Dykes – Depopulation, environmental laws, carbon taxes, global warming/global cooling/climate change, family planning, denying development to developing countries – it was all planned decades ago for global control by a handful of elites.

See the agenda for yourself in the 1972 United Nations film “Survival of Spaceship Earth” featuring John D. Rockefeller 3rd, science czar John P. Holdren, agenda 21 chief Maurice Strong, and a slew of other propagandists asserting control “for the earth.”

From Truthstream News’ Episode 3: “The Future Feeds Off Our Guilt”: Continue reading

Egypt Knew No Pharaoh Nor Moses

“The scale of the Septuagint deception is so scary in its seemingly perpetual effects that it continues to define the beliefs of Mr. Jonas E. Alexis and other Millions of gullible believers” – Dr. A Ezzat

ancientDr. Ashraf Ezzat – In a recent article, published on VT, Mr. Jonas E. Alexis has reviewed my kindle ebook (Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites)

Mr. Alexis has set off his (awfully long) critique by claiming (actually misleading many readers) I had no shred of evidence nor had I incorporated (in the book) any scholarly work/investigation to corroborate my thesis/claim. I’m not sure, as a physician, how bad Mr. Alexis’s myopia is, but I believe it’s seriously alarming.

Mr. Alexis claimed to have read my book. Though I can’t deny his claim I’m certain he failed, through what must have been a hasty reading, to discern the objective/goal of my book. Interestingly and as a reminder, I’ve included in the final ‘Conclusion’ chapter all the evidence-based findings (around 15 of them) that supported my theory in a concise (easy to recollect) manner (and I’m not talking speculations but hard-hitting evidences)

My book is debunking the ancient Israelite stories ever happened on Egyptian soil, most of all Moses and Pharaoh Story (a huge claim many scholars know is true but they prefer, out of fears for their own safety, to whisper about it behind closed doors) But I don’t get paid (by Biblically intoxicated institutions) nor abide by Zionist paradigms in my work, like most Egyptologists, so why the hell should I join the whispering chickens’ club.

ancientI’ve supported my thesis by including the work of western and Arabic scholars; the former have archeologically refuted that Egypt was the land of the Israelite Exodus and the latter unearthed the Arabian origin of not only the Israelite stories, but also of Judaism as ancient Arabian cult (the mainstream concept that ancient Palestine witnessed the inception of Judaism is an age-old delusion)

The western scholars who have refuted/denied the Exodus took place in Egypt and whose researches are cited in my book are; Israel Finkelstein, Neil Silberman, Donald B. Redford, Thomas L. Thompson, Keith Whitelam, Philip R. Davies and Ze’ev Herzog (head of Archeology department in Tel Aviv university, by the way) Continue reading

The Reality Salesman Makes A House Call, Part 2

“Imagination is a force of nature. Is this not enough to make a person full of ecstasy? Imagination, imagination, imagination. It converts to actual. It sustains, it alters, it redeems!”Saul Bellow, Henderson the Rain King

“When the imagination sleeps, words are emptied of their meaning.”Albert Camus

“I believe in intuition and inspiration. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”Albert Einstein

“But imagination gives us the sweet music of tiniest insect wings, enables us to hear, all around the world, the vibration of every needle, the waving of every bole and branch, the sound of stars in circulation like particles in the blood. The Sierra canyons are full of avalanche debris—we hear them boom again, and we read the past sounds from present conditions. Again we hear the earthquake rock-falls. Imagination is usually regarded as a synonym for the unreal. Yet is true imagination healthful and real, no more likely to mislead than the coarse senses. Indeed, the power of imagination makes us infinite.”John Muir

“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.”Mark Twain

“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.”Jean-Jacques Rousseau

“The imagination is not a state: it is the human existence itself.”William Blake

“One group, one collective, one unified species—consider the tonnage of propaganda that has been poured into that formula, in order to convince populations that elites want the Good, rather than what they really want: Control. What if the universal concepts of One Space and One Time in One Continuum is, likewise, a basic fraud?” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

“In the face of crises, people keep saying, ‘What can we do, what can we do, what can we do?’ And I keep saying, the real target of that question is the person asking it. He’s asking himself. I’m not demeaning solutions and staunch groups that are already out there. But I’m saying that the individual, by tapping into his own imagination, is a further solution. Imagination is the ultimate wild card. There are many answers and solutions and actions that haven’t been dreamed up yet. To ignore this fact, to remain out of touch with one’s own imagination is the worst possible idea.” (The Magician Awakes, Jon Rappoport)

ImaginationRailTracksWaterSkyStoneJon Rappoport – Hi again, folks. This is your friendly reality salesman, back for another reminder.

In my last message, I mentioned that all the inhabitants of Earth are due for a booster shot of our massively popular Perception Package. These updates occur every 20,000 years. Continue reading

Exposing Manipulative Media Techniques That Restrict Spiritual Freedom

The use of propaganda and negative framing techniques is rampant in both print and broadcast media. These techniques are used to portray alternative spirituality in a negative light, manipulating mass media consumers to fear and despise new religious movements as a criminal evil to be avoided at all costs. This article examines the framing techniques used to harm spirituality.

mediaDavid Gardner – When we turn on the news, open a paper or watch our favourite current affairs show, we might expect to be informed, not manipulated. What many may not consider or realise, however, is just how biased and sensationalist these forms of media can be, and how much they can influence our world view.

This is true in the media’s coverage of many aspects of society. Public figures are defamed on a regular basis, with the media knowing on probability that they will not be sued for every falsity or unsubstantiated allegation they publish. When people or groups are exonerated, the media is unlikely or reluctant to print a retraction, or to give it the same level coverage, as positive news is just not “newsworthy” enough to entertain its consumers. Sensationalism and negative coverage breeds curiosity, engages and unites consumers around social norms and orthodoxy and attracts advertisers.

In such a media environment, alternative spirituality is an easy target. It has been targeted and tarnished in the public mind through years of exposure to anti-cult rhetoric in the media following high profile tragedies at WACO and Jonestown. Alternative spirituality is almost always framed in a negative light, with the very idea of it deliberately conflated with controversy and associated with the very small minority of unconnected groups which have committed criminal acts. While the majority of the public have no experience with small spiritual groups, their curiosity is easily evoked by the lurid stories of “brainwashing”, “mind control”, broken families and alleged sexual transgression which the media often lead with when covering so-called “deviant” spiritual minorities. Continue reading