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X22 Report ~ Episode 457 – Sept 2 2014 [Audio]

The 60 Day Countdown Begins, Will This Lead To The False Flag Event?

  • The manufacturing around the world starts to decline, meanwhile the US manufacturing is improving.
  • Gold has been pushed down once again to give the illusion that the dollar and economy are strong.
  • US Senator wants to take passports away from US fighters who fight in Syria.
  • Ebola is hurting the economies of West Africa and pushing food prices higher.
  • NATO soldiers reported fighting in Ukraine.
  • Libya tribes have now taken over government buildings.
  • Obama notifies congress of strikes in Armeli Iraq, this gives Obama 60 days to use military assets in the region.
  • Afterwards he will need approval from congress, this time frame brings us to Oct-Nov. Islamic State has reportedly beheaded Sotloff in a new video.
  • This is just another event to push the main event.

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RT News ~ World News Links (Sept 2 2014)

Remember Iraq? Former US intel officers warn Merkel against NATO images of Ukraine

 German Chancellor Angela Merkel.(AFP Photo / John Macdougall )

German Chancellor Angela Merkel.(AFP Photo / John Macdougall )

With the escalating Ukrainian crisis towards the top of the agenda at this week’s NATO summit in Wales, a group of former American intelligence workers is urging the alliance to be careful before crafting a response.

Sixty foreign leaders and dozens of diplomats and defense officials from around the globe will convene at the event this week and are expected to approve a plan that calls for assembling a 4,000-strong “spearhead” force to counter “Russia’s aggressive behavior,” NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said on Monday, in the wake of the release of satellite images purported to show the advancement of at least 1,000 Russian troops and artillery into eastern Ukraine.

But on the eve of the first major NATO meeting since 2012, a coalition composed of seven former United States intelligence officers is asking the alliance to recall the 2003 invasion of Iraq before authorizing any military action.

According to the group, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, the evidence produced by NATO from the Ukrainian-Russian border is on par with the “same dubious, politically ‘fixed’ kind used 12 years ago to ‘justify’ the US-led attack on Iraq.”

“We saw no credible evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq then; we see no credible evidence of a Russian invasion now,” reads an excerpt from the memo signed by the VIPS steering group — a coalition composed of former National Security Agency analyst William Binney, retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern, retired US Army Colonel Ann Wright and others — published online over the weekend and addressed to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Continue reading . . .

Selected RT_News LInks

Drone gets peek at Apple’s new ‘spaceship’ campus (VIDEO)

Rotherham child abuse: South Yorkshire police face ‘independent’ investigation

Rich vs Poor: Dietary gap widens rapidly, study shows

India-Pakistan-Afghanistan: Will the triangle give peace a chance?

Hope US won’t help Ukraine as it did Libya and Iraq – Lavrov

‘People of Europe have never been asked whether they want to live in a super state’

53 ton fish-kill: Dead ‘popocha’ fish removed from Cajititlan Lagoon, Mexico

EU prepares emergency ‘Plan B’ blueprint in case Russia halts gas – report

Liberia’s nurses go on strike amid Ebola outbreak

Castro compares NATO to Nazi SS, slams US, Israel for ‘creating ISIS’

Be more Internet-tolerant, Iran’s Rouhani urges clerics

Biblical scenes: Billions of locusts descend onto Madagascar capital (PHOTOS)

Russia outraged after Kiev accuses Moscow of nuclear attack threats

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Julian Rose ~ Why Humanity Must Come Through

“We are the ones to whom the baton of life has been passed and in whose hands its future rests. We are awaking to the realisation that ‘to be human’ means that we occupy a pivotal role in furthering the work of Creation. That is a gift which surpasses all other blessings with which we are endowed.” -  J Rose

HumanityNeed I say it, we are living in – and through – an apocalyptic time. Disintegration and destruction manifest at an accelerating pace as our World is buffeted by a jumbled combination of opposing energies: the distorted man made toxic ones as well as the universal vibratory waves that are an integral part of great cosmic changes.

Nothing we have experienced up until now quite compares with this. There is little that could prepare us for our journey through this collision of forces, aside from an emerging awareness that they are both external and internal manifestations. Manifestations of human and universal energies seeking to redefine and rebalance their shared essence.

Consider for a moment the contribution that our own specifically ‘man made’ toxic cocktail makes to this confusion: electromagnetic smog; atmospheric aerosol pollutants;  HAARP inspired weather engineering; leaking radioactivity from  nuclear power plants; a highly destructive and continually active war machine; blanket agrichemical pesticide contamination of both air and soil; transgenic crops and animals; unprecedented number of highly contaminating oil spills/leaks; chemical assisted fracking for gas; pharmaceutical and industrial pollution of air water and food; and – not least – the dark side’s deliberate distortion of human energies and the mindless splashing around of these energies by its unaware recipients. Continue reading

Jennifer Hoffman ~ September 2014 Energy Report

jenniferhoffmanSeptember ushers in the final four months of 2014 and whether you think the year has gone by quickly or slowly, we have all been part of a deliberate process of shifting the entire alignment of every aspect of the energy we live in and with. Michelangelo said that he recognized the figures in the marble he worked with and merely chipped away the excess marble to reveal them. We have been doing the same thing, removing layers of emotional debris from lifetimes of karma, soul wounds, contracts, commitments, disappointments, betrayals, sadness, pain, and fear, to reveal the love, joy, and beauty of our core selves.  It’s time to put some ‘divine into our vibeTM‘ and move from healing to wholeness, we do that by choosing our most powerful outcomes and then aligning with the energy that will make them possible.

For those interested in astrology, Saturn and Pluto are in each other’s signs (an aspect called mutual reception), Saturn in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, and Pluto in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. This makes these planets’ energies and impact extra powerful, so the learning and transformation take on a whole new level of meaning and impact, which translates into a ‘DO IT NOW’ kind of learning experience. Has that been your experience of 2014 so far? It gets a little easier in September but only if we have the courage to press on. We’re almost where we want to be and exactly where we need to be for that to happen. Continue reading

Christine Day – Breathe…And Let Go

 “Many human beings are in despair of what they see and what they perceive in their own lives, but the Pleiadians say all is in hand. So, I say that to myself, all is in hand, and I say that to my audience out there at any show I’m doing, because it really is — and I know the truth of that. So, I send love and blessings to everybody and remember: All is at hand.” – C Day

An Interview On Self-Transformation In 2014

ChristineDayHow are you, Christine?

Christine Day: Very well. I’m going through a lot of transformation right now and I’ve been home for the last three weeks, so it’s been a very powerful time for me. Now, I’m home for the rest of July as well, which is most unusual.

Aren’t you usually down in Brazil?

CD: Yes. My guidance was really to spend some time up here and I’ve really gone through a tremendous awakening in the last week, so I’m just still in the middle of that, but I’m just going with the flow. That’s all I can do. You just have to let go and allow yourself to do what’s happening. You really can’t do anything about what’s going on. So, that’s what I’m doing.

It’s an ongoing process, right?

CD: It is an ongoing process for all of us. We’ve started the Galactic Series up here with the communication portal, offering live webinar classes with people worldwide, and that has been just profound. We also have a Lemurian portal opening up directly out in front of the house in Lake Superior and we’ve been building this communication portal for the last 12 months in readiness for these live webinars that I am transmitting directly from that portal out to everybody. So, I’ve been going through a very rapid transmission to be able to hold all those new energies that are coming onto the planet. It has been a lot, but it’s not too much. It’s just part of the evolvement.

Is the key to have patience and just move step-by-step?
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Oracle Report ~ Tuesday, September 2, 2014

“The negative polarity of today’s energy attempts to stifle us and to trick us into feeling unworthy or weak. It also pushes issues of rejection and feelings of wanting to give up. If these things surface for you today, remember that what is actually happening is a correction of our own personal course in life.” – L Walker



First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius: take action ~ Ruling Mahavidya: Shodashi (Goddess Who Fulfills Highest Desire) and Matangi (Goddess of the Wind)

Skill: hold the line of what you know to be true

Negative Imprint: conformity, projection of personal feelings onto others, propaganda, impotent, fearful of new experiences, denial

Positive Imprint: divine direction, realization of talents, improvement of conditions, perseverance, form and symmetry, new opportunities

Welcome back to the daily report. It has been an interesting week of “holding the line,” hasn’t it?

Yesterday, Sabaoth the Sun released what believes was a strong M-class or an X-class flare with a CME (coronal mass ejection). The sunspot which released the flare is on the far side of the Sun, where instruments cannot accurately read. The flare occurred Monday, September 1 at 7:05 am ET/11:05 am UT.

The Sabian symbol for the position of the Moon at that time (the most precise indicator of the energy that is reinforced by the flare) is “an Indian woman pleading to the chief for the lives of her children.” The symbol discusses the need to stand up for things we care about – projects, ideals, values, information, people, the planet, natural law. In this way we don’t back down. We hold the line of what we hold to be true. Continue reading

Sarah Varcas ~ Times They Are A-Changin’

 “A New Moon in the second degree of Libra on 24th September heralds the start of an eclipse season  which lasts until the end of October. The Sabian Symbol for this degree signifies an increase in the frequency of light, a vibrational upgrade, setting the scene for the coming eclipses in October and providing clear and unequivocal indication of their potential!” – S Varcas

SarahVarcasAfter the intense pressure (both positive and negative) many have experienced during August, September 2014 comes as something of a relief! It offers a break of sorts during which we can catch our breath, take some time out and settle into our ‘new normal’. There has been a recent energetic theme which can best be characterised as the ‘return of the repressed’. This Freudian term is used to denote the emergence into consciousness of repressed thoughts, feelings and memories many of which we may have believed were over and done with. Such a process often occurs at times of intense change, largely because it is our unconscious which conspires to prevent us from changing in fundamentally life-altering ways.

During a time such as we have been through these past few months, the gates to the unconscious are flung open with every suppressed fear, denied emotion, ignored desire bursting out to assault our senses and do its level best to keep us from stepping out of our comfort zone. Just when we thought we’d dealt with our lack of self-worth bam! Self-hatred rears its ugly head the likes of which we’ve not encountered in a long time. Just when we thought that depression we struggled with for so long was healed, there it is again, penetrating every corner with its heavy, oppressive presence. Just when we thought we’d really got to grips with ‘this whole compassion thing’, we can’t bear to be in the same room as anyone else for fear of ripping their head off! We can end up feeling like nothing has changed and we’re simply the same person we were a year, two years, ten or twenty years ago!

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