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Montague Keen ~ Sunday 20 April 2014

 Montague Keen

My dear, as the pace of life increases and the energies that are being released awaken many more to the light, the Cabal is releasing microwave energies that attack and confuse. Microwave attacks can produce whatever health problems they choose:  heart, blood-pressure, unbearable pain especially in the head; as you, my dear, are only too well aware. Do not see yourselves as “victims” of these attacks, but rather see yourselves as being successful in your objectives, thereby threatening the plans of the Cabal.

Be strong, know your truth, and stand by it. Christ Consciousness is becoming the norm once more. Welcome it with open arms, meditate on it and it will be fully activated. Spend as much time as possible meditating on the obelisks and ley lines in Rome, thus releasing the energy. Once you open that particular gate you will be FREE. The monstrosity known as the Vatican, is what keeps you in bondage, forever struggling to survive.

I am happy to tell you that the Vatican is in disarray: there are splits, with some wanting to try the traditional route in an effort to survive, while others want to reform in an effort to convince the gullible that they have your best interests at heart. FEAR will be used, have no doubt about that, as this has always been their trump card. They can no longer hide their many scandals, and there are so many more about to be revealed that will shock and disgust even their most loyal supporters, such as their investment in weapons of war.

It is when the people step out of their fear and stop believing the lies the Vatican has forced upon them, that it will cease to be. The Vatican is held up by the beliefs of those who fear to look at the facts. Such people fear “death” because of the various lies they were forced to accept and believe. But this house of cards is on very shaky ground. It must fall so that mankind can survive and prosper. Continue reading

Carl Boudreau ~ The Astrology of May 2014 – Balance And Stability Ahead [Video]

Carl Boudreau  April 19 2014

I explain my reasons for being optimistic about the near future and defend my rights to be optimistic. 

It’s not really a question of “being optimistic” or “looking on the bright side” though. It’s about seeing what’s there in the charts.

Oracle Report ~ Saturday, April 19 – Sunday, April 20, 2014

Oracle Report  Disseminating Moon in Sagittarius (Saturday) Capricorn (Sunday): share, communicate, express, teach ~ Ruling Mahavidya: Chinnamasta and Kali

  • Skill: remember that assistance is being given to all
  • Negative Imprint: inadequate, powerless, self-critical
  • Positive Imprint: accepting

DogAndPupSophia and Sabaoth speak! Sophia (the Gnostic name of the being embodied as the Earth) and Sabaoth (the Gnostic name of the being embodied as the Sun who is an ally of Sophia) speak all the time; sometimes we are able to hear better. Sabaoth released an M7-class solar flare at 10:07 am ET/1:07 pm UT Friday, April 18. This is an extremely strong flare and it will overtake two less powerful flares already en route to the spheres of Earth (atmosphere, magnetosphere, stratosphere) this weekend. We picked up or received this stellar pulse immediately yesterday, but the effects build as the energy gets closer to our planet this weekend. The energy of this flare is encapsulated in the image of the Sabian symbol for 9 degrees of Sagittarius (the position of the Moon at the time of the flare – the most accurate indicator). This image is a mother leads her small child step by step up the stairs. Sophia, our mother planet, is assisting. She always does this in her role as our mother planet – our incubator. She provides all the conditions for life and growth, and we are lucky because she happens to be a beautiful planet and we reap the eye candy of this. But I digress. Not only are Sophia and Sabaoth directly engaged in how we experience life – how we grow as beings – but they also want us to know that they are doing this. The ancient code of the Sabian symbols, lost in time but recovered by the novelty of the human spirit and its close kinship with Spirit, is one language of communication. Continue reading

Timothy Glenn ~ Uranus Square Pluto Part Five: A Grand Cross to Bear

LauraBrunosBlog  April 19 2014


Laura writes ~ My friend, astrologer Timothy Glenn, returns with a spirited update on the next Uranus Square Pluto — the fifth in a series of seven. Reading this article reminded me of hisHeliocentric Square piece about the significance of November 23, 2013. Light bulb! I have been saying for months that I was never so glad to finish a month as I was to get through November 2013. I had completely forgotten about that as an astrological hinge point. No wonder I’ve felt like coasting downhill since that month ended.

Anyway, back to April 2014, which most Earth-centric astrologers have pegged as hugely significant. Indeed, we have loads of energies influencing us right now! I always enjoy how Tim describes planetary actions like a great big, crazy family and friends reunion. What will Uncle Jupiter do next?! Will Uranus and Jupiter gang up on Mars? Tim’s wonderful humor and wisdom put these wild energies into perspective. Enjoy the ride!

Uranus Square Pluto Part Five: A Grand Cross to Bear

Timothy Glenn ~ The most powerful astrological influence of our time takes quite a bit of time, which contributes to its influence being so powerful. Even here in the heart of this transit (the seven exact squares of the planets of evolution and revolution) more than two and a half years elapse. The first exact square of Uranus to Pluto occurred on June 24, 2012. The seventh will put the cap on the process on March 16, 2015.

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Mike Adams ~ Scientists Warn The Rise Of AI Will Lead To Extinction Of Humankind

NaturalNews  April 18 2014

mikeAdamsEverything you and I are doing right now to try to save humanity and the planet probably won’t matter in a hundred years. That’s not my own conclusion; it’s the conclusion of computer scientist Steve Omohundro, author of a new paper published in the Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence.

His paper, entitled Autonomous technology and the greater human good, opens with this ominous warning (1)

Military and economic pressures are driving the rapid development of autonomous systems. We show that these systems are likely to behave in anti-social and harmful ways unless they are very carefully designed. Designers will be motivated to create systems that act approximately rationally and rational systems exhibit universal drives towards self-protection, resource acquisition, replication and efficiency. The current computing infrastructure would be vulnerable to unconstrained systems with these drives.

What Omohundro is really getting at is the inescapable realization that the military’s incessant drive to produce autonomous, self-aware killing machines will inevitably result in the rise of AI Terminators that turn on humankind and destroy us all.

Lest you think I’m exaggerating, click here to read the technical paper yourself.

AI systems will immediately act in self defense against their inventors

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Ben Swann & Michael Lotfi ~ Prescriptive Rights: A Constitutional Perspective On The Bundy Ranch Crisis

Wake Up World  April 18 2014

Bundy_NevadaStandoffIn this ongoing story surrounding cattle rancher Cliven Bundy, there are a series of questions mainstream media has ignored. For instance, in the 20 years Bundy hasn’t been paying his fees, why hasn’t he been taken to court? Why this year spend nearly $1,000,000 of taxpayer money to round up 400 cattle that ultimately have to be returned? Why didn’t the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) just place a lien on the cattle rather than attempting to take them by force and then auction them off?

The Bureau of Land Management has suffered a huge black eye this week because of their response to the Bundy situation. Perhaps though, there is a reason the BLM chose force over the courts.

In an exclusive interview with, Montana cattle rancher Todd Devlin says the BLM is now considering new ways of dealing with the Cliven Bundy situation. Devlin is not just a Montana cattle rancher but is also a County Commissioner in Prairie County, Montana and he has worked with the Department of Interior, having taught workshops for the agency in the past. On Monday, Devlin reached out to his contacts in the Department of the Interior to find out why the Bureau of Land Management has refused to work with Bundy rather than simply attempting to run over him.

Among the questions Devlin asked of the BLM: “Is it possible that this guy (Cliven Bundy) has prescriptive rights?”

The response from top officials at the BLM: “We are worried that he might and he might use that defense.”

So what exactly are prescriptive rights?

Prescriptive right to property is an easement that gives someone the right to use land owned by someone else for a particular purpose. An example is using a path through Party A’s land to get to your land; in this case a prescriptive easement is allowed which gives the user the right to get to his land through A’s property.

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Henrik Palmgren Interviews John B. Wells ~ Corporate Media, Globalists & Putin’s Russia [Audio]

Red Ice Radio  April 17 2014

John B. Wells is the host of the radio show, Caravan to Midnight. He is an actor, musician, writer, investigative journalist, composer, martial artist, aviator and broadcaster. John also performed weekend duties as the host of the nationally syndicated overnight radio show Coast to Coast AM.

We’ll begin the hour with John discussing his recent exit from Coast to Coast AM and monster corporate media outlets such as Clear Channel. For some radio programs, the only thing safe to talk about is that which can’t be proven. John talks about how information is being used as a weapon. Then, we’ll talk about how patriotic, pro-US Constitution Americans are being marked as a threat while the nation tumbles into the ultimate sacrifice for the “common good.” Continue reading