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Susan Duclos ~ Chemtrailing Evidence – Sky Devils & Genocide Of The Human Race


A fascinating and frankly chilling email hit my inbox this morning, forwarded by a friend of ANP, which provides 100% proof that not only is the topic and dangers of chemtrails not just a conspiracy theory, but the chemical dispersal patents included, shown in the images below, with the testimony of the military veteran that provided video and photo evidence, is indicative of a plan, agenda of genocide against the human race.

Readers may remember an ANP article written on September 14, 2014, titled “Deaths Coloring Book – (Sky Devils) Visit Steve Quayle – Amazing Photos Of The Day! – Updated With CIA Death Bed Confession,” where outrageously clear photos taken by Mr. Quayle were published showing a “gravity wave” and controlled chemtrails of different colors, where were warned again that this is what we are all breathing into our bodies.

What we see below is more evidence of those assertions.

According to veteran Donald J. Potts, “I am one of several military veterans that is trying to help awaken mankind. Please share this information with as many people as possible using Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Email, or whatever. This is hard evidence and 100% proof of chem-trailing. These 4 pictures and 7 videos are 100% proof that chem-trailing is TRUTHER information and not a conspiracy theory.” Continue reading

Oracle Report ~ Thursday, November 20, 2014

“Humanity is really more like a parliament of owls, not a pandemonium of parrots (no disrespect to the gifts of the parrot intended.)  We have divine sources helping us see through the game into wisdom.” – L Walker

OwlInTreeBalsamic Moon in Scorpio: field transformation

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala (Goddess of Assurance)

Skill: be like a wise owl in a tree peering out and observing

Negative Imprint: feeling restricted, stealing, making noise but saying nothing, surrendering to domination, jealousy, difficulty expressing feelings

Positive Imprint: rebirth, making melodies from sounds, consultations, choosing wisely, objectivity, contemplation, teamwork, taking something and making it better.

The planets align in a special configuration today that enables messages to be powerfully transmitted into the collective, so powerfully in fact that they shape the future.

Power to infuse a background or subliminal communication into the message is provided by the position of Mars at the degree of the Sabian symbol “a hidden choir singing during a religious ceremony.”  Mars turns this spiritual energy messianic with the ability to stir up fervor.

Energy for the best possible delivery of the message is leveraged from the position of the Earth at the degree of the Sabian symbol “the first mockingbird of spring sings from the tree top.”  This gives the message the flavor of being innovative, revolutionary, and able to be “ahead” of everyone else. Continue reading

Gerald Celente ~ Jeff Rense Show November 16, 2014 [Video]

Gerald talks with Jeff regarding top trends of 2015.

SF Source Gerald Celente  Nov 18 2014

Dane Wigington ~ Polar Vortex Creation: Climate Engineering and Extreme Weather

Global climate engineering is forcing the climate system far past the breaking point. The ever more radical fluctuations of temperatures and weather conditions is beginning to gain the attention of many around the world. Record high temperatures are now often followed immediately by record low temperatures. The geoengineers are desperately trying to create regions of “cool-downs” in a world that is rapidly warming. The “cool” zones are shallow layers of cold dense air that settles out of clouds and storm systems which are being heavily sprayed with artificial/chemical ice nucleating elements.

Profound jet stream manipulation with the use of ionosphere heater installations are also a major factor in the engineered “polar vortex” events and cool-downs. The radical lurching of the climate system will worsen rapidly as the damage to our biosphere increases. Make your voice heard in this critical battle, we must all work toward exposing and halting the geoengineering insanity.

Dane Wigington

Weather records tumble, and will continue to tumble, nationwide

Source: Examiner

David Icke ~ Royal & Political Paedophilia: How the Global Pieces Fit [Audio]

Two Hour Special. Definitely worth a listen. Fascinating info -g

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SF Source davidicke  Nov 18 2018


Aaron Dykes & Melissa Melton ~ Did Smokey The Bear Brainwash You To Accept Agenda 21?

Recently, we stumbled across some old commercials for Smokey the Bear – the iconic Forest Fire Council ads produced by our own government via the National Ad Council.

On top of warning that “Only You! Can Prevent Forest Fires,” (complete with a giant, shovel-wielding bear) many of these PSAs carried a dark and ominous tone – even scathing of humanity and their footprint on the earth.

And all that before Al Gore and the climate crusaders started blaming us all for AGW…

SmokyTheBearBut why did Smokey take this tone with his young viewers, otherwise tuned into Saturday morning cartoons and mindless TV shows?

Could it be that the real agenda behind preventing forest fires is conditioning future generations to accept blame for damaging the earth and allowing trustees to takeover land – starting with the national parks and, of course, U.N. World Heritage Sites?

After all, the Ad Council was created by powerful businessmen in a public–private partnership with the government during World War II.

As others have argued, the United Nations and international involvement in preserving important sites – arranged via the 1972 World Heritage Treaty – amounts to a loss of sovereignty, and the ownership of America’s most treasured landmarks and parks rest, ultimately, not with The People. Meanwhile, the 1972 United Nations Earth Summit set the tone for what has now been two generations of global environmental control rationales. Continue reading

Oracle Report ~ Wednesday, November 19, 2014

SO News ~ Calm Sets In, Records Update – November 19 2014 [Video]

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X22 Report ~ Episode 521 – Nov 18 2014 [Audio]

DHS & National Guard Preparing For Mass Rioting In Ferguson

  • Greece is battling to exit it early but the IMF wants Greece to take on more debt.
  • As time goes on it is taking people longer and long to get a job.
  • Inflation creeps up even though fuel prices are down.
  • NAHB sentiment up, mortgage apps and sales decline.
  • France will not sign the TTIP.
  • Frankfurt is now offering direct settlements in Chinese yuan.
  • US now ranks 21 in personal freedom according to a survey.
  • DHS and the National Guard are getting prepared for riots.
  • The FBI warns things can go hot fast not just in Ferguson but around the country.
  • The gold in Ukraine’s vaults has mysteriously disappeared.
  • UN wants the Islamic State oil truck transports destroyed.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

SF Source X22Report