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Dana Mrkich ~ Dodging Bullets And Catching Waves

danaMrkichOkay, so 9 M-class Solar Flares in the last 24 hours is hardly a ‘break in intensity’ but the Sunspot responsible is creeping its way to the other side of the Sun for a couple of weeks right about now so that’s about the best we can ask for in terms of ‘conditions easing!’.

It will still be flaring, and we’ll still feel it, but these extreme conditions where it has felt like we’re dodging bullets constantly (or being hit by them) will hopefully pave the way for a 2 week period of integrating the immense shifts and changes we have experienced over the past few weeks.

I say ‘hopefully’ like I’m tired of the flares, and in one way yep I could use a break, but on the other hand the absolute priority of the universe, of our souls, of ‘the divine plan’ as it were, is our evolution and growth. Continue reading

Buck Rogers ~ Forbidden History: 500 Year Old Map Shatters Official Story

“If Hapgood’s theory has merit, as even Einstein believed, then there was a period of time from around 13000BC to 6000BC when Antarctica was located more closely to the equator and was more tropical in climate, much like parts of South America. This was caused by a sudden shift of the earth’s entire lithosphere, he theorized, simultaneously moving all of the continents into their present position . . .” – B Rogers


If conventional wisdom on the history of the human race is correct, then human civilization is not old enough, nor was it advanced enough, to account for many of the mysterious monolithic and archeological sites around the world. Places like Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, the Bosnian Pyramids, and Adam’s Calendar in South Africa, beg the same question: if human civilization is supposedly not old enough to have created all of these sites, then who, or what, had the capacity to create so many elaborate structures around the globe?

It is clear that our understanding of our own history is incomplete, and there is plenty of credible evidence pointing to the existence of intelligent and civilized cultures on Earth long before the first human cultures emerged from the Middle East around 4000BC. The Admiral Piri Reis world map of 1513 is part of the emerging more complete story of our history, one that challenges mainstream thinking in big ways.

Mapmaking is a complex and civilized task, thought to have emerged around 1000BC with the Babylonian clay tablets. Antarctica was officially first sighted by a Russian expedition in 1820 and is entirely covered in ice caps thought to have formed around 34-45 million years ago. Antarctica, therefore, should not be seen on any map prior to 1820, and all sighted maps of Antarctica should contain the polar ice caps, which are supposedly millions of years old.A world map made by Ottoman cartographer and military admiral, Piri Reis, casts some doubt on what we think we know about ancient civilization.

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Oracle Report ~ Friday, October 31, 2014

“Here’s my kind of Halloween visual for the day:  From our view on the shore, we take in the spectacle of the monstrosity of the matrix collapsing into the ocean, tentacles flailing.  Lightning is flashing in stormy skies.  The horror is sinking away.” – L Walker

First Quarter Moon in Aquarius: step out

X22 Report ~ Episode 505 – Oct 30 2014 [Audio]

U.S. Warns That Americans In The Middle East Might Be Attacked By Al-Qaeda

  • Initial jobless claims nears 40 year lows.
  • More companies are laying off employees.
  • GDP for the 3rd quarter jumped on government spending.
  • FBI wants the ability to hack into any computer.
  • Obama plans to bring Ebola infected people in the US.
  • China sending millions of dollars and medical staff to West Africa to fight Ebola.
  • Nigeria turns to Russia to help fight Boko Haram.
  • Syria’s air-force hits the Islamic State better than the US led coalition.
  • US State Department putting out warnings that Americans may be attacked in the middle east by al-Qaeda or the Islamic State.
  • New false flag warning from Spain intelligence, the Islamic State will use Ebola to kill Americans. Be prepared for a false flag.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

SF Source X22Report

Joseph Farrell ~ News And Views From The Nefarium October 30 2014 [Video]

There have been important developments in NATO this week; Joseph discusses those French-built Russian aircraft carriers, the recent Russian provocations of NATO, and a little known aspect of German military involvement in Russia.

SF Source Joseph Farrell

Tom Kenyon ~ Escalation Of Chaotic Nodes And The Dismantling Of 3-D Reality

“In the final analysis, your personal experience of the escalation of interlocking Chaotic Nodes will depend solely upon the vibratory resonance you have attained or failed to attain. The responsibility for this passage as an individualized being, embodied in time and space, is solely and completely your responsibility.” – The Hathors

Due to time-acceleration and cosmic forces far beyond your control you are in the midst of a crescendo of interlocking Chaotic Nodes.

In past messages we have referred to the interaction of chaotic events as a Chaotic Node, singular, but in this instance we are referring to a more complex phenomenon—what we are calling Chaotic Nodes, plural.

Depending upon your vibratory resonance you will be affected in unique ways by the escalation of chaotic events. Those of you sensitive to the ecosystem of this planet may be experiencing extreme duress as you witness the degradation of the ecosystem and the loss of many species of life.

Another Chaotic Node, in addition to the Chaotic Node of your ecosystem, is the stress of interpersonal communications. This is a very complex situation, and it is partly due to the shifts in magnetic fields upon your planet, making short-term memory and cognitive sequencing difficult during energetic shifts—and these energetic shifts are accelerating. Irrational behavior, desperation and feelings of utter hopelessness are on the rise. As the deterioration of both the ecosystem and interpersonal communications increase we anticipate even more cultural and social instability.

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Henrik Palmgren Interviews Morris Herman ~ New World Order Goals [Audio]

Morris Herman is behind the Youtube channel 108morris108, which features independent thought and analysis of world events and trends, a little quirky and individualistic, yet it is clear that Morris’ channel reveals some experience in the professional news media.

Morris’ channel first had an impact during the Libyan assault by NATO and often concentrates on Middle East affairs. Morris is a traveler and is also happy to engage in videos suggesting some of our news headlines are actually hoaxes or manufactured. Continue reading

Oracle Report ~ Thursday, October 30, 2014

“It’s a Black Moon day, one of the last during the Black Moon’s jaunt through Leo, . . . The energy brings out people’s core fears.  People project those fears onto others.  Analyze what people are telling you about yourself from this perspective.  They are probably talking about themselves but don’t know it.  We project what we cannot face about ourselves.” – L Walker

First Quarter Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius: branch out

MediterraneanSpainWaterSeaCoastRuling Mahavidya: Kamala (Goddess of the Lotus Blossom)

Skill:  integrate the aspects of yourself that are revealed

Negative Imprint:  causing damage, forcing, unsupportive and unsupported, feeling abandoned or lost, mood swings, feeling unable to cope, dividing and conquering

Positive Imprint:  repairing damage, transcending conditions, improvisation, reflections, facing truth through the fall of illusions, people of like mind and mission coming together

If the energy of this lunar month is like being on a sight-seeing bus filled with bold tourists going where no one has gone before, today the bus stops for gas and repairs.

An opportunity to explore presents itself.

In keeping with the energy of “pausing” and taking a departure, let me tell you a story of the day instead of giving a report.

Many of us on the bus wish the driver would’ve stopped in a better part of town, so to speak.  Everything looks ominous.  Symbols of death abound.  Do the people that inhabit this place worship death? Continue reading

Soren Dreier ~ Tales From The Morph VII

WomanLyingOnGrassI lay me down in the tall grass and focus on ‘Holy’.

I lay ME down and open my heart and ME steps out, creates a void and into that void ‘Holy’ can enter.

I lay me down and the void that’s in me, and in you, connects to ‘Holy’ and is forever glued to Holy, since Holy lives in the void. So why make extra room for it?

Because we are not always walking the grass. We walk and we stray, and we need to invite what’s already in us out of the realm of the Celestial stronghold that’s within us, and ‘do the walk and stop talking the talk’.

Holy, does not manifest in noise.
Holy, can’t settle in a busy mind.
Holy is sacred and people have agendas.

“How to get…”
“10 easy ways to purify the pineal gland”
“5 quick steps to oneness”

Surface-based quick fixes. ‘ Holy’, is long and weary. Continue reading