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Greg Hunter Interviews Lord Christopher Monckton ~ Climate Change Is Global Communist Tyranny [Video]

Lord Christopher Monckton says the “climate change” issue is really a way to gain control of the world.  Lord Monckton, former award winning journalist who was once an advisor to Margaret Thatcher, contends, “This is a story that has been grossly, I mean grossly, oversold.  They have exaggerated beyond all reason.  Just this week, I’ve had a major paper published in the Science Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Science which gives the reasons why they got it wrong.  We went into their wretched climate models and took them apart.  We’ve found what they did wrong, and we exposed it.  The left have gone ballistic.”

Lord Monckton goes on to say, “What seems to be happening is the communist, in particular the hard left, have taken up these climate cudgels in a very big way, and they are the ones that are really driving this agenda.  Why are they doing this?  That is the first question.  The reason, of course, is they have long wanted to set up what used to be called the socialist international.  It’s a single giant global communist tyranny. 

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Oracle Report ~ Wednesday, January 28, 2015

“Creativity is rising to massive peaks, thanks to the muse that accompanies the energy of Mercury retrograde while Venus makes conjunction with Neptune.  This dynamic continues through Sunday.  Lucky us!” – L Walker


Photo by Marie

First Quarter Moon in Taurus/Gemini (5:36 pm ET/10:36 pm UT): step out, take action

Anthony Gucciardi ~ Costa Rica Rules GMO Approval Process ‘Unconstitutional’

Will the US soon rule the same?

Costa Rican marketplace

Costa Rican marketplace

Here’s some powerful news you may have missed buried amid the footnotes of major news websites: Costa Rica’s Supreme Court has formally declared the nation’s GMO approval process to be highly ‘unconstitutional.’

In what amounts to great news in the fight to regain the global food supply, the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Costa Rica struck a blow against Monsanto and other major biotech firms in their recent ruling regarding the secrecy of the approval process itself.

According to Chief Justice Gilbert Armijo Sancho, who actually authored the final verdict for the court, the nation’s current approval process for the planting of GMOs is veiled in ‘secrecy’ and directly goes against the constitutional right to freedom of information. Continue reading

Stephen Lendman ~ America’s War On Everything It Claims To Stand For

“Prosecutorial injustice is rife. Courts most often are conspiratorially involved. Guilt by accusation suffices. Fabricated evidence is accepted as real. So are confessions extracted under torture. Multiple studies over the last half century show courts punish prosecutorial misconduct in less than 2% of cases.” – S Lendman

steveLendmanWhat kind of nation scorns basic precepts free societies cherish? Mocks them. Operates extrajudicially. Polar opposite what it claims to support.

Rewarding its wicked. Most reprehensible. Punishing its best, brightest, most honorable and deserving of praise.

What nation has far and away the world’s worst human and civil rights record over a longer duration? Affecting the greatest number of people.

Which one bears more full responsibility for multiple global genocides? At home and abroad.

Which cares only for its rich, well-born and privileged? No others. Which more systematically wants its middle class eliminated? Its working population exploited as serfs.

Which one more disproportionately shifts wealth from ordinary people to corrupted rich elites already with too much? Billionaires and multi-millionaires. Making money the old-fashioned way.

Which one more egregiously supports wrong over right on a global scale? Which continues inflicting more harm on more people than any nation in human history?

Which more systematically trashes its own laws on fundamental rights?

America’s Constitution Preamble stresses “form(ing) a more perfect union…”(E)stablish(ing) justice…(I)nsuring domestic tranquility…”

“Provid(ing) for the common defense…Promot(ing) the general welfare…Secur(ing) the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

Bill of Rights guarantees include free expression. A free press. Freedom of religion. Freedom of assembly and association.

Privacy by prohibiting unjustified searches and seizures. Due process and judicial fairness.

Cruel and unusual punishments forbidden. Other rights guaranteed by law. Continue reading

Andreas Toupadakis PhD ~ Crisis In Science: Scientists’ Responsibility For The Survival Of The Human Species

“. . .  scientists have created seeds that cannot reproduce themselves, and all this in the name of profit, under the pretext of serving humanity. Not many scientists would criticize this evil because most of them depend on a corporate paycheck. Science could benefit humanity only if it were practiced for serving others, not when it is practiced in secrecy and for profit and prestige.” – A Toupadakis

“Science is a good piece of furniture for a man to have in an upper chamber, provided he has common sense on the ground floor.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

While millions of people around the world are fighting increased battles with cancer in physical and emotional pain, science is still being glorified for scientific progress. It is no secret that in hundreds of thousands of lives around the world every day, there is a lot of indignation and despair because of what the wrong practice of science has done to people.

The truth is that humanity will very soon have to ask itself the following question, if it is not already too late: Can it be that by trying to improve and lengthen our lives without being in harmony with natural laws, we are not only losing our lives but also our earth?

The human race has only one or perhaps two generations to rescue itself, according to the “2003 State of the World” report by the Washington-based World Watch Institute. According to the report “…Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has reached 370.9 parts per million, the highest level for 420,000 years and probably for 20m years. Toxic chemicals are being released in increasing quantities, and global production of hazardous waste has reached more than 300m tones a year. There is only a vague idea of what damage this does to humans and natural systems.”

The report also says, “Bird extinctions are running at some 50 times the natural rate due to habitat loss and other consequences of human activity. Each day 5,500 children die from diseases linked to polluted food, air, and water, and the global rate of ice melt has more than doubled since 1988.” And these trends have only increased since this report was first published.

Michael N. Nagler, Professor Emeritus of Classics and Comparative Literature at the University of California, Berkeley correctly states in his new book Is There No Other Way? that “Science has every right to confine its attention to the physical, i.e. the outside world. It has no right to say, when it has done so, that it has given us the whole story.”

It is almost impossible to convince the unaware citizen of the violence of science. The late Anthony Standen puts it this way: Continue reading

The Tiny Earth House Domes of Solscape [Video]

This week we take a tour of the tiny earth houses of Solscape. These beautiful natural buildings are each less than 10 square meters, and sit overlooking the ocean, amongst the beautiful hills of Raglan, New Zealand.

The Earth Domes were built using a technique called earth-bag construction, where sturdy sacks are filled with material such as rock, sand and clay and then compacted down. The buildings each have a ferrocement roof and are finished off with a lime plaster.

Together, these domes cost less than NZ$10,000.00 to build. A remarkably low-cost, but stunningly beautiful build.

Although they are currently used as accommodation at Solscape Eco Retreat, it’s easy to see how easily these could be turned into spectacular, permanent tiny and ultra affordable earth houses with mezzanine sleeping loft, kitchen, bathroom and lounge areas.

SF Source Living Big In A Tiny House  Jul 1 2014

Dave Hodges ~ WW3, Transhumanism & The Battle For The Soul Of Humanity [Audio]

“Dave Hodges of the Common Sense joins me to talk about all of it – manufactured terror, World War 3, the elite’s plan to sell out humanity, depopulate the earth and use Transhumanism on those who are left here to be slaves” – SGT Report

This is a must listen conversation and we very much appreciate you tuning in and sharing it with those you love. Dave’s site:

SF Source  Jan 26 2015

John Vibes ~ This Edible Park Feeds 200,000 Hungry People Every Month!

In Irvine, California, a 7.5 acre plot of land was turned into “The Incredible Edible Park”, a community garden that feeds 200,000 people each month. Every year, over 15,000 volunteers come through to help plant and harvest the food. The once unused plot of land was donated and is now run by an organization called the Second Harvest Food Bank.

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Oracle Report ~ Tuesday, January 27, 2015

“Television (the projection of a vision or message) screens (insertions to reality) are the primary method for controlling people.  Remember that it is a projection of a certain perspective of reality meant to exploit our natural, mammalian tendency to model or mimic what we see.” – L Walker

SkyLightningWavesWaterBeachBoardwalkFirst Quarter Moon in Taurus: step out, take action

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Matangi

Skill: be mindful of what is being projected and what is on display

Negative Imprint: stingy, “outing” something, inappropriate public displays, fear of change, depression, false fronts and pretense, wanting to quit, emotionally overwhelmed

Positive Imprint: availability, peace, appreciation, unwavering, burning desires, interchange and exchange, standards, uplifted, observant

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “an old adobe mission” (projecting into the future, spiritual retreat)

The word for the day is “projection.”  This needs to be kept in mind in all things.  In general, there is a tendency to project the good, the bad, and the ugly onto others.  While this may not be what you are doing, someone may do it to you.  Look behind the scene of any dramatic interactions to see if someone was projecting their own feelings about themselves onto others or you.

“Projecting onto screens” is definitely a strong element in the energy right now.  The entire lunar month is about projecting into the future – setting up things that will develop later.  Venus moves into Pisces today, joining Neptune, Mars, and Chiron.  It’s a Piscean sea full of love, beauty, creativity, spirituality, initiative, and wisdom.

There’s also a Piscean sea monster with tentacles of gloom, isolation, depression, anger, confusion, and wounding.

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