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“Silver, Gold, Bitcoin…And God!”

Bix Weir – We are approaching a time when it will be too late to make any of the complicated maneuvers to protect your life savings. It takes time to remove yourself from the current financial system and time is NOT on your side anymore.

goldI have posted two Chapters from my book on the FREE Public Road to help jar people AWAKE!

Bix’s Book: Free Chapters 10 & 11

Chapter 10 addresses the insanity of holding ANY of your investment assets in the form of stocks, bonds, 401k’s, pensions, bank accounts, commodity accounts, etc. By now you should know that all paper and electronic assets are being duplicated  (aka “rehypothicated”) on a massive scale. According to the SEC over 300M stock shares “Fail to Deliver” EVERY DAY! This is from their own records. One of my favorite Bad Guy trading companies, Virtu Financial, was on the news yesterday trying to explain why they’ve only had one trading day loss in 5 years. They said it was because of the volumes they deal in and to quote the CEO… “We make over 5 Million trades per day.” Hmmm. 5M trades a day doesn’t even touch how many shares are involved in each trade…try BILLIONS of shares per day.

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The Changing World of Work 5: “Human Robots” and High-Level Skills

Charles Hugh Smith – While it is impossible to summarize the job market in a vast, dynamic economy, we can say that the key to any job is creating value. That can be anything from serving valuesomeone a plate of mac-and-cheese to fixing a decaying fence to feeding chickens to securing web servers to managing a complex project–the list is essentially endless.

The question is: how much value does the labor create? The value created, and the number of people who are able to do the same work, establishes the rate employers can afford to pay for that particular task/service.

As noted elsewhere in this series, work that can be commoditized has low value because it can be outsourced or replaced by software and machines. In cases where it is not tradable, i.e. it cannot be performed overseas, the value is limited by the profit margins of the service being provided and the number of people who can perform the work.

In many cases, for example, the fast food industry, workers are trained to become human robots, highly efficient at repeating the same tasks dozens of times per shift.

The severe limitation of human robot jobs is that they rarely offer much opportunity to learn a wide variety of skills–precisely what enables us to create more value with our labor.

Longtime correspondent Kevin K. describes how this lack of opportunity is a function of Corporate America, which demands every employee follow set procedures to homogenize the customer experience throughout the company and insure the product is the same everywhere in the market sector. Continue reading

Drought Number One Emergency in California [Video]

waterGreg Hunter – Author and attorney Ellen Brown says the drought in California is dire.  NASA recently said that California has just one year of water left.  Brown says, “It was just declared our number one emergency. . . .It’s pretty shocking what is happening.  It’s our fourth year of drought.  The Governor just declared that all the cities must cut back 25% in water usage. . . . The water districts are being fined $10,000 for going over, and you can get a $500 fine for doing a 10 minute shower instead of a 5 minute shower.  They have smart meters that can show specifically how long your shower was, which is kind of scary in itself.”

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News And Views From The Nefarium – Apr 16 2015 [Video]

Joseph Farrell – The Asian Investment Infrastructure Bank [AIIB] is up and running, and what a strange list of members it has! And what a strange list of NON-members it has!

$50bn Asian infrastructure bank approves 57 founding members


Chinese Vice-Minister of Finance Yaobin Shi (Reuters/Joshua Roberts)

The China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has approved 57 countries as founding members after including an extra seven, according to China’s Finance Ministry.

Sweden, Israel, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Portugal and Poland were all included as founding members, according to a statement released by the ministry on Wednesday. The ministry added that although the March 31 deadline for founding membership application has passed, the bank will continue to accept new members. China has rejected requests from North Korea and Taiwan to join the investment bank.

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We Have A Moral Obligation To Starve The Beast

Simon Black – August 5, 1861, facing rapidly deteriorating economic conditions and a horrible defeat at Bull Run, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Revenue Act of 1861 into law.

incomeIt was the first time in US history that the federal government would charge an income tax on its citizens. But Lincoln felt that it was vital to fund what would become one of the most unconscionably costly conflicts in US history.

The original law in 1861 set a flat tax rate of 3% on incomes above $800.

(Using the gold price as a benchmark, this is equivalent to 42.26 ounces, or roughly $50,500 in today’s dollars. Not that there’s any inflation.)

The income tax was tweaked occasionally throughout the war, and it lasted for a few years afterwards to help fund reconstruction.

But it was ultimately lifted in 1873 during the administration of Ulysses S. Grant. And aside from a single episode in 1894, there would be no income tax in the United States of America for nearly 40 years.

Ironically, during this 40 year period the United States emerged as the largest, most powerful economy in the world.

And they achieved this with no income tax. No inflation. And very little public debt.

Today it’s entirely different. The dollar has lost over 99% of its value. And US debt is more than has ever been accumulated by any other nation in the history of the world.

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Ben Fulford (Apr 14 2015) ~ Former US Director Of Nat’l Intel Dennis Blair Works For Japanese Gangsters [Full Post]

Sometimes you have to see things to believe them. Today, I got the name card of Dennis Blair, former US Director of National Intelligence (overseeing all US intelligence agencies) and former Commander in Chief of US Pacific Forces. It says he is now Chairman of the Board and CEO of worldthe Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA. In other words, he works for Yohei Sasagawa, a man multiple Japanese Yakuza gangster sources have told this writer is a fellow gangster. Here is a link to a declassified CIA report about his father Ryoichi Sasagawa:,%20RYOICHI_0014.pdf

Here is a quote from a well-researched book about the Yakuza.

So there you have it, US top brass retiring into Yakuza fronts. Blair was speaking at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan where he dutifully rolled out the current Washington D.C. party line for the corporate propaganda press. This writer was repeatedly denied an opportunity to ask Blair a question so we will post our question here:

“Mr. Blair, you work for Yohei Sasagawa, a man who creates money out of thin air by fraudulently claiming it is backed by legendary treasures hidden in Indonesian and Philippine caves. Unfortunately your European allies and most of the rest of the world no longer believe the stories of Sasagawa and his fellow gangsters and are building an alternative financial system. My question to you is ‘at what point are you people going to accept reality and agree to renegotiate the international geopolitical and financial architecture to reflect current world demographic and economic reality?’”

My follow up question was to be “The United States Constitution clearly states that the power to create money belongs to the government of the people of the United States so at what point is the US military going to keep its oath to protect the constitution by nationalizing the Federal Reserve Board and freeing the American people from debt slavery?” Continue reading

‘End ECB Dick-tatorship!’ [Video]

A protester, apparently from the FEMEN protest movement, interrupted a televised speech by European Central Bank president Mario Draghi, when she jumped onto the table and showered him with confetti, while shouting “End ECB dictatorship!”


It was unclear how the woman, who was wearing a t-shirt with the punning slogan “End ECB dick-tatorship” was able to gain access into the ECB headquarters in Frankfurt. Although the protester, who appeared to have an English accent, eschewed FEMEN’s customary tactic of naked protest, several media observers identified her as an activist belonging to the international protest group. She had allegedly gatecrashed previous public appearances by Vladimir Putin and Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Continue reading