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Achieve Younger Looking Skin With These Anti-Aging Foods

– As we age and begin to feel our own mortality, many of us secretly fantasize about a “fountain of youth” that we can drink from, and which will turn back the clock on Father Time. But so far, no such fountain has been found, at least, not that anyone is talking about.

So we do other things in an attempt to look and feel younger. We buy fancy skin creams, most of which are just garbage in a jar. We spend more time at the gym or following fitness regimens at home – and of course, there is nothing wrong with trying to stay fit. But we can also diminish the effects of aging by eating the right foods, and the good news is, to get healthier looking skin we don’t have to buy anything expensive or exotic to add to our diets.

Let’s take a peek at some of those foods below:

Berries, berries and more berries: What kind of berries are best for you? Really, you can take your pick. Berries are loaded with antioxidants that help your skin battle against the free radicals that make it age, as well as other molecules that can damage skin cells (remember, your skin is the largest organ in your body). Also, berries help cleanse your blood and thereby increase your immunity, which is also important in having healthy looking skin.

In fact, as Natural News has reported, research indicates that the antioxidant qualities of berries help reduce wrinkles, via phytochemicals.

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Big Pharma’s medical research papers are total bunk

Hundreds were fraudulently ghostwritten by a P.R. firm called ‘DesignWrite’

wyethMike Adams – Even though the big revelations about Big Pharma’s science paper research fraud came out years ago, most people are still not aware of this. Here’s the scoop: Drug companies routinely pay P.R. firms to ghostwrite clinical science papers which are published in medical journals and forwarded to the FDA to “prove” the drugs are safe and effective. But it’s all a farce: The papers are pure fiction, dreamed up by what are essentially marketing firms for the sole purpose of getting drugs approved even when they don’t work.

“In 2009, around fourteen thousand women who developed breast cancer while taking Prempro, a hormone replacement therapy (HRT), sued the drug’s manufacturer, Wyeth,” wrote Rupert Sheldrake in an extraordinary book called Science Set Free.

In court, it turned out that many of the medical research papers supporting HRT had been ghostwritten by a commercial medical communications company called DesignWrite, whose website boasted that over twelve years they had “planned, created and/or managed hundreds of advisory boards, a thousand abstracts and posters, 500 clinical papers, over 10,000 speakers’ bureau programmes, over 200 satellite symposia, 60 international programmes, dozens of websites, and a broad array of ancillary printed and electronic materials.” It emerged that DesignWrite organized a “planned publication programme” for Prempro, consisting of review articles, case reports, editorials and commentaries, using the medical literature as a marketing tool.

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VAXXED: Proud To Have Seen It Twice

Catherine J. Frompovich – After decades of researching as much studies, papers, data, vaccine package inserts and other documentation regarding Big Pharma-produced and CDC/FDA mandated vaccines, I finally was able to put to rest any possible “benefit-of-the-doubt courtesy” I could have had about the authenticity of the information Big Pharma-controlled CDC/FDA spouts as ‘gospel’ truth about toxic vaccines during the screening of the feature-length documentary movie VAXXED.  I saw it not once, but twice—two days in a row!


The second time I took notes, as I thought my readers would like to hear not only my thoughts about that most important, auspicious, and exceptionally revealing documentary, but also what happened after the second screening during the Q & A period that immediately followed the movie in which Dr Andrew Wakefield and two of the movie’s mom-participants, whose children are vaccine-damaged, graced the theater with their presence and graciously interacted with the large, obviously concerned, audience.  Some moviegoers, like my friend and I, were there for the second, or more times, to see VAXXED!  What does that tell you?

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe Official
Trailer from Cinema Libre Studio on Vimeo.

VAXXED was blacklisted and removed from the Tribeca Film Festival.  However, actor Robert DeNero, who has a vaccine-injured child, is having second thoughts about how he and his film festival were strong-armed to delete it from the list of films previewed.  Here are his comments as expressed to TV-man Al Roker.  “There is something that is not quite kosher in all of this.” Continue reading

Warning: Don’t Reboil Water

Get Holistic Health – This happens to me at least once a week: I fill my electric kettle up with water to let it boil for my evening tea and then… well, anything can happen. I was in the middle of working on something, or the TV show I’m watching just got really good and now what?

The perfectly hot water is now regrettably cold. The solution may seem simple; just turn the kettle back on and reboil it to be enjoyed in a couple more minutes.

But what happens to water when we reboil it?

arsenicIt’s something they never taught us in chemistry class, but really should have. When we boil water, the chemistry of it changes, which is usually a good thing as it boils out volatile compounds and dissolves gases. This is why boiling water mostly ensures that it’s safe to drink.

If water is left boiled too long or is reboiled, the chemical compounds change for the worst. By leaving your water to boil down, you’re actually concentrating many harmful chemicals instead of getting rid of them.

The same thing happens when you reboil water, as the compounds concentrate and increase the risk of ingesting certain chemicals.

These chemicals could include arsenic, nitrates, and fluoride. Even the minerals that are healthy for us can become dangerous when concentrated, such as calcium salt which can lead to kidney stones and gallstones when taken excessively.

The Destructive Effects of Reboiled Water

1. Arsenic

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The Horrible Truth About Vaccines [Video]

SGT Report ~ Greg Wyatt is a human rights activist, a founder of the vaccine truth movement and the father to two severely vaccine injured children now adults.

Greg joins us today to discuss the horrible truth about vaccines, the CDC coverup of the vaccine link to autism and the ongoing fight to educate others about the dangers of early childhood vaccines that contain a witches brew of dangerous ingredients from mercury and formaldehyde to animal and human DNA. Greg says the highly risky childhood vaccination schedule is a form of eugenics and says that many vaccines are actually better described chemical weapons. “They don’t cause autism”, Greg says, “They cause brain damage”.

Greg’s You Tube channel is AutismNewsDotCom. And you can also find his work at VaccineTruthMovement and CDC Wall of Shame on Facebook.

SF Source  May 2016

AIDS and Public Health – A Controllers Agenda

mindMichelle Walling – A mass extermination plan was developed and administered with the knowledge and consent of our own representatives in Congress through WHO and the CDC.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) was Department of Defense (DOD) and CIA project MK-NAOMI inspired by the Bilderbergers under the auspices of the World Health Organization. As a means of population control, WHO in 1972 requested a virus that would be sexually transmitted, nearly impossible to kill and 100% lethal. They then came up with a list of undesirables, which included homosexuals, blacks, Hispanics, Orientals and drug addicts.

That same year the DOD made a funding request to Congress to produce “a virus that selectively destroys the cells responsible for processing the virus.” This was approved as requested. WHO had already decided on initial target populations in Uganda, Haiti and Brazil. Other targets followed.

It was created by combining two viruses call bovine leukemia and sheep visna to get bovine visna (HIV). It was created in 1974 at Fort Detrick Maryland. The scientists who created it were cancer researchers working on biological warfare projects. It was an outgrowth of Alternative 3, Global 2000 and the Bilderberger commissioned Haig-Kissinger Depopulation Policy. Interestingly, a cure was created at the same time as the disease.

Another program was developed in the United States called Operation Firm Hand, which was administered by the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute of Health. In November 1978, an experimental Hepatitis B vaccine was introduced into selected cities, which was available free from the local blood bank. The effort was targeting gay non-monogamous men, which were subsequently identified through a questionnaire completed before the tainted vaccine was administered. The Hep B vaccine was deliberately contaminated with the HIV virus.

The CDC reported in 1984 that 64% of the recipients in New York City were dying or already dead from the program administered beginning that year. The death rate was approaching 100% before AZT was released. The epidemic, which followed, decimated the continent of Africa and killed tens of millions worldwide. This was done all in the name of population control.

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