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Jonathan Benson ~ CDC Lies: Measles Outbreaks Confirmed Among Children Already Vaccinated

ChildGettingVaccineMaybe Mickey Mouse is responsible for spreading measles to children at Disneyland? This is a more likely hypothesis than health department claims that unvaccinated children are to blame for a recent outbreak that occurred at “the happiest place on Earth,” in which 39 people — and counting — from at least four states, according to the latest reports, have been confirmed as having contracted the disease while visiting the park.

Official reports are claiming that unvaccinated children are to blame because some of those who contracted the measles hadn’t been vaccinated. Some of them had been vaccinated, of course, and the original source of the disease has yet to be determined. But like always, it is automatically those pesky individuals who choose not to inject their bodies with a vaccine linked to brain damage and autism — and that’s been shown to spread the measles — that must have triggered the outbreak.

The interesting thing about this latest measles outbreak is that the media is parading it around as evidence that not getting vaccinated triggers disease outbreaks, even though the original source of the disease is unknown. It is entirely possible that a vaccinated person spread the disease to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people, which in and of itself shows the lack of effectiveness of vaccines. Continue reading

Elizabeth Renter ~ Emergency Water: 4 Ways To Enjoy Clean Water Anytime

bottledWaterIn recent years, many of us have heard about the many signs and signals that point to a global water crisis inching near. The world doesn’t have to be ending for the water supply to become unusable and undrinkable – just ask the victims of any major natural disaster. Whether it’s a super storm, a local outage due to a broken line, or the zombie apocalypse, you need to know how to access clean water for your own survival and wellbeing. Fortunately, you have several options for emergency water in the case of a personal, national, or global crisis.

Emergency Water: Recognize and Prepare

It seems like the go-to protocol in emergency preparation is in having gallons of store-bought water stowed away in case something should happen. But, this isn’t without its own dangers. Not only can water in plastic jugs take up a lot of space, we just don’t know how the BPA in the plastic could be breaking down as it sits on your cellar shelf waiting for the day you need it.

What’s more, bottled water is nothing more than filtered or tap water, but is priced 2,000x higher than tap water. Stocking up on bottled water or storing your tap water in plastic simply isn’t the safest option.

And in case you didn’t know, this is what your tap water looks like. Tap water is riddled with heavy metals like lead, toxic fluoride, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, birth control, and much more. While it’s understandable to turn to tap water or bottled water int he case of a dire emergency, it should be known that these just aren’t the safest options available.

Here are a few safer options for emergency water.

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The Incredible And Unbelievable Health Benefits Of Turmeric Tea



  1. 1 cup Coconut Milk (or almond)
  2. ½ tspn Cinnamon
  3. ½ tspn Turmeric
  4. 1/8 tspn Nutmeg
  5. Dash of Cayenne Pepper
  6. Raw honey to taste


Put coconut milk, spices and honey in a sauce pan heat up slowly on low heat. If you put it on high heat the coconut milk will get too thick. Pour and enjoy.
We all need a sweet treat from time to time and this is my go to drink. It smells heavenly and is a great drink either first thing in the morning or as a treat at the end of a long day.

The benefits of Turmeric tea are endless! This is super healthy! It is one of the top super spices around. Know Why?

According to Healthy Continue reading

Julie Wahlers ~ High Fructose Corn Syrup, Fructose, Corn Syrup – Poison By Any Other Name

“Though you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble deciphering labels and trying to figure our what the food industry is hiding. Eat – real – food! It’s simple.” J Wahlers

cartoon_gmo_cornWhen chemicals added to processed foods earn a bad rep for causing disease and disability, one would hope the food manufacturers would remove them from their products or the FDA would protect the American people by banning them, but neither seems to be the case – not when big money is at stake. Instead the food manufacturers either launch dis-information campaigns claiming their additives are either healthy or benign, or they confuse and deceive the consumer by using a different name for the same additive. For example, according to The Truth in Labeling Campaign, MSG can be found in food under 50 different names.

With this history of deceit, it comes as no surprise to learn that we now have to look for high fructose corn syrup and aspartame under new names.

High fructose corn syrup

Dr. Mark Hyman has spent more than ten years studying high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), reading and interviewing “most of the ‘medical and nutrition experts’”.
He states the following reasons why we should never eat HFCS and why eating it may kill you. Continue reading

Psychiatry And Mind Control 101

Trailblazing psychiatrist and author Colin A. Ross is a guest on the January 18 Real Politik. He discusses the origins of CIA mind control, the psycho-pharmaceutical complex, the Obama administration’s recent project for mandatory mental health screenings of school children, and much more.

Dr. Ross has practiced psychiatry for over three decades. He is the author of 12 books, including Human Energy Fields: A New Science and Medicine (2009), The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists (2006), Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality Disorder by Psychiatrists (2000), and Satanic Ritual Abuse: Principles of Treatment (1995). An internationally recognized expert on dissociative identity disorder, he also oversees the Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma.

Interview Highlights

Dr. Ross argues that the Obama administration’s efforts toward mandating mental health screenings in the nation’s public schools to prevent further mass shooting events involves treading down a dangerous road.

Screening for trying to prevent all these mass shootings and trying to prevent violence by the mentally ill and so on is kind of parallel to screening in the schools. By screening in the schools we’re not really looking for gun violence. We’re looking for ADHD, depression, mental disorders.

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Heather Callaghan ~ “Canadian Flu Vaccine Paradox” Admits Vaccines Are Causing More Illness

“. . . I thought vaccines were the solution to disease this whole time, and now they are defunct and something better is needed? It is such convenient timing that the inefficacy of seasonal vaccines can be admitted now that the universal one-time flu vaccine is nearly complete.” – H Callaghan

The first Ebola patient in the United States will lead to calls for the development of a vaccine.

The first Ebola patient in the United States will lead to calls for the development of a vaccine.

Canadian mainstream media has taken a bold new step – admitting the problem that frequent vaccines are creating a cascade of more illnesses. And not just a greater number and frequency of illnesses but even lower protection against the very diseases the vaccines were supposed to protect against.

CBC News reports that it was originally called “the Canadian problem” – i.e. the problem of higher risk of pandemic flu illnesses among those who get the seasonal flu shot the previous year, or those who get frequent flu shots. They note that the problem is now seen in other countries such as Hong Kong, Japan and the U.S.

From CBC News:

People who receive flu vaccines year after year can sometimes show reduced protection, an effect that Canadian infectious disease specialists say muddies public health messages for annual flu vaccine campaigns.

During the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, researchers at the B.C. Centre for Disease Control originally thought seasonal flu shots from 2008 might offer extra protection against the new pandemic strain. They were puzzled to find instead, seasonal flu vaccination almost doubled the risk of infection with pandemic flu.

Dr. Danuta Skowronski and her colleagues really put this to the test. Aside from their initial conclusion they did five more studies last summer that showed the same results in people – and ferrets. They test on ferrets which, for some reason, are the best flu model in animal studies.

She said:

This was a unique finding in a unique context of dramatically mismatched vaccine to novel pandemic influenza virus.

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Lissa Rankin MD ~ When Science Gets Dismissed As “Alternative”

“I have to remember that every revolutionary scientist was first dismissed by the mainstream as “cuckoo.” Then, when enough people came to realize that the revolutionary idea was simply truth, others came on board, and ideas like “the world is round” became mainstream. Note to self: “Lissa, these things take time. Patience, grasshopper.”” – L Rankin, MD

DoctorWithAppleI gave Grand Rounds at One Medical in San Francisco. For those of you not familiar with Grand Rounds, it’s a lecture where all the doctors gather in the hospital to learn about the latest research. The lectures tend to be dry- lots of data, lots of slides, lots of science- and it’s not the sort of format that lends itself to debate or discussion afterwards.

I’ve been speaking all over the country on my book tour for Mind Over Medicine, and most of the audiences are a mix of empowered patients, conscious doctors, alternative health care providers, and hospital staff. I’m also training very open-minded doctors in the Whole Health Medicine Institute, so I have some experience speaking to doctors.

But giving Grand Rounds is a whole different ball game. Frankly, I was terrified.

My talk was titled “How The Doctor Can Be The Medicine,” about how rather than simply prescribing drugs, as doctors, our presence can be a force for healing. I loaded these doctors up with scientific data from our most respected journal, The New England Journal of Medicine, to support my point, sharing the data that demonstrates that the doctor can be either the placebo or its evil twin opposite, the nocebo, depending on whether, as doctors, we are kind, compassionate, and optimistic versus rude, rushed, and pessimistic.

I taught them 15 Ways The Doctor Can Be The Medicine

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Mike Adams ~ 600 Strains Of An Aerosolized Thought Control Vaccine Already Tested On Humans

“The Dept. of Defense plan is far more elaborate, however, using aerosolized dispersal with high-altitude aircraft or even dumping viral vaccines into the water supplies of large cities. Such an action would be considered an act of domestic terrorism if you or I did it, of course, but when the government proposes it, suddenly it’s okay.” – M Adams

Deployed Via Air, Food And Water

MikeAdams2According to the document you’re about to see, for the last eight years, government scientists have actively engineered viral vaccines designed to alter thoughts and beliefs by infecting the brain and suppressing genetic expression of neurological cells. Dispersal of these vaccines has been tested via high-altitude aerosolized sprays, highway vehicles, the water supply and even the food system.

As you’ll see in the document and video below, the vaccine was intended from the start to be deployed against civilian populations, and 600 strains of infectious viruses were tested on human subjects. One of the transmission vectors documented in the testing exploited an influenza strain to spread the mind-infecting virus as a pandemic.

The point of all this is to infect the minds of the population and transform people into what the government calls “normal.” From the government’s point of view, of course, “normal” means “obedient and mindless.”

This is all described in a video and a document that surfaced several years ago but which are only now beginning to connect the dots as the medical police state in America accelerates to insane levels of aggression against the population. See recent stories on medical kidnapping in Arkansas and CPS kidnapping of children in Arizona for starters.

Using aerosolized stealth vaccines as tools of behavioral control and mind alteration

This YouTube video, described as a “leaked Pentagon video,” features a Bill Gates-sounding scientist explaining in cold, calculating language how engineered vaccines can “eliminate behavior” that’s considered undesirable by the government.

Starting at the 3:00 mark, you can hear this scientist explaining how a vaccine can “turn a fanatic into a normal person.” A normal person, of course, means a person who is obedient to government authority.

Here’s a transcript of the presentation: Continue reading

Michael Ravensthorpe ~ Studies Show That Olive Oil Benefits Our Heart And Mind

“A lot of people assume that olive oil is unsafe to heat, since fatty acids can oxidize during cooking and become carcinogenic. The truth, however, is that only polyunsaturated fats become damaged when heated.” – M Ravensthorpe

OliveOilOlive oil, which is obtained by pressing the fruits of the olive tree, is considered to be one of the most nutritious oils in the world. According to Hippocrates, it could heal a large number of serious ailments, including mental illness. The ancient Greeks and Romans generously poured olive oil over their food, cherishing it for its pleasant taste and medicinal qualities.(1)

Even in the contemporary Western world, where fats have been demonized for decades, most experts acknowledge that olive oil — especially extra virgin olive oil — is good for you. Let’s find out why.

Olive oil is rich in oleic acid

Olive oil is comprised of approximately 73 percent monounsaturated fat,(2) which includes large quantities of oleic acid, a fatty acid with countless proven benefits. For example, a review published in the journal Nutricion Hospitalaria noted the oleic acid possessed anti-inflammatory properties,(3) suggesting that it can help treat inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Continue reading