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Jon Rappoport ~ CDC Whistleblower’s Confession: His Personal Safety Is Still An Issue

“If Thompson comes out, he’d better insist on a live, uncensored, uncut video interview—done simultaneously in front of several different crews, uploaded in real time to dozens of sites, whereupon it can travel around the world in a matter of seconds.” – J Rappoport

On August 27, CDC whistleblower William Thompson came out of the shadows and admitted he had omitted vital data from a 2004 study on the MMR vaccine and its connection to autism.

Thompson’s official statement was released through his Cincinnati attorney, Rick Morgan.

The key piece in Thompson’s statement is:

“I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.”

“My concern has been the decision to omit relevant findings in a particular study for a particular sub¬ group for a particular vaccine. There have always been recognized risks for vaccination and I believe it is the responsibility of the CDC to properly convey the risks associated with receipt of those vaccines.”

Everything else in Thompson’s statement is backfill and back-pedaling and legal positioning and self-protection.

But this part, this is big. Within Thompson’s community of researchers and the general world of medical research and publishing, people know what it means.

It means major fraud. Continue reading

Christina Sarich ~ Govt OK’s Growing Rice For Public Sale Within Fukushima Contamination Zone

“Wild monkeys that reside in a forest near Fukushima are now showing alarming changes in their blood composition. This doesn’t bode well for humans who were exposed to radiation from within several hundred kilometers of the Daiichi site.” C Sarich

FukushimaRiceJust recently, farmers in the city of Tamura, Fukushima Prefecture, have begun planting rice in a district previously designated as a ‘no-plant zone’ due to of radioactive fallout. This will be the first time since March, 2011’s core meltdowns that rice intended for public sale will be planted in fields that are possibly still contaminated with radioactive cesium and other toxic materials.

While the Japanese public is vehemently opposed to GMO, do they really want to eat radioactive rice? The government of Japan seems not to care.

Despite the urging of the people of Japan, the government continues to allow farming in radioactive areas while also permitting large quantities of imported GM canola from Canada. There is also now GM canola growing wild around Japanese ports and roads to major food oil companies.

Genetically modified canola such as Monsanto’s RoundUp Ready canola has been found growing around these ports when being tested for GM contamination. Japan was also recently duped into accepting Monsanto’s GM soybeans. Does this country really need any more toxic food? Continue reading

Dr. Andrew Wakefield Breaks Silence On #CDC Whistleblower [Video]

While other media outlets remain silent on this breaking story, we continue our investigation into the CDC Whistleblower Dr William Thompson… and as a result of Thompson’s statements a collective voice is accusing the CDC of fraud.

Initially Dr. Thompson contacted Doctor Brian Hooker stating the CDC has been hiding self-incriminating evidence for over 10 years now and that he WITNESSED the CDC remove large numbers of young black boys from their case study, because they showed a 340 percent SPIKE in autism after vaccinations. Continue reading

Christina Sarich ~ 1001 Local Businesses Sprung Up After California Legalized Selling Food Made From Home

“. . . as of January last year Stambler has been back to making bread again – one of the first to do so ‘legally’ in his state. Now there are over 1200 home-made food businesses to thank him and Rep. Gatto for their efforts. Power to the people – and let them eat some good bread!” C Sarich

Imagine growing your own heirloom, non-GMO tomatoes and then brewing up a batch of pasta sauce that would make Pavarotti sing from his grave. Or, an angel food cake from a recipe your great, great grandmother passed down to you that makes everyone’s mouth water, full of fresh, free-range, organic eggs from chickens roosting in your backyard. Now, imagine being able to sell these confections to the locals in your own town without being regulated, taxed, and FDA’d to death. California has made this possible for thousands in their state in January 2013, all because they legalized selling food made at home.

In a time when food sovereignty is threatened and Monsanto wants to control every forkful of sustenance we put into our mouths, this isn’t just a great revenue and local business support, but a radical, in-your-face move that tells the Feds just where they can stick their regulations.

It used to be, if you sold a loaf of home baked bread, you could get a knock on your door from a government official. No exaggeration. It has happened to Mark Stambler, of Los Angeles, and many others. He was forced to stop making bread for over 18 months. Stambler was even featured in an LA Times piece, with mention of his specially created brick oven and artisan baking skills. Continue reading

Jon Rappoport ~ CNN Asks Serial-Lying Liar To Comment On The CDC Whistleblower Scandal

“Good work, CNN. You’re upholding your reputation as the most trusted name in serial lying.” J Rappoport

Dr. Frank DeStefano

Dr. Frank DeStefano

You want a perfect example of how mainstream media covers up the truth and endangers lives? Here it is.

Yesterday, CNN published an article about CDC whistleblower William Thompson. (CNN: “Journal questions validity of autism and vaccine study.”)

The day before yesterday, Thompson confessed that he and other CDC coauthors fabricated a 2004 CDC study, in order to hide an MMR-vaccine connection to autism.

Those other co-authors included Dr. Frank DeStefano. DeStefano was the lead author of the 2004 study.

So naturally…CNN goes to DeStefano for a quote defending the safety of vaccines, and De Stefano, the accused liar, tells another lie without blushing, without missing a beat.

He says:

“We know the brain and cellular features for children begin when the child is still in the womb. The brain is already developing the wiring that will manifest in autism.” Continue reading

Jeff Roberts ~ 9 Reasons You Need To Stretch Every Day

How To Do It Properly (Most Of Us Have Been Doing It Wrong Our Entire Lives)

At the vibrant age of 25, I can whole heartedly say that I wish I would have done more stretching growing up. Even though I’m correcting my mistakes now, I absolutely feel the consequences of my teenage physical neglect.

A constant soreness in the neck, tight, cramped muscles, back pain and serious inflexibility are but a few outcomes of my carelessness with stretching throughout the years.

I feel there wasn’t enough emphasis placed upon the importance of stretching when I was in school. In fact, the little bits I remember learning about stretching, to my surprise, turned out to be completely wrong! Did you know that stretching before a workout can be dangerous? Well neither did I, which is why I put together this article to address some crucial tips for proper stretching.

The Amazing Benefits Of Stretching

 1) Helps improve flexibility (Obvious one- increases your range of motion)
 2) Better balance
 3) Assists in correcting posture


Stretching lengthens tight muscles that pull areas of the body away from their intended position (because of so much time being spent at our computers, many of us have tight chest muscles which pulls the shoulders and head forward, leaving us with a hunched shoulder look). Continue reading

Christina Sarich ~ Yale Study Finds This Daily Habit Is Hurting Your Brain

“Finally, de-cluttering might be as simple as getting rid of anything that doesn’t really add value to your life. If it isn’t beautiful, functional, or have its own dedicated space in your home, it might be time to let it go.” – C Sarich

You don’t have to be a complete hoarder to be affected by the clutter in your life. Reducing your ‘stuff’ can make you more productive, less stressed, and boost creativity. The old saying ‘less is more’ has never been more true.

In fact, researchers at Yale University recently identified two areas in the brain associated with pain, the anterior cingulate cortex and insula, which light up in response to letting go of items you own and feel a connection to. This is a secret that retailers don’t want you to know, and why stores like Apple have their products out for you to touch and feel.

One study showed that consumers who picked up and held a simple coffee mug were willing to pay 60% more for the item if they held it for a longer period of time. We literally get ‘attached’ to things, and the more we’ve spent on them or touched them and held them, the harder it is to let go. It literally hurts the brain the same way you get a physical pain – like a paper cut of a rough elbow to the chest – to let go of something you are attached to.

The more you’ve committed emotionally or financially to an item, the more you want to keep it around, but this isn’t good for you – not your physical health, your mental vitality, or even your emotional well being. Continue reading

April McCarthy ~ Drinking 3 Litres Of Water Per Day Made This Woman Look Ten Years Younger

WaterPurifiesSkinBodyAfter years of suffering headaches and poor digestion, Sarah Smith spoke to a neurologist about regular headaches as well as a nutritionist about poor digestion. Both told her she should be drinking up to three litres of liquid a day for her body to function at its best. This is what happened after 4 weeks of drinking 3 litres of water daily.

Sarah asked herself what would happen if she drank the recommended amount of water every day for a month?

The “before” photograph was taken the first day she started her trial and demonstrates perfectly – and rather frighteningly – what a lack of hydration does to a face. On the left, Sarah’s lips appear shrivelled and blotches around the eyes are all classic evidence of poor hydration. After just four weeks, the “after” results are dramatic.

Every system and function in our body depends on water. It flushes toxins from the vital organs, carries nutrients to cells, provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues, and eliminates waste. Not drinking enough means all these functions become impaired. Failing to drink enough water can even make your grey matter shrink, making it harder to think, experts have warned.

3 Litres of Water a Day Made Sarah Look Ten Years Younger

Sarah consumed 3 litres of water every day for 28 days. The results were astonishing…

Week One
  • Weight: 121 lbs
  • Waist: 28 inches

Three litres of water is just over five pints, which sounds like an awful lot. Sarah’s doctor was very encouraging… “I suggest you have a big jug of water in the morning, then another in the afternoon and another in the evening’, he says. ‘Your kidneys, which filter waste products from the blood before turning it to urine, will quickly feel the benefit, as they will be getting a good flush through”. Continue reading

Jon Rappoport ~ CDC Whistleblower Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines.” – Marcia Angell, MD

AutismWilliam Thompson, the CDC whistleblower, has yet to step into the light and make a full and definitive statement about the CDC concealing MMR-vaccine dangers.

Mothers of autistic children are now preparing a class-action suit against the CDC for covering up the MMR vaccine-autism connection. They will undoubtedly want Thompson as a witness.

He can talk now or talk later.

The public at large still has blind faith in “medical experts” and the truth of published studies.

Fraud at the CDC? A study that was intentionally distorted to give a pass to a toxic and highly dangerous vaccine? What? How could that be?

Well, here’s a medical expert. For 20 years, she had a front-row seat that very few doctors or researchers ever occupy. Thousands of medical studies arrived at her desk. She was a “queen of judgment.” Continue reading