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Attorney Suggests Suing U.S. Federal Government and Big Pharma Regarding Vaccinations

Catherine J. Frompovich – Finally! it’s happened. An attorney feels that the U.S. federal government and Big Pharma must be sued and taken to task legally for their liability in causing false and inaccurate information about vaccines to be disseminated upon which FORCED vaccinations are based, including health damages that have resulted to infants, toddlers, teens (adults, too) from those forced vaccinations.


James Robert Deal, JD

James Robert Deal, JD, a Washington state attorney, has considered horrendous vaccine damages caused and suffered, the lack of informed consent, and that

No entity under the sun has the right or lawful authority to arrogate [claim/appropriate/misappropriate] power unto itself to harm or injure, sicken or infect, paralyze or kill the people of this nation. Not only is such conduct by the state a serious breach of the social contract, it represents a profound violation of the public trust. Vaccination programs therefore break the inviolable bond between the citizenry and the government. [1]

Attorney Deal’s legal opinion is one that I have held for numerous years. Why has it taken so long for someone to decide to act upon the violations of public trust and the breach of social contract, if citizens of the USA are supposed to live in a free society? Where are our rights of self-determination? Do children belong to their parents, or to the state? Good questions?

The answers to my questions probably can be found in Attorney Deal’s realizing that something has to be done in Washington State regarding the overbearing mandatory vaccine agenda. Deal prepared a report, which can be read here wherein he lists many of the “mea culpas” involved with regard to vaccines, vaccinology ‘science’, fraud and deceit, and apparent collusion between federal agencies and Big Pharma. Continue reading

A “False Flag” Introduction for Those Who Don’t Get It

“False flag (or black flag) describes covert operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.” (Source)

vaccinesCatherine J. Frompovich – As a researcher, author and blogger, I receive numerous emails from well-informed individuals who want to share their findings with me. Just the other day, I received such an email, which I would like to share with my readers. I think the information is dramatic considering its references and, hopefully, it will give you some insights that can be helpful in separating the “wheat from the chaff” regarding what’s going on in the world of geopolitics and, especially, warmongering, surveillance and even medicine.

That impactful information I refer to is titled “The First Question to Ask After Any Terror Attack: Was It a False Flag?” which was posted by Washington’s Blog on January 7, 2015.

After reading through that ‘dossier’, what do you think?

Another bit of information that readers may want to know about is “Feds Developed App That Predicts ‘Psychological Status’ of Americans.”

Will that cause you to think twice about how smart technology is used to track and even manipulate us?

Then there’s the gnawing issue of 9-11 and the September 2015 report “Beyond Misinformation / What Science Says About the Destruction of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7.”

I can’t resist including my article “An Indisputable Database for Chemtrail Deniers,” which is totally self-explanatory.

For those whose full-faith and trust are lodged in the pharmaceutical industry, especially vaccines, there’s the unfortunate, but true fact—not a conspiracy theory, that a cancer-causing virus (SV40) actually was in the polio vaccine given to children in the 1950s-60s and possibly until 1972! There’s proof, including what the 2003 Congressional hearing and subsequent report “PREVENTING ANOTHER SV40 TRAGEDY: ARE TODAY’S VACCINE SAFETY PROTOCOLS EFFECTIVE?” [1] stated: Continue reading

10 Uses for Tea Tree Oil for Your Health and House

Tea TreeJulie Fidler – Americans are scooping up bottles of essential oils, lured by their amazing scents, household uses, and health benefits. They’re natural medicines that are highly concentrated, which means they last forever (depending on how often you use them, of course) because – as the saying goes – “a little dab’ll do ya.”

Preppers love essential oils because they know that if society were to crumble and picking up Tylenol at the drugstore wasn’t an option, essential oils would be there to often save the day.

Tea tree oil is a favorite among consumers who know their essential oils because of its seemingly endless uses. Also known as melaleuca oil, this natural cleaner/remedy is made from the leaves of the tea tree plant, native to Australia.

People used to crush the leaves and apply them directly to any number of skin conditions. Sometimes they inhaled the oils from the crushed leaves to relieve colds and coughs. These days, tea tree oil is distilled to a clear or very pale golden or yellow color and sold in dark-colored bottles. [1]

There are dozens and dozens of uses for tea tree oil; here are 5 medicinal uses, and 5 household uses that should convince you to pick up a bottle, if you’re not stocked up already.

Around the House

1. Toothbrush Cleaner

There’s really no such thing as a “clean” toothbrush. Every time you flush the toilet, bacteria gets spewed through the air in all directions. Even if you make an effort to keep your toothbrush as far away from your toilet as possible, it still isn’t 100% protected. Those pathogens travel! And even if you didn’t have the toilet to worry about it, you’re still using your toothbrush to scrape crud off your teeth, making it a bacterial breeding ground. Continue reading

Another “Low Calorie Sugar” Coming On the Market

alluloseCatherine Frompovich – Over the years we have seen all types of sugar substitutes and synthetics produced, and used, in the hopes of dealing with consumers’ sugar cravings while supposedly not increasing weight gain. However, there’s a “new kid” coming to the sugar neighborhood; it’s “allulose,” which will be marketed under the trade name DOLCIA PRIMA® Allulose. Another name for it is D-Psicose. The prime market is not “direct-to-consumers” but to food processors who will use it as an ingredient in all sorts of processed foods.

Readers are encouraged to read the “Application in Action” sheet  for DOLCIA PRIMA provided by the manufacturer Tate & Lyle, as it hopefully will be listed on every product ingredient label in which it is used.

According to Tate & Lyle’s Technical Data sheet, “the caloric value of pure allulose is 0.2 kcal/gram.”

Also, “Allulose meets the specification set forth in GRN 498 and is therefore generally recognized as safe (GRAS).” The syrup is about 54% as sweet as sucrose (table sugar), but is about 70% sweet as sugar in a dry solid basis.

As a natural nutritionist (retired) and consumer health researcher, I’m left wondering about this statement made by Tate & Lyle:

Allergens – Allulose syrup does not contain any commonly known sources of allergens. Labeling is not required under the FDA Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004.

What! and why the exemption from Food Allergen Labeling?

Considering that allulose is made from the starch of corn fructose that has undergone an enzymatic conversion process – is that by a genetic modification process? – studies indicate it passes through the intestinal tract undigested! That’s where some red flags start flying for me, and I’ll explain why.

Continue reading

Scientific Review Reveals the 10 Best Cancer Killing Phytonutrients To Eat

VeggiesPhytonutrientsSayer Ji – A new medical model is fast emerging in line with ancient wisdom: one that aims to strike to the root cause of disease and resolve it permanently, and which some call “functional medicine.” In cancer treatment, this highly rational approach involves targeting the cancer stem cells (CSCs) at the root of cancer malignancy. Because we now know that CSCs are resistant to chemotherapy and radiation treatment, and may even increase in number and invasiveness when exposed to these outdated therapies, it is no longer ethical to continue with the conventional oncologist’s “standard of care.” Clearly, unless a cancer treatment is capable of selectively killing and/or inducing suicide programs (apoptosis) within cancer cells without harming non-cancerous cells, it is not going to produce a cure.

In light of this, we are excited to report on a review published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences titled, “Phytochemicals as Innovative Therapeutic Tools against Cancer Stem Cells,” which evaluated the evidence for what natural compounds within various foods and spices make for the most compelling treatments for targeting CSCs. (Download the review here.) Continue reading

If a mainstream reporter told the truth the pillars of reality would crumble

“Imagine this. The public is told a new disease is sweeping the world, threatening the global population with suffering and death. Millions and millions of words are spewed, detailing and reinforcing the threat. Every day, official reports are issued, blaring the new numbers of cases. Researchers are rushing to develop an effective vaccine. And then, suddenly, someone discovers there is no epidemic. It doesn’t exist. What would happen?” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Jon Rappoport –  Telling the truth, of course, must lead to publishing the truth.

And then follow-up investigations would be done to flesh out the story further; to prompt people with inside knowledge to emerge from their closets and confess their complicity.

I’m talking about a certain kind of truth, whereby a sacred cow is destroyed; the kind of cow everyone immediately believes is self-evident, universal, and vital, representing the best motives and impulses of people in power.

That kind of sacred cow.

A cow holding up the world, so to speak.


There are many important lies that don’t quite rate that status. If they were exposed to the light of day, people would say, “Yes, it’s shocking, but we always had doubts.”

And life would go on.

A monumental sacred cow has the quality of being believed in the same way people believe the sun will come up in the morning.

Therefore, when it falls, the shock is volcanic.

However, I need to add this disclaimer. Most minds and eyeballs simply don’t notice the sacred cow falling and shattering like porcelain. It happens, but it doesn’t draw attention because people will do anything they can to maintain their grip on illusion.

It would take something on the order of Kansas disappearing off the map overnight to arouse the population—and even then, large numbers of people would claim it didn’t happen, because it couldn’t happen.

So now I’ll describe an example. Continue reading