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Israel Is A Discredit To America

israeliPaul Craig Roberts – The Israel Lobby tries to prevent reports and criticism of Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians by branding every critic of every policy of the extreme right-wing Israeli government an “anti-semite.” In other words, if you object to Israeli armed forces shooting down Palestinian children in the streets and then bombing the funerals of the kids the Israelis have already murdered, you hate Jews and are an anti-semite.

The success that the Israel Lobby has enjoyed in imposing this twisted logic on Congress, the White House, the media, the universities and the insouciant American public is astonishing. As a consequence, Americans are no longer answerable to Christian morality but to the evil that the Israel Lobby represents.

Americans have become accomplices to genocide, lies, and unspeakable evils.

Jeffrey St. Clair, one of the few remaining Western journalists with a moral conscience, describes the latest Israeli horror to which we are all accomplices.

 Meet the Real Israeli Defense Force: the US Congress

israeliJeffrey St. Clair – It started as a rather melancholy Friday afternoon in the West Bank. Nothing unusual. Just another funeral for a promising young man who died much too young. Under the implacable shadow of the Wall and in the rifle sights of Israeli soldiers, more than 200 mourners walked down the cobbled street toward the old cemetery in the village of Beit Ummar. Some shouted angrily at the soldiers, condemning Israel for yet another senseless death.

The funeral was for a college student, Jafaar Awad, who slipped into a coma and died only two months after being released from an Israeli prison, where his serious illness had festered untreated for months. Awad was only 22 when he died, as have so many other Palestinian prisoners, from medical neglect at the hands of Israeli jailers. [No Magnitsky Act for Israel] Continue reading

Neo-Feudal USA: The Death Of Democracy

politicalGerald Celente – Neither a conspiracy nor conjecture: By every quantitative measure, 21st century America has degenerated from being the beacon of democracy to a neo-feudal state.

From crime and punishment to the vast wealth and income-inequality gap, the rules are different for the political elite and economic nobility than they are for the common man bound to live by the letter of the law and brought to justice for minor infractions — all while political insiders, corporate charlatans and financial bandits are left free to rape, pillage and plunder.

What should have been headline news and met with outrage last Wednesday barely made the front page of newspapers or the top of broadcast news. Deemed not as important as the murder of a wealthy family who lived near Vice President Biden, or the motorcycle gang war that left nine dead, five of the world’s largest banks, including JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup, pleaded guilty to felony charges for rigging the $5.3 trillion-a-day foreign-exchange markets.

Regardless of “brazenly illegal behavior” on a “massive scale,” the trend is clear: Despite a long track record of “breathtaking flagrancy” of stealing billions, the government, in case after case, gently hits banks with a slap-on-the-wrist fine — and not one top bankster is sent to jail.

It’s the same with whistleblowers and those who leak government information — more of whom the Obama Administration has sent to prison that all presidents combined. And when Washington insider, former general and CIA Director David Petraeus is caught giving his mistress classified material for her book, a small fine and no prison time result. Continue reading

Osama bin Laden Laid To Rest Long Ago

Ralph C. Cinque – It was 4 years ago this month (May) that Osama bin Laden was reportedly killed in a US raid in Pakistan.

Many have challenged the claim based on reports that Osama bin Laden had reportedly died in 2001.

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, Pakistani populist leader Benazir Bhutto, Afghani President Hamid Karzai, FBI Counterterrorism head Dale Watson, and DoD consultant Steven R. Pieczenik were among the many who reported that bin Laden died in 2001. His death was reported in many foreign and particularly Arabic papers at the time.

It was even reported by Fox News the day after Christmas in 2001.

But, let’s look at it from the medical perspective. Osama bin Laden had kidney failure in 2001. How likely is it that a man on dialysis could survive 10 years?

First, note that that spin machine went into action right away trying to deny that Osama bin Laden ever had failed kidneys and the need for dialysis.

However, Osama bin Laden’s visit to the American University Hospital in Dubai the summer of 2001 for treatment of kidney failure was reported by the French daily newspaper Le Figaro, which is considered the French newspaper of record since 1826.

They even named his doctor there, a kidney specialist, Canadian-trained Dr. Terry Calloway.

The British newspaper The Guardian considered the Le Figaro story credible enough to republish. Their article contained details, such as that bin Laden flew to Dubai on July 4, 2001 on a private plane from Quetta, Pakistan. That’s the kind of detail that could easily be disproven if it were false. Continue reading

Federal Court To Hear Historic Challenge Over Separation Of Powers

houseJonathan Turley – At 10 a.m. [May 28 2015]  Judge Rosemary M. Collyer of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia will hear argument on the motion to dismiss filed by the defendants in U.S. House of Representatives v. Burwell, et al., No. 1:14-cv-01967 (D.D.C.). The defendants are the Departments of Health and Human Services and Treasury, and the secretaries of those two executive branch agencies. The Administration is seeking to prevent the Court from reaching the merits of this historic case, which was authorized by an affirmative vote of the entire House of Representatives on July 30, 2014, and which the House filed for the purpose of protecting our constitutional structure.

The House’s underlying complaint asserts two sets of claims, both of which concern the Affordable Care Act, and both of which allege that the defendants have violated the Constitution. These violations run to the very foundation of the separation of powers doctrine that underpins our entire system of government because they usurp Congress’s powers to appropriate public funds and to legislate. The first five counts concern defendants’ ongoing payment of billions of dollars to insurance companies. These payments were ordered by the Administration despite the fact that Congress, which has the exclusive constitutional power to appropriate public funds for expenditure, (i) rebuffed the Administration’s specific request for an annual appropriation of $4 billion in FY 2014, and (ii) has never at any other time appropriated any funds for such payments. (Such payments to insurance companies currently run at approximately $300 million per month, and are estimated by the Congressional Budget Office to total $175 billion over the next ten fiscal years.) Continue reading

Respecting Women By Erasing Them

Ultra-Orthodox Papers Remove Female Cabinet Members From Official Photo Including Justice Minister and Gender Equality Minister

Jonathan Turley – We have yet another triumph of Orthodoxy in the removal of all female cabinet members from an official picture with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. There are three new female cabinet members — Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, Culture Minister Miri Regev and Minister for Senior Citizens Gila Gamliel — but you would never know it from the pictures in Jewish ultra Orthodox publications which either removed them or even replaced them in the shot with male cabinet members.


One publication appears to have pixelated the faces of the women while others edited them out. You will recall recently how such publications removed the image of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Continue reading

10 Tools Needed By Globalists To Finally Get Their One World Government

Bernie Suarez – We all know that to build a house you need to have the right tools. Not having the right tools makes the difference between success and failure. So, then, what tools might the globalists be using right now to advance their plans for a one world government, the so-called new world order of global enslavement?

Understanding the necessary tools the controllers need and are currently using to meet their goals might allow us to figure out where we should focus our energy; and it may show us what things we might be able to do to slow down, derail or even stop their new world order plans altogether.

So here are ten powerful tools being used by the controllers, ten tools without which there will be no new world order.

1 – Global warming/Climate change psyop

toolsIt is becoming abundantly clear. No global warming means no new world order, no Agenda 21, no global carbon tax, no usurping of local and states’ rights in favor of global agendas, no domination over the individual and no micromanaging of the individual’s energy expenditure for the sake of the planet and a “sustainable” earth. Few topics are as important to the new world order plans as the global warming hoax/climate change religion. For this reason, the global warming hoax has become completely immune to logic, science, reason and truth and instead marches right along from ignoring the facts, to name calling to direct control of climate legislation while the paid politicians insist the science is “settled”. No one should be surprised by the locked-in ignorant and stubborn mindset of this movement. This was a big issue to the eugenics control freaks many decades ago, they put a lot of work into ensuring long-term success, and we are now seeing the result of this long-term effort.

2 – Government “scientific consensus”

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Belgian MP Laurent Louis Stands Against War – English Voice Over [Video]

On January the 17th, 32 years old Belgian MP Laurent Louis, the most controversial and demonized national political figure ever, explained why he voted against the Belgian support to war in Mali. Meanwhile, he expressed his disgust and wrath against the criminal foreign policies of the Belgian elite and its submission to foreign financial and interests groups. For the first time at the Belgian Parliament, he evokes that 9/11 was made up and says what no one before him has never dared to speak out!

Belgian MP LAURENT LOUIS stands against war in Mali and
exposes the international neo-colonial plot at the Belgian Parliament.

Honours to the MP for opposing the Imperialism, although I think there is a human trafficking goal in the Mali assualt that he has ignored in this speech. Translation from Feuillien Geraldine:…

SF Source 108morris108  May 2015 (originally posted January 2013)

(Thanks, A!) Continue reading