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Jeff Rense & Texe Marrs – Israel As A Jewish State [Video]

Clip from January 19, 2015 – guest Texe Marrs on the Jeff Rense Program. Full program available in Archives at

SF Source Jeff Rense  Jan 21 2015

Israel Shamir ~ Trolling Russia

“This is not pinpoint sanctions aimed at Putin’s friends. This is a full-blown war. If the initiators expected Russians to be mad at Putin, they miscalculated. The Russian public is angry with the American organisers of the economical warfare, not with its own government. The pro-Western opposition tried to demonstrate against Putin, but very few people joined them.” – I Shamir

IsraelShamirThe edifice of world post-1991 order is collapsing right now before our eyes. President Putin’s decision to give a miss to the Auschwitz pilgrimage, right after his absence in Paris at the Charlie festival, gave it the last shove. It was good clean fun to troll Russia, as long as it stayed the course. Not anymore. Russia broke the rules.

Until now, Russia, like a country bumpkin in Eton, tried to belong. It attended the gathering of the grandees where it was shunned, paid its dues to European bodies that condemned it, patiently suffered ceaseless hectoring of the great powers and irritating baiting of East European small-timers alike. But something broke down. The lad does not want to belong anymore; he picked up his stuff and went home – just when they needed him to knee in Auschwitz.

Auschwitz gathering is an annual Canossa of Western leaders where they bewail their historic failure to protect the Jews and swear their perennial obedience to them. This is a more important religious rite of our times, the One Ring to rule them all, established in 2001, when the Judeo-American empire had reached the pinnacle of its power. The Russian leader had duly attended the events. This year, they will have to do without him. Israeli ministers already have expressed their deep dissatisfaction for this was Russia’s Red Army that saved the Jews in Auschwitz, after all. Russia’s absence will turn the Holocaust memorial day into a parochial, West-only, event. Worse, Russia’s place will be taken by Ukraine, ruled by unrepentant heirs to Hitler’s Bandera. Continue reading

James Corbett Interviews Sibel Edmonds ~ Gladio B And The Paris Shooting [Video]

Sibel Edmonds of joins James Corbett today to discuss a range of issues, from terror operations in Xinjiang to Gladio B in Belgium and her reaction to the Paris shooting.

They also talk about her new podcast, Probable Cause, and what she is hoping to accomplish with it.

SF Source  corbettreport  Jan 21 2015

Alex Jones Interviews Jerome Corsi ~ Generals Admit We Fund ISIS [Video]

Alex Jones talks to World Net Daily reporter Jerome Corsi about his latest report in which he lays out how Barack Obama has funded Al-Qaeda.…

SF Source TheAlexJonesChannel  Jan 20 2015

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Rick Wells ~ Has Trey Gowdy Been Compromised Or Threatened On Benghazi Hearings? – Some Experts Fear He Has

“We are now coming to the conclusion that there is no longer any intention in Washington, by the leadership of both the Democratic and Republican Parties, to get to the truth.” – General P. Vallely

House Oversight Committee member Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), listens during a politically contentious session on whether to compel Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner to testify about the extra scrutiny the IRS gave Tea Party and other conservative groups that applied for tax-exempt status, on Capitol Hill in Washington, June 28, 2013. (AP)

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.),

‘I think Gowdy has been warned away or threatened.’

There were many among conservatives who were elated with the announcement of a Special Select Committee to investigate the Benghazi attacks and even more so when we got the news that its chairman would be Rep Trey Gowdy (R-SC).

Many of those same people are beginning to have a much different outlook on things now, and while they aren’t yet willing to totally abandon hope that Gowdy is sincere in his efforts to get to the bottom of things, they have some very real concerns.

An independent non-governmental group, the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi, has been conducting their own investigations into the events at Benghazi for a year and a half as well as conducting efforts to persuade Congress to act to ascertain the truth as to just what happened. They are among those who now are voicing concerns at the level of the effort being expended and the direction of the Benghazi hearings.

Group founders include retired Generals Paul Vallely and Tom McInerney, retired Admiral James Lyons, and Accuracy in Media Editor Roger Aronoff. WND reports that their group’s membership also includes “former military commanders and Special Forces operatives; former CIA and intelligence officers and international terrorism experts; and experts in media and government affairs.” It is a measured, informed, mature and responsible collection of knowledgeable security veterans assembled with the goal of arriving at the truth. Continue reading

James Holbrooks ~ Crisis Point: Putin, The West, And The Game Being Played

“. . . The Chessmaster sees this as clearly as anyone. He’s studied the board and is three moves ahead of his enemy. The West is simply outclassed, and they know it. But they can’t stop.” J Holbrooks

VladimirPutin2014PressConferenceI picture him in a shadowy room, stretched out in a plush leather chair with a cup of steaming coffee on the table next to him. His hands are steepled at his mouth as he studies in meditative silence the bank of muted screens before him. Flickering across those screens are pundits, press conferences, and live reports from war correspondents. He killed the sound a minute before. He doesn’t need to hear the words. He understands the message all too well.

The West is closing in.

I’ve heard Vladimir Putin referred to as The Chessmaster. I’ve never sat at the board with the man so I can’t say for certain this is apt. But it does seem like the Russian leader’s moves of late have been carefully thought-out and even more carefully executed.

In September of 2013, as the United States war machine was pressing for military intervention in Syria in the wake of a chemical gas attack on that country’s people, Russia swooped in with an offer to oversee the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons. In the face of such blatant sanity, the American warmongers had no choice but to agree to the proposal.

Just a few months later, in December, Russia offered its struggling neighbor and former Soviet fellow Ukraine a $15 billion bailout if it would reverse its march toward the European Union. This forced the war architects’ hand. By February of the following year a Western-backed coup had ousted the democratically elected Ukrainian president, and a pro-Western puppet by the name of Poroshenko was installed in June.

Continue reading

Stunning Terrorism Statistics That Nobody Wants You To Know

“. . . you’re much more likely to be killed by brain-eating parasites, texting while driving, toddlers, lightning, falling out of bed, alcoholism, food poisoning, a financial crash, obesity, medical errors or “autoerotic asphyxiation” than by terrorists” – Washington’s Blog

Terrorists, Counter-Terror “Experts”, and Governments Are All Motivated to Cover Up the Facts

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Experts say that  terrorists are strongly motivated –  for two reasons – to exaggerate their abilities to inflict damage:

(1)  Terrorism is defined as “the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims”.  So terrorists exaggerate their destructive abilities in order to increase intimidation and push their aims


(2) The more damage people believe that a terrorist group has inflicted, the more donations and funding they will receive from radical extremists.  Specifically, radicals are more likely to fund terrorists who are “effective” in inflicting damage than those who can’t pull off murder and mayhem

So terrorists want to exaggerate how much damage they’ve actually inflicted.

Likewise, the type of counter-terror experts who frequently appear on the mainstream news are motivated to hype the terror threat, because it drums up business  for them.

The more scared of terrorism people are, the more books they’ll sell on terrorism, the more people will pay them to give talks on terrorism, and the more they’ll be asked to appear on mainstream news.  So they don’t want you to know the real statistics on terror, either. Continue reading

Stephen Lendman ~ The US-UK Special Relationship: Partners In High Crimes Against Humanity

“Monied interests alone benefit. War-profiteering now more lucrative than ever. Homeland repression more vicious. Phony war on terror facilitates police state ruthlessness. . . . So-called radicalized homeland Islamist threats don’t exist. Except state-sponsored manufactured ones.” – S Lendman

steveLendmanObama hosts British Prime Minister David Cameron at the White House today. Focusing on mutual issues.

Ongoing wars. Escalation plans. Choosing new targeted countries.

Stepped up cyber and other forms of surveillance. New police state crackdowns. Economic and financial issues benefitting monied interests alone.

Both countries represent an axis of pure evil and then some. Longstanding partners in global genocidal crimes.

In March 1946, Winston Churchill spoke at Fulton, MO-based Westminster College. Delivering his famous “Iron Curtain” speech. Titling it “The Sinews of Peace.”

Noting a special US/UK relationship. Saying “(n)either the sure prevention of war, nor the continuous rise of world organization will be gained without what I have called the fraternal association of the English-speaking peoples…a special relationship between the British Commonwealth and Empire and the United States.”

In November 1945, he said “(w)e should not abandon our special relationship with the United States…”

In 1930, British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald affirmed it earlier. Churchill incorrectly called its originator. He’s best remembered for what was said earlier.

The special relationship dates from the 19th century. Notably after America’s Civil War. The structure and character of US/UK relations changed.

Hostile tensions abated. Accompanied by growing economic, financial and political interdependence. Its modern form emerging post-WW II.

At the same time not mutually exclusive. Notably Washington’s special relationship with Israel. Sharing strategic interests. Partnering in each other’s wars.

The way US/British relations work. One rogue state supports another. On January 16, AP headlined ”Obama hosting UK’s David Cameron for working dinner.”

Saying Britain’s prime minister arrived in Washington Thursday evening for a two-day visit.

His meeting with Obama “comes amid heightened fears about terrorism in Europe and the West.” A press conference will follow.

Ahead of their meeting both leaders issued a joint statement. Typical demagogic boilerplate rubbish. Turning truth on its head saying: Continue reading

Peter Koenig ~ Paris Charlie: The “Shock Doctrine” par Excellence

“False flag – converted immediately into public shock, the perfect condition for ramming any police, military and surveillance legislation down the people’s throats. Better, it doesn’t even have to be ‘rammed down’, the population asks for it. ” – P Koenig

FrenchParliamentOn 12 January the French Parliament approved with almost unanimity – with one abstention only – the budget for France’s continuous and enlarged involvement in the new war on Iraq, a new war engagement led by Washington and supported by its vassals, UK, Canada, Australia and France. Aircraft carriers and troops were immediately mobilized, not even losing a day. Doesn’t that conspicuously smell of an earlier preparation, just waiting for that crucial and appropriate event, prompting parliamentary approval?

At the same time France lawmakers agreed to display 10,000 troops throughout the country to protect ‘vulnerable places’; spying on citizens, for their protection takes on new forms and formats. A direct reaction to the attack on Charlie Hebdo on January 7 and the assault on a kosher supermarket on January 9? – Killing 17 people in all? Is that it?

French Ministers of the Interior and of Defense have advanced their wish of substantially increased respective police and defense budgets, when the 2016-2017 allocations are being discussed later this year. No doubt they will get their way.

And – no doubt, this is the shock doctrine at its best. People are in awe and shock after the assault on the satirical and Moslem insulting Charlie Hebdo. A million and a half took to the streets in Paris this past weekend, the largest manifestation since the liberation of Paris after WWII in 1945. Some media report more than 6 million people marching throughout Europe. Almost all waving signs “I am Charlie” – Solidarity or stupidity?  Hard to say. Most likely just sheer ignorance.

It’s ignorance that kills our democracies, our human values; public ignorance allows leaders (sic) to wage wars, to aggress nations that refuse to submit, to fall to their knees. It’s ignorance perpetuated daily by our mainstream media and swallowed without question, day-in-day-out like breakfast coffee. Continue reading