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Angela Merkel: Under Her Tired Eyes Breaks The EU

Translated from German by Georgi Stankov

MerkelThe EU is on the verge of splitting. The summit (of the EU heads of state on Tuesday, July 7, 2015) laid the fault lines brutally frank: the southern Europeans want something else than the North or the East. Greece is the catalyst for a centrifugal dynamics. Amidst all this Angela Merkel: Tired, exhausted, overwhelmed. She can only watch how it is falling apart, what was supposed to be forced into a union with the temptation of money.

Angela Merkel after the ultimate Euro-Summit: Technocratically failed. (Foto: dpa)

The summit in Brussels has shown, as no other meeting of the Euro-rescuers, that the EU is not working. Greece is no longer the problem. The next candidates are Italy and France, probably Spain. The errors are systemic and can not be fixed by compromises. The reasons are easy to analyze, but too complex to be resolved. During the crisis, everything flies apart that cannot be chained together by a credit orgy.

The Problems

The EU institutions no longer function in the crisis: The EU consists of far too many imperfect bodies. It was telling that Angela Merkel herself had lost track of them at the press conference. She seemed momentarily not to know which session had actually taken place. She spoke about the summit as the “Council”, however, had to be corrected later: The leaders of the euro zone had met. The EU Commission is floating somewhere in Nirvana. Jean-Claude Juncker is like from another planet. He implored the unity, but one could deduce from his spongy records that he no longer believes in the unity. The Council is represented by Donald Tusk. Tusk has no clue what to do. He does not understand the Brussels’ World. The Parliament lives its own life and complains that it does not have enough weight. The ECB is considered by many as the savior in dire need. It has power, but accepts no responsibility – a typical constellation in investment banking. The ESM (European Stability Mechanism) should now solve the problem. It is so complicated that no one knows how it can ever be used. Continue reading

Don’t Mention The War! But… What If?

worldKatherine Frisk – But what if we did? What if we saw through the veil and discovered another story entirely? What if I speculate here a bit just for fun? It’s just a bit of sport, sort of like George Orwell did in his novel 1984. A little bit of “what if the future looks like this?” Nobody took him seriously … just saying.

So here is my first “what if?” The 2004 Tsunami that took out half of Sumatra. Remember that? I watched the coverage almost 24/7 flipping from BBC, to CNN to Sky. Sky News got the Oscar. Best coverage of that disaster ever. My friends and family eventually got fed up with what they saw as my “morbid fascination.” It was not a “morbid fascination” exactly, I was just trying to make sense of the whole disaster. Because quite frankly, even though the earth throws a huffy fit every now and then and weird things happen, somewhere in the back of my mind this did not look right for a number of reasons.

One memory that sticks in my mind was of a young girl in her twenties, from Europe somewhere who had been on holiday. She stood only in her shorts, tea shirt and slops. That was all she had left. But she had spent the whole week working with the Thai authorities helping to collect bloated, dead bodies washed up on the beach, tag them and put them into plastic bags. By the time she was interviewed she was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted and was finally returning home.

What shocked me was how little the countries effected by this tsunami were helped by the international community. India for one, USA for another, Australia, all of whom have fleets of Navy vessels in the area who could have sent in their forces, their military hospitals, their helicopters within half an hour of this disaster happening and done a united search and rescue operation. Instead it was left to tourists like the young girl who was interviewed. Years later in 2014 when the Air Malaysia flight went missing I found out about a place called Diego Garcia. A secretive military and air force base on a Island in the middle of nowhere and… close to Sumatra. They could almost launch World War 3 from there, with all the equipment stockpiled in that small space, but apparently a search and rescue operation is not part of their brief. Continue reading

Your Moment Has Come, Mr Tsipras, Take Back Control Of Your Country – UKIP leader Nigel Farage [Video]

EuropeNigel Farage – “Thank you. What we’re seeing in this chamber this morning and indeed across the whole of Europe is an irreconcilable cultural difference between Greece and Germany. A split between the North and the South of Europe. The European project is actually beginning to die. Nobody in this room will recognise that the peoples of Europe are saying, we were never asked whether we want in this. This has been foisted upon on us and we need to understand why the EMU doesn’t work. Those monsters Kohl and Mitterrand, backed up by the clever but dangerous Delors believed that if they put in place an economic and monetary union then as night follows day, there would be political union and there would be an acceptance of this project and the North and South of Europe would converge. That we would all start to love each other and we would all start to feel a European identity, that we would all start to show allegiance to the flag and the anthem.”

Continue reading

Greek Drama – Open Thread

James Corbett – There is a drama of epic proportions unfolding in Greece right now. It’s surely not a comedy, but will it end in tragedy? eurozoneStay tuned.

The story so far:

The Greek people defied the majority of the world’s expectations on Sunday by voting “no” to the Eurozone’s bailout proposals. What does this mean? No one knows yet, and don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. The word on the street are that the options on the negotiating table at this point are:

a) Back to square one looking for a new bailout deal with bigger and better structural reforms than ever before!

b) The Greek government could start a “parallel currency” by issuing promissory notes to key creditors, or a kind of ‘lesser euro’ within the Eurozone itself.

c) Greece could officially declare bankruptcy and be ejected from the Euro. Continue reading

Privately Owned Greek Media Line Up With The One Percent Against The Greek People

mediaPaul Craig Roberts – The latest report from Greece indicates that the privately owned Greek media have taken a stand against the Greek people and for the One Percent:

Yesterday’s demonstration in favor of ‘No’ in Syntagma Square of Athens had gigantic proportions and great fighting spirit.

Instead, the rally of supporters of ‘Yes’ was enormously  smaller without breath and passion.

Of course, with the exception of state television, all TV channels mainly or exclusively showed the second (Yes), saying that it is a big demonstration,  exhausting every possibility  to conceal and distort  reality.

A climate of hysteria and terror has been cultivated by  all private media (the public ones consist an exception) , which present the  ‘No’ vote as an emerging Armageddon. The same media produce a permanent stream of lies and distorted or even more nonexisted  statements that nobody in reality manages to confirm or deny.

Former prime ministers, senior military officers not on duty, the archbishop of the Greek Church, have come out in favor of  ‘Yes’, saying  the ‘No’ vote threatens Greece’s position in Europe and the national security of the country.

The political discourse of SYRIZA remains at a level far beyond what is required by the situation and its practical mobilization is very weak. But there is a deep popular wave of peaceful revolt against the Mighty which is struggling against the fear and insecurity current.

SF Source Paul Craig Roberts  July 2015

University of Missouri Chooses Chelsea Clinton To Open New Women Hall of Fame With A Ten-Minute Speech Costing $65,000

chelseaJonathan Turley – I have long admitted that, as an academic dweeb, I have long been confused by events after the eighteenth century. However, this story has me entirely perplexed. The University of Missouri at Kansas City has opened a women’s Hall of Fame and was looking for a female leader to open the event. Their choice among the millions of women in this country from generals to jurists to CEOs to governors to journalists to writers? Chelsea Clinton. Not only that, but the university paid $65,000 for Chelsea Clinton to speak only ten minutes under highly abridged appearance restrictions set by her handlers (in addition to other restrictions from a brief period for photos and water specifications).

chelseaThe money goes to the Clinton Foundation, though critics have charged that the Foundation has served as a surrogate campaign platform for the Clintons (with the hiring of controversial politicos like Sidney Blumenthal) and have funded luxury travel for the Clintons.

The university actually started with Chelsea as the primary goal, but initially was told that she would not do the speech. They then tried for Hillary Clinton but was told that she would cost $275,000. They then considered “other” women besides Chelsea. That list was impressive, including obvious choices like feminist icon Gloria Steinem ($30,000) and journalists Cokie Roberts ($40,000), Tina Brown ($50,000) and Lesley Stahl ($50,000). You know, women who have made huge contributions not just to their gender but to the country. And they were substantially cheaper. What did Missouri decide? Pay more to get Chelsea for a ten-minute speech to tell people about what it is to be a female leader. Continue reading

Greece – The Delphi Declaration


Delphi, Greece

Peter Koenig (on behalf of The Delphi Initiative) – During the weekend of 20 and 21 June 2015 a forum of international scholars, scientists, economists, sociologists, political analysts – met in Delphi Greece to discuss Greece and Europe. The organizers were the so-called “Delphi Initiative”, sponsored by the Lyssarides Foundation in Cyprus, the Greek Institute for Research on Political Strategies, the Russian Institute for Globalization and Social Movements, and the Forum Mondial des Alternatives, France.

The forum ended with a Media Conference on Monday 22 June  and with the issuance of The Delphi Declaration – see below.

The world must realize that the so-called troika – IMF, European Central Bank and European Commission, is literally blackmailing Greece and subjecting her to outright economic torture.

During the past days, Mr. Tsipras, Greece’s Prime Minister, has made considerable concessions to the creditors in Brussels and Washington – but none were good enough. Instead they, the notorious troika, have presented Greece with an austerity package which is simply unacceptable for the Government – and for the people.

Pensions have already been cut by close to 50% to an unlivable level especially for the poor – the troika requires more cuts. Already now most of public services and assets have been privatized, hospitals and schools closed – they want more. The public administration has already been reduced to a minimum, causing huge unemployment – they want more. They also want additional taxes which further affect the poor.

In short, they want to cause a political upheaval in Greece, creating chaos – what the Brussels / Washington gang knows best and is famous for – and, as usual – the end goal is “Regime Change”. How dare the Greek people voting for a socialist government in an otherwise fully neoliberal Europe, western world? They must be punished.

But Regime Change shall not happen. I have just published an article – Greece – The Way Out – that offers other solutions, solutions that will allow Greece to find back to her bearings and her economic recovery.

Thank you for your solidarity.


European governments, European institutions and the IMF, acting in close alliance with, if not under direct control of, big international banks and other financial institutions, are now exercising a maximum of pressure, including open threats, blackmailing and a slander and terror communication campaign against the recently elected Greek government and against the Greek people.

They are asking the elected government of Greece to continue the “bail-out” program and the supposed “reforms” imposed on this country in May 2010, in theory to “help” and “save” it. Continue reading