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Revolution Is in the Air

Movements Chris Hedges – The sustained, daily civil disobedience at the Capitol by demonstrators denouncing the capture of our political system by corporate money is part of one of the largest and most important movements for social justice since the Occupy uprising. Join it.

Six hundred of the protesters have been arrested, and I was among 100 arrested Friday.

The protesters, organized by Democracy Spring, have converged on Washington from across the country. Young. Old. Black. White. Brown. Native American. Asian. Christian. Jew. Muslim. Buddhist. Atheist. From the left. From the right. Some marched for 10 days along a 160-mile route from Philadelphia to Washington.

On Friday, about a dozen protesters who had slipped into a tour group to get into the Capitol used zip ties to bind themselves to each other and to scaffolding inside the rotunda. They remained until they were arrested. In addition, scores of other protesters were taken away by police during the day.

“We the people demand a democracy free from the corrupting influence of big money and voter suppression,” they shouted. “We demand a democracy where every vote is counted and every voice is heard. Democracy Spring!”

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Clinton Email Server Greatest Intel Disaster in History

UehlingerGreg Hunter – Former frontline CIA Officer Scott Uehlinger says Hillary Clinton clearly broke the law with her private unprotected server. Uehlinger explains, “What the Clintons rely on is most Americans don’t really understand the security procedures. So, they can throw up a lot of smoke and mirrors that confuses people and makes them think that this was not so much of a problem. But people in the military and people in the intelligence community understand this better, and certainly it is even worse than it appears. . . .

The fact that she set up a private server, in and of itself, means she is guilty of a felony right there. Obviously, by having a private server, she was conspiring to evade her signed sworn statements that she would uphold secrecy agreements. The fact that she simply established that (private server) regardless of what was on it, she intended to go around and circumvent the law. Now, we had more than 100 highly classified emails on the server, and the fact that this server is absolutely vulnerable to any Chinese, Russian or Iranian hacking, this is the greatest disaster or mishandling of classified information at the upper levels of the U.S. government in history. There is no question about it.”

Does Uehlinger think Clinton’s private server was hacked? Uehlinger says, “I would virtually guarantee that with 95% certainty it was hacked. There is almost no question about it.”

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President Killary

foundation Paul Craig Roberts – Hillary Clinton is proving to be the “teflon candidate.” In her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, she has escaped damage from major scandals, any one of which would destroy a politician. Hillary has accepted massive bribes in the form of speaking fees from financial organizations and corporations. She is under investigation for misuse of classified data, an offense for which a number of whistleblowers are in prison. Hillary has survived the bombing of Libya, her creation of a failed Libyan state that is today a major source of terrorist jihadists, and the Benghazi controversy. She has survived charges that as Secretary of State she arranged favors for foreign interests in exchange for donations to the Clintons’ foundation. And, of course, there is a long list of previous scandals: Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate. Diana Johnstone’s book, Queen of Chaos, describes Hillary Clinton as “the top salesperson for the ruling oligarchy.”

Hillary Clinton is a bought-and-paid-for representative of the big banks, the military-security complex, and the Israel Lobby. She will represent these interests, not those of the American people or America’s European allies.

The Clintons’ purchase by interest groups is public knowledge. For example, CNN reports that between February 2001 and May 2015 Bill and Hillary Clinton were paid $153 million in speaking fees for 729 speeches, an average price of $210,000.

As it became evident that Hillary Clinton would emerge as the likely Democratic presidential candidate, she was paid more. Deutsche Bank paid her $485,000 for one speech, and Goldman Sachs paid her $675,000 for three speeches. Bank of American Morgan Stanley, UBS, and Fidelity Investments each paid $225,000.

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Trump and Bernie on the same ticket; take the ride

Jon Rappoport –  Don’t lose your lunch or your cookies or your marbles. Follow this one to the end.

BernieAs Bernie throws charges at Hillary for vote-rigging to gain the nomination; as Hillary solidifies her prurient control of so-called super-delegates (Democrat insiders and hacks), thus overturning the force of Primary voting; as Trump, Cruz, and the Republican leadership heat up an internal war over delegates; as Colorado and other states reject the validity of Republican Primary voting; the hallucination that is 2-party politics in America is on the verge of cracking. And if the crack widens, the foul creatures who emerge will reveal an oozing Hell in broad daylight.

We’ve gone past crazy.

And since that’s so, anything goes. It’s important to understand “anything,” which is why I’m dreaming about an independent ticket of Bernie Sanders, fresh off his rigged loss to Hillary, and Trump, emerging from his stinging defeat at the hands of Republican Beelzebubs. The two enemies on the same side.

Bernie and The Donald. Donald and The Bernie. Can’t agree on much, but who cares. Burn the political house down. Walk away and start a new campaign for the White House.

Left populism plus right populism. Together.

A realistic winner in November, as long as they have a cold-blooded army of pros investigating the voting machines.

Bernie: “I hate Donald, except for his stance on trade treaties that are stealing millions of jobs from Americans.”

Donald: “I hate Bernie, except for his stance on trade treaties that are stealing millions of jobs from Americans.”

Could be a lot worse.

A lot.

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Joe Plummer Teaches Tragedy and Hope 101

James Corbett – Clocking in at 1300 pages of small print text, Carroll Quigley’s seminal work, Tragedy and Hope, is an intimidating and weighty tome. Today we talk to Joe Plummer of about his guide to Quigley’s massive book.

Available as a free e-book or as a paperback or Kindle purchase and dubbed Tragedy and Hope 101, Plummer’s guide condenses, summarizes, explains and footnotes the highlights and lowlights of the text so you can understand the nature of the conspiratorial network that Quigley exposed and why this information is so important.

SF Source  corbettreport Apr 2016

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A Country of Nihilist Oligarchs

“Please don’t begin to believe that the American political establishment is anything but a corrupt puppet of oligarchy.” – Alex Pareene

political Sartre – You live in a society of malcontents ruled by a system of authoritarians. The conflict between unrealistic expectations and the raw force used to compel compliance is growing more intense. Only the walking dead are happy. Any thinking and intelligent person knows that the political hierarchy has lost its legitimacy. The result of the Curse of Multiculturalism has created a mentality malaise that chewed up our institutions, denigrated our social values and produced a progressive asylum of sick and disturbed free loaders. All the while the entrenched political class sucks the life blood from the average citizen, while lining their own pockets with public funds.

If nothing else, this presidential election cycle proves beyond any doubt, that there is little consensus in the ranks of registered voters. Divide in order to conquer has worked again. Blame the schools, the media and that plain old pattern of peer pressure; all operate to obliterate individual critical thinking and social responsibility.

People have adopted a psychotic perception as a substitute for objective reality. Ignorance of the world and how it operates around the global is the present hallmark of the American mob rule culture. The scary experience of rubbing shoulders with the zombie clones, who believe that government is the only religion they need to follow, is more ominous than the torture of watching another rigged election unfold.

Such ingredients are music to the ears of the oligarchy that play off one group against another. The country no longer has a national identity. The essential question that no one in the establishment will address much less resolve is why should the United States remain intact as a nation state?

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