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James Corbett ~ Pedophiles In Politics: An Open Source Investigation

“What bodies or institutions can be relied on to investigate claims of this nature, especially when they involve sitting politicians and others in the highest reaches of political or financial power?” – J Corbett

As 2015 begins, high-profile cases involving accusations of pedophilia in the highest ranks of political power are making headlines on both sides of the Atlantic.

MPs Caught in Pedophile Network

PalaceThe first case involves the exposure of five VIP pedophile rings operating in Britain in the 1970s and 80s that have been researched in a dossier compiled by John Mann, an MP for Bassetlaw in the Midlands, which was then submitted to the London Metropolitan Police for further investigation. These five rings all included at least one current or former member of parliament, with a total of 24 politicians having been identified in Mann’s dossier. Six of those 24 are currently serving members of the UK government, including three MPs and three members of the House of Lords.

As an MP himself, Mann enjoys parliamentary privilege to name the accused politicians in the House of Commons but has said he will not do so because he believes the accusations should be investigated by police first.

The Met are already investigating claims made by an alleged victim of the network that a Conservative MP strangled a boy to death during one of the ring’s sex parties, and that he personally witnessed two other boys murdered by the gang, including one who was run over in broad daylight. Mann has also indicated that he believes two men may have been murdered as part of a cover-up of the network’s activities. Continue reading

David Icke ~ Paris – Who Benefits? [Video]

SF Source davidicke  Jan 16 2015

Sartre ~ Terrorism, Immigration And Mass Manipulation

“. . . the deceived and gullible public buys into the presstitute narrative that protects and shields the mega financial interests that expand their influence and riches from fueling a perpetual conflict.” – Sartre

FalseFlagsDontWorkAnymoreThe threat of terrorism and the theatrics of bloodshed are powerful tools in the psychological warfare that is leading up to a final conflagration. Watching Paris is Burning is a sober spectacular for the mass media brainwashed, but for geopolitical observers in the know, the time proven and trusted strategy of using fear over security breaches works every time. Missing in the scores of all the manipulated “situations” is a full appreciation of the grand view of who really benefits from a high anxiety society that always succumbs into a greater level of a police state.

Framing the latest episode, the Charlie Hebdo assassinations, into a clash of civilizations is a tempting vindication to strike back at a villain that is easy to despise. However, such a simplistic response fails to understand what is really going on.

An example illustrates this point. A professional Muslim architect residing in the Middle East posted the following comments after the slaughter in Paris. “I do not blame them. Because “Christianity” is the false sect of real Prophet Messiah’s call.”

The BATR response was:

“Your comments illustrate that you are your own worst enemy. You will never get any sympathy for your cause with an attitude that rationalized murder. As you are well aware, I am a Christian. If your objectives are to kill people of my faith, why would any of us want to deal with you or your fellow travelers?

You are dead wrong and need to rethink your world view. Maybe you should peddle your wares on groups that have immoral standards.”

Continue reading

James Corbett ~ Negative Inflation? – Geneva Business Insider

“This month on the Geneva Business Insider James and David discuss: the unfolding deflationary cycle in the commodities markets and its long-term effects; the suspiciously convenient timing of Obama’s new cybersecurity proposal; and the continuing hypocrisy of the Paris Hebdo circus.” – J Corbett

SF Source  corbettreport  Jan 15 2015

Stephen Lendman ~ Netanyahu In Paris

“On the one hand, Netanyahu spurns peaceful Israeli/Palestinian relations. Wages wars at his discretion. Slaughters Palestinians in cold blood. Commits daily atrocities. Attacks neighboring countries. Destabilizes the region. Yet urges French and other European Jews to emigrate to Israel. Where they’ll be safe, he claims. Where Palestinians are persecuted daily. Kidnapped from their home pre-dawn.” – S Lendman

steveLendmanHe finds ways of giving chutzpah new meaning. Gatecrashing his latest offense. Showing up where not wanted.

French President Francois Hollande’s national security advisor, Jacques Audibert, asked him not to come.

Through his Israeli counterpart, Yossi Cohen. Saying Sunday’s event wanted to demonstrate solidarity with France.

Avoid divisive issues. Like Israeli/Palestinian relations. Longstanding unresolved conflict.

Daily Israeli state terror against millions of long-suffering Palestinians.

Audibert hoped Netanyahu would avoid controversy and stay home. Especially not take advantage for campaigning purposes.

With Israeli elections two months away. Haaretz said he first agreed not to come. He’d postpone his trip until Tuesday for a Jewish community event.

He lied. He’s a serial liar. Even in relations with close allies. He showed up. Saying he’d join Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Economy Minister Naftali Bennett. Both said they were going.

According to Haaretz, “Audibert made it clear that in light of Netanyahu’s intention to arrive, an invitation would also be extended to Abbas.” Continue reading

Richie Allen Interviews David Shayler ~ Zionists Have Infiltrated Organs Of State In Every Country [Audio]

SF Source The Richie Allen Show  Jan 15 2015

Charles Hugh Smith ~ What Is A National Nervous Breakdown?

“When the citizenry cease to believe the lies, the nation suffers a nervous breakdown.” – C H Smith

CharlesHughSmithLast week I used the phrase National Nervous Breakdown without clarifying its meaning. (The War on Our Intuition That Something Is Fundamentally Amiss) By National Nervous Breakdown I do not mean the breakdown of civil order or the economy; I mean the breakdown of the officially sanctioned narratives that underpin the Status Quo. These Master Narratives legitimize the current arrangement; once they erode or break down, the legitimacy of the Status Quo is lost.

The shell remains in place, but nobody believes the system is a fair, just meritocracy.

Let’s consider the erosion or breakdown of these master narratives.

1. No accountability for abuse of power. The core narrative is no one is above the law, which means not only that everyone is supposedly treated equally before the law, but that abuses of power are punished or limited.

Now that police departments are essentially stealing from private citizens without due process via civil forfeiture, it’s clear there is no accountability for abuses of power.

This is simply one example of many in which blatant abuse of power is sanctioned by the Status Quo, and there is little recourse for citizens who have been abused unless they are wealthy enough to fund a high-powered legal team.

In effect, our legal system is broken. This mirrors the erosion and breakdown of accountability in the late 1960s and early 1970s, when abuse of power was rampant and there was little recourse for the citizenry. Continue reading

Pete Kasperowicz ~ House Passes Bill To Overturn Obama’s Amnesty

The House voted Wednesday to defund President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration, a step Republicans promised to take after Obama said in November he would provide legal protection for up to 5 million illegal immigrants.

Members voted 237-190 in favor of a defunding amendment brought by Rep. Bob Aderholt (R-Ala.). All but seven Republicans supported it, and it was opposed by all Democrats.

Republicans voting against it were Reps. Carlos Curbello (Fla.), Jeff Denham (Calif.), Mario Diaz-Balart (Fla.), Bob Dold (Ill.), Renee Ellmers (N.C.), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Fla.) and David Valadao (Calif.).

With that vote, Aderholt’s language was attached to a Department of Homeland Security spending bill, which the House then passed shortly after noon in a 236-191 vote.

Aderholt’s language would block funding for Obama’s executive action, even those funds that agencies collect on their own through fees. It would prevent enforcement of memos DHS released in 2011 and 2012 that allow agencies to halt immigration enforcement on various classes of illegal immigrants. Continue reading

Rep. Gowdy’s Floor Speech On Stopping Executive Action On Immigration [Video]

SF Source Tgowdysc  Jan 14 2015

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