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DNC Rolls Back Rule To Allow Presidential Campaigns To Accept More Money From Federal Lobbyists and PACS

campaignJonathan Turley – The Democratic National Committee has long been criticized as being overtly biased toward the Clinton campaign, particularly Democratic Chair Debbie Wasserman-Shultz. First there was the scheduling of debates when no one was watching and refusing more debates in what was universally viewed as a move to help Clinton. Then, when Clinton lost her lead in the polls, the DNC suddenly scheduled more debates at primetime hours. Now, with Sanders setting records for donations from ordinary voters, the media is reporting that the DNC rolled back restrictions introduced by presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008 that banned donations from federal lobbyists and political action committees.

While it is not clear when this was done, the relative secrecy about the change on such a major campaign issue is pretty shocking. The Washington Post broke the story today.  The issue of such contributions was only addressed in one substantive question by the moderators last night in the PBS debate.  Many were surprised that neither moderator asked Clinton whether she would release thetranscripts of the speeches in light of growing demands to see what she told Wall Street and banking groups.

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The Earth Is Sentient

planetVeronica – The planet on which you stand is a living consciousness having an experience, just as you are.

Awareness of itself is a personal beautiful sequence in the order of all things. We have spoken before of the relationship that all life has with each other on the physical plane. Each one has a level of awareness and consciousness that is occurring each moment. It is important to create the same respect for plants, animals, and all levels of life. Each one does indeed create an individual experience. A tree is just as conscious as you are. The only difference is that a tree is having a different level of interaction. The same is true for animals, sea life, and any other creation in physical reality.

Perhaps consider becoming available to a blend of knowledge that is indeed available with every item that exists.

Everything has consciousness. Be aware that there are indeed different levels. Be aware that this should incite you to be respectful and loving of all linear creation.

The earth has an awareness of all of you. Be determined to be involved in the well being of this planet. It requires a level of thought that includes treating it with a tenderness of feeling as well.

Many fear the end of times. Many fear the planetary destruction that has been prophesiesed for centuries. Many fear the uselessness of their own actions in regard to saving anything in troubled times.

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New Moon in Aquarius – Evolving Beyond the Veils of Illusion

Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone – The gift of life comes from seeing the transcendent beauty that lies beyond the veils of Maya. This perception can only be fully known when one’s eyes seek to know the source of all things. Our journey on Earth is to know this place, to experience Source deeply from within ourselves, and to manifest its light into this human reality. We define this experience in our lives as love. 

Today’s New Moon and the planetary alignments that accompany it evoke an important new focus; the merging of spirit into matter; the purposeful fusing of love — of Source energy — into material existence, with every thought, every action, and every cell in our body. To do this, though, it is important we see beyond the confining veils of illusion so that we can understand and apply our highest potential into reality.

An important part of bringing the purpose of our true higher essence to life, is coming to understand that each of us grows and learns through our own darkness. At a point in our individual journey, we learn to take our experiences of pain suffering, loss and separation and break the shackles. We become conduits of light, transcending the darkness and, through this process, finding more illuminating ways of doing things. Astrologically speaking, this process is a reflection of Aquarius, the Prometheus archetype, which brings illumination to the physical plane in the form of fire (creation). Continue reading

Believing is Seeing

awarenessOwen K Waters – Today’s massive, ongoing Shift in consciousness is a shift from intellectual awareness to holistic awareness.

Intellectual awareness is a function of the solar plexus chakra, where mental ability is developed in a linear direction. Examples of linear thought include the performing of arithmetic and the operating of machinery. In this mode of consciousness, people have learned to develop a rigid discipline of “seeing is believing” in order to discover what works and what doesn’t.

With holistic awareness, the heart chakra is developed, allowing issues of separation to be resolved and integrated. Holistic awareness means that mind, body & spirit are seen as closely related facets of the human being. This heart-centered awareness is a viewpoint of integration or wholeness which heals the fears and discords that come with solar plexus consciousness.

There is a paradox with moving from linear intellect to heart-centered consciousness. While the intellectual phase of consciousness may say that “Seeing is believing,” the holistic phase requires quite the reverse. In holistic consciousness, opposites are often both true as they are seen as opposite sides of the same coin or as polar opposites of the same issue.

Awareness that is limited to the intellect is subject to issues of separation; of us versus them, of struggling for resources that are perceived as scarce instead of solving the problem of their scarcity. Holistic awareness includes the idea that consciousness creates realities, that something must be created in consciousness – “believed” – before they can become a reality. Continue reading

Doreen Virtue’s Angel Messages For February 8 – 14, 2016 [Video]

What a powerful reading for such a powerful week! This is a unique energy gateway opening week which combines the manifestation power of the New Moon in Aquarius on Monday with Valentine’s Day at the end of the week.

As the cards show, it’s an “Out with the Old, and In with the New” week. The more that you’re willing to release the old, the more new you will receive this week.

Doreen is working with the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards, available at bookstores and app stores worldwide, including at:

SF Source Doreen Virtue  Feb 2016

Live Without Regrets: Lessons from a Near-Death Experience

“Don’t be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. You don’t have to live forever, you just have to live.” ~Natalie Babbitt

lifeOlessia Kantor – My former life as a diamond dealer was not as glamorous as one would think. I wound up spending many months traversing barren lands and boarding rickety aircrafts. If you can imagine the life of Indiana Jones, it wasn’t all that different with the exception that no one was chasing me.

My travels customarily took me to the many diamond deposits laden throughout Africa. The majority of the “puddle jumper” planes I routinely flew on should’ve been retired decades ago, but miraculously, the ingenuity of the Africans kept them in working order.

One morning I woke up with a sense of uneasiness, as a voice inside my head was saying, “Don’t take this flight.”

Despite the intense feeling of anxiety, I began mentally preparing for the long day ahead.

Boarding the plane, the anxiousness only increased as thoughts of my parents and six-year old daughter inundated my mind. I chose to ignore the sickening feeling in my gut, telling myself to pull it together for the forty-five-minute flight.

The plane took off, ascending above the endless landscape of the African jungle. The familiar hum of the propellers, the oppressive heat, and the vibration of the aircraft quickly relaxed me and I drifted off to sleep.

Minutes later, my mind realized that the buzz of the flight had ended and there was nothing but complete silence. The creaking and clanking of the plane in the breeze was the only sound.

I quickly looked over at the pilot with a glance that said: “Is this what I think it is?” His eyes were filled with terror. “Brace for impact!” he yelled.

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