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Firestorm Over Professor Steven Salaita’s Sacking For Criticizing Israel

 “The Center for Constitutional Rights represents Salaita. Its senior attorney Maria Lahood was clear and unequivocal saying: What’s clearly “uncivil is the killing of more than 500 children Professor Salaita reacted to.” It’s “terminating a tenured professor because he dared to speak out publicly and passionately about Israel’s actions.” It’s lawlessness. Its ruthlessness. Its democracy in name only. Its contempt for Palestinian rights.” – S Lendman

steveLendmanCriticizing Israel publicly entails huge risks. Becoming persona non grata in politics, the media, business and academia may follow. It’s a career ender for most who try.

At most, short-term protests follow. They’re usually or entirely local. Salaita’s University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign (ULUC) sacking elevated public anger to a new level.

Thousands of scholars, students, colleagues, friends, Israeli critics and others rallied to his defense. They’re steadfast. They continue.

They want Salaita reinstated. They want him given full pay and benefits. They want damages paid for all he endured. He deserves it and much more.

Salaita broke weeks of silence. On September 9, he went public for the first time.

He defended his noteworthy academic/scholarly bona fides. He did so eloquently and effectively. He criticized UIUC’s academic lynching.

He explained his passion for equality, fairness and justice. He expressed gratitude for around 18,000 supporters. They signed a petition demanding his reinstatement.

He called the firestorm over his viewpoints on Palestinian human rights and academic freedom “a teaching moment.”

He urged his supporters “to make the most of it.”

Major/influential donor complaints got him sacked. The Los Angeles Times discussed how big monied interests control academia. Continue reading

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan ~ The Phoenix Crystals

“Ametrine disperses negativity from the aura and fills the voids with Pure Light Energy. It raises the frequency of the body and facilitates the release of blockages in the physical, mental, emotional, and auric bodies. ”  – G Louthan



The vibration of the Phoenix rises to the surface of our inner being as we too go through the fires of change looking to be re-birthed into a higher form of being. We seek a way out of the emotional deluge as our world under goes change after change. We seek immortality in a mortal existence as we watch those we love struggle to stand upright, only to fall to their knees in prayer.

We seek the magic of it all, a simpler time when we knew the Creator held our hand and hearts lovingly and the Presence of what was Holy could be seen in dawns early light. We long for the blue skies to smile down at us covering us in a cloak of invisibility from all that threatens our very existence.  The phoenix is the perfect energy to show us the way home to a place of knowing and innate courage. These beautiful authentic Ametrine crystals come to quench our spiritual thirst, showing us that we are spiritual warriors with a divine purpose would are never allowed to give up. They ask us to rebuild our hopes and dreams rising again and again through all the flames of transformation. Continue reading

Angel Messages For September 22 -28 2014 ~ Doreen Virtue’s Angel Oracle Card Reading [Video]

You focus upon Self-Worth this week, and as you realize that you are worthy and deserving of goodness — just as everyone is — you allow yourself to be helped AND you take charge of making important and life-changing decisions for yourself. What an empowering week of self-discovery and connecting closer to God’s magnificence which is within you!

SF Source Doreen Virtue

Lilou Mace Interviews Stephanie South ~ Noosphere & Knowledge Coming In Via The Sun & 5D Body [Video]

The Noosphere – literally, “mind-sphere” or Earth’s mental sheath – is a word and concept jointly coined by Édouard Le Roy, French philosopher and student of Henri Bergson, Jesuit paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and Russian geochemist, Vladimir Vernadsky, in Paris, 1926.

At the root of the primary definition of noosphere is a dual perception: that life on Earth is a unity constituting a whole system known as the biosphere; and that the mind or consciousness of life – the Earth’s thinking layer – constitutes a unity that is discontinuous but coextensive with the entire system of life on Earth, inclusive of its inorganic support systems. A third critical premise arising from the first two is that the noosphere defines the inevitable next stage of terrestrial evolution, which will subsume and transform the biosphere. Continue reading

Hilarion’s Weekly Message ~ September 21-28, 2014

“It is those whose hearts are peaceful in the face of the greatest challenges who create a better world for themselves and for others.” -Hilarion

Beloved Ones, Those who are able to move beyond the current distractions come together in focus for a world of peace. This energy is being magnified and multiplied by the higher dimensions, for as given before, wherever two or more are gathered there also is the Christ consciousness. The forces of light and love take great delight in joining with the individuals who take part in a worldwide focus to bring in the highest outcome for the Earth and all of humanity. By the efforts of these combined forces of light, many positive and benevolent changes take place in the world. It is a sacred and holy work that is performed with love and reverence by those who heed the call. Lighted souls the world over turn within to offer their deepest and most heartfelt desires to the Creator of All That Is in faith and trust and a deeper understanding that they are each a divine spark of the divine manifesting upon the Earth.

They turn then to contemplate the beauty of the world around them and celebrate the wonders of nature, the incredible sunrise and sunset, the myriads of tiny creatures that surround them, each unique and incredible in their exquisite detail. They drink in the colors of the flowers and notice how each petal seems to radiate light from within. They connect to the trees and listen to their timeless messages of fellowship, nurturance and support. They begin to realize that life thrives on their planet and it is all connected to All That Is and that they also are a innate part of it. They sense that each moment they spend contemplating and admiring the wonders of the world they live on is an endorsement and an acknowledgment of gratitude for the abundance that was created for their enjoyment. It is in this way, they realize, that the universe responds by bringing them more of that which fills their hearts with joy. Continue reading

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan ~ Open The Gate And Stand In The Gap

“Your lineage of light activates and glows like a firefly. It is time to See who you really are.” G MacBeth-Louthan

OpenTheGateIt is time to ‘Open the gate’ to all experiences you keep yourself separated from, in thoughts, in deeds, in longings, and heart’s desires. Open the gate that keeps you from a future that is sweet and plentiful. It is your belief system that keep you stagnate not moving forward. It is your personal canyon that seems endless, in a sky that seems cloistered with thunder clouds. Open the gate and set free all that has once served you so that it can learn to fly, learn to swim, learn to tunnel deep in the earths mysteries. Open the gate to everything that you are destined to be, minus all the earth drama.

Experience the flowing of the trueness of your beginning without end, of your end without beginning. Let go of all self imposed limitations and programs. Let go of all excuses and procrastination’s. Unearth the potential that you have kept sequestered away. Open to see all that is happening in a single moment in any place in this universe. For you have that ability but you must announce if to yourself in remembrance. ‘I can see through space and time, through sky and cloud, through dirt’. ‘I can walk through stars and the air with the greatest of ease. Continue reading

Derek Lovell ~ How To Quit Negative Self-Talk & Get Happy

“. . . you have the tools to build a healthier thought pattern now. Focus on what is going well in your life, . . .”

NegativeSelfTalkNegative self talk! Why have we all fallen victim to this nasty state of bringing ourselves down? Let’s get one thing clear, self-talk isn’t just mindless chatter spiraling around in your head. It has a way of creating its own reality. Telling yourself you can’t do something can make that come true. Tell yourself you’ll never lose weight and it can be like eating a box of doughnuts. Tell yourself it’s too hard to find a new career and you will be likely to continue the cycle of disliking your old job and stay within that exact rut.

“Self-talk dictates how you relate to yourself and how you show up for other people. Let’s say you think you have nothing interesting to say. If you keep telling yourself that, other people are going to see you that way too.” – Franco Beneduce

People who think negatively tend to be less outgoing and have weaker social networks than positive thinkers. Multiple studies link positive emotions with more satisfying relationships, more romance and even lower rates of divorce and separation. Continue reading

Matthew Butler ~ What Would You Take With You To The Afterlife?

Life, Death, Out-Of-Body Experiences And The Journey Of Consciousness


What is the greatest mystery of life? According to a legendary Q&A in the Indian spiritual epic the Mahabharata, the greatest wonder is that countless people die every day, yet those left behind believe they will live forever.

There is a well-known saying that the only certainty in life is death, but our hyper-connected modern society is not exactly inspiring much reflection on what lies beyond the transient.

People put aside savings for retirement, and some take out life insurance to take care of the loved ones they leave behind. This looks after physical needs, but what about the needs of consciousness which continues without the body? What preparations are made for its journey after death – the ultimate journey of a lifetime?

Religious institutions offer a solution to their followers that usually depends on adopting a set of beliefs rather than personal spiritual discovery.  On the other hand, some scientists will tell you with equal conviction that nothing comes after death, so don’t worry about it. Both of these points of view depend on belief, but what if, when the final moment comes, you realise you wasted the great opportunity your life provided? An alternative option is to discover for ourselves why we are here, and what  our place in the universe is, while we are alive and have the opportunity to do something with the knowledge we gain.

Ancient spiritual cultures almost universally placed importance on the individual’s preparations and journey into the afterlife. They clearly understood our existence extended beyond our bodies, and that life and death were best seen with the bigger picture of creation in mind – as part of an ongoing journey of consciousness – with life presenting an amazing opportunity for conscious evolution that we take the fruits from after death.

This was bought home to me in an interesting way during a trip to a museum exhibition showcasing ancient Egyptian afterlife cosmology; it reminded me of the universal nature of the afterlife, and how Near-Death Experiences and Out-of-Body Experiences offer us a glimpse into the reality of existence beyond the body, revealing that awakening consciousness is what creation is really all about. Continue reading

Ann Albers ~ Message From The Angels

“All of life is a dance with all of creation.” – The Angels

WomanBreathingDancerWhen you have a desire or a dream, you enter into a dance with God and the entire universe. You begin to put out an energy that says, “I love this dream. I want this dream to come true.” To the degree that you love it and allow yourself to be excited by the prospect, the signal you send out to the universe is strong. Fear weakens the signal. Doubt weakens the signal. A commitment to have what you want, even when you have no clue how to make it happen, strengthens the signal. Focused love is a powerful force!

So when you want something in your life, begin by allowing yourself the joy and the passion involved in thinking of having it, feeling what it would feel like to have this situation, and therefore this feeling in your life. Allow yourself the feeling now… even before the situation arrives, for in so doing, you become a magnet. Continue reading