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How “Real” Is Your Metaphysics- Part 2

knowKwan Yin – As we begin the second leg of this journey into making our metaphysics REAL, let us review the entire reason you are even reading this series: a profound attraction and unexplainable connection to metaphysics. Possibly, even, an undeniable wish for personal ascension.

If you actually made it to this second part, then, deep down, you know there is a different way than the mind’s perception of reality and its perspective on what life is meant to be.

If we could collect all these divergent and improved ways of life as strings on your metaphysical violin, then the questions we are truly asking here are as follows:

Do you have what it takes to get over your stage fear and let your song be heard? Are you ready to make it real? And, if you are, how do you reach — and maintain — the highest note?

Into the Heart of the Matter

You know you are a creator of reality. You know of and believe in your power — even if you experience metaphysics mostly on a theoretical level — and you have spent years already working on improving yourself in all matters of the head and the heart.

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How “Real” Is Your Metaphysics?- Part 1

HealingHandsKwan Yin – How do you experience the practical side of your spiritual nature? Do you feel that you apply your metaphysical principles to your life in a direct and empowering way? How far are you willing to go? And what could be holding you back still, if anything?

Let’s take a look at the following statement, for instance:

“Everything is already inside of You.
You are already inside of Everything.”

Many may be aware of this simple yet impactful bit of knowledge, as it is often used to explain away a lot of different notions of esoteric and cosmic studies. But most do not know what to do with it or have no idea how to apply it to their lives in a practical way and on a consistent basis.

To tell you the truth — and it might not make me very popular in your opinion — I personally do not feel that the larger community of esoteric seekers that is out there actually welcomes the practical application of metaphysics. At least, not all of it, and yet metaphysics is an all or nothing type of deal.

As those with some experience under their belt will know, it can be quite the trip to step away from theoretical words in a book and into the full-blown practice of the metaphysical adventure of personal ascension while remaining a neutral witness to your necessary choices impacting and forever changing your daily life.

I Can Change

Once on the practical path, change will become a key factor in your life, for a while at least, until you are finished re-arranging your entire way of being and your universe around you. This is exactly the type of change that most seekers, who tend to keep themselves entangled in the theory of it all, truly are wary of.

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May 2016 Energy Report

energyJennifer Hoffman – You may be wondering whether anything is going to happen this month, if you have been reading various reports about the unusual amount of retrograde activity that is occurring now. But before you think you will give May a miss because nothing important is going to happen, think again because all of the retro activity is an invitation to engage in, not retreat from, our own empowerment and to do that final energetic housecleaning that we may have been putting off. May offers many gifts, some of them hidden, others very obvious. It’s a month to dig deep and fly high, as the past, present, and future will all be features on the ascension horizon, and if we’re paying attention we could reap some big benefits this month.

When I look at May’s energy I think about little packages placed in bigger ones. When my kids were little if they had a small present I would often wrap it in a bigger box. Since they were more impressed by the size of the box than the present it contained, having a big box to open was more exciting, even if the small gift was important or something they really wanted. Sometimes we need a bigger box to appreciate the value of the gift, and that’s one of the things we will have with May’s full-on energy. A lot of what it brings may arrive in shipping container-size packages that hold a tiny spark of new enlightenment, awareness, ascension, and joy.

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It’s a Great Time To Be Alive!

realityOwen K Waters – As souls, we’ve waited a long time to be here and experience The Shift to the New Reality. Let’s take this opportunity now to focus on where we are at this critical juncture in human history, and shape our future with an intention to explore our greatest potential.

The Shift is the mass migration of humanity into the second tier of consciousness. This is where basic values transform into spiritual values, where caring hearts blossom forth into action to serve humanity in ways that represent their personal, highest joy.

Millions of pioneering trail-blazers have already made it into the new, heart-centered awareness. Every day, more people follow their example. The New Reality presents a newly emerging type of humanity. This vanguard of unconditional love and renewed hope holds the seeds of a culture where ‘quality of life’ replaces ‘standard of living’ and ‘you-and-me’ cooperation replaces ‘you-versus-me’ competition.

The world is transforming; destiny is calling. Together we are witnessing the dawning of the New Reality as it rises in all of its glory, like the Sun rising at the dawn of a bright, new day.

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Honor the Pain, Surrender Its Source

truthJennifer Hoffman – Every intention and action creates an outcome of either pain or freedom. Pain is the result of an energetic misalignment between intention and alignment, and between reality and truth. Freedom occurs when energies are aligned and congruent, all resonating at the same energetic frequency and flowing within the same intention and that is singularly focused on a particular outcome. Outcomes that cause pain happen when the truth of a situation is replaced with hope and the actual reality is confused with potential. When you honor your pain and acknowledge how it was created you can surrender its source, and you re-align with your truth and the potentials that are a true possibility and not a wish. You can heal pain only if you surrender its source.

Pain is a difficult aspect of human beingness, an emotional energy that is unpleasant and complex, and yet it is simply a clear and powerful indicator of energetic misalignment between the ego/self, the energetic body, and the soul. It is created because the ego has made a commitment, taken an action, set an intention, or tried to move energy in a way that the energetic body cannot honor and is out of integrity with the soul mission of healing, transformation, awareness, and congruence.

The desire to be free from pain generally begins with the pain itself when it should be addressed at its source.  What desire exists within the ego for validation, approval, and control that cannot be fulfilled through the soul’s mission for healing and the existing energetic frequency? The source of the pain is a truth that the ego cannot believe or acknowledge. The healing of the pain comes when that truth is no longer resisted and a new truth is created. Failure does not happen when a truth cannot be transformed – failure does not exist in the universe. But pain will continue until surrender replaces action in a situation that is out of alignment with healing.

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Moving beyond the God Matrix to the Great Change [Video]

Alfred Lambremont Webre  speaks with George Kavassilas in this informative 2-part interview.

Part II-George Kavassilas: Moving beyond the God
Matrix to the Great Change [Video]

SF Source Alfred Lambremont Webre  Apr 2016