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The Talmud Of Jmmanuel, The Teachings Of Creation, and Universal Laws

In 1963 a document (Talmud of Jmmanuel) in the form of scrolls encased in resin, was discovered buried under a flat rock in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea which was reportedly used by Jmmanuel (Jesus of Nazareth). It was found by Eduard (Billy) Meier of Switzerland, shortly after a Lebanese priest named Isa Rashid discovered the actual burial site. The document is the authentic writings of Judas Iscariot, a disciple and contemporary of Jmmanuel.

lawsJudas was a loyal follower and scribe and should not to be confused with the traitor Juda Ihariot, the son of a Pharisee. It was written in Old Aramaic and subsequently translated into German and English. It is the only known record of the teachings and ministry of Jmmanuel prior to the time of the crucifixion.

This document has sustained considerable scholarly interest and study and has been found to be internally consistent with itself and the historical record. Much of the first four books of the New Testament came from it.

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HyperDimensional Interference and the Keys to Discernment – Panel Discussion [Video]

Bernhard – This panel discussion on “Hyper-dimensional Interference and the Keys to Discernment” was videotaped May 21, 2016 and features Eve Lorgen, Tom Montalk, Carissa Conti, Laura Leon, Bernhard Guenther, and James Bartley.

Discussion Points

  • The macro-perspective/bigger picture of the Hyperdimensional Matrix Control System and how it ties in with the micro-perspective: hyperdimensional interference on a personal/individual level. Clarification and definition of basic concepts.
  • Suppression of extra-sensory perception and social/cultural conditioning (starting in childhood) keeps hyperdimensional forces hidden from our awareness. Continue reading

News And Views From The Nefarium – May 26, 2016 [Video]

SF Source Joseph Farrell

Lucid Dreaming as a Gate to Spiritual Awakening

sleepFrank M Wanderer – Allow me to draw your attention to an apparently surprising thing. If I told you that now, when you are reading these lines, you are in fact asleep, you would certainly believe that I have gone mad.

You are awake, you are concentrating your attention to reading, and you are aware of your environment as well. You can see the furniture of your room, you can hear the call of the birds from the nearby forest. You are also aware of your thoughts and emotions. How can anyone claim that you are asleep at this very moment?

Naturally, you – just like everyone else – sleeps at night. Yes, sometimes you see dreams while you sleep, but right now it is daytime, you are awake. So how could you see dreams?

You Imagine a Whole World Around Yourself

I believe that you do not only sleep at night, but also during the daytime. I believe that in your present state of consciousness, your greatest illusion is that you think you are awake. I believe that in your present existence, your greatest illusion is when you think that you are alert. What I see is that in your present state of consciousness you are asleep, and at present you are dreaming, and what you see and hear are all parts of your dream.

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Modern Miracles and The Quantum Hologram

QuantumDr. Rudy Schild – Lives of people are often affected by remarkable occurrences that cannot be explained by the precepts of modern science. There is a general sense that most of these phenomena occur within the brain, but seem to be otherwise un-explainable. The most common examples that I cite are:

• Near-Death experiences
• Past lives
• Telepathy
• Remote viewing
• Precognition
• Crop circles
• Astrology
• Orbs, balls of light
• Ghosts, fairies
• Deja-vu
• UFO sightings
• Abductions
• Levitation

The response of our establishment, and particularly the University community has been basically “divide and conquer.” They are easily identified as simple mind phenomena, and dismissed as something that you read about in National Enquirer. “It’s just those NDE people again.” “He sees ghosts, Ha, Ha, Ha.” “Telepathy is just some simple empathy effect of the mind.” What is presently lacking is some overall understanding of what property of the mind, or of the Universe enables these phenomena.

But these phenomena are often quite real to the perceiver, who often feels let down by our scholarly research community.

The Underlying Explanation

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Seven Stumbling Blocks on the Road to Consciousness

Julian Rose – The purpose of Life is to Live! But upon arrival on this Earth it quickly becomes apparent that this is not the agenda. Ninety nine percent of what’s going on here is not about enhancing human creative potential, but about suppressing it.

lifeIt’s about stepping onto an invisible ladder whose rungs form the seemingly inviolable rules of a stagnant, pyramid posturing status quo. A status quo which has almost nothing to do with growing, but a lot to do with decaying. With becoming a well-adapted slave in a world whose task masters are kings of a two dimensional sub reality.

That reality consists of a monotonous fixation on the acquisition of power, money, prestige and preeminence. A world in which a quite deadly lack of awareness remains the prevailing condition; ruthlessly maintained by a small cabal in whose interests it is to keep things exactly as they are, lest some unguarded rebellion should dislodge them from their imperious, sterile thrones.

However, the life force is strong. It cannot and will not tolerate eternal repression. Wherever fissures appear in the status quo, it bubbles up and declares itself to be the messenger of truth. “This is our World. We are breaking free and shining a light on the path to be manifest.”

So what is it that is still holding back so many from actually making that illumined path manifest?


Breaking through the cozy similitudes of a largely routine, safe existence, takes courage and conviction. There is no ‘easy way’ to truth. But the thought of venturing into a deeper side of one’s self – and of jumping into new paradigms of external involvement – often arouses a sense of fear.

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