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Burt Harding ~ You Are The Unchanging Awareness [Video]

Satsang with Burt Harding

SF Source Burt Harding  Jul 20 2007

Ann Albers ~ Message From The Angels

simion_loveTurn your sights to love this year dear ones! Allow yourself to receive the vast and beautiful expressions of love that are available in every single moment of your life. Look outside at creation. You are loved. Take a sip of water. You are loved. Feel your hands, your lungs breathing, your heart beating. You are loved. Look at the spectrum of beautiful colors. You are loved. Listen to music that uplifts you. You are loved. Look in the eyes of an animal or a child. You are loved.

Look at the shelter around you. You are loved. Look at the food upon your plate. You are loved. Look at the fact that we are writing to you via this newsletter and aware of each and every one of you as precious, beautiful, cherished souls upon the earth. You are loved. Continue reading

Josh Richardson ~ Everything You Are, Have Been And Ever Will Be Is About Frequency

frequencyYour entire existence…all matter, all life, all experiences–everything owes its existence in the physical world to frequency. Absolutely everything is frequency. You cannot have an experience on this planet without attracting it through frequency. Every emotion, including love and hate tunes into a specific frequency. Health has a frequency. Disease has frequency. Your organs are each tuned to a specific frequency as is your entire body which resonates at its own frequency.

You are a symphony of frequencies while you project yourself through this universe and create your physical reality. You are a master of your energy, and thus you are able to control everything you are, everything you do, everything you experience. From the day you are born until the day you die, nothing will ever change the fact that you are both a frequency emitter and receiver in flux with your internal and external environment.

DNA possesses two structural characteristics of fractal antennas, electronic conduction and self symmetry. Electrical conduction allows the movement of electrically charged particles within the body and that flow produces our life force. Continue reading

Dana Mrkich ~ What Is Your Energy Saying To You?

danamrkich2Our energy is speaking to us loud and clear this year. Well it always has, only we are now hearing it and feeling it in a stronger way. When energies are super high as they will be from now on in, everything within us and in our lives that is not true to how our souls would like us to be is highlighted, felt more intensely, seen more clearly and often released or changed completely with or without our conscious desire. So, depending on your perspective this can feel totally liberating, or leave you feeling quite dishevelled.

Inner and outer turmoil forces us to ask the questions: What needs to change? What do I need more of? What do I want less of?

We are really being called to be true to our heart and soul this year more than ever. So when you are feeling flat and exhausted it’s a good opportunity to ask yourself:

- What is out of balance here? What am I doing too much of? Or too little of? Am I giving out more than I am receiving? You can’t be of any use to anyone with an empty cup. Take time to fill yourself with things that nourish you. It can be as simple as having your cup of tea in a really special cup, going outside for 5 minutes, or taking time out to check your inner emails by way of journaling, meditation or some freestyle crayon drawing/painting.

If you find yourself feeling hyper-sensitive or hyper-emotional (not just now but anytime in this coming year), there is a message there for you somewhere:

- Are you holding on to an outdated belief, emotion, perspective, habit etc that is past its expiry date and wants to be let go of asap? It will no longer feel good, a hundred times more than usual.

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Djwhal Khul ~ From The Center Of Love

rp_djwhalKhul.jpgDjwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. We have just had Mercury go retrograde in Aquarius while the Sun and the Moon were in Aquarius and it doesn’t go direct until February 11. And then it’s going to stay muddy for a few days so even through Valentine’s Day expect muddy communications.

So this is a time to double and triple check everything. And I’m going to say it extends to even numbers if you’re doing accounting and that sort of thing, just really take your time. Don’t try to rush through things. Think in terms of everything slowing down and getting clarified. Continue reading

Elva Thompson ~ The Art Of Neutral

“The shift of attention from conflict to neutral, sets us free and allows us to access the energy we would normally have utilised in the ‘me versus you’, and ‘us versus them’, and use that energy to create alternative reality” – E Thompson

I am already given to the power that rules my fate. And I cling to nothing, so I will have nothing to defend.
I have no thoughts, so I will see. I fear nothing, so I will remember myself.Detached and at ease, I will dart past the Eagle to be free. – Don Juan Matus.

The Programme of Duality

NeutralAs the pendulum swings back and forth in the game of life, we experience joy and sorrow, triumph and failure, health and sickness, gain and loss, love and hate, all the opposites of life in duality. We are slaves to the reptile mind and our emotions are part of the ‘I’ installation called the ego.

We all know what it feels like to be betrayed, disillusioned, rejected, abandoned, ignored, and the rest of the ugly feelings that are instinctual responses to negative stimulation. We are torn apart by charge, constantly divided and exhausted in the war between our two minds, and the reptilian game of ‘us and them’.

Conflict is polarity and produces the energy called the ‘loosh rote’.  See Meet the Firm.

The Shift into Neutral

Any movement of the assemblage point means a movement away from an excessive concern with the individual self. Shamans believe it is the position of the assemblage point which makes modern man a homicidal egoist, a being totally involved with his self-image.
Having lost hope of ever returning to the source of everything, the average man seeks solace in his selfishness. – Don Juan Matus.

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Dana Mrkich ~ Surfing The Waves … And Falling Off Them

danamrkich2‘Raising your vibration’ isn’t an event that happens to us so much as it is a process and a moment by moment choice. It is something that requires our conscious awareness and vigilance in the initial stages, until more and more it becomes our new normal.

Just like larger waves make it easier for a surfer to ride for a longer time than smaller waves, the high frequency energy waves available to us now are making it easier to ride a higher vibration for longer. (Even if that means minutes instead of seconds, for others it will be days instead of hours).

Just like in the surf, the wave can make it easier for you, but it doesn’t do it for you. Just like a surfer uses his or her skill, so too we use all we know to stay on the board: pay attention to how you are feeling, notice what your thoughts are if you are feeling not great, adjust your thoughts, focus on appreciating something, follow your inner nudges instead of ignoring them and so on. Continue reading

Veronica ~ In Your Quest Quest For Higher Vibration

ClockTimeTick tock… Tick tock… the majority of the human experiences completely adheres to the marking of time.

Most have become docile to its influence. It is sometimes an impossible feat to divert the mind’s attention to a different frequency.

We realize that time is indeed important to the organization of participation on the earth plane. We only ask you to consider the broader timeless view in your quest for higher vibration.

The deep focus required in day-to-day physical becomes tedious as the energy becomes denser. As one walks through the day, the feeling of separation from something divine and fluid is disheartening. If you are in that state and the ability to ebb and flow your energy within the physical boundaries is hard, consider this… Continue reading

Mary O’Malley ~ How To Heal The World By Truly Loving Yourself

EarthHeartSkyWhat does it really mean when you hear someone say “I love myself”?  I would venture to guess that most people who say it don’t truly know what this means.  I believe that loving yourself happens when life puts you in situations that bring up the parts of you that you don’t like, and you are willing to be with those parts with compassion and mercy.  This is not what we usually do.   We meet them with fear, judgment, anger and resistance.  We want these uncomfortable parts to go away because we were never shown how to meet them with our heart. This resistance creates war inside of us, and I believe this is the reason there is so much pain and suffering on the planet.

A woman in one of my awakening groups travels all over the world.  She goes with a tour company that takes small groups off the beaten path where one can truly experience life.  On her recent trip to Guatemala City, they were taken into a garbage dump where 80,000 adults and children live in shanties, making their living by sifting through the garbage.  Some women have been trained to sell beautiful handmade bracelets and for every bracelet you buy, you keep a woman out of the garbage dump for 10 days.

When my friend came back from her trip, she gave us each a bracelet and shared her experience, Many times it was hard for her to speak through her tears because her heart had been so cracked open.  She would say over and over again, “What should I do?  Should I give them all my money?  Should I move there?  I don’t know what to do.”   I told her to listen to what was calling her, but to also know that the most powerful thing that all of us can do to help others is to fall in love with ourselves.  That is, fall in love with all the parts that we don’t like.  Why is that so powerful?  Because when we heal the war inside of us, we are healing the planet. Continue reading