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David Icke Newsletter February 23 2013

…. For Gun Control

Before I start: I don’t have guns; I don’t want guns; I can’t remember ever shooting a gun except to win a coconut at the fair; there is nothing about guns that I like and I wish we had a world without them.

To say the least I am not your typical opponent of new gun legislation in America. I don’t quote the US Constitution in support of what I say and have no desire to open carry, concealed carry or carry at all.


If we are going to be mature and streetwise about current events the most relevant question that needs to be asked is not about guns or no guns, gun laws or no guns laws, but this: why do those who control the American government want to disarm Americans now of the very weapons that would be in any way effective in resisting a military coup by the fascist-controlled American government?

And another: why at the same time that this is happening is state of the art weaponry and technology, including tanks, being transferred in vast quantities by the Pentagon from the military to the American police? And another: why is Homeland Security buying 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition to be used within the United States?

All this in the very period that the hysteria has been engineered and generated to remove from Americans weapons with any chance of resisting a police/military takeover by their own government which has long been planned and detailed in my books.

Answer those questions (and they have the same answer) and you will be home and dry in terms of understanding what we are looking at here. I and others have been warning about this for a long time and it is the unfolding of a plan going back many decades (and centuries for the inner circle) to disarm Americans and then unleash the crazies in uniform on a helpless population.

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4 thoughts on “David Icke ~ The Real Reason …

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  2. Isis2012

    The enemy has so blinded mainstream that they can not see survival beyond this money system … they can not see the bridge of freedom for the roads of monetary slavery ….

    And in the case of this push for the right to bear arms … mainstream can’t see the enemy’s plan to use these very guns allowed by rights to stage the final battle ground in efforts to destroy as many in mainstream as possible … as they are excited in fears of loosing and protecting the illusion of rights …

    And I repeat; “If every house in the US had guns … the evilest of ones would have still had the controlling hand …. because the evil ones would have no guiding moral and principles to hold back the pulling of the trigger”….

  3. Timothy

    Welp ! I can say this about guns and crime. Law Enforcement is pretty much worthless cause they only arrive after the crime has been committed 99% of the time. I remember back in the 60s & early 70s or maybe it was the environment and place where I grew up which was Independent Farm Land where we stopped crime and called the Cops after it was over. I watched my grandfather and my Dad get out the guns and protect and defend themselves their families and their neighbor !!! The Cops back then never interfered cause we believed that we governed ourselves and that nobody or any organization could ever accomplish that.

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