Dennis Kucinich ~ NATO Talks a Sham

Reader Supported News | May 22 2012

OPINION ~ The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is not a benevolent organization. NATO is not about the North Atlantic and it’s not about our collective defense.

NATO is a cost-sharing organization that finances aggressive military action. By hiding behind the claim that the organization provides for ‘common defense,’ NATO allows us to wage wars of choice under the guise of international peacekeeping. The most recent example was the unconstitutional war in Libya where NATO, operating under a United Nations mandate to protect civilians, instead backed one side in a civil war and pursued a policy of regime change.

Today, NATO leaders are meeting in Chicago to discuss the future of Afghanistan. The talks are being billed as discussions of plans to end the war. The war in Afghanistan is not ending. These talks are simply about financing the next phase of the war.

The Strategic Partnership Agreement between the U.S. and Afghanistan commits us to the country for at least another decade, despite public support for the war being at an all-time low. The United States will pay for half of the estimated $4.1 billion per year cost of supporting 352,000 Afghan army and police officers. Afghanistan’s contribution will be $500,000. The rest will be financed by our ‘NATO partners.’ It is not surprising that support for the war among NATO members is waning, with France threatening to pull out its troops by the end of this year.

Our participation in NATO comes at a great financial cost to the U.S. We contribute the majority of funds for NATO’s common budget, including 25% of the military budget. Between fiscal years 2010 and 2012 alone, we contributed more than $1.3 billion to NATO’s military budget. We also incur significant costs through the deployment of our forces in support of NATO missions. According to The Atlantic, the war in Libya cost the United States $1.1 billion.

NATO was originally founded to provide a strategic counterbalance to the Soviet Union. Its founding purpose no longer exists, but NATO continues to circumvent the authority of the United Nations and to provoke other nations. NATO is an anachronism. Instead of trying to bolster the organization, we should begin serious discussions to dismantle it.

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2 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich ~ NATO Talks a Sham

  1. E. Little

    It must be very hard to get the guys on the hill to face the fact that they are all guilty of treason and by real law they should all be rounded up and placed under arrest by the same one they wish to sic on the ones who voted there sorry behinds to the seats they most certianly do not deserve to sit in. These people are pass being a disgrace to offices they have contamanated with their filthy betrayial of the public who got lies more lies and down right theift of what could and will be a great nation once we toss the garabge out . Boy raw sewage has a better ordor then thses scumballs!!!!

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi E! It is because they know the extent of their treason that they are heaping the NDAA, TSA, Homeland INsecurity, etc., on the American people. Fortunately there are finally signs that Obama’s birth certificate issue simply isn’t going away. Now that Obama’s admission that he was born in Kenya have been revealed to have been part of the public record for more than 16 years (on the back of his autobiography), there’s a better chance than we’ve had in the past of his being forced to resign. Once that happens all the “laws” he has signed into existence are NULL AND VOID!

      So simple. Just get rid of this BLACKMAILED POTUS and these egregious unconstitutional usurpations of power go away. Blessings ~G

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