Discovery That Trees Give Off Electricity Creates A Buzz

Rob Waugh | Mail Online | March 23 2012

  • Levels of charged ions twice as high in wooded areas
  • Deep-rooted trees such as eucalyptus even higher
  • Effect created by trees ‘channelling’ radiocative radon gas from soil
  • Not thought to be harmful to health on its own

A eucalyptus forest in Heidelberg, South Africa: Scientists believe that all trees give off electricity - but the effect is particularly powerful with deep rooted trees such as eucalyptus

Trees give off electricity, scientists say – especially eucalyptus.

Scientists in Australia found the area round trees was filled with charged particles – ions – both positive and negative.

Levels were twice as high in wooded areas as they are in open, grassy areas, and deep-rooted trees such as eucalyptus were even higher.

The researchers from Queensland University of Technology don’t believe that the ions are in themselves harmful to health.

Researchers have long believed there is a link between trees and electricity in the atmosphere but have been unable to prove the association.

But scientists from the Queensland Univeristy of Technology have shown that concentrations of negative and positive ions in the atmosphere were twice as heavy in wooded area as in grassy regions.

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  1. Yisraela

    Very interesting story. I wonder how that affects any potentially “abnormal” phenominom. Or how it might affect any animals, not necessarily in a negative way. I just mean overall affect.

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