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Canada Free Press | June 20 2012

Northeast Intelligence Network

It was not one contact, but a series of contacts over the last month from which the following information was developed from my source within the Department of Homeland Security. My initial article citing this specific source was published on May 8, 2012.

This article details my subsequent contacts with my source beginning after May 14, 2012. Actual dates, times and locations have been omitted at the request of my source.

Our first meeting

The first words from “Rosebud’s” mouth were various expletives strung together in an interestingly creative tirade. Based on the uncharacteristically profane welcome that I thought was directed at me, it was quite obvious that my source was very angry.

“Do you know that the ‘[expletive deleted]-storm’ is still going on because of all the attention to your article?” Thinking that the “bloom was off the rose” and I was about to lose a valuable source, I began to remind my source that we agreed on what could be printed and spoken publicly, and he seemed to have previously come to terms with the initial blowback created after the initial information he had given me made the rounds. My explanation was interrupted by his sudden laughter, a welcome relief from the tension I initially felt.

“Don’t worry, my friend, it’s all good. I just didn’t think the information would have such staying power. We did the right thing by getting this stuff out there, and I’m convinced of that,” he stated. “We hit a nerve, and a big one,” he added, allowing me to relax a bit and feel better about his use of the words ‘we’ and ‘our.’

“I should have told you this before. Having the information first published in Canada was brilliant. It added a layer of inconvenience beyond their [DHS] containment and control, and they [Canada Free Press] did a great job with exposure. Make sure you tell them that. But the pressure is still on to find out where the leaks are coming from, so we’ve got to change a few operational things. But you’ve got to keep getting the word out while I take care of some things on my end,” my source instructed.

The first order of business was to establish a different communications protocol, followed by some information my source wanted to make certain I had correctly or to reemphasize. “We’re going to hit some more and even bigger nerves in due time, so just be ready” he added.

Ready for what? I wondered.

It’s the economy, stupid

“Before we get into the grit, I want to make sure you’re clear about what we talked about before, especially about the economy. You know there’s talk at the highest levels about a coming financial meltdown. When I say the highest levels, I mean the highest. But certain information is being compartmentalized, and almost no information is being sent to out-of-the-loop law enforcement agencies about why things are about to get ugly. They’re getting bigger and better equipment and loving it – not questioning it beyond what they’re told. But here’s what you need to make sure everyone understands when you write about our talks: Despite the fact our economy is on life support, DHS will be budgeting another trillion dollars in surveillance measures and equipment for police state tactics for two reasons.The first is to protect the politicians and the elite who are concerned about their physical safety, and rightfully so. This is why you hear no meaningful objections from either party, because both sides are benefiting, at different levels, from the controlled economic meltdown. They are all in the pockets of the big banks, along with the regulators, and so on. They are paranoid. Even the few who aren’t neck deep in graft – just knee deep. When everything starts to unravel, they will be exposed as complicit, so they have been reminded not to object to the increase in police state tactics,” said my source.

“Secondly, everything is preemptive. The power elite are enabling the looting process by oppressing the truth, so they need to monitor everything. If they top can’t stop the details from getting out, and I’m not talking about news from [expletive deleted] MSNBC or the MSM news, but real news, they figure it’s going to get real ugly. DHS is not just being used as the controlling mechanism to stop people from seeking revenge against the people in power who caused the financial ruin or simply allowed it to happen, but to control information through surveillance, intimidation, and force if necessary,” stated my source.

In response, I told my source that it sounds as if he’s strayed from matters of DHS concern to the venue of international banking. “I’ve developed my own sources, too, as I’ve had to make some sense out of parts of this of this along with you. So to that extent, I had to ask some questions from people I trust who work in that field. Things are very connected – “incestuous,” came his reply.

As noted in my initial report, my source emphasized that an economic collapse and the resultant societal chaos is now a common threat topic among top-level DHS officials. [Janet] Napolitano is taking orders from Obama and some people and groups very close to him and making sure they are carried out, without question.

Simply stated, it’s a two-part process that works together. “They [high-level DHS officials] are working through their fusion centers to coordinate specific riot control measures with certain municipalities, and have already started the process in the big cities. That’s for ‘blowback.’ But they want to keep the specific information from getting out, which is for control,” he added.

“Why do you think DHS added a bunch of silly domestic threat categories to their list, like people overly concerned with the U.S. Constitution, the Federal Reserve, and so-called conspiracies that in any world except their global financial shell game, makes absolutely no sense,” my source asked rhetorically. “Just make sure you emphasize that there is a degree of urgency at DHS over this that’s coming right from the top.”

Something drastically changed

“Speaking of threat categories, I’ve never seen the line between genuine terrorist threats and political enemies blurred like this, ever. You know my history, but others don’t. And you know we’ve talked before, but not to this extent, because there’s really something wrong. I’ve been here since [specific month/year omitted, replaced with: during the G.W. Bush administration] and I started to notice it in 2007. Then, after the financial ‘crisis’ of late 2008, it seemed like everything changed. The mood under [Michael] Chertoff became quite different in the latter part of his time at DHS. When [Janet] Napolitano came in, it became clear that politics trumps true national security,” stated this source.

There is a growing impatience of the top DHS and administration officials. It’s easy to recognize instructional commands that legitimately serve national security. Instead of serving legitimate national security threats, it’s about protecting individuals in our government, and not our country or the people. DHS and certain agencies under DHS have evolved into a personal security apparatus of government officials, it’s that simple,” he stated.

DHS is very busy monitoring people and groups considered threats to this administration, not our country. FISA is disregarded, as is the general rule of law, something with which this department, under this administration, remains unconcerned. The ends, which are questionable at best, justify the means in all cases,” stated this source.

The White House 2012 “war room”

“Right now, it seems as if the duties of DHS overlap those with political issues, such as the re-election campaign. As I mentioned before and can’t stress enough, the line between domestic terror threats and political ‘enemies’ is blurred beyond recognition,” stated my source.

“Understand this: This administration has a very effective mechanism in place to monitor, in real time, internet posters and postings. This is one group of people who understand how the internet works, and is using their people to compile potential threats. Not Islamic terrorist websites, either. American websites and social networks. We are spying on our own people, not for domestic threats, but for political ones against this administration. it’s called ‘the war room,’” stated this source. “This is different than the campaign war room full of young volunteers hopped up on Red Bull and experienced in video games. This is “eyes only.’”

I asked for examples of “political surveillance,” and my source had plenty. “Drudge, of course, [Andrew] Breitbart, although that threat seems to have been timely diminished, Glen Beck, Sheriff Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse, [Alex] Jones, and a host of conservative, anti-affordable health care, and anti-abortion sites for others. I’m not going to get into other names, as we could compromise everything as the list is closely guarded and updated constantly. And I don’t think I need to specifically mention your group, do I,” he asked rhetorically.

“Also, this group is often proactive in terms of mitigating potential threats. Their process is to ‘identify, infiltrate, disrupt, marginalize and ultimately, destroy.’” The last part, “destroy,” got my attention. Asking how, my source provided a rather vague answer. “In the most efficient manner possible. The tactics vary. You couldn’t just take down the Drudge website, for example, but things could be done to weaken its effectiveness in a number of areas. Remember, the infrastructure of the internet is being more tightly controlled. Look at the proposed legislation. What do you think that’s for? And it also depends on the nature of the [political] threat.”

Presuming the answer, I asked the following question nonetheless. What about the FOIA process as a method of exposure of such tactics? After all, one would think such a process could be fully corrupted. “Really, that’s your question,” he replied. Enough said.

When asked who ultimately receives briefings about political threats, this source stated that “after proper ‘formatting’ and ‘coding’ the information ends up at the White House.” “But in whose hands,” I pressed. Sounding incredulous, he stated “you want me to name names?” “Yes, I’d really like that” was my reply. “I don’t know all of them as more than one type of report is compiled, but I can tell you that Valerie Jarrett gets a copy, maybe the first one. So does [David] Axelrod, but as he’s not on the premises, I don’t know all of what he gets. But I’ve said all I can about this. Just understand that the level in which this administration is involved in monitoring and reporting open source communications for political gain, under the pretext of national security is staggering.”

Drones over America

The bipartisan move to make all U.S. real estate a battleground was instrumental for a number of reasons, from the use of drones to the implementation of many of Obama’s executive orders. “Especially the drones,” said my source. He added that drones are being used not as they should, but as personal weapons for the advancement of this administration’s domestic goals. And don’t think that some aren’t armed. They are, and for a reason.

“Here’s something to look for, a trial balloon of sorts,” stated my source. “Pick a state in the desert southwest, and consider a hideous threat to our national security. Now, wait for Obama, Napolitano and representatives of other agencies appear in a solemn news conference saying that they saved the country from a nearly successful attack on our soil by using an armed drone to strike a target on the ground before the terrorist attack could succeed. And the majority of Americans will applaud with pride. It will all be staged, although the true facts confined to only the highest levels of government.”

The purpose of such an exercise? Condition Americans to believe we need both surveillance and armed drones flying over our skies to keep us safe.

Connecting the dots

“As I said when you first wrote about our conversation, Obama and his crew don’t have any obvious plans of going anywhere in 2013. They have no plans to accept any Supreme Court decision striking down ‘Obama-Care,’ and intend to implement certain aspects by executive edict, regardless of the decision. I am obviously limited to the extent of my direct experiences and sources, but Obama is surrounded by a very loyal group of people in positions of extreme power. The DHS in particular is working on turning inward on Americans who disagree or stand in the way of his policies. People need to understand that the DHS is Obama’s personal army. The DOJ, EPA, other government and non-government agencies and his economic advisors are all working together to changing this country. They’re all power hungry and lack morality. They’ll stop at virtually nothing to see that our country is changed and broken beyond repair.

The financial sector is out of control and lining the pockets of our elected leaders. Think Jon Corzine and Jamie Dimon. Our debt is unsustainable. The class divide, due to crony capitalism is getting worse. From my vantage point, considering the people I overhear and am in touch with, these events are not only anticipated, but are being orchestrated in a deliberate, controlled manner.

Whatever the event, they intend to extend their stay another four years to finish what’s been started. We will be a Marxist nation and a Banana Republic.”

False Flag – always an option

My source continued: “As we’ve discussed, I heard something that troubled me deeply, and still does. As Obama’s approval rating dips, desperation becomes more of an issue. There is much discussion about the racial divide in this country, and as we talked about, there is an anticipation over the Trayvon Martin case. Depending on how things go, they are determined to inflate this into a much larger issue, and plan to fan the flames of racial division to cause a much broader divide resulting in a chaos on the streets.

But a back-up plan might be in the works. Remember, this is just rumor, just talk, but it makes sense. Something that would cause deep sympathy for Obama and even the First Family – a false flag operation where Obama or his family would not be in any actual danger, but it would appear that way. Some sort of a threat or incident against them carried out by a person or group fitting the fictitious threat categories identified earlier. Perhaps by a pro-Second Amendment, constitutionalist and racist as well – making the most out of the fantasy threats to our country. Something that will fool a whole lot of people and justify police-state like practices. Something that will change the hearts and minds of as many people as possible, perhaps convincing them that there is a danger and Obama is right. Just the thought of such a thing is chilling.”

Concluding, my source reminded me of the quote by Adolph Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels: “The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.”

Note: My source promised more information about the “pass” given to illegal immigrants shortly. There’s more behind this than votes.

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15 thoughts on “Doug Hagman ~ More From DHS Insider (Thanks, A.L.)

  1. Another Lightworker

    It’s concerning to me how THIS article (about Obama) draws out the defensive comments and labels of ‘propaganda’, ‘doesn’t resonate with my heart’, ‘Obama is just a human looking to the people, etc. But in the article you posted about Dick Cheney and 9/11, the comments were all about ‘Cheney did it’, ‘Put these guys in FEMA camps’,’they are evil’. Absolutely a double standard! It seems there is still some dancing around in the left/right Democrats/Obama = good, Republicans/Bush = bad paradigm. The facts show that they are ALL bad. They are ALL in bondage and service to the cabal!

    ‘By their fruits you will know them’ and ‘don’t judge them by the color of their skin but by the content of their character’. There almost seems to be a willfully ignorant blindness when it comes to pointing out the great evil taking place through and by Obama. Maybe it’s some kind of cabal reality distortion field or programming with this guy, but you can’t level ANY honest and truthful criticism against Obama on these sites (like you can with Bush/Cheney) without the Obamanites coming out of the woodwork ready to scratch your eyes out for being a heretic.
    Again it reminds me of victims of abuse who refuse to say anything negative about their abuser, but continue to make excuses for the abuser’s behavior, and even more tragically to blame themselves and others rather than holding the abuser accountable. Look at the followers of Charles Manson for a good idea of what this kind of behavior looks like!
    ‘Obama is just a mirror for us all’. Umm no, Obama is either a tool of the cabal or actively working in cooperation with the cabal. Again it’s creating congitive dissonance in light workers and readers of this site. Who are we going to believe, those who keep making excuses for the abuse and tyranny or your lying eyes?
    Maybe people are so desperate for a saviour that they are willing to excuse any behavior just so they don’t have to face reality.

      1. Gillian Post author

        Thanks, Matthew, for your most insightful critique. I am truly tempted to turn it into a post. It is THAT good!

        Blessings, ~G

      2. Matthew Ryan

        Thanks Gillian. Your inclusion of my insights with all of the other amazing research you post for us would be an honor. Keep up the amazing work!

    1. Matthew Ryan

      I agree with you. My friends and I often speak about those who drank the kool-aid and how it is nearly impossible to have a discussion with progressives that involves anything remotely critical of the President. It really is illustrative of the brilliance of the Powers That Were’s plan for the Presidency. You have GW Bush, who unified liberals and progressives wholeheartedly, and created a very large target for their anger over the 8 years of his Administration. Then, you have the anti-Bush, in an articulate, well educated progressive candidate, who appears to speak from his heart when he talks about all of the ills of our nation and how he can fix them. Hope! Change!

      People were very deeply imprinted with this meme. Even when his rhetoric began to change a few months out from the election, it remained progressive enough that it didn’t raise too many flags for progressives. After all, he was still saying most of what we wanted to hear.

      I’ll never forget his Inauguration, telling my young son that the world was a different place from this day forward, and where even 20 years ago it would have been almost inconceivable that a person of color could be the President.

      I regurgitated my kool-aid very quickly though, as we began to see his cabinet appointments, especially with the likes of Geithner and all of the other Wall Street cronies suddenly in charge of the economy and its oversight. My line in the sand was FISA and the retroactive immunity that was granted to the telecom companies (Qwest, our provider, was the only one who didn’t participate). If there was no crime committed, why would immunity even be necessary? He caved-in on this issue (although more likely this was his / his masters’ real stance) and many other progressive issues became an about face. However, the majority of the progressive community continued as apologists for him. I believe that his original message so resonated with their core belief system, his reversals would call into question their own belief system (via their support of him) if they actually turned a critical eye to the decisions and capitulations he has made in office. Instead, they choose denial, or at least selective memory, and vouch for all of the positive things that he has achieved “with an Obstructionist Congress.”

      The real proof is in the treatment of Occupy, the attempts at pushing through CISPA, etc., the authorization of drones in the US, the reversals on Afghanistan (since the flow of Opium helps to fund the Cabal’s interests), continued lack of oversight on banking, his immediate support for Nuclear Energy within hours of Fukushima (Anybody remember Fukushima? He even classifies Nukes as green energy!).

      The list could go on and on. These actions to me are more illustrative of his true alignment (or at least those of his masters) than any reversal due to political pressure. If our republic is to remain with any semblance of integrity in its current form, we are obliged to ask tough questions of our elected officials, especially of our sacred cows who we so desperately want to believe represent us. I truly want to believe all of the channels who say Obama is the greatest Lightworker ever, and that he is just lulling the Cabal into submission, preparing to unveil his magnificence. However, I feel that his true gift to us in this moment is to help us to awaken by realizing that WE as individuals, living in a collective society, are the only ones with true authority and power. Authentic Power is inseparable from Authenticity within our Being, and as soon as we step forward to claim that Authenticity, that is the moment that we liberate ourselves from the illusion of duality. We have an opportunity to claim this power now, through challenging our sacred cows at a macro level, and more importantly, on a micro level through asking ourselves the tough questions like, is my life in alignment with my most Authentic Being?

      1. Matthew Ryan

        I forgot to add that we should remain objective and critical of all sources of information. This is triggered for me when I read any “source” like this one, who makes any reference to Obama and Socialism. To me, this is a catch-phrase too closely identified with a political ideology to be considered objective. Most of their other comments do agree with my own research and insights, though, so much of it may bear allowing.

  2. fernmountain

    Just an old adept here….Our President is a mirror, he can only reflect back to us our own energy…..I discern through the heart chakra. Many years of experience has taught me to evaluate everything with my heart. There is no love in this message. Though I recognize that many embody and resonate to this belief system… is nothing other than propaganda. I expected more from your site. When I look into the soul of our current President, I see a human being, looking to the people for direction….Namaste.

    1. Gillian Post author

      Perhaps you are right. I happen to find the information valuable and intend to continue to publish it. Please feel free to not read items that are offensive to you personally. Thank you for visiting Shift Frequency. ~G

      1. Pepper

        Thank you Gillian! My thoughts exactly. A coin has TWO sides. I prefer to look at both sides and examine them carefully. Thanks.

      2. Gillian Post author

        And thank YOU, Pepper, for being open to ALL sides of the debate. Blessings, ~G

  3. Another Lightworker

    In this author’s first article, he talked about how we have all operated under the assumption that the cabal was in over its head with the economy, and they were desperately trying to SAVE it. The sick reality is they are deliberately trying to DESTROY it.

    1. Gillian Post author

      Totally agree with you, A.L. Thanks for the lead to the article. Blessings, ~G

  4. fernmountain

    From the [info] reported in this dialogue I am discerning your source is full of sh%T. I am hearing a lot of this talk from the Repub/Teaparty side of the conversation, former CIA who left in 2009….etc. Sorry, but this meme is getting pervasive. It is intentional. This stuff may be going on to a great degree, but Obama does not have that much power or desire to be in office if he is not wanted there. Period. There are plenty of others though who do. Just sayin….

    1. Gillian Post author

      Thanks for your comment, fernmountain. I find the article quite insightful and will be continuing to post info from Doug. ~G

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