Greg Giles ~ Are the Book of Revelation’s Cryptic ‘Seven Stars’ the Pleiades?

Ascension Earth 2012 | January 20 2012

As the prophecy of the Book of Revelation appears to be coming to life with the sounding of the ‘Seven Angel’s seven trumpets’ through skies all across our planet, a closer look at this prophetic last book of The Holy Bible may be called for. (I also find it very intriguing that this particular section of Revelations is numbered 1:10 through 1:20, and if we note the dates of our calendar when these mysterious trumpet-like sounds began to reach humanity’s collective consciousness, we will find the dates 1-10 through 1-20 leap out at us.)

Revelations 1:10 through 1:20 speaks symbolically of seven Angels, seven trumpets, seven candlesticks, and seven stars. There are as many interpretations of these cryptic clues as the sum of all these sevens, including that these stars represent seven earthly churches, but as our planet nears completion of her 26,000 year cycle through our galaxy, it is worth noting the theory largely speculated at this time that this orbit centers on the central star of the Pleiadian system, Alcyone. Could this also be the reason our Pleiadian brethren have taken such an active role in service to humanity at this time of our ascension into the higher realms? Could these seven sisters of the Pleiades, Maia, Electra, Taygeta, Alcyone, Celaeno, Sterope, and Merope, be the seven stars prophesied in the Book of Revelation?

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  1. Book Cereal

    Greg Giles makes some great predictions, if only some of them would finally come true! it seems that he has been channeling bad information for close to 20 years now.

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