flowerWithLightWhen your birth blueprint is charted and analyzed it activates an opportunity to rediscover your unique energy signature. You revisit the alignment of energies assembled over multiple lifetimes that contain your gifts and provide you with the awareness you need to meet challenges in this lifetime.

Your blueprint consists of life skills, abilities and growth requirements. This blueprint is activated (or suppressed) by your free will choices. If you’re reading this you’re likely an ancient soul. Your blueprint, when properly interpreted, provides you with the life design a higher aspect of you created prior to incarnating. And yes. It’s definitely worth re-visiting consciously in this lifetime. Please review your options below.

Gillian C Grannum, Ph.D.

30-Minute audiotaped Baseline Analysis $77

This mini analysis provides you with insight into your core energies – life purpose, expression, heart’s desire (soul urge), personality, and essence. It is particularly helpful at this time as planetary-wide energy systems accelerate and increasingly chaotic energies seem to emerge out of nowhere.

60-Minute audiotaped Complete Analysis $150

In addition to the baseline, the complete analysis includes your karmic lessons, planes of expression (physical, emotional, mental, and intuitional), balance point, subconscious self, challenges, pinnacles, and cycles. It is you – ego, soul, and essence revealed. It is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to yourself.

30-Minute audiotaped Annual Transits & Progressions $77

Transits represent the annual essence. Progressions consist of the single letter in your first, middle and last names that has been activated for the current yearly cycle. The vibrations of these letters, when summed, create your Essence. Your essence may be likened to a background support structure that remains in place throughout the current year. In addition, I provide you with insight into your personal monthly cycles and any energy fluctuations (positive and negative) that relate to you personally

Compatibility With Partner Sessions $250

I create a synthesis map consisting of you and your partner. This map describes in clear, easy-to-understand language exactly how your individual energies contribute to the partnership dynamic. Each individual is analyzed separately then compared with the partner’s energy signature so each person’s contribution to the partnership is accurately gauged and assessed.

Some partners get together because they share attributes and qualities. Other partners are attracted because opposites also attract one another. In this instance there is both attraction and repulsion – attraction based on the complementary possibilities that enhance and, in many ways, fill voids that exist in you.

Want A Better Partnership?

The needs, interests, abilities and hidden passions of both of you must be acknowledged as equally important and given authenticity. The challenge isn’t that of fitting a “circle” into a “square.” It’s about enlarging your perspective so you fit together with greater ease, enjoyment, and compatibility.

A partnership chart and mp3 audio recording will be emailed to you upon completion.

Fees & Scheduling

Personal Session: You receive your prepared numerology chart and a detailed audio mp3 via email. Fee: $77 [30 minutes] or $150 [60 minutes]

Partnership session: You receive a numerology chart that includes key elements from your and your partner’s blueprint and a 60-75 minute audio mp3. Fee: $250

Family Session: I provide you with a detailed numerology chart that includes key elements from each of your family members’ blueprints and a 60-75 minute audio mp3 explaining interactions.


  • $350 (3-5 family members)
  • $450 (6-7)
  • $550 (8+)

Transits and Annual Essence: Numerological transits provide a view of the current conditions for inner growth and timing. You receive a 35-minute audio tape focused on the opportunities and challenges for a 12 month period, starting with the month you make your request. You will receive a 35-45 minute audio mp3. Fee: $77

Use Spiritual Numerology to discover your hidden potential and what you require from life to feel truly blessed and happy. From the information you provide I create a synthesis map that describes in clear, easy-to-understand language exactly who you really are, what you want from life, and the skills, gifts and abilities you possess. Find out your basic needs, special interests, exceptional abilities and hidden passions. Free your authentic self so that you can live the life you want with greater ease, enjoyment, and self fulfillment.

Clients are generally amazed at the accuracy of the information received and delighted with the discovery of who they truly are. As Jafree Ozwald writes “You are more amazing than you’ve imagined.Your only limitations in life are limiting beliefs, and these are also a figment of your imagination. Nothing in the mind is real. Realize this simple truth and you’ll find that no matter what happens in this world, you can always choose to be free from suffering. Total freedom is already yours now….”

What Is Required

When you make an appointment you provide me with your full name and date of birth [mm_dd_yyyy]. That’s it! Once you provide me with this baseline information I analyze up to 35 characteristics within your energy blueprint and how these combine to fully express your gifts and hidden potential. You receive a chart and mp3 audio file in which the energy signature created when you were born is explained to you clearly and in depth.

Oftentimes it isn’t your unique pattern that causes tension and anxieties in life. It is how you have suppressed yourself in hopes of getting along with others, or getting that big promotion, or just simply attempting to be a loving, caring individual.

Dr. Gillian Grannum is a skilled counselor who uses numerological data to clarify your life path choices and provide insight into the unique traits and abilities you’ve selected to assist you at a personality and soul level. She works intuitively and with your Spirit Guides and Counselors to prepare an accurate blueprint for each individual who contacts her for assistance.

Email: gcgrann @ today to schedule your session. (please remove spaces in address)


Gillian sent me my numerology chart and interpretation yesterday. While I’m still absorbing it all, it have to say it was simply amazing. I never realized that one’s name and date of birth was an imprint of any kind but Gillian turned all that around. Her reading was uncannily accurate and intensely useful information about my strengths and weaknesses and explained how one can overcome their weaknesses by simply being aware of them. She provided a chart and an MP3 tape explaining everything in great detail. For me at least it will require further study over the next few weeks as to how to apply what she said to my life. I highly recommend, if you are so inclined, to give yourself this very worthy solstice gift. ~ Debra Moss

The chart you provided me with has tremendous value. Especially since I am in my sixth decade and can relate to the span of the chart from birth to now. Today we are reminded again and again to know who we are. Your exquisite gift and unique “stylist” approach to translating spiritual numerology into a coherent language is stunning. What is coupled with your gift to know and interpret is the authoritative voice you present in your recording. There is a special sound signature that you deliver with the visual hard copy file that transports the listener and receiver of the chart. I was mesmerized by your tonal quality which facilitated such a potent delivery to my intuitive center. Your heart is pure, clear and doubles as an astute clairsentient and skillful practitioner and educator also. I felt this session to be multifaceted in nature, and appealing to my sensory perceptions. I will not hesitate to suggest this valuable tool to others. I did not find anything that did not speak truth to my inner being.With deep regards and gratitude ~Christina Fisher

“Gillian….blessedly and intuitively gifted, guided by love and Spirit, generous with her wisdom, grounded in reality, and gentle (yet firm) in her approach. I am fortunate to have found her (a story in itself) and to fill my life with her gifts and grace!” – Ellen, Long Island NY

“Thank you, Gillian, for my reading today. You solidified so many thoughts for me.” Viv, Richmond, VA.

This was really mind blowing …. It is resonating as if you were living in our house being able to describe to a T all the members. And then your recommendations about how to handle the potential imbalances is by itself worth millions. Christel, VA

Gillian, you are truly a talented and gifted person and an inspiration. Your numerology readings are so right-on and focused. I admire your gentle, yet explicit, interpretations, insights and guidance in the situations given in each of my readings. Your compassion and wisdom has touched me in such a way as to provide a sense of assuredness and trust, and this I believe this is one of your many great assets. Thanks for helping me to see and understand “the inner me”. Phyllis, Richmond, VA

With accolades to Gillian and apologies to Shakespeare, her amazingly en pointe family blueprint numerology reading reminded me that “the fault….lies not in our stars, but in ourselves….” It was enlightening (and lightening), heart opening, affirming and rich with loving opportunity. Gillian’s gift to me can now become a life gift to myself…and paid forward. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Gillian. Ellen, Long Island NY

Gillian brings her very special and unique sense of loving, unconditional friendship and gifted advisement to every interaction. She has touched my life, and my daughter’s, in deeply meaningful ways which live on through her readings every time we revisit them. Her spiritual presence and divinely guided knowledge and skills in numerology are exquisitely accurate and informative, speaking the gentle and grounding promptings of Spirit. Deborah Smith, VA Beach

At a time when I knew very little about my journey in this life, Gillian gave me a reading that pointed very strongly to why I was here and what I was to do. Over the following 12-18 months, the details of this began to merge, very much in alignment with what Gillian had seen. I still treasure that reading from Gillian. Dr. Richard Presser, Australia

WOW – I have just had a reading with Gillian and it was amazing. It has shed such light for me in regards to the different aspects of my life and personality. The deep deep conflicts I feel within myself I now finally have a basis for understanding and balancing these warring parties. So in short I highly recommend, if you so desire, a reading with Gillian. Amanda Morgan, Australia

I had a session and found it awe-inspiring. I learned so much about myself; why I have been so conflicted in aspects of my life and why I have found relationships difficult. So very interesting that numbers can tell us so much. Jean, Va.

Thank you so much for my recent numerology reading. This was an amazing journey for me because I knew nothing about numerology. I had heard the term but had never investigated the possibilities. The reading far exceeded anything I expected. You continued to amaze me for ninety minutes. Everything you told me was right on the mark. Having lived a long life already, I could easily associate with your assessments of my personality, my desires, my weaknesses, and my strengths. It brings me an understanding of myself that I have never before felt. This would be so beneficial to young people who are trying to find their way. The tape you supplied is so helpful and I plan to listen to it many times. Jean Galloway, Va.

I consider sharing an experience and reading with Gillian was an opening of awareness within me that with Gillian’s help I have been able to manifest by understanding who I am. It gave me confidence to move on to an expanded consciousness by understanding more of what is required from a higher perspective and what my Divine I am Presence expects of me. I had problems in understanding numerology as I was seeing it from a mathematical perspective, and with Gillian’s grounded approach I was able to see my life and purpose as an experience rather like hearing Mozart’s Missa Solemnis for the first time.

Gillian has a unique gift and I would recommend as many as possible to take advantage of the caring and loving way she imparts her empathy and understanding that touches the soul. I have had other readings but never experienced the care and understanding that I consider was a privilege and a gift from God, which I would recommend to all those who are guided to find out what lies behind our egos . Tony Dickinson, Indonesia