J G Vibes ~ 150 TriHealth Employees Fired For Refusing To Take Mandatory Flu Shot

theintelhub.com | November 25 2012

In recent years there has been an undocumented resistance growing within the medical community towards vaccinations, especially forced vaccinations.

The people who created some of the first vaccines like the small pox antidote for example, actually refuse to take most modern vaccinations due to the harmful toxins that they now contain.

Many hospital employees and public health workers are now being forced to take vaccinations.  This measure of force was probably taken to save face for the industry, because so many health workers have actually been refusing shots.

Fox 19 in Cincinnati reports that:

“One hundred and fifty employees at Tri-Health received termination letters after not getting a mandatory flu shot.

According to a company official, employees were asked to get a flu shot which was offered on-site at the workplace and was free of charge. Employees that didn’t get the required flu shot got termination letters this week.

Those employees who were terminated can go through an appeals process and get re-instated, but that process begins with verification of getting the flu shot.”

Despite the fact that the shot was free and given during work hours it seems fair to reason that the 150 some health employees who refused the shot did so out of concern for their safety.  There is information out there on the internet on every single shot and vaccine, so be sure to do your own research and find out what you are actually putting in your body.

J.G. Vibes is the author of an 87 chapter counter culture textbook called Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance, a staff writer and reporter for The Intel Hub and host of a show called Voluntary Hippie Radio. 

10 thoughts on “J G Vibes ~ 150 TriHealth Employees Fired For Refusing To Take Mandatory Flu Shot

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  2. Essie Little

    I hope they will get together and sue these thugs for trying to force the junk into their bodies. We have the right to refuse to be shot up with any drug we don’t want. It’s the same as telling me I must take heroin or cocaine. I don’t want to drink or take poison I don’t care who is offering it. Is there going to be a fund set up to help them while they battle this strong arm robbery? The act of stealing their jobs therefore the means of them supporting themselves is the same as having a gun pointed in your face by street thugs. If we the people don’t stand with these people during this public rape we are no better than the crooks in action.

    When will we as a people declare they have gone too dam far? Will we allow our children and our selves to be gang raped by these thugs? Our bodies our belong to us not the system next they will be telling us we must shoot heroin. They have already put poison in my of our water supplies while we let them. If they will poison the water the air with the GEO chemtrailing and GMO of the food supply what makes you think a forced shot of poison is beyond them.If it was good for uss why poison our water ,air and fooid.For the same reason they killed all the bisons to get rid of the indians. These are not humans we are dealing with. They are demons in human clothing. If the christains will stop playing church and fighting over who has the right bible get down and do some serious prayer, warring on the real enemy, we would come out of this demon-led mess. If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray turn from their sinful ways then will he answer them and heal there land. Come on church get your battle gear on do some serious prayer for our lost land.

  3. Bill

    This vaccine controversy is easily resolved by if forced to take a vaccine then the scam medical institution must sign a legal document and fund it to assume all damages from forced vaccines. ThisThe dirty secret of vaccines , say smallpox only 10% of population was even inoculated what really stopped smallpox was good hand washing technique.By the way have anyone seen whats going on in medical industry(symptom treatment not real medicine) the greed gets deeper as most experienced employees are let go while the cheapest new grads are hired going on through out industry,sort of makes you wonder if it is safe to even use the hospitals.One last thing when drug testing became the big in medical setting we made sure that administration had to do the same test. NO corporate and management “must” be responsible their policies personally.

    1. Raven

      That’s where people went wrong, by submitting to drug testing to keep (or get) a job. If people claimed their sovereignty then, TPTB would not have gotten their foot in the door to owning our bodies. We are at the bottom of that slippery slope now.

  4. Michelle Francis Doyka

    I think they are heroic too, and have stood up for the many against the darkness. Thanks, Brothers and Sisters!

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  6. Raven

    In a time of massive unemployment and financial distress, these 150 Tri-Health employees are quiet heroes for standing up for their beliefs. We should all take note.

    1. Gillian Post author

      Yes, they are heroic. But what is needed is education of the rest of the workforce such that a sufficiently high number of employees say “no.” There is a number above which it will be too difficult to replace trained and seasoned employees, making firing no longer an option. G

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