9D Perspective On Fukushima

Nibiruan Council  January 6 2014

Thanks to all who sent info on last week’s message about the vortex activity. It is always god to have confirmation. On to today’s message.

The emails have been going around sharing the story of how the radioactive fallout from the nuclear power plant in Fukishima, Japan is affecting the Pacific coastline of the US. (I received the same information, 3 times in the last 2 days. When that happens I know it is a sign from my guides that I should pay attention.) the story is an article written about what appears to be a major news cover up.

The article talks about about the massive deadzone in the Pacific Ocean that stretches from Japan to the west coast of the US. Radiation has contaminated, as well as, killed wildlife all the way to Alaska. As the article states, “Something is causing Pacific herring to bleed from their gills, bellies and eyeballs.” That is not all. The impact reaches east into Utah where bald eagles are dying in unprecedented numbers.

The report goes one to state, “…it is being projected that the radioactivity of coastal waters off the U.S. west coast could double over the next five to six years.”

Read full article at: http://tinyurl.com/lchbmlc

I couldn’t shake my concern about this information, nor the icky feeling in the pit of my stomach, that this is more than just another environmental disaster. Wanting to make sense of it all, I asked the 9D Nibiruans for help before going to bed last night.

Around 3am I studdenly awoke out of a deep sleep to find a thought dropped into my mind. I instantly knew from its vibration or frequency that the message was from the 9D Nibiruans; they were giving me an answer. The 9D Nibiruans informed me that the Fukushima disaster was the fulfillment of a prophesied timeline event, and would ultimately have a positive outcome, that is, if we decide this time to make it so. I’ll explain.

Several years ago I was working on completing the templates that I came to call the 2005 templates. 2005 Templates Link: http://tinyurl.com/d527fdj

These templates were to help alter timeline events that were destined to occur in the future as a result of ancient events being replayed. The replay was to provide another opportuntiy for humankind to make a more compassionate choice in the face of conflicts with other species. The original events occured on previous human homeworlds, all of which were destroyed due to conflict.

Before I continue, let me reiterate that the Nibiruans stated that some of these events would occur because they are destined rather than fated. This means that even though we cannot stop them, we can alter them in some way.

One of those worlds was Maldek, a human-colonized planet that once orbited between Mars and Jupiter. During the Great Galactic War, Maldek was taken by the Dragons of the Orion Empire and the colony enslaved. Maldek was a strategic outpost during the war and gave the Dragons the ability to launch attacks on other colonies in the inner sector our solar system.

During the Great Galactic War the Orion Dragons were fighting the Humans of the Galactic Federation with the intent of removing them from this galaxy, or at least enslaving them. Their reason was that the Humans had proven that they could not be trusted to protect the planets that fed and nurtured them due to their inability to control emotion. This, the Dragons had factually proven, was the underlying cause of the Humans having destroyed 2 previous homeworlds.

The Galactic Federation (GF) was losing the war and losing Maldek was the final nail in the coffin, so to speak. In a last desperate attempt to turn the tide, a rogue group within the GF used a scaler weapon to destroy Maldek. Though the plan was successful (the GF did eventually win the war), the problem between the Dragons (Reptilians) and the GF (Humans) did not end. The Dragons would reclaim supremacy which they have done here on the current human homeworld. They would remain in power until such time as the Humans could throw off their shackles by finally growing up.

The template work done during a workshop held in Escondido, CA in 2005 was done for that purpose. During this replay the workshop participants, playing the roles of the GF members, had to draft a proposal whereby they would take responsibility for their species and be willing to take the consequences their actions. (A video of this workshop is available) Once done properly, the Dragons, ancient keepers of the cosmos, were satisfied. More importantly they were relieved to no longer have to police the humans. With the agreements in place, peace between the Humans and Reptilians would finally be achieved.

We are at that point again now as a result of what I am told was a covert attack on Japan (modern day representation of Maldek) and China indirectly. (I’ve been warned not to go into the details as to who it was, but here is a clue–who was really behind 9/11? I will leave it to you to find the evidence…it is out there. )

So, as I understand it, the Fukushima disaster is the replay of the GF destroying Maldek. The GF is the USA and Maldek is Japan/China.

The backlash from Maldek’s destruction was radiation that swept across the solar system destroying life on Venus and Mars. Today we see the backlash as radioactive winds and waters that have swept up and down the western coastline for hundreds of miles.

The prophecy of the replay of Maldek involved many parts, one was a 100 foot wall of water hitting Southern California. We are seeing his occur but in a different way. Instead of a wall of water that is vertical, we are getting a horizontal wave of radioactive water, and it is more than 100 miles wide.

Creating a Positive Outcome

Though the attack on Fukushima has certainly routed China (it happened practically in their backyard), the backlash of radioactive fallout in the air water is not to be laid at their feet. Now it remains to be seen whether the US will take responsibility. To take responsibility, the people of the US must complete three things:

1. Expose the truth of our involvement to the world.

2. We must fund the development of technologies to clean up the mess (they are available.) Due to the Global Financial Reset occurirng as we speak, those funds will be available.

3. We must draft agreements, backed by our willingness to pay, with world leaders that will ensure that such a thing never be allowed to happen again.

If we complete the list above, we will have done more than what is on it; we will have brought forth the second stage of the new reality: the new technologies (The first step is the finances.) And, we will have broken the world’s dependency on oil because free energy devices will replace need for it. (Oil is the modern day Dragons’ means of controlling humanity.)

If we do these 3 things, we will not only end our ancient conflict with the Dragons/Reptilians, we will have finally shown our galactic elders that we are indeed ready to be the peace keepers we were destined to be.

Feel free to pass this message on…

big hugs and joyous blessings,
Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council

4 thoughts on “9D Perspective On Fukushima

  1. Crystal

    @ Rod …. You would be right. To pin all this blame on each and every American, who have been used and abused themselves for over a century simply for the pleasures and profit of the controllers, is maddening. And unnecessary.

    Look no further than soul contracts you thought you made before incarnating here which have had fine print inserted into them without your knowledge in the last moments before you were born (deception never ends, eh?). The controllers placed energetic debt on your shoulders that was never yours to begin with while they skate free, and then you wonder why lessons you thought were finished – aren’t. We’ve been the zinc on the boat hull, the sacrificial anode that protects the propeller from corrosion. Look up Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian – YouTube has a ton of amazing interviews with him. He explains ancestral karma that is and is not yours, and how to rid yourself of domination and control.

    Remove them by revoking them.

  2. Sidd

    Dude, I know I give you a hard time for posting the insane rantings of the mentally ill (like the post I’m commenting on right now), but I thought I should also say happy new year! and thanks so much for you blog, it’s fantastic, despite the craziness you post. For sure, most people are just skipping over this sort of thing anyway. take care

    PS: but seriously, Ms. Starr should be committed to an insane asylum, if she believes even half of what she writes and she’s just not a cabal disinformation operative, I mean.

  3. Rod

    I really find this strange these 3 things . 1. Expose the truth of our involvement to the world.

    2. We must fund the development of technologies to clean up the mess (they are available.) Due to the Global Financial Reset occurirng as we speak, those funds will be available.

    3. We must draft agreements, backed by our willingness to pay, with world leaders that will ensure that such a thing never be allowed to happen again.
    I do agree with number 1, As all this mess was created by the cabal, the people of the world have nothing to do or to pay , for what was created by them. The cabal did this to cause harm to us. The ones responsible for this are the ones that that should be brought to justice and held accountable, once and for all. Number 3, so you want the people to pay, when the cabal own 99% of the money not sure how you can post crap like this

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