Global Currency Reset And NDA Contract

Guest Writer ShiftFrequency  November 25 2013

The Global Currency Reset may be a trap! So exercise good judgment.

At the outset of the Iraqi invasion, the World Bank and United Nations devalued the Iraqi Dinar based upon the petition of the US Attorney General. The Iraqi Dinar at that time was worth $3.22 USD. Today (November 25 2013) 1,000 dinars = 86 US cents or .86 USD.

Like many others I saw the potential for money to be made from the devaluation of the Iraqi dinar. This entailed investing in the foreign currency and waiting until it revalued. I then discovered that the Vietnam Dong had also been devalued during the Vietnam War, which was a long time ago. It never revalued.

I considered the fact the same situation could repeat itself regarding the Iraqi Dinar. I decided to take the gamble and invested a small amount in both currencies. I was tempted at times to invest more but decided not to.

As time went by I discovered the devaluation of the Iraqi Dinar was planned by the Secretary of the Treasury and Vice President and had nothing to do with the invasion of Iraq. It was about the Military Industrial Complex making another killing on a foreign investment off the backs, lives and misfortune of the Iraqi people.

The average member of the world public was not supposed to know about or be able to see through this plan. The Currency Exchanges were glad to have the business and even offered incentives to tell a friend. Dinar gurus suddenly emerged on the scene, encouraging readers to invest and get rich overnight. Unknown at the time was the fact that most of these gurus were connected to or were themselves currency brokers.

For years I had been telling family and friends that the United States government had become infiltrated by communists during the Wilson Administration and the entire federal system is a foreign corporate fascist group masquerading as the US government. Unsurprisingly, these statements of mine were regarded by family and friends as both unpatriotic and “conspiracy theory.” So I went in search of evidence and this is what I found.

What’s Behind The Global Currency Reset

The global currency reset for the United States is within one penny of kicking in. When it does kick in any US citizen wishing to exchange foreign currency at a Federal Reserve Bank, currency broker or currency exchange must agree to sign a 9-page Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The NDA is a contract you are required to sign with this fascist corporate government to not disclose where your new-found wealth originated. This appears harmless enough except for the fact that the NDA is a contract signed under duress. Why duress? You do not have a choice to accept or not accept this contract. The corporate government is hoping that greed will cause you to accept its NDA, no questions asked.

You might think to yourself “They can’t do that. It’s unconstitutional” True enough. However as a US citizen and defined by law as an entity – a corporation – your corporate personhood has no rights except those granted to you by the government.

Some Background

The US Government is a private foreign corporation. Its existence is hidden behind the very Constitution that grants you the right to contract with whomever you choose. The NDA is a contract. The US corporate government requirement that you sign an NDA takes your contractual obligation to a whole new level. How does it do so? If you violate any provision of this particular NDA you will be arrested as a domestic terrorist under the National Security Act. This, in turn, alters what was formerly a civil contract into one that incorporates grave and serious criminal penalties.

You might be wondering who in their right mind would agree to sign such a contract? Well it turns out if you refuse to sign the NDA you will be denied your opportunity to exchange currencies at preferred rates, and you have only 30 days from receipt of the NDA to decide whether you wish to sign on the dotted line.

What isn’t stated is the 30-day limit is far more important to them than it is for the investor holding the dinar. The banks and US corporate government have major foreign oil contracts to fulfill, contracts they can no longer fulfill with the USD. They need your dinar to purchase oil now that Europe and other major trading partners are refusing to accept the fiat-based, ponzi-style USD.

Currency Exchanges

A currency exchange is traditionally a barter (equivalent value changing hands between private parties) and thus it is a non-taxable matter. However, this NDA contract requires you to agree to pay a Capital Gains Tax that has yet to be established. I’m hearing 10% but what happens if it turns out to be 50%? The currency brokers and wealth managers associated with the Federal Reserve banking establishment are recommending that you set aside 50% of your assets to cover taxes.

What do they know that we don’t?

The same NDA contract also requires that you agree to comply with any and all current and future laws during the next ten years, enacted by the corporate United States Government. This makes the NDA a noose placed around the signatory’s neck, then gradually tightened.

If you exchange your currency at a Federal Reserve bank you will only be allowed to exchange the equivalent of $10,000 in cash. You will be required to open one of the following:

  • checking account
  • savings account
  • trust account or
  • brokerage account

You will be forced to deposit the remainder of your assets into one of these accounts.

The corporate US Congress modified the US Banking laws this year to specify that all accounts – deposits, trusts, IRAs and safe deposit boxes – belong to the Federal Reserve bank. This means that once you execute a deposit you surrender all ownership of that deposit to the bank.  Should this foreign, privately-owned Federal Reserve system suddenly declare bankruptcy, all of your assets entrusted to them become their property. Within the fine print of all the banking accounts you own and/or open you will find the stipulation that the financial institution can use your assets to pay off the national debt, a debt that was never yours to begin with.

If you’re thinking the FDIC will reimburse you up to $250,000 on each account, think again. The FDIC filed bankruptcy in 2006 due to the swarm of bank failures that year, with claims against it in the trillions. The FDIC is done. Finished. It can never be revived without paying off those outstanding claims. I’m willing to bet your bank or wealth manager never informed you of that fact.

Your Money Is No Longer Under Your Control

Here is another “catch 22.” You cannot gift or wire any amount greater than $4,999.99 to a family member or friend without the Department of Homeland Security reviewing the check or wire transfer to investigate the origin of the money. Since you signed the NDA contract you cannot talk about the source of your money with anybody, even DHS. All of a sudden you’re turned into a suspect involved in a potentially unlawful financial activity.  Your gift will be confiscated unless you indicate Source Of Funds and if you do reveal the source you will have violated the NDA. This, in turn, can create the circumstance in which you are arrested as a domestic terrorist under the National Security Act.

The financial oligarchs may not be playing with the full deck but the cards they’re holding of a certainty belong to a stacked deck.

The Game Is Rigged

Did you know that Americans are now prohibited from transferring any assets out of the corporate United States without clearance from the Department of Homeland Security?  The reason for this crackdown has to do with the approximately four to 5,000 wealthy US Citizens who surrender their US Citizenship annually, transfer their assets and immigrate to another country. The government’s intent is to regulate the movement of money over national borders.

This is what is meant by the axiom “Finding yourself between a rock and a hard place.”

The Iraqi dinar currency exchange and its accompanying NDA is clearly a trap. The corporate US government is banking on the fact that you will agree to their terms in order to profit from your investment. However, if you make any financial moves in excess of $4,999 you will run afoul of DHS disclosure regulations. Given your signature on the NDA you won’t be able to disclose Source Of Funds and will likely end up in prison. How’s THAT for a rigged game?

One Legal Maneuver Is Still Available To Those Who Can Afford It

The only legal alternative that comes to mind that you can use to counter this madness is to purchase your freedom via Diplomatic Immunity. This relieves you of the burden of having to sign the NDA contract. I am certain that Diplomatic Immunity is still available to all and is honored in 90 plus countries. You will need to make this move carefully, however, as it is quite expensive to set up a Legal Expense (numbered) account with your bank or broker.

Given the costs involved in setting up a Legal Expense account (~$800,000+ USD) this likely will not work for the small investor. However, the fact remains there is no need for anyone to rush in to exchange anything. This 30-day limit is simply another fraud. They, the US Military Complex, need your dinar within 30 days to pay their oil contracts. If anything, at the end of the 30 days, the exchange rate will likely go higher due to the lack of confidence in the USD abroad.

I have a feeling (one I admit may be just a pipe-dream) that all this corruption enslaving humanity for millenia will be coming to an abrupt end in the near future. Once that happens our liberty as a species will be restored.

Blessings, Judge Dale

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  7. Rolo

    Now I am no attorney or judge and have no legal basis for my comments. But, I do have common sense. Common sense tells me that the majority of the information given by Judge Dale sounds plausible and could very well be true concerning our Government and the NDA, as well as all of the banking info he provided. I do feel if he is telling the absolute truth about these issues that he would provide firm concrete evidence to prove to us the truth so we could examine the info for ourselves. Then, I would think that if what he says is true, he would also provide more than one alternative, which he says is very expensive for basically the common man (my words not his), so that we would be able to know what to do if we choose not to sign an NDA, and still be able to exchange our Dinars. If he is a man with information that might be of help to us, why did he not give us some ideas as to what we could do to exchange without all of the government mess.
    I for one don’t understand why we can’t just exchange without all of the hoopla. I go to Canada or anywhere else I buy their currency, when I come back, I exchange for USD, no problem. If I make money on the deal and it is above the minimum allowed by law, I pay a tax, the government wins, no big deal. I bought some currency from another country, when its value goes up, I sell it back for a profit and pay a tax, they still win. Why do I have to be tied down and be labeled a possible terrorist? What, if any are the other possible solutions to exchanging without an NDA? Does anyone know if there are any? There is my common sense for the day. Thank you

    1. Don Allen

      Pretty simple – If you don’t sign the NDA, no exchange for you. You cannot sign
      NDA with “all rights reserved” written anywhere on it as it changes the NDA. I
      would not recommend it!

      I would sign NDA, exchange, put the exchanged funds into an account, and get on with your
      life. I also don’t buy into the fear porn here that Dale is stating. Your choice.

      1. Anonymous

        Its not fear porn. He is providing information so that people like you can make an informed decision. What you do is your business but then if everyone stood together and said NO, now thats an America to be proud of!

  8. Barry

    In Jayjay’s reply what is different in Illinois, S. Carolina coastline, Philippines, L.A.X. gun control op, etc. etc.
    I am not sure I understand

  9. Readers

    Dr Willie has said that many foreigners do not really understand what is going on in America. I would add that most Americans do not understand what is happening either in their country or overseas. The U S government has 17 trillion dollars in debt it owes to bondholders. It also owes a few trillion dollars to Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) like Fannie and Sallie Mae. They have 4 trillion dollars in state and local debt. And then there is the 222 trillion dollars it owes in unfunded liabilities. It grew 11 trillion dollars last year. This means that the total of unfunded liabilities is growing 915 billion dollars a month. That is substantially more than a billion dollars an hour.

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  11. Anonymous

    In response to the previous reply: My family use to say, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch!”

    If you are talking about China’s decision to discontinue buying US Bonds or accumulation of USDs, this move is absolutely necessary by China to shore up their infrastructure. If China continues on the same course, within five years, the Yuan will be the next currency to implode. China’s actions do suggest a lack of confidence in the West and the BRIC alliance, now joined by a total of 23 countries have all established new trading lanes to circumvent the US International Petrol Dollar and amounting to 23 no confidence votes.

    The US Treasury still belongs to the foreign private corporate Federal Reserve System and was relocated to Puerto Rico. The former Treasury Building in Washington DC became the central office for the IRS. I believe Judge Dale gets it all to clear! When there is sufficient evidence to support the belief that the Republic has been restored, I will begin to count those chickens! Until then, I will continue to exercise caution!

  12. jayjay

    Here’s the thing :: we respect Judge Dale – but he does not yet understand that the FED is a sort-of “puppet” of the Treasury at this time – during the transition from the U.S. Corp – to the fully re-inhabited REPUBLIC. Ben Fulford alludes to this in his post today – but believe me – he knows a lot more than can or should be posted at this juncture.

    I don’ trust the cabal – but they simply are not in charge any longer – even though we may see the fallout of their death throes upon us, as in Illinois, S. Carolina coastline, Philippines, L.A.X. gun control op, etc. etc.

    We must continue to stand and walk in the light boldly.

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