Dream Warriors

Zen-Haven April 9 2013

When you dream, meditate, or enter trance states and experience visions, you are basically entering into the collective human subconscious.

The collective human conscious and subconscious are not conceptual or hypothetical things. The collective conscious and subconscious exist as very real holographic fields of etheric forces, particles, and strings — the composition of human energy fields connected and woven together in the formation of a larger collective energy field of the overall whole.

Consciousness is Not What You Think. Consciousness is Not Your Mind. Consciousness is an Etheric Force — Beyond the Mind.

Your consciousness exists within a larger collective etheric field of consciousness. As such, some of the things that you see and experience within the dream state are reflections of your very own inner feelings, issues, opinions, and subconscious programming — and some things are not.

Some things are reflections of the underlying inner feelings, issues, opinions, and programming of the outer world around you. The collective human conscious and subconscious are riddled with fear and negativity. Why? Because fear and negativity are constantly drip fed into the minds of people through the media and 24/7 news. And even if you are wise enough to unplug — it doesn’t necessarily mean that the world around you does. And if the collective subconscious is riddled with fear and negativity — what would that do to one’s dreams?

Some dreams are simply the mind unwinding itself from the experiences of the day, like a digital video recording rewinding memories and playing things back in order to process things and work things out. Deeper levels of dreaming are more to do with the subconscious aspects that influence one’s life.

The unconscious is considered to be inaccessible, but the unconscious isn’t so unconscious — once you wake up to it. How can the unconscious be considered unconscious — if you’re awake, aware, and functioning within it? It shouldn’t be. It’s a contradiction in terms. The subconscious is simply another level of reality to wake up to and understand. Lucid dreams — dreams that you are awake and consciously functioning inside of — are direct access to the subconscious — revealing deeper levels of self-awareness — as well as reflections of influences in your life. The only real question is what do you find, once you’re there?

Most dreams occur within the collective subconscious field. If the collective subconscious field is riddled with fear, negativity, opinions, and programming — what do you think that really means? It means that most of the information within the collective subconscious is bogus.

The dream experience is real — but the information is riddled with inaccuracies. You have to challenge and decipher things to separate the bogus from the accurate. The dream experience is an energy experience. The mind translates the energy into a construct that it can handle, relate to, and understand. What do you think that means? It means the translation is subject to human error — distortions and subjective influence. And while peering into the collective subconscious may be interesting, the objective is to step beyond it into a clear space.

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