The Devil Card

Laura Bruno’s Blog | May 2 2012

The Devil Card -- Rider Waite DeckAh, the Devil Card: that reversed pentagram wielding symbol of all things evil and the sinister forces to which we willingly chain ourselves. The ultimate Shadow of repressed desire and rejected parts of the Self. Perhaps no card represents so clearly where humanity stands in relation to freeing itself and getting back to the Garden. As in the Garden of Eden. According to Wikipedia, “The Devil is the card of self-bondage to an idea or belief which is preventing a person from growing or being healthy.”

Conspiracy theorists and people following David Wilcock’s ongoing and latest updates about the end of Financial Tyranny will recognize Devil imagery in disclosures about the Illuminati and “the occult economy.” Overt Satanic rituals, mind programming in the media, near non-stop lies by government and a meticulous 300-year plan to enslave humanity! 300 years? Well, that depends on your source. Documentation remains for at least 300 years; however, some sources would bump that up to 2,000 years, 13,000 years or even “from the beginning.” Same soul group recycling the same diabolical plots of world domination and mass extinction. Can it really be that bad?

Yes and no. You can certainly find evidence for some real sick puppies on this planet. You can find evidence of fraud in banking and nearly unspeakable acts of government. These details will continue to leak into the press, especially as more and more people turn to alternative news online. Lamestream media has lost an astonishing level of credibility and viewership in recent months. CNN alone lost 50% of its viewers in March 2012! Our voting machines and election results may be obviously rigged, but we can still vote with our attention and (what’s left of) our money. Just as the chains on the Devil Card remain loose enough to slip off, nobody external chains us to manufactured news and default reality.

Police state? Why bother? Humanity has already shackled itself to a Shadow side that it claims to want destroyed. We reject our own power, secrets, sadomasochism, obsession with taboos, and then wonder how these “monsters” get so big! With Pluto in Capricorn — the Devil often masquerades as a goat 😉 –anything dark and hidden will be revealed. In addition to ruling wealth, Pluto reigns in Hades as “Lord of the Underworld,” another strong Devil-association. Capricorn has a natural ruler of Saturn, another planet with strong ties to “Satan,” co-opted religions, and the “Satanic Cabal.” Occult simply means “hidden,” but that word alone conjures fear and trepidation among many. Dabbling in the occult means playing in the “Dark,” and the watered down and overly sanitized version of our victim selves judges our own and others’ darkness.

As Carl Jung said, “Whatever is not conscious will be experienced as fate.” “Good” people don’t go to hell, even if they’ve accidentally left their personal power, self-respect and larger perspective there. They don’t need to go to hell, because those who reject their own Shadow side continually manifest hell in their lives and on this planet. Wikipedia reminds us: “The Devil is both the Ur-Adversary, and a tremendous source of strength. He represents nearly an inexhaustible source of energy. Battling him gives us strength. Submitting to him completely is ego-death.”

My friend Tim Glenn tells me that until the Catholic Church started messing around with the Tarot, the Devil Card used to be The Garden. Yes, as in Garden of Eden. (As I type this, I’m at 555 for word count: “555 – Buckle your seat belts. A major life change is upon you. This change should not be viewed as being ‘positive’ or ‘negative,’ since all change is but a natural part of life’s flow. Perhaps this change is an answer to your prayers, so continue seeing and feeling yourself being at peace.” ~Doreen Virtue) In addition to international money laundering schemes and worldwide depopulation agendas, hidden parts of ourselves launch to the surface for review. We have the opportunity now to co-create the Garden, rather than simply returning to it as ignorant servants of a benign dictatorship. In fighting the Devil, we can learn “his” tricks, which reveal to us our own tricks and self-attacks. In fighting the corporate police state, we can embrace our own inherent liberty, and stop judging ourselves as weak, flawed, stupid or undeserving of Paradise.

Whitley Strieber’s “The Key” offers a challenging definition of Sin: “denial of the right to thrive.” Before we point fingers at all the people, institutions and devils denying us the right to thrive, we would do well to examine our own self-imposed limitations.

“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours.” ~Richard Bach

What happens when humanity sees just how easily it can remove those chains? Will we tighten them? Will we walk away? Will we turn the pentagram right-side up and reclaim our excellence? And will we ever celebrate with all our “devils,” recognizing and thanking them for how they’ve catalyzed us to thrive?

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6 thoughts on “The Devil Card

  1. Laura Bruno

    Excellent observations! Yes, there’s so much to this card. My post is really just the tip of an iceberg that’s been poking me for several weeks to get me to write about it. David Wilcock’s latest installment and some personal things I’m moving through finally got me to sit down and write some of it out. Thanks for your extra insights. 🙂

    1. Gillian Post author

      Excellent post, Laura. Gets to the “devil in the details.” Love, ~G

      1. Laura Bruno

        Thanks, and I love how the devil got into the details of me posting a reply. LOL, just gotta keep on laughing … the Universe constantly reminds me not to take it or myself too seriously. Blessings! Laura

  2. Another Lightworker

    Excellent, Laura! As a capricorn with a pisces ascendent, I have learned to go with the flow of Pluto sitting directly on my natal sun (never thought I would say that). Pluto definitely reveals the hidden treasures and gems deep in the earth, but there’s no guarantee it will be an easy, fun, or pleasant journey.
    One of the best results so far has been ‘accepting my uniqueness’ and owning my power by working on conscious manifestation.

    Could this card also be about us accepting ourselves as we are instead of who we think we should be or what we are told we should be? There’s no shame in having a shadow, but constantly resisting out of fear just empowers what you reject even more. Is there also an element of duality in this card?

    It reminds me of the Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice of Cho, where you overcome this by visualizing as an offering the object that you most fear losing (usually the physical body which we cling to because we think this is all that we are). When you willingly release all that you feared losing, you lose the fear as well. And you see that what remains is your indestructable, divine essence which has been, is, and will always be.

    About the angel numbers, after seeing lots of 411, 611, and even a 711 and 311 over the past 3 weeks, I finally got an 1111 yesterday!

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