Lieutenant Colonel Potter ~ Boston Bombing Was A False Flag [Video]

conservitusprime April 17 2013

4 thoughts on “Lieutenant Colonel Potter ~ Boston Bombing Was A False Flag [Video]

  1. Paul White

    So half the world is asking just who are those two guys that look like they are dressed in navy seal uniforms and wearing ‘Crafts’ badges and what are they holding in their hands and where did the rucksack go and who are the other five team members all dressed the same and photographed together as they stood around a black jeep.
    Just who was that guy from Saudi Arabia, why was he arrested and then released and why was the official paperwork doctored in this case.

    You see a lot of people are asking very reasonable questions but somehow the mass media has no desire to investigate these so called conspiracies and instead come out with claims that brother number two ran over his own brother during a gun fight and managed to escape dozens of armed officers only to escape to a safe place so that he could place a gun in his mouth, miss his brains and shoot out his own throat.

    Next thing we will be told is that the 19 year old terror suspect number two is a practising homosexual and we are expected to believe what we are told by the press who are more than happy to except that a homemade bomb somehow becomes a weapon of mass destruction and no questions of the suspect should be asked in an open public court because the feelings of family members who lost loved ones should come first.

    I am still waiting to be told just exactly how does a skyscraper like building sever fall down on 9-11 when it was not even hit by a plane, why is Bradley Manning’s in jail and not those he exposed as being responsible for crimes against humanity or are they like bankers and our government has become too big to fail like the banks and therefore are allowed to get away with anything.

    That lorry the farmer wants you all to get into is not taking you off to the sea side, its heading straight for the slaughter house so jump aboard, I’ll hang back and hope the lorry becomes full before it becomes my turn to turned into McDonald burger meat.

  2. Queenvictrola

    Mother Always Knew.
    My mother always used to say, “give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.” I notice people don’t pay much attention to Moms. Just because we are older and maybe have a funny shape, aren’t as pretty anymore, and might LOOK stupid, we are actually the fountains of wisdom ignored. Always underestimated and overlooked, we have learned to listen and observe. When we do open our mouths, if you are smart you will listen.

    My Mother told me the tale of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. I can hear a lot of crying wolf going on now in these contrived, black ops scenarios stuck on replay in the 24/7 news cycle. We observe how sloppy the coverage is on all of these stories. Paid Internet trolls poison the well of dialogue and confuse the issues at hand. No one is really taking the time to analyze. Instead snappy conclusions are reached and mistakes are made to satisfy the knee jerk response expected of all of us as the media hands us the latest update on a silver propaganda platter. We know we are being programmed; we know we are being manipulated as the replay buttons of scenes from disaster capitalism are pressed over and over again. We all seem to know the drill by now. We are quite simply tired of the BS. The boy has cried wolf once too many times and we are no longer free believers.

    Fortunately there are enough smart people with cell phones and video cameras who feed into a citizen-led, witness-oriented grassroots news gathering collaboration. The best evidence is always gathered from eyewitness accounts at the scene. Media is immediate with the Internet. The controllers HAVE lost control of the message but in the meantime are using the element of confusion very effectively.

    This is the information age though and they might as well come out with their hands up if they know what is good for them. This game is getting really old. People are figuring things out on their own. Yes, this IS the information age and information is power and ordinary people have gathered it. It seems that ever so subtley and persistently, more people are taking back their power in small ways. People are waking up. Now it seems, there are enough good people everywhere armed with cameras who question what is going on, who do not take everything at face value who also know what taking back their power feels like. It feels GOOD.

    The controllers know they are losing control of the message. CNN is a perfect example. It is still important not to jump to any conclusions until there has been an authentic investigation into who was behind this. Do the gatekeepers care about accuracy and do they care? No. Innocents are swept up like patsies.

    It seems ordinary citizens are doing the investigation for the Boston Police Department and the FBI. Average people are putting things together. My Mother would say that these ordinary citizens promise to make fools of the Powers that be—or should I say, Powers that WERE. May this be so.

    If we only had the whole story. It is a layered, complex story purposefully withheld from us. Things happen for reasons that are never revealed. Perhaps someday soon the truth shall set us all free. We ultimately are the ones who are left to fill in the gaps and connect the dots. We should all refuse to be infantilized by our own incompetent media and question everything we are told.

    There is another thing all investigators know and it is still very true. It is not the crime, but the cover up which always finds the criminals caught. That is always when they get stupid. That is when they start tripping over each other’s lies. I for one, plan on sitting back and enjoying the show.

    The people with cameras, citizen investigators, alternative media journalists, bloggers and whistleblowers are truly the heroes of these strange and dangerous times. Is it any wonder that congress passed the egregious CISPA Act yesterday? Powers that were are desperate to take back control of the message. We must not let them get away with it. Peace to all.

    1. Gillian Post author

      Thanks for this excellent comment, Queenvictrola. Indeed “The boy has cried wolf once too many times and we are no longer free believers.”

      Hugs, G

    2. Raven

      Great comment Queenvictrola. I was thinking as I read it about all the people with cellphones that have cameras at the ready and the instant download for the world to see. The technology they used to try and enslave us may just be our salvation if we use it to blast open the lies. Thanks for your thoughts.

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