Mike Adams ~ Warning To All Pot Smokers In Colorado And Washington: You Are About To Experience A Costly Lesson In Federal Tyranny And Obama Betrayal

NaturalNews | December 11 2012

Colorado and Washington pot smokers are lighting up in celebration after having achieved a stunning decriminalization victory at the ballot box. Inhale while you can, my brothers and sisters, because Obama is already plotting how to re-criminalize your swag and nullify states’ rights.

Marijuana decriminalization, you see, was a states’ rights victory that more or less flipped Washington D.C. the finger. From Obama’s point of view, this simply cannot be allowed to stand because it would set a precedent of the tyrannical federal government “allowing” states to decide their own laws, separate from federal law. While the U.S. Constitution clearly encourages precisely such a structure, the U.S. federal government that exists today operates like a power-hungry gang of thugs who seek to crush anyone and anything that threatens to stand against it. There does not even exist the facade of respecting the limitations of federal government described in the Constitution.

Mark my words: Obama, who is himself an admitted pot smoker, is coming after YOUR right to smoke pot.

It will start with polite-sounding lawsuits. The federal government will claim total control of all individual activity under the “commerce clause” of the U.S. Constitution and pressure a few key federal judges to overturn state decriminalization laws.

If, for some reason, that fails, the DEA — which operates much like a pack of hungry wolves barely restrained on a short leash — will be given the green light to start conduct armed federal raids in Washington and Colorado. The point of the raids? To send the message that the feds are still in charge, regardless of what the voters say.

A lesson in power

All the pot smoking voters in Washington and Colorado are about to receive a valuable lesson in power. They think they have won a permanent victory for liberty, even if they don’t describe it in those words. In reality, all they have done is antagonize federal forces of evil which are already planning a powerful counter-assault that will remind the slaves of America (the voters) who is really in charge.

And why? Because if marijuana decriminalization is not crushed by the political forces in Washington D.C., then its very existence might encourage other states to decriminalize things like industrial hemp farming, holistic medicine or even raw milk. For God’s sake, states might behave under the misimpression that they control their own destiny!

On this subject, I’ve already published a list of five things any state could legalize right now in order to experience an economic golden age. Each of these fives things would require states to assert their Tenth Amendment rights to nullify the power of the federal government within the state’s own borders. This is precisely what Colorado and Washington have done with marijuana decriminalization laws. They may not call it a “Tenth Amendment” initiative, but that’s exactly what it is.

Make no mistake that the federal government will use any means necessary to reverse this: Lawsuits, armed raids, false flag attacks, propaganda campaigns and so on. The federal government in America today is run by truly maniacal power-hungry criminals. Ron Paul calls Washington bureaucrats “psychopathic tyrants.” There is absolutely nothing they won’t do to enforce their fabricated authority over the states and the People.

If it means marching into Colorado with federal troops and shoving rifles in the faces of small-time pot growers, that’s exactly what they will do. For those of you in Colorado and Washington right now, do not suffer under the delusion that you are now free to smoke pot with impunity. You have merely achieved a reversible ballot victory that was only allowed to take place because the vote fraudsters were too busy stealing other elections (Prop 37!) to effectively defeat your marijuana decriminalization ballot measures.

It is good that you did achieve that victory, of course, because now the real lessons in liberty will be realized. At this point, Obama has no choice but to show his vindictive double standard where it’s okay for the President to campaign on the “coolness” of having smoked pot and inhaled, but his own voters who do the same thing will be arrested at gunpoint and incarcerated in federal prisons. And if you’re black like Obama, by the way, your prison sentence will be double or triple that of white offenders.

That’s real tyranny, and that’s the real Obama. Those of you voted for Obama and are enjoying your temporarily-legalized pot in Colorado or Washington are about to learn a very costly lesson in federal tyranny. Within a year, your states will be under assault by the feds, and your freedoms will be even further stripped away by the very President who campaigned on the idea that the government would listen and respond to the needs of the voters.

Obama lied. The federal government doesn’t want liberty in America; it wants CONTROL.

DEA agents are right now salivating at the thought of identifying, targeting and raiding small-time pot gardens in Colorado. Those who flaunt their growing, harvesting or smoking will be the first who are targeted. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

To learn more about state nullification of federal tyranny, visit:

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8 thoughts on “Mike Adams ~ Warning To All Pot Smokers In Colorado And Washington: You Are About To Experience A Costly Lesson In Federal Tyranny And Obama Betrayal

  1. Barry Mcokiner

    Hello– I got injured fighting the ‘War on Drugs’ first at the Fed. then a Ca. city. The drugs were winning when I got there, and were far ahead when I had to leave. I saw the legislature further their oppression vs. the Black male with “mandatory minimum sentencing. Because as was pointed out, the Urban Black made more $$ than those whose job it was to keep it illegal. The Urban made ‘crack’ and He received Prison. The sub-urban (read: White) used cocaine hydrochloride or “powder” they received Probation or ‘drug court’ same drug..

    1. Barry Mcokiner

      I was then Rx’ed 7 medications for injuries and 2 for PTSD. I also have the good Fed. insurance not what they “sold” to y’all. Knowing that 7 Rx’ed meds is nothing more than a looong death sentence, that and an ‘epiphany’ and now KNOWing that I’m NOT my body, I’m eternal, this is just One spin… Through meditation, yoga, ayurveda and using Sour Diesel/Sonoma Coma I type you in Perfect Health. HBP went from 165/95 to 110/68; choles. went from 373 to 153; 2 separate cancers are GONE… was it the cannabis? What if it were? More people have died from eating radishes…
      namaste, shalom aleichem

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  3. Raven

    Mike can get pretty bent out of shape at times but there isn’t one word in this article that isn’t true. In 2004, Montana approved medical marijuana in a huge majority. Once the grower/supplier system was up and running, the feds raided and arrested state approved dispensaries and put all of the business owners in prison for long terms.

    It’s not like we had no warning. Right after Obama was elected he started this Ask the President farce where you could vote on-line for questions you wanted him to address. The top vote getter both times he tried this was about legalization. Instead of addressing the issue in any fashion he laughed it off as a joke. Too bad he didn’t inhale more, he might have turned out to be a real person.

  4. Another Lightworker

    The said thing about this is one of Obama’s main campaign promises in 2008 was to stop harassing legal medical marijuana dispenseries and those who used them. Instead his attorney general, Eric Holder, aka Sargent “I know NOTHING” Schulz, has made it an issue to go after all of them despite the fact that they are in states that legalized medical marijuana. Maybe the CIA is afraid of legal pot shops cutting into their drug trade profits.

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