Obama’s Lawyers Move to Censor Videos of New Jersey Ballot Challenge Hearing, Rewrite History

Alex Thomas | IntelHub | April 20 2012

According to multiple reports, a series of videos from a New Jersey Ballot Challenge Hearing are so damning to Obama that his lawyers are actively trying to get them removed from the internet.

The videos document the recent New Jersey ballot challenge hearing in regards to Barack Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate and his possible ineligibility to appear on the New Jersey presidential ballot.

A report from Conservative News and Views confirmed that attorney Mario Apuzzo has been threatened by Obama’s lawyers for supposedly filming the court hearing. The lawyers went on to claim that they would have it scrubbed from the public domain. (rewriting history)

Jerome R. Corsi made the latest Obama eligibility issue famous with this story about the hearing. Then, on Tuesday afternoon, Alexandra Hill’s boss called Mario Apuzzo directly. CNAV heard first from Nick Purpura and then directly from Apuzzo.

Apuzzo received a call from a man identifying himself as Angelo Genova, the lead partner of Genova, Burns, Giantomasi and Webster. Genova was agitated and almost overwrought. He demanded to know why Apuzzo had videotaped the proceedings (a thing Apuzzo did not do), and then said that he would “move to strike the video from the record.” Genova also said that:

  • Alexandra M. Hill is not working on the case of Purpura and Moran v. Obama any longer. Angelo Genova has taken that case over and is handling it personally.
  • Death threats have come to the firm. Apuzzo told CNAV that Ms. Hill was the main target of these threats. Billy Baer also talked to Apuzzo, after CNAV called Dan Haggerty for comment. Apuzzo apparently told Baer that Genova never made clear whether the threatening person was threatening Ms. Hill alone or “the firm in general,” whatever that might mean.

Apuzzo offered to Genova to condemn the threats for the record, on his blog. Genova hastily declined. He then dwelt at length on the making of the video or videos and accused Apuzzo of making them without the court’s permission.

To top it off, Obama’s lawyers have accused Apuzzo of having CNAV illegally record the hearing when in reality all public court hearings are allowed to be filmed.

The New Jersey Administrative Code says that anyone may record a public hearing. The judge may restrict such recording so that it does not disrupt the hearing. On April 10, before the hearing began, Judge Masin summoned Apuzzo and Hill to his chambers. There, as Apuzzo said later, the judge asked about persons wanting to record the hearings on video. Apuzzo knew that CNAV and Dan Haggerty had brought cameras. He had also given an interview to Station WHYY-TV (Channel 12, Philadelphia, PA), who told him they would come to the hearing. Judge Masin said that he would allow video cameras, so long as their operators mounted them on fixed tripod stands. Haggerty and CNAV agreed to this. (See also Commander Kerchner’s blog entry.)

The lawyers representing Obama are clearly attempting to re write history by claiming that the videos of the hearing have caused their employees and firm to be threatened and, because of this, should be removed.

Here are the links to these three videos:

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8 thoughts on “Obama’s Lawyers Move to Censor Videos of New Jersey Ballot Challenge Hearing, Rewrite History

  1. Raven

    I’ve had two dreams about Obama in the past week. Neither of them ended well for him. I’m starting to see the logic in Laura’s methodology.

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi Raven, I have not had any dreams of O, which is a blessing, for they would be nightmares. I too think there is something to Laura’s methodology. It seems to be working. ~G

  2. Another Lightworker

    May this be the beginning of a rapid descent into oblivion for this Failed World Order (FWO – I refuse to call them new world order anymore – they have FAILED). May they all end up unable to harm themselves or others, imprisoned and isolated for the rest of their miserable lives. The censorship can only go so far and last so long before even more people catch on and it goes viral. Here’s to the end of tyranny and the beginning of a wonderful new world for us all.

    1. Gillian Post author

      Amen to that, A.L. All that is hidden is being revealed. That’s why they are so eager to pass their new draconian laws to limit access to info on the web.

      Too little too late (IMO).

      Blessings, ~G

  3. Laura Bruno

    I sent links about this hearing to two people from my yahoo account and my account was immediately frozen for “suspicious email activity.” I wasn’t allowed to send anything while they “investigated.” I kept trying to email myself with subject headings “Am I being censored” and “why can’t I send an email to myself.” After several such attempts, I was allowed to send again. Big Brother is scared sh!tless. I haven’t tried emailing anything else with a link to those things as I would like to keep my email working. They have already closed my YouTube account for “copyright infringement” of myself! It was all my own material. They can’t keep up with all the veils being torn down these days.

    1. Gillian Post author

      Wow, Laura! I’m really sorry that happened to you. As you may have noticed I haven’t been replying to comments recently. This is because I am not receiving notification of posted comments – for some reason as yet unknown to me. All these communication issues and Mercury not even retro!

      And yes, this is the most frightening admission Obama’s OWN lawyer could have made in court. If pursued by the appropriate bodies he will have no option but to resign. Of greater import ALL THE CRIMINAL ACTS SIGNED BY HIS ADMINISTRATION ARE NULL AND VOID. Woohoooooooooooo! Blessings, ~G

      1. Laura Bruno

        “If pursued by the appropriate bodies he will have no option but to resign.”

        Told you I was visualizing that resignation! All day, every day. Confess, resign, and take the whole gravy train down with you. Now THAT would be Change. ;-)

        I keep having dreams of this happening, too. A couple nights ago, the pit of vipers tried to attack him so he couldn’t confess, but they were struck down by lightening. The only way he could avoid the lightening strikes was to keep confessing.


      2. Gillian Post author

        Keep up those visualizations, Laura. There HAS to be a breakthru one of these days. Can’t happen too soon, IMO. ~G

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