Oracle Report ~ May 5 – 6 2012

Oracle Report | Full Moon Phase

Saturday brings us the super-conjunction of the Sun, the Black Moon, and Jupiter along with the super Full Moon (biggest and brightest of the year). For the past three days, we’ve been in a free fall just like the mythical phoenix, burning off whatever needs to be released from our lives. We’ve come to the limit of what we can carry that no longer serves us on our journey with Gaia. We have streamlined.

On Saturday, we hit the ground in a spectacular communion with the planet. This means that our individual energetic frequencies connect with the planet and are re-calibrated to be in alignment with her. There are many reasons for this but the main one is to enable us to withstand the increasingly intense energy that is driving most people out of their minds. A massive correction is taking place (and will continue through 2013) and anyone who is not firmly grounded in (in resonance with) the planet will suffer at the neurological level.

The “descent” that I’ve been talking about the last three days is an actual physiological process. The neurons of the brain are receiving an upgrade but it manifests to us as changes in our thinking and feeling, which in turn affects our decisions and therefore the status of our lives. To sustain sanity, we must continually refine our level of integrity (become kinder, stronger, better people). Saturday we directly contact the planet (hit the ground) and on Sunday we begin the ascent as a new form – an upgraded human being. The internal shift will cause our external worlds to begin to shift.

On the practical level, if you tend to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, you will want to dial it down because margaritas and the Black Moon are not a pretty combination. The Black Moon causes emotions to run high and we react without thinking because our shadow sides are engaged. We naturally respond to the world from our core fear. Those who are unaware of their shadow sides (most everyone in the matrix) are unconsciously driven by this hidden force. Stay grounded in good, clean fun and steer clear of the potential for volatile situations. Remember, this is a super-conjunction as well as a super Full Moon – people will go off the rails. Spend time in nature and reinforce the direct hit with Mother Earth. Taureans, Scorpios, and those with Taurus rising take heed: this energy is affecting you the strongest.

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