Oracle Report ~ Monday May 21 2012

Oracle Report | New Moon Phase

Where to begin? I’ll start by saying I’ve chosen this picture of fish in honor of all the wise old owls who are Pisces (especially those born at the beginning of Pisces, between February 19 and 25) because they took the brunt of the energy from yesterday’s solar eclipse.

If you recall, I wrote that the energy was going to affect our emotional bodies, particularly for the signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. But it’s the Pisceans that took the direct hit and it was a massive one. The fact that Neptune is conjunct these early Pisces’ Suns left them wide open to bear the burden. And it was a heavy one.

Consider what wrote: “An interpanetary shock wave possibly associated with the M5-class solar flare of May 17th swept past Earth on May 20th around 0200 UT.” This shock wave wasn’t a lingering result of that sunspot. That energy hit on Friday and Saturday (see Friday’s report). This vaguely-defined “shock wave” was exactly what I said it was going to be: “[the energy] will be used by Archontic (the term used by the Gnostic seers to denote negative beings at odds with the evolution of humanity) forces to knock us off balance with the coding of the Earth.”

In essence, the Pisceans took the shock wave of negative energy into their bodies. Now they are going to have to transmute it and to do that, they need to give it to the Earth. If you are a Pisces (and if you were born in the timeframe listed above do not disregard or minimize this!) BY ALL MEANS go outside and consciously give over the emotional wave you took. The best thing to do is put your bare feet on the ground. It doesn’t matter how you handled your emotions yesterday (you probably did not do well, there was much confusion). What matters is that you get it out of your body. Now, this is true for all of the people born under the mutable signs listed above. Each of you took a share. But we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the Pisces among us.

So, for all of us, we need to ground down and maintain our connection with Mother Earth as we go through the aftermath of the eclipse today. Remember, it was a ring of fire – a ring of madness – and people will be responding in dramatic ways. People are going to be unnaturally aggressive. They will be territorial, domineering, and prone toward risky behavior. Some people will come with things from out of of the blue, doing (and saying) things that make no sense. This is where wise old owls will be able to see what others are missing. You’ll know the reason behind the way people are acting. You may be fighting some of this yourself, and that’s ok. It’s strong energy, so do your best to not succumb to the imbalance that is being forced upon us. The way to maintain your sanity is to redirect yourself toward nature as much as possible. Be on the lookout for birds, butterflies, beautiful flowers, and insects. These are instant reconnectors. Stretching out your body will work wonders, too.

Again, thank you to all the Pisces out there reading. If you have a story to tell or just want to say YES, feel free to write to me. I cannot reply to everyone but I do read all of my mails. The Oracle Report facebook community that was started by readers is also a wonderful place to connect with others.

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2 thoughts on “Oracle Report ~ Monday May 21 2012

  1. Sharon Randle

    I am a born Pisces- 3/9/66.
    I could feel a lot of emotional energy, as well as physical energy. Emotionally, I felt like i needed to cry yet didn’t!
    I planned to go & did go to a group lead silent meditation, it was my 1st time there, and felt out of place but part of the group at the same time. There was a lot of powerful energy
    in the room.. I am very sensitive from an energy perspective.. my feet were burning sensation & tingling- both left and right legs & feet! I knew yesterday the importance of raising my Vibration with like minded people.. I did feel better afterwards.. I got lost a little on my way home! Cooked myself a fish dinner and really felt like balling my eyes out before i retired to bed.. yet didn’t.
    Grounding yes is needed- spent the good part of this afternoon in my garden! I feel grounded & tired , but in the way i need it. Thank you for letting me share..
    Blessing & Love,

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