Oracle Report ~ Saturday Feb. 18 – Sunday Feb. 19 2012

Oracle Report

Balsamic Moon Phase

Let’s get the mundane part of the report out of the way first. On Saturday, there is a thread of opportunity for emotional explosions (specifically tantrums). This has become so repetitive to write, but it isn’t going to change any time soon – some days are just stronger than others with this. On Sunday, the tendency is to “split” in some way – to cut and run or bail out of things. There is also strong potential for greed and stinginess.

Now for the interesting part and the part that concerns most of us. Throughout this winter, we have been developing the skill of going inside ourselves and taking the perspective of the wise old owl in the tree. We have had a lot of practice with this. We’ve also been working on grounding ourselves firmly into the planet in order to weather the level of chaos.

The Sun will enter Pisces this weekend, joining Neptune (ruler of Pisces), Mercury, Chiron, and the asteroids Athena and Vesta. Now we will begin adding a third skill to our repertoire as spiritual warriors endeavoring to maintain sanity and resonate light on the planet. While the Sun is in Pisces this year, we will learn what it means to go with the flow of the Universe like we never have known.

Pisces is a water sign. Water mutates things, enabling them to change form. Like a river, the course of everyone’s life will be altered while the Sun is in Pisces. This will require us to practice the arts of surrender and imagination. We will need to learn when to stop and when to keep moving, and we will learn how to ramp up the power of our imagination to maintain emotional balance amidst the breakdown of the world around us (the mass illusion). Pisces is the dreamy, creative, mysterious sign and it is highly spiritual. All of this will become more clear as the month progresses.

For now, a New Moon is on its way in a few days, so this the time (Balsamic Moon phase) when we prepare ourselves for the coming month and give thought to how we would like that month to go. Give some thought to what your highest desire for yourself is because this is how we will be directing our course (in conscious co-creation with Higher Powers),

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