Chautauqua ~ Lighten Up!

“We must starve the fear loop of our attention, and energy – look away, raise your vibration above it like a balloon flying above the storm.” – Chautauqua

BalloonsSkyLightSo, you’ve been on the spiritual path a good while now, and feeling pretty OK with your progress. You’ve read the books, attended the whole life expos, and generally processed & integrated your assets off. In your quest of becoming you have opened your heart, learned gratitude and forgiveness; all while wrestling with your ego for control of your life. Because you know what it’s about, you just say you’re a work in progress.

It certainly hasn’t been easy getting to this point, and all indications are it’s about to get a good deal more difficult in the days ahead. These are halcyon days we’re living through, lots going on that demands our attention; maintaining ourselves is more important than ever now…and maybe you even sense that too. Have you noticed recently that some hard lessons & bad memories have returned from whatever void you banished them to?

In recent months have you suddenly been overwhelmed by these negative memories & emotions from the past; when you weren’t even thinking on the subject to begin with? Most likely you haven’t done anything to trigger such a release, so you sure as hell don’t expect them when they hit. Have the ugly brothers regret, remorse & resentment been trying to move back into your subconscious? Continue reading

Matthew Shaer ~ The Controversial Afterlife Of King Tut

“A frenzy of conflicting scientific analyses have made the famous pharaoh more mysterious than ever” – M Shaer

A new computer reconstruction depicts Tut with a club foot and a “feminizing” hormone disorder. (VVC / Smithsonian Channel)

A new computer reconstruction depicts Tut with a club foot and a “feminizing” hormone disorder. (VVC / Smithsonian Channel)

The Valley of the Kings lies on a bend in the Nile River, a short ferry ride from Luxor. The valley proper is rocky and wildly steep, but a little farther north, the landscape gives way to gently rolling hills, and even the occasional copse of markh trees. It was here, in a humble mud-brick house, that the British Egyptologist Howard Carter was living in 1922, the year he unearthed the tomb of the pharaoh Tutankhamun, forever enshrining both the boy king and himself in the annals of history.   \

These days, the house serves as a museum, restored to its nearly original state and piled high with Carter’s belongings—a typewriter, a camera, a record player, a few maps, a handful of sun hats. Toward the back of the museum is a darkroom, and out front, facing the road, is a shaded veranda.

On the September day I visited, the place was empty, except for a pair of caretakers, Eman Hagag and Mahmoud Mahmoud, and an orange kitten that was chasing its own shadow across the tiled floor.

Most of the lights had been turned off to conserve electricity, and the holographic presentation about Carter’s discovery was broken. I asked Hagag how many visitors she saw in a day. She shrugged, and studied her hands. “Sometimes four,” she said. “Sometimes two. Sometimes none.” Continue reading

Ann Albers ~ Message From The Angels

simion_loveThere is never, ever a moment when you are disconnected from Love. You cannot be. It is impossible, because you are fashioned of the very same. You are love incarnate, love taken form, given shape, and allowed free will upon your planet earth. You can choose to experience love or not, but it is always there. You can choose to align you will with love, or not, but it is always there.

The source of all healing, all solutions, of peace that surpasses all understanding is there waiting for you to acknowledge it, to call upon it to heal the ills and illusions in your lives. Love cannot leave you.

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Jim Self ~ Questions for Jim – Alchemy Works! What Now? [Audio]

An excerpt from Mastering Alchemy’s Monthly Free Webinar

Jim Self, a leader in the field of spiritual development, founder of Mastering Alchemy, international speaker and author, answers questions about the Shift in Consciousness that we are experiencing.

Mastering Alchemy Monthly Free Webinar ~ October 2014 – What is Consciousness? – A Special Two Part Webinar http://www.masteringalchemy.com/libra…

SF Source MasteringAlchemy  Nov 22 2014

Denise Le Fay ~ Evolving Beyond The Dark

“One must individually be transmuted, transformed from top to bottom, from the energy bodies down to the physical body by these higher frequency Light Energies to literally have their DNA, dualized brain halves, consciousness, energy bodies and physical body integrated, unified, evolved and “ascended” up to the next frequency range and level(s). ” – D Le Fay

ManMeditatesOnTopOfWorldThis article is specifically for the people from around the world who’ve emailed me over the years with the same horrible, difficult problem; they’ve been activated by the Ascension Process which causes them to “wake up” more spiritually, energetically and consciously and due to this they’re suddenly experiencing attacks from negative, low-frequency nonphysical, nonhuman beings, entities and living humans or Team Dark as I often refer to all of them.

As humanity continues evolving beyond the old lower frequency blueprints of the last Great Evolutionary Cycle—that fully expired on December 21, 2012—all that was doesn’t want to lose its control, power, food and fuel sources which has been living and dead humanity on Earth for thousands of years. I’m not going into detail over the old lower energies, players, duality, consciousness and such in this because I and others have already written much about it all. What I want to focus on in this article is why so many people experience negative Astral, psychic, and often physical attacks from different Team Dark beings and humans both while awake and in-body and while asleep and out-of-body.

Very simply put, Team Dark doesn’t want any human to escape the dense and tiny frequency range they have existed within for so long. If you and I escape that lower frequency range, which is exactly what we’re doing thanks to the natural Divine evolutionary push from the NEW Evolutionary Cycle and its NEW energy blueprints etc., then who are Team Dark going to sustain themselves off from? And so they attack most humans when they sense that person is “waking up”, is naturally evolving due to the Ascension Process and therefore will soon literally rise in frequency and rate or “ascend” out of that lower frequency range and consciousness etc. into a much higher one that they cannot enter, touch or influence in any way whatsoever.

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SO News ~ Volcano Erupts, Earthquakes, Spaceweather – November 22 2014 [Video]

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Oracle Report ~ Saturday, November 22 – Sunday, November 23, 2014

“It’s important to follow where you are drawn this month.  An internal combustion is happening to pull us toward whatever we need.  This energy is working at the core level, with deep elemental processes in play to awaken parts of us from long ago – from the “before times.”  Ore from our core is ignited.” – L Walker

Debbie Schlussel ~ ICE Agent: “My Job Obsolete, Borders Now Wide Open;” Career ICE Official: “We’re Being Kept in Dark;” 40 Million Amnesty, Not 5 Mlln

“My job is now obsolete.” “America’s sovereignty is over.” “The Obama Administration hasn’t told us anything.” “I’m gonna get a raise to continue reading Yahoo News all day long.” “The borders are now open because we can’t arrest most illegal aliens, even if they come into the country today, tomorrow, or next year. They can come here, stay forever, and laugh at us.” – ICE Agent

USBorderPatrolThose are just some of the reactions I’ve gotten from demoralized Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents who contacted me yesterday and last night regarding Barack Obama’s announcement of mass amnesty for illegal aliens via executive fiat. Some rank-and-file ICE agents told me they were taken into meetings, yesterday afternoon, to be told the bad news about how little work they’d be doing (even less than they’re already doing because they aren’t allowed to do their jobs). Other agents–including some in higher level top official positions in various ICE offices–told me they’ve been told little to nothing and been kept in the dark regarding Obama’s amnesty plan.

But what they’ve told me is disturbing, though not surprising. To wit: Obama is not just instantly legalizing five million illegal aliens. It could be up to 40 million, I’m told. That’s because Obama’s new plan isn’t what he announced last night in a speech to America. In fact, agents tell me that anyone here before January 2014 can stay. And, since there’s no way to verify that, the border will be overrun with illegal aliens who will now say they’ve been here since then. And even they don’t have to lie.

ICE agents have told me that in their meetings yesterday, they will not be allowed to pick up or arrest any illegal aliens here who have fewer than four misdemeanors. Those misdemeanors cannot include traffic offenses to be considered. So if the misdemeanors are drunk driving and they have more than three, they skate anyway. ICE agents also cannot arrest anyone who is basically not a murderer or terrorist or serial serial serial serial child molester (hey, he/she/it can have three misdemeanors pleaded down from sexual conduct felonies, and no big deal, welcome to America; continue to enjoy your stay, habibi). It’s hands off–hands off not just with regard to illegal aliens who claim they’ve been here, but those who came here yesterday, come here today, or will come here tomorrow. They all get to stay and taunt ICE agents who cannot touch them now or at any time in the future. Continue reading

Simon Black ~ Here’s The Most Bizarre Currency You’ve Probably Never Heard About.

RevolutionaryWarSantiago, Chile ~  John Lynn was bound and gagged, as the angry mob tied him to a tree and poured a barrel of scalding hot tar over his freshly shaven head and coated him in feathers.

It was June 1794 and the crowd was absolutely frantic. They were taking justice into their own hands.

Lynn’s crime, in their eyes, was having extended lodging to a federal tax collector, who’d come down to enforce a recently imposed excise tax on whiskey.

The brand new US government was deeply in debt and starved of revenue sources to pay back their bondholders. So they did what all governments do in that position: they created a new tax.

They targeted whiskey simply because it was far and away the most popular drink in America.

It was so popular that it was even used as a medium of exchange and a store of value.

You could pass a bottle of the stuff to somebody as a payment for debt owed, and farmers would often turn their excess crop into whiskey as a way to store value for the future.

Whiskey is what people had, what people used, and what people wanted. Therefore it was whiskey that was taxed. Continue reading