Charles Hugh Smith ~ The Great Generic Drug Rip-Off

“Big Pharma has followed the only avenue left to reap billion-dollar profits: jack up the price of generics.” C H Smith

CharlesHughSmithWhat happens when rapacious cartels run out of billion-dollar-profit products? They jack up the price of what was previously low-cost. And why are they able to raise prices by 388% to 8,000% at will? Because they can. That’s the whole point in having a cartel that is enabled and enforced by the cartel’s toadies and apologists in the central state (federal government): price increases can be imposed on the government and the private sector at will.

I was alerted to the extraordinary price increases in widely used generic drugs by Ishabaka (M.D.), who forwarded this fact sheet issued by the office of Senator Bernie Sanders: (Chart is reproduced below)

Staggering Price Increases for Generic Drugs
“Rep. Elijah E. Cummings and Senator Bernard Sanders sent letters to 14 drug manufacturers requesting information about the escalating prices of generic drugs used to treat everything from common medical conditions to life-threatening illnesses. Data was provided by the Healthcare Supply Chain Association (HSCA) on recent purchases by group purchasing organizations (GPOs) of ten generic drugs.”

Here are Ishabaka’s comments:

“I’d like to focus on the top one – doxycycline. This is a very effective antibiotic for pneumonia, bronchitis, and sexually transmitted diseases (chlamydia and gonorrhea). Throughout my medical career, it has been a cheap generic drug I used all the time. It’s cost has gone up from $20 a prescription to over $1,600 a prescription in the last 12 months.

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Mark Nestman ~ Why The IRS Goes After The “Minnows” And Ignores The “Whales”

“[Jane Kim] also says the IRS has a policy of not enforcing the tax laws that pertain to “large corporate taxpayers,” resulting in the loss of additional billions in tax. On the other hand, Kim says the IRS applies tax laws with “draconian strictness to small business, the self-employed, and wage-earning individuals.” Kim’s letter contained numerous examples of cases the IRS declined to pursue that resulted in nearly $15 billion in lost tax revenues.” – M Nestmann

IRS_cartoonThe intrepid bureaucrats at the Internal Revenue Service have done a superb job of making us fear them. We dutifully file our 1040s, FBARs, and all manner of other forms, consent to having our wages withheld from our paychecks, and suffer indignities on a daily basis at which our forefathers would have blanched.

But it’s never enough. I have seen many examples in my years of experience as a consultant. One client was pursued for 18 months for an underpayment of a few dollars and wound up paying more than $1,000 in penalties to make the IRS go away. Another client filed an offshore trust reporting form one day late and the IRS tried to collect a 35% penalty on a $1 million transfer to the trust.

But I don’t have a large collection of horror stories involving the big Fortune 500 companies. Sure, the IRS took down Swiss banking giant UBS as part of its ongoing vendetta against all things offshore. But these cases are few and far between.

I’ve often wondered if the IRS has a formal policy for ignoring tax evasion and fraud by “whales” (Fortune 500 companies) and instead focusing on “minnows” (you and me).

It turns out such a policy does exist. It may not be formal, but nonetheless, it is real, according to several insider sources, including two high-level attorneys working at the IRS (although perhaps not for long) and one former IRS attorney. Continue reading

Steven Woolfe ~ EU: The Grinch That Stole Christmas [Video]

Debate: Economic governance review of the 6-pack and 2-pack regulations

European Parliament, Strasbourg, 16 December 2014

Steven Woolfe MEP, UK Independence Party (North West), Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group | @Steven_Woolfe

SF Source UKIP MEPs  Dec 16 2014

John Turmel On Banking And Victimless Crimes [Video]

SF Source Ry Dawson  Dec 17 2014

Nigel Farage ~ Mr Juncker, You Are Competent, Dangerous And Doomed To Fail [Video + Transcript]

Transcript: Mr Juncker, you are competent, dangerous and doomed to fail – Nigel Farage

Mr Juncker you’re here with your Commission presenting your new work plan, but I can see you’ve been busy with the PR consultants. You’ve been busy trying to spend a pretty penny or two, you’ve been trying to rebrand the European Commission and you’ve come up with a slogan- A new start for Europe, I mean you couldn’t invent it could you? We do it every five years. Continue reading

Openhand ~ Energy Implants And How To Remove Them

“In the years ahead, I see humanity shaking off the mantel of oppression and evolving into a new, more divine form.” – Open

The healing of humanity

EnergyImplantsIncreasingly people within spiritual circles are becoming aware of, and speaking out about, “energetic implants” in our energy fields. Working with energy implants is indeed something we do during the Openhand course and one-on-one work.

Implants are prevalent within most, if not all, human beings. They’ve been used as a tool by Opposing Consciousness in the ‘dumbing-down’ of humanity. It’s a subject that needs to be elevated into the group consciousness more generally if we are to catalyse and accelerate our further evolution, that we can heal humanity.

So what are energetic implants? How do they work? Where did they come from? and most importantly of all, how do we remove them?

Removing energy implants happens when we are ready

Up to now, we’ve tended not to talk about these implants because they can stretch tired and skeptical minds! But removing them is definitely more effective if people are aware of what’s going on, so I imagine in the years ahead, we’ll be much more transparent about the underlying catalytic healing work Openhand is doing. Continue reading

Greg Hunter Interviews Harry Dent ~ Oil Price Plunge Trigger for Next Global Crisis [Video]

Economist Harry Dent says falling oil prices will be a trigger for another economic calamity.  Dent explains, “Normally, oil prices falling in a good economy like the 80’s and 90’s, where we have falling inflation and booming productivity and good demographic trends, this would be a good thing.  It is a good thing for consumers and businesses, but it is a bad thing for financial markets and our whole debt structure.  We have the greatest debt bubble in history.

It’s the greatest asset bubble in history, including stocks, commodities, real estate and everything.   The last time this bubble burst was in 2008 because of the subprime crises.  A small tranche of loans went bad, and it triggered a whole debt crisis . . . that’s what I see.  I see a fracking bubble here.  What’s happened is because of demographic trends, which we predicted years ago, trends in developed countries are set to slow.  It will be aging baby boomers spending less money, very simple to see.  In addition to that, you get this fracking revolution with all the low cost money from the Fed stimulus and zero interest rates, and what you have now is we created two million extra barrels of oil a day just out of Texas and North Dakota.” Continue reading

Bix Weir ~ Russia Lights Financial Nuclear Bomb

As expected, Putin has come back swinging from all the sanctions and market manipulation in the oil price deciding to surprise the world with an interest rate hike to 17% from the Russian Central Bank.

After gaining 10% on the initial news the market riggers threw everything they had at the Ruble and it is now falling through the floor. The Russian stock market is down 15% as we speak and there is massive turmoil.

The big question now is WHY and WHAT’S NEXT?!

The WHY question is fairly easy.  Putin has just thrown a monkey wrench into the very delicate FX system that is now crashing the Global Monetary System. All the derivatives based off the Russian Ruble are in chaos and reeling from the MASSIVE Black Swan move in rates. Many FX exchanges have already shutdown US Dollar/Ruble trading…

The USD/RUB Pair Will Be Discontinued Due to Recent Instability of the Russian Ruble Continue reading

Ari Kopel Interviews Leuren Moret ~ Latest Nuclear Disaster [Audio]

Whistle Blower Leuren Moret joins Ari Kopel and Ari’s Co-host Rose Paige on Shattering The Matrix Radio.

Today she’ll talk about another Nuclear disaster, as bad as Chernobyl, at the Zaporhyze Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. She reveals what is going on there – which has been kept secretive – and why this happened.

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