Paul Craig Roberts ~ Israel Is Stealing And Murdering Its Way Through Palestine

“The view brainwashed into the West that Palestinians are a threat to Israel is absurd. If Palestinians are a threat and a danger to Israel, how is it possible that Palestinians are locked away into sealed ghettos in the remnants of their own country or into refugee camps in foreign countries?” P C Roberts

PaulCraigRobertsReaders are asking for my take on the Israel-Gaza situation, and, believe it or not, Oxford University’s famous debating society, the Oxford Union, invited me to debate the issue.

I replied to the Oxford Union that I was unprepared to take responsibility for the Palestinians without undergoing the extensive preparation that an Oxford Union debate deserves and requires. Unless things have changed since my time at Oxford, one prevails in a Union debate by anticipating every argument of one’s opponent and smashing the arguments with humor and wit. Facts seldom, if ever, carry the day, and sometimes not even wit and humor if the audience is already committed to the outcome by the prevailing propaganda. There is no time or energy in my overfull schedule for such preparation plus time away and jet lag.

Moreover, I am not an expert on Israel’s conquest and occupation of Palestine. I know more than most people. I was rescued from Zionist propaganda by Israeli historians, such as Ilan Pappe, by Jewish intellectuals, such as Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein, by documentary film makers, such as John Pilger, by Israeli journalists such as Uri Avnery and the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, and by an Israeli houseguest who is an Israeli member of an Israeli peace group that opposes Israeli destruction of Palestinian homes, villages, and orchards in order to build apartment blocks for settlers.

There is only one take on the current Israeli slaughter of Palestinians, which Netanyahu, the demonic Israeli leader, declares will be a “protracted campaign” this time. We are witnessing yet again Israeli war crimes that are supported by the Great Moral West that is so concerned about the deaths of 290 passengers on MH-17 that they are about to drive the world to a major war, while Palestinian casualties pile up so fast that they are out of date by the time you put the numbers in a column. So far more than 1,200 deaths, with injuries to 2,000 children, 1,170 women, and 257 elderly. Continue reading

Washington’s Blog ~ Senior U.S. Intelligence Officers: Obama Should Release Ukraine Evidence

“We reiterate our recommendations of May 4, that you remove the seeds of this confrontation by publicly disavowing any wish to incorporate Ukraine into NATO and that you make it clear that you are prepared to meet personally with Russian President Putin without delay to discuss ways to defuse the crisis . . .” VIPS Steering Committee

American Intelligence Officers Who Battled the Soviet Union for Decades Slam the Flimsy “Intelligence” Against Russia

Preface: With the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine turning a local civil war into a U.S. confrontation with Russia, former high-level U.S. intelligence veterans released a statement today urging President Obama to release what evidence he has about the tragedy and silence the exaggeration and rush to judgment. (The whole post is a must-read; but we at Washington’s Blog have added bolding for emphasis.)

Signatory Bill Binney – the former senior technical director at the NSA, and a man who battled the Soviet Union for decades – tells Washington’s Blog:

In my analytic efforts to predict intentions and capabilities down through the years,  I always made sure that I had multi-factors verifying what I was asserting.  So far,  I don’t see that discipline here in this administration or the IC  [i.e. the United States intelligence community].

Posted with permission.


FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)

SUBJECT: Intelligence on Shoot-Down of Malaysian Plane

Executive Summary

U.S.–Russian intensions are building in a precarious way over Ukraine, and we are far from certain that your advisers fully appreciate the danger of escalation. The New York Times and other media outlets are treating sensitive issues in dispute as flat-fact, taking their cue from U.S. government sources. Continue reading

Pam Martens & Russ Martens ~ Wall Street Journal Reporter: “The Entire United States Market Has Become One Vast Dark Pool”

“Citigroup – the bank that was propped up after its crash in 2008 with $45 billion of TARP funds, over $300 billion in asset guarantees and more than $2 trillion in low-cost loans from the New York Fed, is now effectively an unregulated stock exchange operating in the dark and annualizing at over $1 trillion in dollar volume in stock transactions.” P Martens & R Martens

DarkPoolsWaterStockMarketIn 2012, Wall Street Journal reporter, Scott Patterson, released his 354-page prescient overview of U.S. market structure titled, Dark Pools: High Speed Traders, A.I. Bandits, and the Threat to the Global Financial System. (For those whose computer prowess is limited to turning on a laptop, like millions of fellow Americans, “A.I.” means artificial intelligence – machines teaching themselves to think like humans, but faster.)

Patterson comes to an epiphany on page 339 of his book, writing in the notes section: “The title of this book doesn’t entirely refer to what is technically known in the financial industry as a ‘dark pool.’ Narrowly defined, dark pool refers to a trading venue that masks buy and sell orders from the public market. Rather, I argue in this book that the entire United States stock market has become one vast dark pool. Orders are hidden in every part of the market. And the complex algorithm AI-based trading systems that control the ebb and flow of the market are cloaked in secrecy. Investors – and our esteemed regulators – are entirely in the dark because the market is dark.” (The italics in this excerpt are as they appear in the hardcover book.) Continue reading

X22 Report ~ Episode 427 – July 29 2014 [Audio]

Central Bankers Continually Pushing War As The Economy Falters

  • Consumer confidence hits all time highs just like in Oct 2007 right before the recession.
  • Home prices are declining and it is spreading to more states.
  • 77 million people are now in collections with debt collectors.
  • Illegal aliens are now being given court dates in 2020.
  • Kiev is hindering the investigation into the MH17 attack.
  • The EU imposed more sanctions on Russia.
  • The war propaganda is being pushed full steam ahead.
  • Israel is hitting specific infrastructure utilities and its getting harder to cover up.
  • Hamas will negotiate a truce with Russia’s help because they do not trust the US.
  • Islamic State is now replacing al-Qaeda because al-Qaeda does not instill fear in the American people.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

SF Source X22Report

Lori Ann Lothian ~ When You’re Okay And Everyone Else Is Not

“So, to all my lovely friends who worry that I must need support (or there might be something wrong with me), I say this: I do have support. It’s in the deep knowing that there is hidden perfection in the seeming chaos.” L Lothian

WomenSittingOnDeckWithCupMy healthy, athletic 60-year-old husband had a stroke four days ago. He collapsed while visiting his elderly parents in a a small town at least an eight hour drive from Vancouver–as the story goes, he stood up from the sofa to head toward the dining room for dinner and felt dizzy.

Next thing he knew he was regaining consciousness on the floor, bleeding from a head wound that would later require stitches. He soon realized he could not move his right arm and leg. Needless to say, his parents called an ambulance.

I got word of what was happening almost immediately–his mom called his son, who Facebook messaged me. (One of the blessings of FB, I suppose). A flurry of calls ensued: I spoke with his distraught mother. I called his daughter. I emailed a few of his closest friends. And I reached out to all the healers we know for long-distance healings.

During all of this I found myself in a state of calm.

I don’t mean post shock numbness. I have been in shock before–at the sudden death of my father, mother, near death of my son twice, sudden death of a dear friend. All of these events had a surreal quality — the gut wrenching adrenalin rush on receiving the news. The racing heart. The shallow breathing. The detachment that follows the first wave of angst. Continue reading

Anthony Kort ~ The Truth About The Current Conflict In Gaza: Seeing Through The Propaganda

“With over 118,000 Palestinians displaced, numerous innocent dead including women and children, who are the real aggressors? The time is now to stop funding Israel and giving them weapons.” A Kort

I decided to write this to give a more fair and wider view than the mainstream media has regarding the entire conflict in Gaza between Hamas and the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), but before I begin: I am not an anti-Semite, I personally condemn any and all violence, I am not a liberal and do not pick any sides based on ANY religious views whatsoever.

In the latest tension between Israelis and Palestinians, the mainstream media has reported that Israel has launched an attack on Gaza (Operation Protective Edge) allegedly in a response to the kidnapping of and death of three Israelis and the firing of rockets into Israel from the Gaza strip.

I will now explore and dispel most of the myths being thrown around by the Media and keyboard commandos on Facebook along with some widely unknown facts and history.

Myth #1: Hamas is Responsible for the Kidnapping of the 3 Israelis.

Immediately blaming Hamas, Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu claimed “Hamas is responsible, and Hamas will pay.” Hamas immediately denied any involvement in the kidnapping and it has recently come out that the killers acted as a “lone cell”. Continue reading

Jennifer Hoffman ~ Boundaries & Limits – Keys To Freedom

“We need boundaries and limits to be clear in our intention for our lives. It doesn’t serve anyone when we are without boundaries because without them, we attract people and situations from our fears, rather than from our highest energies.” J Hoffman

jenniferhoffmanThis is the final week of July and it is going to be another strong week for us. Venus is opposite Pluto and square Uranus, activating the Uranus/Pluto square. While we like to think of Venus as the goddess of love and emanating sweetness and light, this is not that kind of energy. This is the mother who has had enough and gives you ‘the look’ (as my children call it) that speaks volumes without saying a word. When you get ‘the look’ you know it’s time to quietly go to your room or stop acting up.

We know that the feminine energy has its dark side and we may just see some of that this week. We can be powerful without overpowering others, we can be in control without being controlling, we can be dominant without dominating and this is where we are now, finding the balance point where we are in our power in self affirming ways that don’t limit others’ choices but do limit how their choices impact us. This energy may empower you to end an unfulfilling, unrewarding, or challenging life situation. You can’t make others change, but you can change what you allow in your life. Just remember to release and cut the cords with dignity, so you do it in a powerful and empowered way.

The changes are unrelenting and what will get us through them is discernment. We can choose any experience that we want from among the many that come forward, what we choose depends on what serves us best in each moment. And what we resonate with will be what we are aware of, no matter what other options are available. With Mars in Scorpio, our experiences can be intense but again, by practicing discernment, we can minimize the drama and bypass the chaos. It’s going to be there, we just don’t have to choose it. Continue reading