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Michael Noonan – Syria: An example why gold and silver have not rallied, and an example of why gold and silver ultimately will rally.

As a side note, never in the history of the world has a fiat paper currency ever survived.  Never before in history has there been so much fiat-created paper currency nor has there ever been as much debt in the world.  Never before has the demand for gold and silver been greater, nor the supply of same less, relative to the demand.  Obviously, as we have stated in the past, the natural factors of supply and demand are of no consequence for the pricing of gold and silver.

This makes Syria an interesting topic, seemingly non-related to how PMs are currently priced, and there are hundreds of topics that could be used to make the same point, which in itself is part of the point to be made.  Syria is but a symptom.  The core is the international globalists creating havoc around the world as its massive Ponzi scheme has begun to spiral out of control.

Events are speeding up making it almost impossible to keep up with what seems to be so many disparate occurrences, when in reality, all are symptomatic of the core catalyst. What we like about Syria is how it exposes both the US hypocrisy and phony bluster when the might of US forces is pitted against an equal, if not superior opposing force, as in its “non confrontation” with Russia.

The US has purportedly been fighting “terrorism” [much of it its own creation], in Syria for the past few years.  First, it was anti-Syrian rebels fighting to oust Assad [because the US wants to replace him with a compliant pro-Western puppet head].  Then the CIA-financially backed, armed, and trained ISIS was created, ostensibly as a terrorist group, in general, but with Western intent of toppling Assad.  So, the US has been “fighting ISIS” for the past three years, unable to eradicate the rag-tag, black-clothed fighters wearing their Air Jordan sneakers, correction…Air Jihadis, to no practical effect.

Enter Putin who says Russia wants to form a coalition with the US and get rid of ISIS once and for all.  We often make reference to the over-used analogy of Putin being a master chess player to his counter-part mediocre checkers player, Obama, simply because it is so apt.  Would the US join forces with Russia to do what the US claims it has been trying to do for the past few years, spending billions of fiat in the process?  Of course not! Continue reading

Angel Messages For October 12 – 18, 2015 ~ Angel Oracle Card Reading [Video]

Doreen Virtue – The week begins with a powerful new moon. Since you’ve been processing and releasing so much recently, your heart is more open and loving. This increases your natural healing ability, and you bring healing to your family and other relationships this week.

You feel more confident about your healing abilities in a humble and egoless way. You are bringing forth God’s healing energy through you to help others. Don’t hold back — go forth and heal with joy and enthusiasm. Continue reading

What kind of person are you? (Based on your finger shape)

Analyze yourself based on your finger shape. Don’t laugh, this is actually pretty accurate! Please share it with your friends if you like it!


If you have type A finger:

fingerYou tend to hide your feelings and like to be melancholic. You often pretend to be stronger and more independent than you actually are.

You are quite an emotional type. You will be super nice to anybody once you get to know them.

You are a fair person and you hate lies, hypocrisy, and deception.

Like to pretend to be strong and cool. Not showing much emotion.

A little eccentric and arrogant. Couldn’t stand seeing a lot of things.

You have a big heart, and are helpful. You will complete any given task although you don’t like it.

You love to laugh a lot, and will laugh at anything even if it’s not very funny. All of your thoughts can be seen through your expressions.

You are cold towards people you’re not really close to, but are overly emotional towards your loved ones.

If you have type B finger:

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Ann Albers ~ Messages From The Angels

creatorThe Angels – The creator of the universe is constantly guiding you. We are constantly guiding you. We are not trying to “bend you to our will” but rather to help you live in love and coordination with the entirety of creation! The creator wants creation to co-exist in a dance of peace and harmony… a dance of love.

The squirrels do not check their calendars to see when to gather the acorns for the winter. They simply wake up one morning in the Fall and feel a sense that it is time. They sense where to go, where to dig, where to nest. They are guided. The birds that migrate do not talk about their route or their schedules. They simply follow the impulse within that says fly! They are guided together, to spend the winter in warmer places. The trees do not get a memo telling them it is time to release their fruit, or their leaves. They are simply impulsed within their very nature to do so. You, dear ones, and all of humanity receive similar impulses guiding you where to go, what to say, what to do in order to live in the kindest way – in your own lives and in cooperation with the entire universe. You receive loving direction all the time.

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A New Moon of Shock and Epiphany

uranusHenry Seltzer – Monday afternoon’s New Moon in Libra is notable for several reasons, chiefly because it takes place in almost exact opposition to the trickster and enlightening energy of Uranus in Aries, less than one degree away from exact. This makes for a powerful presence of Uranus, not only for this day, but also for the month ahead.

We may well see an upsurge in surprises and synchronicities, along with fresh awareness of where we need to progress beyond previous barriers to growth. There will likely be unexpected events to adjust to, and examples of the startling epiphany that comes over us in a moment, and that can permanently change our awareness, as we are able to open to it. We will see all these evidences of strong Uranus increasingly over the weekend leading up to Monday’s very intense New Moon.

We find Venus, the ruler of the Sun and Moon, in close square with Saturn, while Saturn also makes a sesquiquadrate with Uranus. In contrast to the Uranian emphasis, Saturn represents the astrological factor associated with limitation and contraction, an understandable reactionary stance in opposition to the forward-going progressive momentum that is the province of Uranus. Additionally, with Jupiter and Mars in close trine to Pluto, this completes the picture of evolutionary pressure summed up in this New Moon timing, reflecting back to the preceding several years of close UranusPluto, and to the timing of the (now) forming UranusPluto square that gets closer and closer leading up to the end of this rather intense year. Depending on the area of each person’s natal chart that is affected, we can be assured that what is totally up for us now, just as it was during the fractious springtime of this year, is new awakening, leading to truly revolutionary personal change. Continue reading

Learn The Anti Thought-Form Hack Technique

thoughtArno Pienaar – Learn The Anti Thought-form Hack Technique and free the mind once and for all. How aware are you of these beings each stealing the limelight from awareness.

We all desire stillness and control within our minds, and prefer our inner domains to be free from disruptive thoughts that cause us to react.

Reacting in this context means thinking more thoughts resulting from one that was primarily implanted by the Luciferian Archons that know you better than you know yourself! (The ego)

These entities live by thought alone and use it to manipulate this reality by implanting thoughts into all of humanity by suggestion.

We direly need to be free from all thought-forms. A thought-form is a thought that has been energized to the point of gaining it’s own life and dominion within the psyche of the captive’s mind. It literally is a created entity that lives within a person that wants its own way.

A thought-form can be compared to a stuck tape — its patterns and reasoning are repetitious and serve to keep you in frozen malfunction, or an unconscious existence.

You become like a computer trying to function with a virus; everything is a struggle and your frequency is slower than it should be.

Thought-forms become ingrained into your mind and rule your life while you are unconscious. Continue reading