Zen Gardner ~ Synchronicity And The Ever Present Singularity

“Synchronicity is always happening.  As Carl Jung said,  “Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.”” Z Gardner

ManSkyDoorStepsIt’s amazing, it’s wonderful, and it’s so significant! I continue to experience and observe the most exponential increase in synchronistic events and communication I have ever witnessed and it continues to unfold daily. Writers, posters and internet information sharers are networking at such a consciously connected level it’s just fantastic, and everything ties into it.

I know for myself, I no sooner write or read or post something on a subject but bam, there’s related stories, videos, articles or personal comments coming into my own and the general information field like a flood. And it continues to increase.

Through thick and thin, good news and bad, our connectivity continues to quicken. That’s something to be encouraged about.

Of Course It Does

That’s how it works. Especially now as the awakening soars into critical mass as if approaching an event horizon. There’s a lot of encouragement to be derived for all of us here. We know we can’t trust the twisted junk media. We have our hearts to guide us, and favorite information sources we each have found and turn to. But the key to all of this is the original Source and getting the best connection possible. Continue reading

Greg Hunter ~ Weekly News Wrap Up July 25 2014 [Video & Transcript]

“. . . someone wrote me and said it is the tool of the powers that be to control us by fear.  I do not want you to be fearful, but informed. ” G Hunter

With all the wars and rumors of wars in the world, are we headed for some massive East versus West confrontation?  Let’s tie it all together and start in Ukraine.

There are new allegations from the U.S. State Department about Russia actually shooting into Ukraine from the Russian side of the border.  The State Department says Russian artillery is shooting at Ukraine army positions, and they have been doing so for weeks.

Add this to the recent downing of the Malaysian jet, and you clearly get a picture of the situation in Ukraine getting far worse, no matter who actually shot down the aircraft.  On top of that, the government in Kiev is falling apart because of money problems and war in Eastern Ukraine.  Meanwhile, the EU and Canada have imposed more sanctions. To call this an escalation is an understatement.  Russia is not backing down despite the so-called sanctions that Europe does not want to impose. Continue reading

Henrik Palmgren Interviews Jay Weidner ~ On The Edge Of The Precipice Of Civilization [Audio]

Jay Weidner is a renowned author, filmmaker and hermetic scholar, considered to be a ‘modern-day Indiana Jones’ for his ongoing worldwide quests to find clues to mankind’s spiritual destiny. He is the director of the popular documentary, Kubrick’s Odyssey among several others. Jay was featured in the History Channel’s documentary, The Lost Book of Nostradamus and in the History Channel’s special, Nostradamus 2012 and also in Brad Meltzer’s, Decoded.

Jay is the co-author of The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye; Alchemy and the End of Time and A Monument to the End of Time. We’ll discuss current politics in America ranging from insane leftists such as Bill Ayers, to communism and neo-cons who push for war. Jay speaks about how we’re on the precipice of either a successful revolution or the final throes of the ending of our civilization. Continue reading

Dana Mrkich ~ Grief And Loss Opening Our Hearts

purpleFlowersToday was a big heart day filled with love, loss and grief. On our walk this morning we passed the local school. Parents and children were gathered with colourful balloons and flowers to celebrate the life of their beloved teacher, who lost her life on MH17 last week.

Not long after I heard the sad news that my cousin-in-law’s beautiful mum had passed. The closeness she shares with her sisters reminds me of the relationship I have with my own sisters, and the experience we had of losing our mum 12 years ago.

There is something about death that awakens you to life in a whole new way. Grief breaks the heart…many times breaking it open in a way it never would have otherwise.

On days like this I wish we could have an annual pass to see our loved ones, just for a hug. On days like this I think they are with us, closer than ever. xxx

Our Travels On This Earth Continue reading

Charles Hugh Smith ~ The Rot Within, Part III: Our Political Order Is Defined by Favoritism and Extortion

What’s the difference between the U.S. Congress and corrupt petty officials taking bribes at a Third-World border crossing? Only one of scale.” C H Smith

CharlesHughSmithCorruption ceases to be corruption when it becomes the Status Quo; what was once recognized as corruption is seen as just another cost of doing business. Our political order is structurally corrupt: the key dynamic in every level of governance is favoritism and extortion.

Favors must be bought: those foolish enough not to spend freely on lobbyists and campaign contributions find their competitors have gained the upper hand by buying favors such as tax breaks, federal subsidies, no-bid contracts, cost-plus contracts, backroom deals, regulations that exclude competition and so on.

Politicos must extort campaign contributions from the maximum number of supplicants seeking favors to maintain their perquisites and power.

Here’s how the system works.

There was much mainstream media hand-wringing and outrage in response to corporations moving their place of business offshore to lower their taxes. This outrage is completely misplaced–and indeed, seems designed to misdirect attention away from the systemic corruption that is the beating heart of the American political order.

Let me explain how favoritism becomes the Status Quo. There are two key dynamics at work.

1. Onerous, uncompetitive taxes and/or regulations. The U.S. corporate tax rate is 35%, the highest in the world, and various observers estimate the average state corporate tax tacks on another 4.1% for a total corporate tax rate of 39.1%. Continue reading

Michael Lombardi, MBA ~ Setting Up For Financial Slaughter

“Historically, since 1971, the average has been 0.70—the stock market has been worth seven-tenths of the economy. Today, it is worth 115% of the economy. According to this measure, the stock market is overvalued by 64.28%.” M Lombardi

NYSE1Investors poured $4.3 billion into the SPDR S&P 500 (NYSE/SPY) last week, an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that tracks the S&P 500. For the week, ETFs tracking U.S. equities witnessed the most inflows in the last four weeks. (Source: Reuters, July 17, 2014.)

And as investors continue to inject vast sums of money into the stocks, stock valuations are at historical extremes. When I want to see how expensive the stock market is getting, I look at the S&P 500 Shiller P/E multiple (the value of stocks compared to what they earn adjusted for inflation)…and it’s screaming overvalued.

In July, the S&P 500 Shiller P/E stood at 25.96. That means that for every $1.00 a company makes, investors are willing to pay $25.96. The stock market has reached this P/E valuation (25.96) only seven percent of the time since 1881.

The number suggests the stock market is overvalued by 57%, according to its historical average of 16.55. (Source: Yale University web site, last accessed July 18, 2014.) The last time the S&P 500 Shiller P/E was above the current level was in October of 2007—just before one of the worst market sell-offs in history.

But this isn’t the only indicator suggesting the stock market is overvalued. Continue reading

Christina Sarich ~ Low Levels Of Arsenic In Drinking Water Found To Lower Intelligence Of Children

“New Hampshire, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and California all have arsenic problems. ” C Sarich

DrinkWaterBabyThe World Health Organization (WHO) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have their own guidelines about what levels of exposure to arsenic are non-toxic, but a groundbreaking new study has shown that states where the drinking water has even 5 parts per billion (.005 ppm) of the toxic substance can reduce working memory, verbal comprehension, and perceptual reasoning in school aged children.

We already know from a 1999 study by the National Academy of Sciences that arsenic in drinking water can cause bladder, kidney, liver, lung and skin cancers, but is it possible this toxin is also diminishing our intelligence? Is this just another chemical being utilized against our minds, making subservient citizens too ignorant to question the fact that arsenic would be put in our municipal water supplies to begin with?

Arsenic is naturally occurring as a metalloid in soil and rock in much of the US and other countries. It can seep into groundwater causing contamination. For many years it has been dismissed from the concerns of public health officials, though it has been shown to cause numerous diseases. Continue reading

Noor Harazeen ~ Israel Deliberately Targeting Children, Whole Families, Too Many Dead, Too Fast to Count [Audio]

“No governments are standing with us. Not even the Arabs.” N Harazeen

Conversations with Gaza 4 – Noor Harazeen – July 25th 2014

“Israel is deliberately targeting children, random shelling at everything, we cannot even list the number of dead, or the number of whole families dead, there are too many are coming in too quickly to count… and they are going crazy, shelling whole buildings randomly without emptying them… Ive never seen anything like it before, its never been this bad, not in 2009, not in 2012, this is much worse, MUCH worse… we are shocked, why are no governments standing up for us?”

SF Source thecrowhouse  July 25 2014