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Paul Craig Roberts ~ Is Democracy Dead In The West?

“This is the “New Democracy.” It is a resurrection of the old feudal order. A few super-rich aristocrats and everyone else serfs obliged to support the ruling order. The looting that began in Greece has spread into Ukraine, and who knows who is next?” – P C Roberts

PaulCraigRobertsWe will find out the answer to the question posed in the title in the outcome of the contest between the new Greek government, formed by the political party Syriza, and the ECB and the private banks, with whose interests the EU and Washington align against Greece.

The Spartans, whose red cloaks and military prowess struck fear into the hearts of both foreign invaders and Greek opponents in the city-states, are no more. Athens itself is a ruin of its historical self. The Greeks, who were once to be contended with, who were able with 300 Spartans, supplemented with a few thousand Corinthians, Thebans, and other warriors, to stop a one hundred thousand man Persian army at Thermopylae, with the final outcome being the defeat of the Persian fleet in the Battle of Salamis and the defeat of the Persian army in the Battle of Plataea, are no more.

The Greeks of history have become a people of legend. Not even the Romans were able to conquer Persia, but little more than a handful of Greeks stopped the attempted Persian conquest of Greece.

But the Greeks, despite their glorious history, could not stop their conquest by the EU and a handful of German and Dutch banks. If the Greece of history still existed, the EU and the private banks would be cowering in fear, because the EU and the private banks have ruthlessly exploited the Greek people and represent the same threat to Greek sovereignty as Persia did.

Greece, stripped of its independence by its EU membership and acceptance of the euro as its currency, has lost is sovereignty. Without control over its own money, Greece cannot finance itself. Greece must rely on private banks from other countries. In the 21st century European private banks are not allowed to lose money simply because they are incompetent and over-lent to EU member countries. This is not considered to be the fault of the banks, but of the borrower governments and populations.

According to reports, the American bankster firm, Goldman Sachs, sometimes known as Gold Sacks, hid Greek debt from view in order that banks would extent more credit to Greece, thus setting the Greek people up for looting.

The EU’s disingenuous argument is that this bankster trickery benefitted the Greek people. The people enjoyed the resources from these loans. Therefore, the Greek people must pay back the loans through reductions in old age pensions, through unemployment, through lower wages, and through the sale of Greek national assets.

This is the austerity that has been imposed on ordinary Greek people by the EU and Greece’s creditors. Continue reading

John Smallman ~ The Power Of Loving Intention

smallman_bridge Humanity is on a roll towards the moment of awakening!  As you read the mainstream news media reports of conflict, wars, crime, and corruption all over the world that may not seem to you to be a valid assessment, but I assure you it is.  Yes, there is much going on that is unloving and causing suffering in the world today, but it is for the most part  the result of an enormous clearing and releasing of the old energies of fear that have maintained and supported the illusion and those who would suppress and control you through it.

The unloving energies, mostly of fear, that have been predominant on Earth for eons are dissolving as more and more of you turn towards love in your relationships, and make the intent to be loving in every situation.  The power of your loving intentions is tremendous, and those who would maintain the old ways through fear and force are now desperately attempting to raise the level of fear across the world because they urgently need those energies as they attempt to fortify the underpinnings of their power base and prevent its collapse.  This they cannot do.  The Tsunami of Love is unstoppable and totally irresistible and it is sweeping away the energies of fear that have held you in the thrall of the dark ones.

You are well aware of the massive uncovering of lies, deceits, and corruption that governments and international corporations have been involved with, as investigative journalists and whistleblowers determinedly and courageously publish vast amounts of evidence that has been concealed in order to allow those in positions of worldly power to carry out their destructive agendas.  Arousing your fears has been one of the ways they used to justify their unjustifiable secrecy, claiming that it was in your best interests to allow them to do things in secret to keep you safe.  It has now become abundantly clear how badly they have deceived you and betrayed your trust in them over the eons. Continue reading

Joseph Farrell ~ News And Views From The Nefarium – Jan 29 2015 [Video]

Russia makes bold plans for joint India, China, Russia space station amid talk of wider “technological alliances” strategy, and Greece and the EU come to the Thermopalae-Salamis moment of history as Greece once again bucks “the Empire.”


SF Source Joseph Farrell

Djwhal Khul ~ Accomplishments

djwhalKhulDjwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. I’ll take a moment here to work my way a little deeper into the channeled state. Those of you who practice channeling know you sometimes get that instant deep connection and other times it sort of sinks in more slowly and we’re having that kind of a day with a little more sinking in slowly and building the power.

We’re in a pretty strong Mercury retrograde which is challenging communications, however I think they’re going to start feeling clearer even though it won’t go direct until February 11. It should feel a little clearer right around the 1st of February for two or three days and then Venus just moved into psychic Pisces, or what I call PsyPi. That’s creating some very interesting things. A lot of energy work going on on the inner planes.

But mostly what I want to talk about this week is accomplishment because the energies are very high for productive work: getting organized for taxes, cleaning out closets, maybe taking donations to the humane society or whatever it is that you’re going to do. Continue reading

“We Are Willing To Defend Israel, Not To Continue Occupation And Repression” [Video]

43 Israeli intelligence soldiers sacked after writing an open letter to PM Netanyahu and refusing to serve.

SF Source RT  Jan 29 2015

Icke & Sagan ~ Awaken To The Infinite Power Within [Video]

SF Source davidicke  Jan 29 2015

Dane Wigington ~ Engineered Winter Storm Assault, The Weather Makers Are Desperate For Headlines

Winter storm “Juno” is here, and it is engineered from top to bottom. The weather event that is unfolding on the East Coast of the US is a completely manipulated monstrosity. The total desperation of the power structure and the climate engineers is so very evident as they throw everything they have at the creation of a “winter storm” which is meteorologically as unnatural as it could possibly be. Snow now generally has nothing to do with elevation, rather, the “heavy wet snow” is focused where most of the moisture is. Massive amounts of moisture are necessary for the chemical ice nucleation process which transforms what should have been rain into snow due to the endothermic reaction it induces. This also lowers the temperatures on the ground as the more dense chemically cooled air (created from the nucleation process) sinks to ground level. The layer of cold air is very shallow, but it does lower the temperatures enough to produce the desired headlines.

Winter Storm Juno is a product of intense climate engineering efforts. What is the goal? To create headlines, confusion, and distraction from what is rapidly unfolding on the bigger picture.

WinterStormJuno20151What are the climate engineers trying to hide? How about the record warm temperatures happening at the very same time as “winter storm Juno”.

Continue reading

Anthony Hall ~ Witch Hunt On Terrorism

“An examination of the deceptions of the Global War on Terror now being rebranded as a War on ISIL. The essay makes special reference to the recent events in Ottawa Canada, Sydney Australia and Paris France. The role is explored of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Twenty-First Century Witch Hunt on Terrorism.” – VeteransToday

Scores of skeptical observers are noticing the abundant signs of crisis engineering displayed in theScreen Shot 2015-01-26 at 3.01.18 AM supposed Islamic terror episodes that took place in Ottawa Canada last October, in Sydney Australia in December and in Paris France in January of 2015.

The probable nature of this series of Mossad-style operations can best be understood as the Shock Doctrine in action. The triumvirate of deception in Ottawa, Sydney and Paris seems to have been carried out through real, yet covertly manipulated, acts of lethal violence finessed by operatives tasked to advance the rebranding the 9/11 Wars.

In an article in Veterans Today entitled “Paris Terror, The Smell of False Flag,” Senior Editor Gordon Duff reflects on the apparently staged theatrics accompanying the ruthless murders carried out at the offices of the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine. He writes,

Killing 12 French citizens to manipulate public opinion in a nation increasingly unfriendly to Israel simply fits a pattern. That pattern has recently included synagogue attacks as well. The first thing [that should be] asked when there is a terror attack is “who benefits.” No, the mainstream media doesn’t ask. Intelligence agencies don’t ask either. They already know. 80% of the time one of them did it, either directly or through a terror group they either created and operate, like ISIS/ISIL or one they took over, perhaps like Boko Harum or Al Shabab. No one ever asks where those satellite phones and new Toyota pickup trucks come from, as though they magically arrive from outer space.

Veterans Today, Israel, and Global Security Continue reading

James Corbett ~ How To Change Your Life For Good [Video]

Today James talks to Anthony Gucciardi of about a pair of recent articles. The first, “4 Ways to Actually Make Your New Years Resolution Work,” outlines why our resolutions often fail, and how to make sure they work.

The second, “Anthony Gucciardi Donates 20,000 Meals to US Food Banks,” challenges other alt media producers, as well as the general public, to start changing the world for the better through giving. Will James take up the challenge?

SF Source corbettreport  Jan 28 2015

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