Annie Davis ~ Accounting Tricks And Tips

Accounting is a popular career choice, due to being in such high demand and entailing excellent financial prospects. It offers tremendous job stability, employing over 1,275,000 people nationwide. With a median income of $63,550 per year, and a projected growth rate of 13 percent over the next decade, it’s obvious why so many people turn to accounting as a lifelong profession. Accounting offers not only a stable job, but also the opportunity to grow and advance within the industry. By implementing a few basic tools into your daily job performance, you can increase your likelihood of getting a raise or promotion.

Pursue Higher Education

Education is pivotal in today’s workforce. If you seek to move up in your current job, you must first ensure you have the necessary credentials to warrant greater responsibility. If you’ve only earned your bachelor’s, consider pursuing a master’s. Possessing a master’s in accounting is essential if you hope to substantiate your qualifications and rise in the field.

Go Above and Beyond


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Oracle Report ~ Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Julian Rose ~ The Appointment With Infinity

Part 2 of ‘The Active Side of Infinity’

InfinityThe writings of Carlos Castaneda: commentary by Julian Rose

“The practicalities that scientists are interested in are conducive to building more and more machines. They are not geared to reaching the vastness of the universe as a personal, experiential affair.”

“Someday I’ll tell you more about the forces that drive man to act like an ass. Some of us make sense when we talk because we are prepared to use words accurately. But most of us are not prepared to take ourselves seriously as men who are going to die.
Being immortal, we wouldn’t know how to do that. It makes no difference what complex machines scientists can build. The machines can in no way help anyone face the unavoidable appointment: the appointment with infinity.”

Infinity – ‘the voice of the spirit’ as Castaneda also calls it . That ‘appointment’ is a day of reckoning. It is a space in which we look back and see what we really made of our short span of Earthly life. By anticipating that this will happen to each of us at death, we can scroll back to now, regroup wayward tendencies, and gain greater intent –  a truer focus on our purpose for being here. Continue reading

SO News ~ Deadly Flood, Volcano Erupts, Sunspot Morph – November 25 2014 [Video]

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Jon Rappoport ~ Is Judge In Maui GMO Case Connected To Monsanto?

cartoon_monsanto4After the citizens of Maui just voted to stop Monsanto and Dow from further GMO development, Monsanto filed suit.

Barry Kurren is the US federal magistrate overseeing the court battle between Maui and Monsanto.

Judge Kurren’s wife, Faye, is the past president of the University of Hawaii Foundation, which is the fund-raising arm of the University.

On September 6, 2011, Monsanto donated $500,000 to the University to establish a Monsanto Research Fellows Fund for “plant science.” Continue reading

Sartre ~ The Strange World Of NSA Mind Control

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailThe surveillance society is a secretive apparatus of intrusion and deception. An enigma within a disinformation perception of reality is at the core all activities of spooks. One of the most pervasive and all reaching agencies is the NSA. The National Security Administration officially is a cryptologic intelligence agency whose primary function is Signals Intelligence Directorate (SID), which produces foreign signals intelligence information, and the Information Assurance Directorate (IAD), which protects U.S. information systems. The General Accounting Office defines the nature of the structure of the NSA.

“The National Security Agency (NSA) is a combat support agency within the Department of Defense (DOD) established by presidential directive in 1952. NSA has two separate missions: signals intelligence and communications security. For signals intelligence, NSA manages all U.S. signal collection and processing and produces signals intelligence in accordance with DOD and DCI priorities. For communications security, NSA provides leadership, products, and services to U.S. agencies that need to protect their information and communication systems from foreign exploitation. NSA is headed by a three-star flag officer, who reports to the Secretary of Defense. About 80 percent of the NSA workforce is civilian.”

Funding_MajorIntelligenceAgencies_NSAA relative comparison, back in 1996 and pre 911 government of the size and disclosed budgets of intelligence agencies, indicates the colossal scope of the NSA. Casual public observers got an introduction to the world of surreptitious surveillance in the movie Enemy of the State or from news reports that their smart phones are actually tracking devices, even when turned off. But an unbelievably weird episode of freakish propositions, resembling a flick The Men Who Stare at Goats sequel gone mad, lurks in the bowels of restricted files on an Exaflop Supercomputer.

Have you ever head of Lt. Col. Michael A. Aquino? Aquino as high priest of the temple of set, arguably the world’s most prolific satanic institution and a former disciple of Anton LaVey (founder of First Church of Satan), is reportedly a master psychic, good at psionics, and rumored the highest ranking member of the NSA. The NSA site lists former Directors and has General Keith B. Alexander, United States Army as the current head of the agency. Continue reading

Ben Fulford (Nov 24 2014) ~ Is Pentagon Ready To Take Action?

US Nazionist Rogue Regime Now Totally Isolated

The isolation of the US Nazionist rogue regime has reached the point where the Pentagon must act if it is to save the United States from chaotic regime collapse. Nowhere was this more clear than in the UN vote last week where only Canada, the United States and the Ukraine voted against a Russian led resolution condemning Nazi and other racist ideologies.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada and US President Barack Obama have signed their own arrest warrants with this open support for Nazi murderers. Obama underscored his support for the Nazis last week by authorizing sending $120 million worth of weapons to the Neo-Nazi militias in the Ukraine, according to US government sources. “Through Ireland, Boryspil Airport (near Kiev in the Ukraine) will receive thousands of rifles, rocket launchers and pistols,” the US source said.

Reacting in disgust to the Obama rogue regime’s murderous actions, the CIA has now mostly fallen under the control of a faction once headed by former CIA Director William Colby. Colby was murdered by the Bush Nazi Directorate of Operations faction of the CIA in 1996 but his supporters are now back in control, CIA and Pentagon sources say. Continue reading

Jennifer Hoffman ~ Find A Place For Grace

jenniferhoffmanWhen I was growing up my father used to call me ‘grace’ and not because I was the most graceful child around, quite the opposite. Even before I had to navigate with crutches and leg braces as I learned to walk again after being paralyzed for several years, I was always tripping and falling, mainly because I was rarely grounded and present, so my feet were going in one direction while my mind was somewhere else. The implication was that if I was graceful then I would be moving with purpose and flow, and I wouldn’t be bumping into things. While my father didn’t know it, he was teaching me an important lesson, that there is a place for grace in our lives, an ease and flow of energy, and we benefit from slowing down and making room and time for it.

When we talk about grace we think of it as a blessing from God and that it’s a holy and special thing. But grace is an ordinary, everyday thing. It’s part of the flow of energy that we are part of, it is present in the beauty we notice, and the things we take for granted. We are in a state of grace when we notice the beauty of a flower, a sunset, the stillness of a moonlit night, or a peaceful nature setting. I remember the grace I felt the first time I saw the Grand Canyon and was overwhelmed by its beauty. Grace is present everywhere, all of the time, whether we notice it or not. Continue reading

SO News ~ Earthquake Swarm, Spaceweather – November 24 2014 [Video]

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