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The Masters of Light | February 1 2012

“This year, 2012, so long spoken of in the ancient predictory manuscripts and modern day forecasts of the future, has arrived at last. Millions of people are anxiously awaiting drastic changes in their lives and fearing the global movements in the planet even now occurring. Self-appointed prophets, doom-sayers, supposed aliens in human form, and persons who are profiting mightily from classes and seminars on every subject imaginable are all getting in on the act. And in many case, it is just an act. What are you to believe – what do you need to do at this time, run to the nearest church and give them all your money, gather unto yourselves all of the information coming over the internet and believe every bit of it, store up mountains of supplies and food against a world catastrophe, or hide in the basement until the whole thing is over?

That’s up to you.

The only answers for each and every human being rest within yourselves. How can that be? It can be because you are not merely a physical mind fueled by the energy in your brain cells – not just a physical body that has many limitations and will only live its prescribed time in this dimension. You are eternal spiritual beings inhabiting a human shell for a length of time with a definite purpose which you determine yourselves before entering that shell in the form of a human baby. We are repeating this Truth for those of you who still have not, or cannot, perceive the reality of this statement. Your place upon this planet is not subject to the whims of any government or belief system; each of you have placed yourselves precisely where you intended to be at this time.

Stretch your minds for a moment and see yourselves as spiritual beings dwelling in the vast reaches of universal eternity, not as some wraith floating around in an invisible net all alone in the dark, but as a brilliant light of intelligent life, surrounded by trillions of others just like you, all absorbing the Creator’s Love Energies constantly, living in the awareness of that Love, expressed in Light, Colors, Music and the inner warmth of belonging to each other. That is who you are – where you are from – and where you will return after this sojourn in matter. From that point in what you might call “heaven”, you become aware of the immense changes taking place in this universe as part of the plan of creation, felt the excitement all through the cosmos and wanted to be part of it in some way. Life in the spirit is not sitting on a cloud strumming a guitar or harp, but a constant learning process.

Entering into matter speeds up the learning process because of the positive and negative aspects of such a reality. Where better to get some really potent lessons than on a planet going through such re-birth pangs as Earth?

Some spiritual teachers insist that all of your experiences in matter are non-reality, a mere play upon a stage. They are very real, although played out through many realities according to the needs and determinations of each individual. What you create is just as real as the ground you stand upon, because you are spiritual beings with great powers of creation, when you finally accept that fact and begin to use them.

It is time to open new windows to your understanding of reality: Reality is that which is created by the undisputed Supreme Intelligence – the balance of all things. – the harmony of all universes working in total compliance with the Will of that Intelligence – galaxies and universes being born and dying, the atoms and elements being used and re-created constantly. The stars (suns) that magnify universal energy to give life to their orbiting planets are real. The planets are real – asteroids and comets are real – all having their proscribed place in your universe, moving in accordance with the plan for that particular space in time. Intelligent spiritual beings have the ability to think, to learn, to create, and, finally, to merge with the Supreme Conscious Intelligence Over All Things in order to increase that intelligence and power. You are a necessary part of that creation, a part brought forth from the Mind of God to exist in a way that will expand your intelligence, your experience, your very being, in order to bring back to the Creator the measure of your education and observations. No spiritual being is ever thrown away because of misconduct or stupidity during a lifetime in matter, even if the being has become infused with the negative elements allowed to influence the human being.

What is occurring now in your world, the shifting of the earth’s surface, the winds and storms, the draughts, the uncomfortable changing frequencies, are all a part of the planetary plan for your solar system. Are you in a state of fear, trying to move away from expected danger spots? Are you turning your lives upside down, trying to protect your families from a catastrophe? For some of you, a measure of fear is necessary to in order to induce you to move away from danger – that is why you have that emotion in your makeup. Use fear as a tool; do not let it use you! If you have the intelligence and courage to realize it might be necessary to move off a volcano that is about to explode, MOVE! Look ahead and measure all of the possibilities with a realistic attitude. But, during all of this, keep yourselves in harmony with your inner spiritual consciousness, that which is termed your Inner Guidance. Let your mental and physical feelings be your guide to the inner urgings you are feeling; do not dismiss them as something you ate last night! As you benefit from following that guidance, you will become more aware of the feelings and understand when to stop and listen.

The most important message we wish to give you at the beginning of this year is to live each day at a time; be aware of what is happening; keep informed as to dangerous storms or earth movements, making preparations accordingly, but then live with yourselves and others in a harmonious fashion. When human beings learn to love each other unconditionally, without bias, without color blindness, without hate or resentments, the changing world will fall into place gently and with peace. It is time to listen and to understand.

As you have entered this year of 2012, it does not need to be frightening if you view it with the attitude of anticipating new experiences and watching new harmonies coming into place before your eyes. After every storm, observe the wonders of new attitudes and new inventions coming into place. As land is covered with water, listen for news of new land raising from the depths of the seas that humanity will have fresh new soil to till. As earthquakes change the face of your country, realize that lands that have been contaminated with negative vibrations for centuries must be turned over and allowed to be healed.

The emphasis upon education for your young is of prime importance now. Old textbooks full of inaccuracies and deletions of real facts must be replaced with truth, for your young people need truth in order to deal with the changes in thinking coming into play even now. Use history and the experiences of the past to guide you from making the same mistakes over again, but put your real attention upon the future, for that is where you are going to live the rest of your lives. Take responsibility for every step you take; every word you utter, for you are shaping the future of your world every moment of your lives. This is a wondrous time to be alive – take advantage of it.

You are surrounded by spiritual beings who are helping to guide you, helping to clear the way when there are obstacles, helping to provide what you need, when you need it. Accept that their help is there and available, and ask for it! There is no need to feel lonely, rejected or downcast. You are powerful beings on a journey to reality!”

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