SGT Report ~ GERALD CELENTE “The Whole Financial System is a CASINO”

 SGTbull07 | April 16 2012

In Part 1 Celente discusses MF Global, the rigged market, and the fact that if you don’t HAVE your money under your control, in your hand, it’s not yours!

CELENTE: Part 2 – Fascism USSA: “The only way out for Psychopaths is War”

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3 thoughts on “SGT Report ~ GERALD CELENTE “The Whole Financial System is a CASINO”

  1. Another Lightworker

    I love Gerald Celente in the fact that he brought all of this to everyones’ attention before it was ‘cool’. I don’t however agree that we are going to see financial collapse to the extent that armed gangs will be roaming the streets and controlling neighborhoods as Gerald described in “The Empire is Collapsing” link. That’s a little too Mad Max and zombie apocalypse for me, and not really in line with what Drake and others are saying about how this will all go done. I don’t think things will be allowed to deteriorate to the extent that we’d be living in a war torn 3rd world country for decades. Any other thoughts?

    1. Gillian Post author

      Hi A.L. Gerald is very aware of how crooked the game really is. He is understandably frustrated and unable to see other than what has been his personal experience at the hands of these fiends.

      We are each free to create the reality we wish to experience. This means that if we choose away from the “doom and gloom” timelines and focus on the “real” that feels loving to us we will mitigate the harmful effects of those planning (and enacting) the enslavement protocols for humanity.

      Thanks very much for your comment.

      Blessings, ~G

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