Signs “The PEOPLE” Are Taking Over The OWS Movement

by Vatic Master | Vatic Project Blogspot

Vatic Note | Yes, indeed there are signs that the people are taking over the movement. Now is the time, if we were ever going to prevail, to do so. The system is beginning to respond to the “peoples” persistance in non cooperation. Every American, whether left, right, or in the middle, should join those brave marines, army, airforce, and navy people who have joined those on the left in this event, out on the lines. (see the three articles below that show the movement going in the peoples direction). As many of you know, many have called for violence, and we encouraged as you can read on our blog in the People to people initiative, for full non cooperation and no violence. We helped to identify the initiators of the movement and expose them to the light of day and encouraged everyone to take control of the movement from those funding it. Well, this is the time.

NOW IS THE TIME IN NY TO TAKE OVER CONTROL OF THE “ASSEMBLY” AND REDRAFT the DEMANDS that benefited WALL STREET and REVISE THEM to BENEFIT OUR PEOPLE and deliver them to our Government. What has happened here is the British governments “Tavistock” Group really screwed up on psychological warfare as they had spent millions in grants to various institutions here in the states to study how to manipulate masses of humanity in the United States, and to use the results of such study in planned psychops by both the bankers (Soros) and by the government (Police) and the results of those studies were wrong as we can see by these three examples.

It was only when the powers that be, who started all this, began to lose control of what they started, that they sick’d the law enforcement on the protestors. Notice that when they were in complete control, there was little brutality and in fact staged confrontations that were weak and obvious. During that time Soros was providing massive spreads of food and meals every day for the protestors that he had hired. But now those food spreads are gone.

In a way, its poetic justice that they suffer the consequences of such underhanded actions on their part. They thought they could split the country and I have watched them try, but to no avail. The sheep have awoken and supported the movement itself, understanding that there were no other options available to them since the system was completely and irretrievably gone and under control of a foreign nation and its banker warriors.

This simply proves to us that UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FALL. Let every American, no matter what political party, religion, economic class etc, come out and support this movement in their towns, cities and states. ITS “OUR” TIME, NOT THE BANKERS TIME. They had their time and blew it.

3 articles showing the backing down of the system and deferring to the people who wish to restore their republic.

  1. Tennessee judge orders Occupy Nashville protesters released
  2. New York cops defy order to arrest hundreds of ‘Occupy Albany’ protesters
  3. Oakland mayor ‘sorry’ for clash that injured ex-Marine
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