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Globalist Insider says “Trump Is a Serious Threat to American Democracy

William F. Jasper – The title of the Washington Post op-ed wastes no time on subtlety: “Larry Summers: Donald Trump is a serious threat tsummers o American democracy.” The March 1 opinion piece by Lawrence H. Summers accuses the Republican presidential front-runner of, among other things, being a “thug,” a “demagogue,” and a threat to “the rule of law” and “democracy,” but feigns graciousness by opining that Trump is slightly better than Hitler and Mussolini on the thuggery scale.

“While comparisons between Donald Trump and Mussolini or Hitler are overwrought,” says Summers, “Trump’s rise does illustrate how democratic processes can lose their way and turn dangerously toxic when there is intense economic frustration and widespread apprehension about the future.”

“The possible election of Donald Trump as president is the greatest present threat to the prosperity and security of the United States,” Summers avers, and warns that Trump “is demagogically offering the power of his personality as a magic solution to all problems — and making clear that he is prepared to run roughshod over anything or anyone who stands in his way.” – (source)

Summers, of course, sees no irony or hypocrisy in his remarks, or in his failure to recognize that his boss, Barack Obama, is (and has been, for the past eight years) “demagogically offering the power of his personality as a magic solution to all problems — and making clear that he is prepared to run roughshod over anything or anyone who stands in his way.”

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If you don’t agree with Obama you are “peddling fiction”

presidentSimon Black – If you’re not watching it purely for the entertainment value, sitting through a State of the Union speech ranks somewhere between a colonoscopy and a root canal.

Every year I opt for the former (entertainment value, not colonoscopy).

But because I live overseas, one of the added entertainment benefits is that I’m surrounded by foreigners who are seeing this highly ritualistic propaganda for the first time.

The absurdity starts almost immediately.

The Sergeant-at-Arms introduces the President of the United States, and he receives a massive, five minute standing ovation as he walks across the water to the podium.

The applause finally dies down briefly, until, immediately after, the Speaker of the House formally introduces the President. And then the applause begins anew.

Try explaining that to a foreigner who’s never seen it before.

Foreigner: “Why is everyone clapping again for the President as if they weren’t just clapping for him 30 seconds ago?”

Me: “Because that’s just the way they do it.”

Foreigner: “But why?”

Me: “… ummm… because they’re all trained monkeys?”

But it is at this point that the real propaganda begins, where the President of the United States tells his fellow Americans that they are prosperous and free.

He cited, for example, the 14 million jobs created since he took office. Continue reading

Indifference to Violence and Human Suffering

violenceStephen Lendman – America is the greatest purveyor of violence in world history. No other regime ever matched its barbarity on a global scale over a longer duration, its contempt for human rights and welfare.

It operates beneath the phony facade of supporting right over wrong, might alone enforced to serve its imperial interests.

Obama is the latest in a long line of rogue US leaders, contemptuous of rule of law principles and democratic values – responsible for global violence and instability, indifferent to cops turning US streets into battlegrounds, licensed to kill with impunity.

According to the Killed by Police initiative, cops killed 1,199 victims last year, mostly people of color, mainly Black male youths, a testimony to US viciousness.

America’s longstanding culture of violence at home and abroad fosters an out-of-control environment, sanctioned at the federal, state and local levels. Nothing in prospect suggests responsible change. Things continually go from bad to worse.

Obama’s thinly veiled scheme “to keep guns out of the wrong hands” belies US proliferation of endless horrendous violence globally, responsible for the loss of millions of lives and unspeakable human misery. Continue reading

Ever Wonder Why the Most Mass Shootings Ever Have Happened Under Obama? [Video]

Melissa Dykes – When compiling the data for mass shootings (where four or more people have died as per FBI definition of mass murder) under the last five presidents, clearly there’s a startling outlier under the Obama administration. Largest push for gun control in American history just so happens to coincide at a time when there are more mass shootings than ever before in American history. What are the odds?

We’re talking a 700+% increase in mass shootings where four or more people are killed just since George Jr. was president… More mass shootings than the four presidents before him combined BY FAR.

We live in a world of short-term memories and long-term memory deficiencies. If the 24-hour news cycle was any indication, Americans appear to be bouncing from one catastrophic mass shooting to the next, with hardly any breathing room. Like this is just a regular occurrence America has learned to endure because… guns. It’s the prevalence of firearms in the hands of the people, the anti-gunners say. Calls to limit, rewrite, redefine, or outright dispose of the 2nd Amendment are rampant. Continue reading

A History Of Failed Invasions [Video]

Clip from February 12, 2015 – guest Gerald Celente on the Jeff Rense Program.

Full program available in Archives at http://www.renseradio.com/signup.htm

SF Source  Jeff Rense  Feb 20 2015

Wag The Dog Re-make [Video]

Full Title: The David Icke Videocast: Wag The Dog Re-make Called ‘War Against ISIS’ and ‘Russia Is A Threat To The World.

SF Source davidicke  Feb 20 2016