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Robert Barsocchini ~ Torture Is “Not Who We Are.” Which “We” is This Guy Talking About?

“In response to the recent release of the censored report on the latest US torture war crimes, some Fox News extremist said “America is awesome.”  Well, America (Obama’s “we”) has been “awesome” for a very long time.” R Barsocchini

If Obama is referring to people living in the US who haven’t tortured anyone and who oppose torture (which is the majority and does not include Obama), then he’s kind of right, except to the extent that these people are still forced to support torture through having their money stolen from them and used for torture, and having zero influence over state policy.

But if by “we” he means the US state/oligarchic apparatus itself – his group – then (gasp) he’s a liar.  Who would’ve thought?

Here Colten Stokes gives a brief overview of US pre 9/11/01 torture (just torture, not things like slowly killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children in the 90s).  It’s only a tiny sample of the endless volumes of documentation that are available, and only covers post WW2 US evil, such as throwing people from helicopters, giving electric shocks, and driving rods into people’s skulls through ear canals.

The US also loves for its proxy forces to torture people, so it sends them torture equipment and teaches classes, including on live victims (homeless people), on such civilized dinner-conversation topics as “how to torture women”.

The US was water-boarding people when it invaded the Philippines in 1899.  Oh, and being “consciously genocidal” (p. 58), as in General J.M. Bell, 1901, stating he would:

…destroy everything I find outside of towns.  All able bodied men will be killed or captured. … These people need a thrashing to teach them some good common sense… Continue reading

Steve Watson ~ Ron Paul: Scrap CIA, NSA, Bring Troops Home

Former Congressman slams “disingenuous” Obama over torture

RonPaulNever one to hold back when it comes to corrupt big government agencies, former Congressman Ron Paul said Tuesday that the world would be a much better place if the CIA were completely abolished.

Responding in part to the release of the Summary of the forthcoming Senate report on CIA torture, and also to an impending possible government shutdown, Paul stated “my government shutdown would be something to be proud of.”

“Abolish the NSA, the TSA, the CIA and all spying on American citizens.” Paul urged.

Referring to actual government shutdowns as “mediocre PR stunts,” the former Congressman also said that if he had his way, both the IRS and the Federal Reserve would be shut down. Continue reading

Dana Blanton ~ Fox News Poll: Record 58 Percent Would Repeal Obamacare

obamacareExchangeCartoonFew American voters feel their family is better off under ObamaCare, and a record number would repeal the law if they could.

In addition, if comments by one of the health care law’s authors about lying to “stupid” Americans are true, over half of voters think President Obama or other administration officials are responsible for that deception.

These are just some of the findings from a Fox News poll released Wednesday.

Click here for the poll results.

Jonathan Gruber, an MIT economist who helped develop the health care law, has said several times that a lack of transparency and the stupidity of American voters were critical to getting the law passed.

The new poll finds 56 percent of voters are at least somewhat bothered by Gruber’s comments.  Continue reading

Congress Passes Bill Granting “Unlimited Access To Communications Of Every American” [Video]

GovtSpyingAs reported at Red Flag News August 13th 2013, Barack Obama claimed that Congress knew about the lengths to which the National Security Agency was going in spying on American citizens. He also said they have oversight of the NSA spy programs, saying that they are “subject to congressional oversight and congressional reauthorization and congressional debate.”

Once again another lie. There seems to be no stopping this administration when it comes to the crimes they commit against the constitution and on the American people’s rights.

According to Congressman Justin Amash, Congress just passed a bill, (Dec 11th 2014)  which grants the government and law enforcement “unlimited access to the communications of every American”.

When the Michigan lawmaker discovered that the Intelligence Authorization Act for FY 2015 had been amended with a provision that authorizes “the acquisition, retention, and dissemination” of all communications data from U.S. citizens, he desperately attempted to organize a roll call vote on the bill. Continue reading

Jonathan Turley ~ Reid: Administration’s Mismanagement Of Obamacare Rollout Cost The Election

jonathanTurleyWe have been seeing leading Democrats going public recently with their views that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or “Obamacare” was a political blunder or a simply poorly drafted mistake. This included the third-highest ranked Democrat, Chuck Schumer, who said that it was a mistake to even try to pass the legislation in the first term when most Americans did not place health care as a priority for action. Now the highest ranked Democrat, Senate majority leader Harry Reid, is saying that the Obama Administration may have doomed Democrats in Congress with its poor management and blunders in the rollout of the program.

Reid told the New York Times: “We never recovered from the rollout because the election became one that was directed toward the president. We couldn’t overcome that.” Continue reading

Catherine J. Frompovich ~ CIA Un-Cloaked – Who Or What Should Be Next?

“The upshot or take away regarding Congress is this: Congress has oversight and needs to get out of the deep back pockets of vested interest groups and their lobbyists who prowl Capitol Hill poisoning the well with proprietary misinformation that, in turn, makes life expensive, problematic, and a ‘police state’ out of the USA.” – C J Frompovich

CIA-BadgePOTUSAfter years of conjecture and apparent “conspiracy theories,” taxpayers in the United States finally are getting a handle – possibly only one of many that could be rendered or available – about the CIA, the infamous Central Intelligence Agency, which should have been taken to task many years ago, in this writer’s opinion.

Is a newly-released Senate report [1] vindication for all those whistleblowers, especially John Kiriakou, who currently is serving time in the federal pen at Loretto, Pennsylvania, that the CIA needed to be taken to task and exposed, something the U.S. Congress apparently refused to do for years, until now.

According to Wikipedia,

He [Kiriakou] is notable as the first official within the U.S. government to confirm the use of waterboarding of al-Qaeda prisoners as an interrogation technique, which he described as torture. [2]

To the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s credit, though, “This action marked the culmination of a monumental effort that officially began with the Committee’s decision to initiate the Study in March 2009, but which had its roots in an investigation into the CIA’s destruction of videotapes of CIA detainee interrogations that began in December 2007.” [3]

Continue reading

Rep. Massie Exposes Obamacare Architect Gruber As Economic Eugenicist in Hearing

Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky laid into Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber at today’s OGR Hearing in Congress, exposing him fully as an economic eugenicist.

Massie referred to Gruber’s economic paper on how giving free abortions to the poor would reduce the population burden for the better people, and how he endorses rationing end-of-life care for the poor for the same reason.

He even got Gruber to agree that he was “condescending” to the American people, that he lied to the public for their own good like they were children. Incredible exchange.

SF Source Activist Post  Dec 9 2014

Freeman Fly Interviews Thomas Sheridan ~ Rattle the Cage [Video]

The Ferguson shooting has led to riots in the streets. Shops are being burnt and people injured. Is this defiance to authority or has this culture been created to stir racial tensions?

Are we to turn on one another and miss the true source of inequity, “The Reality Manufacturers”? Thomas Sheridan is an independent alternative artist, author, satirist, musician, stand-up comic, film maker and researcher currently based in the West of Ireland. His illustrations have appeared on the covers of newsstand magazines, books and websites worldwide.

See more at:

SF Source  Freeman Fly  Dec 8 2014

Head Fake? Obama Never Signed Amnesty Order

 National Archives official confirms shocker – no such filing exists

Tea Party – Is it possible that President Obama just pulled a fast one, setting up Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to be a candidate for impeachment? This move would mean that instead of Obama, Jeh would take the fall if conservatives convince the Republican majorities in the House and the Senate that the “executive actions” on immigration are unconstitutional.

The question being asked: Where are the executive orders Obama was supposed to have signed which would permit up to 5 million parents of young illegal aliens to remain in the United States for three years?

As it stands, the White House appears to have pulled a fast one and engaged in a smoke and mirrors move worthy of an Oscar by changing U.S. immigration law not actually by executive order but instead through a memorandum “exercising prosecutorial discretion” that DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson signed the day of Obama’s Nov. 20 nationwide address and which as not, as of yet, been filed in the Federal Register.

In an interview with news media WND, the president of Washington-based watchdog institution Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, explained that the legal status of Johnson’s memo is a serious constitutional question and it deserves to be adjudicated. According to Fitton

“The entire implementing authority involves a memorandum published by DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson that changes the immigration law, directing federal money to be spent that has not been appropriated by Congress.”

“In my view, there is a serious question whether Jeh Johnson should be impeached for taking this action, and a criminal investigation should be initiated to determine how and why federal funds are being misappropriated.”

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