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Chris Hedges ~ The Palestinians’ Right To Self-Defense

“The unanimous U.S. Senate vote in support of the Israeli attacks on Gaza, the media’s slavish parroting of Israeli propaganda and the Obama administration’s mindless repetition of pro-Israeli clichés have turned us into cheerleaders for Israeli war crimes. We fund and abet these crimes with $3.1 billion a year in military aid to Israel. We are responsible for the slaughter. No one in the establishment, including our most liberal senator, Bernie Sanders, dares defy the Israel lobby.” C Hedges

 A relative inspects a Palestinian family’s apartment, destroyed by an Israeli strike in Beit Lahiya on July 19. AP/Lefteris Pitarakis

A relative inspects a Palestinian family’s apartment, destroyed by an Israeli strike in Beit Lahiya on July 19. AP/Lefteris Pitarakis

If Israel insists, as the Bosnian Serbs did in Sarajevo, on using the weapons of industrial warfare against a helpless civilian population then that population has an inherent right to self-defense under Article 51 of the United Nations Charter. The international community will have to either act to immediately halt Israeli attacks and lift the blockade of Gaza or acknowledge the right of the Palestinians to use weapons to defend themselves.

No nation, including any in the Muslim world, appears willing to intervene to protect the Palestinians. No world body, including the United Nations, appears willing or able to pressure Israel through sanctions to conform to the norms of international law. And the longer we in the world community fail to act, the worse the spiral of violence will become.

Israel does not have the right to drop 1,000-pound iron fragmentation bombs on Gaza. It does not have the right to pound Gaza with heavy artillery and with shells lobbed from gunboats. It does not have the right to send in mechanized ground units or to target hospitals, schools and mosques, along with Gaza’s water and electrical systems. It does not have the right to displace over 100,000 people from their homes. The entire occupation, under which Israel has nearly complete control of the sea, the air and the borders of Gaza, is illegal.

Violence, even when employed in self-defense, is a curse. It empowers the ruthless and punishes the innocent. It leaves in its aftermath horrific emotional and physical scars. But, as I learned in Sarajevo during the 1990s Bosnian War, when forces bent on your annihilation attack you relentlessly, and when no one comes to your aid, you must aid yourself. When Sarajevo was being hit with 2,000 shells a day and under heavy sniper fire in the summer of 1995 no one among the suffering Bosnians spoke to me about wanting to mount nonviolent resistance. No one among them saw the U.N.-imposed arms embargo against the Bosnian government as rational, given the rain of sniper fire and the 90-millimeter tank rounds and 155-millimeter howitzer shells that were exploding day and night in the city. The Bosnians were reduced, like the Palestinians in Gaza, to smuggling in light weapons through clandestine tunnels. Their enemies, the Serbs—like the Israelis in the current conflict—were constantly trying to blow up tunnels. The Bosnian forces in Sarajevo, with their meager weapons, desperately attempted to hold the trench lines that circled the city. And it is much the same in Gaza. It was only repeated NATO airstrikes in the fall of 1995 that prevented the Bosnian-held areas from being overrun by advancing Serbian forces. The Palestinians cannot count on a similar intervention. Continue reading

X22 Report ~ Episode 422 – July 22 2014 [Audio]

Economy Is Collapsing And So Is The MH17 False Flag Event

Euro zone’s debt is rising.

Companies reporting in that sales and revenue are dropping.

China has made a deal with Venezuela for oil and agricultural production.

Portugal president says the bank is the tip of the iceberg, collapse is coming.

Obamacare loses subsidies in 36 states.

BRICS pumping in billions of non US dollars into Africa to build infrastructure.

Central banker/US government false flag story collapsing, no proof, just believe us, it was Russia.

Israel continuing the extermination of Palestinians.

Russia moving military assets to protect the country from NATO.

Leaked emails show Ukraine and US Government were planning a false flag.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

SF Source X22Report

Jonathan Turley ~ “Congress Is Supreme In Matters Of Policy”: D.C. Circuit Rules Against Obama Administration In Halbig

Seems a bit of light finally made it through the ever-widening cracks of tyranny-gone-wild. This is a powerful ruling against President Obama and his over-reaching Obamacare legislation. Gillian G

“. . .  this will be fascinating to watch both legal and politically as the impact of this ruling takes hold.” J Turley

jonathanTurleyAs I have written about in columns and testimony, the most significant challenge to Obamacare was never Hobby Lobby but Halbig vs. Burwell that has been pending in the D.C. Circuit. I described Halbig in my testimony as a live torpedo in the water for Obamacare. Well, that torpedo just hit. The D.C. Circuit has found that the Obama Administration effectively rewrote the law on a critical provision dealing with tax credits and state exchanges. It is another major blow against the Administration and more importantly another judicial finding that President Obama exceeded his authority in his effort to “go it alone” in ordering such changes to federal laws.

As I suggested in the last blog, the decision was 2-1 with Judge Harry T. Edwards (a Carter appointee) in the dissent and Judges Thomas B. Griffith (a George W. Bush appointee) and A. Raymond Randolph (a George H.W. Bush appointee) in the majority. Randolph wrote a concurring opinion. I obviously agree with the result. I have testified that I believe that the text is clear in the Act and that the Obama Administration effectively altered the language when 34 states decided to defy the government and refuse to create state exchanges. The implications for the viability of the ACA, at least as originally designed, are huge.

When the Administration’s witnesses raised the lower court win in Halbig during the last hearing, I cautioned the Committee to wait to see what was coming because I doubted that the D.C. Circuit would agree with the trial court on its statutory interpretation. As discussed earlier, Halbig challenges the massive federal subsidies in the form of tax credits made available to people with financial need who enroll in the program. In crafting the act, Congress created incentives for states to set up health insurance exchanges and disincentives for them to opt out. The law, for example, made the subsidies available only to those enrolled in insurance plans through exchanges “established by the state.” Continue reading

Melissa Melton ~ Of Course The White House Knew The Border Crisis Was Coming And Lied About It

 “How can these reporters continue to report on one lie after another like it’s the first lie and not a fat bag overflowing with lie after lie after lie?” M Melton

ObamaLies2WHY oh WHY is it such big news today that the White House was hiding data and knew about a huge spike in illegal immigrant families from Central America flooding the Texas-Mexico border over a year ago?

Apparently, not only did they know about it, but they even misrepresented the facts, too?

You mean…wait, you mean the government LIED?

The Daily Caller reported:

The data, which was dumped by the U.S. border patrol late Friday afternoon, shows that inflow of youths and children traveling without parents has doubled since 2013, to 57,525 in the nine months up to July 2014.

But the number of migrants who cross the border in so-called “family units” has spiked five-fold to 55,420, according to the border patrol’s data, which came out amid a storm of news about the shoot-down of a Malaysian aircraft in Ukraine…

In the Rio Grande area where most of the migrants are crossing the border, the number of so-called “unaccompanied children” was actually outnumbered by the inflow by adults, parents and children in “family units,” according to the data.

Well it certainly is a much different picture than the one the White House and many Congress people and Senators have tried to paint in the media recently, isn’t it?

YES. It is. Why?


Continue reading

Daisy Luther ~ Worried About Potential Health Crises Caused By Kids Immigrating Illegally? Mainstream Says You’re “Hysterical” And “Fear-Mongering

“HHS told me that the CDC has now activated its Emergency Operations Center to Level III, which means it is on 24-hour alert to better coordinate and track their programs in support of what HHS is calling “the urgent humanitarian situation of unaccompanied children along the southwest border.” But calling it a crisis and working to contain it are two different things. It is clear that the CDC needs to be more involved immediately to help identify, treat, and contain emerging diseases. Putting a cone of secrecy around the health concerns of 50,000 children helps neither those who are sick nor those who are placed at risk. (source)” D Luther

IllegalImmigrationIllegal immigrants from Mexico could be bringing a little something extra across the border: infectious disease.

When I first read about this, I thought it was being blown out of proportion. I suspected that this was something geared to stir up civil unrest against those crossing our Southern border. However, as more information comes to light, it appears this is a very real issue, one that could affect us all. Melissa Melton of the Daily Sheeple wrote:

While our president continues to systematically legalize illegal immigration, the thousands of illegal immigrants spilling across the U.S. border aren’t just overwhelming our border patrol’s resources — they are also bringing with them the added bonus of a whole host of infectious diseases, ABC 15 recently reported:

“We are sending people everywhere. The average citizen doesn’t realize what’s going on down here,” Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera told ABC 15 News. Continue reading

Steve Watson ~ Poll: Majority Reject Obama Policies Because They’re Bad, Not Because Of Racism

“Eric Holder’s “racial animus” is a desperate and pathetic attempt to pass off record low approval ratings.” S Watson


According to a new Rasmussen Poll, a sizeable majority of Americans do not believe that opposition to Obama’s key policies stems from racism, as both the President and the Attorney General have repeatedly suggested.

The survey found that 61% of likely U.S. voters think people who oppose the president’s policies do so primarily because they believe his policies are just plain bad, not because they are racist.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s likely response will be that this poll is also somehow racist. Holder has consistently suggested that criticism of Obama’s policies is driven purely by racism.

Holder’s latest outburst came this past weekend on ABC News, as he charged that he and the President have been targets of “a racial animus” by political opponents. Continue reading

Obamacare Was Crafted To Control The People

“. . . stop ObamaCare before it’s too late – . . . Once this thing is in place, it will be a cancer that can only spread as it develops tentacles into EVERY PART of government and EVERY PART of our lives.” ~Start Thinking Right

charagma_markObamaCare is simply godawful and frankly evil in numerous ways.  Obama is trying to deceive millions of people – most especially poor people and young people – to buy his demonic product under the promise of a low premium.  But if you actually look at the result of buying that low premium ObamaCare plan, you will see that you get something else: a stratospherically high deductible.

Think about that.  I bought a $328 Silver ObamaCare plan because Obama forced me to do so.  But I don’t actually get any HEALTH CARE when I buy that plan for that $328.  Nope, I have to pay all the bills until I get to the $2,500 deductible first.  Only THEN will the plan actually do a damn thing to cover me.

Remember Obama and the Democrats (which stands for “Demonic Bureaucrats,” btw) said over and over again that the reason we needed ObamaCare was because too many people were going to the emergency rooms to get health care and then of course not paying for that care, which overwhelmed the health care system.

How many poor people can afford those kinds of deductibles???

ObamaCare will do NOTHING to slow down the flood of people flocking to the emergency rooms for treatment. Continue reading

Obama Supports ISIS, Saudi Terror & IMF’s Magic Number 7 [Audio]

In this gripping discussion with Harley Schlanger, historian and National Spokesman for LaRouchePAC we cover the geopolitical situation as NATO surrounds Ukraine and Iraq melts down by design with the support of the CIA-created Obama. 

At this point “Obama is indefensible to impeachment … Obama is supporting ISIS in the middle east”, Schlanger says.

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