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Ann Albers ~ Message From The Angels

FlowerNecklaceThere is never a time in your lives when you are without support. There is never a time in your lives when you must solve a single problem on your own. Yet so many of you struggle for solutions to life’s challenges without reaching for help from the heavens. We understand that you have been let down by other human beings and we understand that, at times, dear ones, you even expect disappointment from God.

Can you have help in your life? We would ask, “Are you willing to believe and receive?” In truth help is always there. God is always there. Your angels are always there. We want to help you. We want to make your lives easier. But it is up to you to decide how much we are allowed to assist. If you are praying for help, but in your depths have a belief that “no one listens,”or “no one cares,” then dear ones we can only help to a degree. Continue reading

Veronica ~ Lessons Can Be Learned Without All The Suffering

“Exist in the eternal sun of your soul whenever you can. It is from that viewpoint a condition of positive creation can be born.” – Veronica

One of the most important aspects of physical existence is the ability to focus. To be intent upon an idea, object, or experience, gives the individual an opportunity to personally design their growth.

If one truly thinks about it, focus along with a good attitude can essentially be unstoppable.

No matter what is transpiring in your reality, it is important to take responsibility for its creation. What may need adjusting is your belief system, feelings, and values. Often a difficult situation may be alleviated simply by changing your feelings about it.

Focusing upon the negative or perceived suffering is also an unnecessary participation. Attempt always to elevate your beliefs to a level that does not include the torment of darkness. Continue reading

Lisa Young ~ Recognizing Truth In 5 Steps

“Paying attention to the way your body and spirit respond to Truth can become a very powerful personal tool from which to move through life. By attuning our physical, mental and emotional self to Truth, we grow in self-trust, as we no longer need to look outside ourselves for answers.” – L Young

mysticTourist_truthHow do you recognize and trust what is Truth? With so much conflicting information available to us on every imaginable topic, how do you discern what is Truth, what is fabricated, or just confused half truths?

Here are 5 simple steps to recognizing truth.

1. Go to the Source

The easiest way is to go to Source.

Truth is actually an energy, a formula and a principle of Source. Before it is articulated into specific information or “fact”, it is an energy and a specific frequency. Because it is an energy, it can bypass the human mind and organically be registered by the body and spirit for confirmation. Many times we “feel” the Truth of something and cannot even explain it. We just “know” it is right.

The more you are connected to Source, the easier it becomes to recognize TRUTH. It plugs you directly into the main power hub of its distribution throughout our Universe, free of any human interpretation or manipulation. It re-aligns you directly with the Truth of your Divine Self and Blueprint. By calibrating ourselves to this Divine hook-up, it is immensely easier to know and recognize Truth. Continue reading

Julian Wash ~ Why Intelligent People Fear The Truth

“When I reflect on the events of 9/11, I see a whole lot of chess playing. This was a carefully orchestrated game indeed. And while I’m not prepared to point fingers at any particular group or organization, I am aware of the “sacrificial” pieces that were set in play. They weren’t queens or knights, pawns or rooks— they were skyscrapers.” J Wash

JumpOffCliffToday I would like to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that bargains with uncertainty and finds comfort in denial. Every so often we must deal with an unpleasant truth we wish would just go away. Sometimes the truth can be very shocking and we find ourselves inadequately prepared to handle it. That’s when denial comes to the rescue— and what can’t be denied can always be rationalized away.

Perhaps we take for granted our gift of expression and ability to interface in such a complex world. It’s a wondrous thing really. Our curiosity and appetite for adventure are tempered only by the fear of death. We fancy ourselves as intrepid beings willing to brave most any course and face the great unknown. Be this as it may, there are limits. There are places where even the most courageous will dare not venture.

In the following paragraphs I intend to wrestle on a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes that are way too tight. You see they’re stylish, expensive and give a good impression. The blister forming on my big toe is of no consequence. I need only convince myself that it’s me and not the shoe that’s the problem. As usual, I’ll put on my best face and it’s off to the party I go.

Ignorance is Bliss

Continue reading

Julian Wash ~ Belief Systems And The Power Of Authority

“Spirituality is also a belief system albeit a personal one. This means you’re the authority of it. You are not relinquishing your power to another. It does not suggest your belief is the right one or the only one. It does however suggest that you have found a belief that serves your needs—and that’s powerful indeed.”  J Wash

ManKeyholePurpleRattlerReport ~ Today I would like to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that adheres to the abstract nature of belief. Beliefs come in many shapes and sizes and yet all share something in common— they’re elusive and intangible.

Although we cannot “touch” a belief, it certainly has a way of touching us. Our belief modifies the way we think, how we act and feel. I take my tinfoil hat off to those who invented this system of social order so many moons ago. What a concept indeed. Imagine sitting around a stone-age conference table discussing this idea. I surely would have laughed it off. “You mean you can get people to accept something as truth even if it’s not real? C’mon man. I tell you what’s real— something called fire! Now that’s something you can believe in!”

Oh my, how I would have missed the boat. Not only did the concept grow legs, it sprouted wings. Turns out everyone wants to believe in something. For one thing it’s kind of fun. What would Christmas be like without Santa Clause? For another it makes us feel special somehow. But how does one find truth in a belief? The answer is really quite simple. We pretend.

In the following paragraphs I’ll take a somewhat playful (if not cynical) look at some of the hermetically-sealed belief systems that dominate in our lives. There’s a circuitous path one must navigate that divides our place of knowing from a world of make-believe. This trail can get a little precarious and downright slippery at times. So let’s saddle up our loyal mustangs and see where they take us. These majestic creatures are sure-footed, certain and most graceful in their stride. More than that, I sense they may know something we have forgotten.

Born to Run

This I can tell you about the mustang— they were born to run and we were born to ride. Where the trail ends, a new one begins and the sights and sounds are something to behold. The rider learns the way of the horse and the horse the way of the rider. It’s a relationship of balance and harmony. There’s a transfer of energy from one entity to another as our thoughts begin to roam free with wild abandon and the mustang gently restrains in courtesy of the saddle. On this journey, it’s not where you go— but where it takes you. Continue reading

Jelaila Starr ~ Mission Failure? A Higher Perspective

“. . . we who are here on Earth missions may find that we must first reclaim something that we long ago lost before we can complete it. Sometimes it takes a whole group of people to make that happen. But if we get caught in a belief system that doesn’t allow for us to see the perspective from which it was created, we can fall victim to the belief of failure.” J Starr

jelailaAfter a couple weeks of puppy rescue and sharing the mid-year 5D timeline update, this week I’m returning to session stories. This week I’ll focus on earth missions and the shame and guilt that occurs if we are told that we have failed that mission.

Beth and Dan

Many of us on Earth came from the future into the past to fulfill a mission. This mission, when completed would provide both a personal and humanitarian gift.

Following what we felt was good guidance, we stepped outside the box of our long cherished beliefs and embraced a “galactic perspective.” For some this is enough but for others the journey is not over; there is a mission to fulfill. After much soul searching we decide to heed the calling…even to the point of giving up everything we knew, our jobs, homes, our family, friends and lifestyle, to move to another location. Many times it works out really good but sometimes it doesn’t…or at least it appears that way. Such was the case of Beth and her husband, Dan.

Heeding the call of their mission, Beth and Dan pulled up stakes and moved across country followign the guidance given by a galactic council. Leaving behind a successful business and luxury lifestyle was made easier by dreams of fulfulling their divine purpose. But after several years of dedicated work they were told that they had failed theirr mission. Not only were they confused and bewildered, angry and ashamed, they were also financially broke. My heart ached for them as I listened to their story. In desperation Beth decided to reach out for help through another channel. Continue reading

Jelaila Starr ~ Healing The Root Of Cancer

Nibiruan Council  May 27 2014

“Flames are symbolic of rage; the brighter and more intense the flames, the more intense and toxic the stored rage.” J. Starr

This week’s topic is shared with a heavy heart.  Ellen, (not her real name) was recently informed by her doctor that she is dying of cancer and has only 3 months to live.  After traditional medical protocols failed, and not yet ready to call it quits, Ellen had decided to seek alternative solutions. With so many options available, she wanted her Guides to help her determine the best way to proceed.

When I tuned in to her guides, asking for answers, I was not given any.  Instead, I was shown a woman standing in a pillar of flames.  Hmmm….

Reluctant to share this vision, yet mindful of my agreement to do so I revealed what I was given.  “Ellen, I said, “Your Guides didn’t give me answers about treatment; instead they showed me a vision.  Do you want to know what it is?”

“Yes, of course.” Ellen replied.

“The vision is of a woman standing in a pillar of flames.” I responded.  Continuing on I said, “The feeling I get from that is one of helpless rage.  Does that make sense to you and if so, why?” I asked.

Ellen proceeded to tell me how she has spent many years in politics, working in Washington DC and on Capitol Hill.  A passionate advocate for freedom, Ellen was easily provoked to rage when she learned of yet another way the government was destroying our country and stealing our liberty.  Ellen, in her own words said she was obsessed with this fight.

Listening to her talk about how upset she was about the government, and feeling the anger rise as she did so, the vision from her guides now made perfect sense.  Continue reading

Mercedes Kirkel ~ Mary Magdalene: How to Change Threatening Circumstances

MercedesKirkel  April 27 2014

Question: This point of time in human history is uniquely important because we are facing an ecological crisis and industrial collapse. The main reason for this threat is an outdated story/dream that economic exploitation of natural and human resources is beneficial. It seems that somehow this story/dream has to be changed in order for the planet to survive. However, you have said that changing someone else’s story is not productive. How can we bring forth the story that will change the current threatening situation in time?

Mary Magdalene: Hello my beloved one. Thank you for your question. I sense this is an important concern for you and that others share your question. The answer has some complexity to it and I will do my best to clarify the different aspects.

From my point of view there are many “stories” or beliefs that people are operating out of that are creating your world to be the way that it is today. Many of these stories are shared belief systems, which many people have agreed upon. Usually people are indoctrinated into these beliefs at a young age, through the beliefs that their parents hold, which are later reinforced by your various systems of education, religion, social norms and cultural beliefs, etc. Some of these beliefs are more obvious than others. For example, a belief that “You should follow the Bible” might be a more obvious belief structure that is shaping someone’s life. A less obvious belief might be that “You have to follow what the authorities tell you to do.” An example of an even deeper and less obvious belief is “Right and wrong are real” or “You get rewarded for doing the right thing and punished for doing the wrong thing.”

I would suggest that everything in your world is determined by beliefs. Your whole third-dimensional world is a creation of both the mass beliefs of everyone involved and the individual beliefs of each person participating. If any particular person—in this case you—would like to change your reality, you have the power to do so. The key is through your own beliefs.

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