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Ben Fulford (Feb 3 2014) ~ Expect The Fireworks To Begin After The Lunar New Year’s Celebrations End


The Lunar New Year’s holidays have begun and our sources say we can expect fireworks to start in the week starting on February 10th (If you are of the school that believes Monday is the first day of the week). In essence, the new Chinese government recognizes they have created a real estate bubble and have decided to take it down once the New Year’s work starts in earnest. This will have a ripple effect worldwide, especially on commodities markets that have grown dependent on Chinese demand.

Weather warfare is also continuing with the ongoing cold front in the US and the drought in California devastating US food supplies and bringing the US cattle herd down to its lowest size in 60 years.

Australia’s cattle herd is also being devastated by a drought and a newsletter reader managed to find proof of HAARP weather modification weaponry being used against Australia.


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Ben Fulford (Oct 28 2013) ~ This Halloween Will Haunt The Cabalists For A Long Time


There have been many big moves made against the cabal in the past week and more coming this week, according to multiple sources. In Japan, there have been a series of late night battles that have left a group of North Korean gangsters taking orders from Japan Mossad Chief Michael Green, and rogue CIA run by Kenneth Curtis, on the Run. As a result, Green and Curtis are in a state of deep fear, according to Japanese right wingers who claim to have been involved in the struggle. Ongoing lawsuits against the recent rigged elections in Japan are also keeping them awake at night.

In a related development, mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu announced to the Israeli press last week that he was going to visit the Pope but the Pope refused to meet him, resulting in a major loss of face. Bush Jr. and Tony Blair both visited the previous pope Maledict to ask for protection from war crimes tribunals after leaving office. They were given that protection in exchange for converting to Catholicism. It seems the new Vatican regime is no longer in the business of sheltering war criminals from justice. That means Netanyahu does not have protection from the P2 brass and is thus probably doomed.

As this newsletter was going to press a P2 Freemason source called to say that P2 honcho Marco di Mauro had just been arrested and that a hunt was on for his associates.

There were many other developments as well. Rockefeller pet dinosaur Henry Kissinger went to Russia on a begging mission but was refused a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to Pentagon sources.

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Ben Fulford (Dec 11 2012) ~ The Sunni Middle East And The Korean Peninsula, Both Artificially Divided By The Cabal, To Be Reunified


As the center of world economic gravity continues to shift towards Asia, changing old Western political constructs aimed to “divide and conquer” has become a key topic of secret debate. The machinations and fighting in Syria are aimed at “destroying artificial borders created by Western powers on the backs of envelopes after World War I,” according to Nazis connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.

In Asia as well, there is a lot of intensive maneuvering taking place to do something about the artificial divisions created between North and South Korea, Taiwan and China and within Japan. In particular, the formerly Nazi allied North Korean ultra-nationalist right wing groups in Japan and their partners in North Korea are seeking to find a new role in the fast changing geopolitical landscape. The focus of the struggle is control over the Bank of Japan and the media-propaganda apparatus set up by the Sabbatean mafia in Japan and South Korea.

New regimes due to be in place next week in both Japan and South Korea will have to make big compromises with their Northern cousins. The new Chinese government of Xi Jinping will also have to get involved.

In combination with the Middle Eastern oil exporting nations, these countries control much of the financial fate of the Pentagon, the United States and Europe.

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Ben Fulford (November 26 2012) ~ The Purge Of The Nazis Has Begun On Three Continents


There are signs everywhere now that a political logjam has been broken now that the new Chinese government has been installed and that swift changes will unfolding worldwide in the coming weeks. The signs include a massive purge of the Nazi (Sabbatean) faction in the US, Europe and, coming soon, Japan. In addition, US troops have been placed in Egypt, on Israel’s border, in order to force the Zionist terrorist regime to stop its superstitious, apocalyptic attempts to start WW3. We also have the pope announcing publicly that Jesus was not born on December 25, and that Christmas was based on a pagan solar festival.

In Europe six members of the P2 Freemason lodge were arrested by Berlusconi allies in what is expected to be a futile attempt by Berlusconi to place himself back into power, Vatican sources say. In Russia, meanwhile, a purge has begun, starting with a top general, after a recent attempt to assassinate President Putin with Polonium, according to European intelligence sources.

The efforts to kick-start the new financial system have also moved into high gear.

The moves to start the new financial system are taking place on several fronts. In Indonesia, Neil Keenan continues to try to finalize his attempt to get approval to mobilize the assets behind the global collateral accounts but seems to be running into interference from a rival faction. In Japan, Shinzo Abe, the man expected to be Prime Minister after December 16th, has talked about changing the Bank of Japan law to access funds. This could mean releasing to the world the 7000 trillion yen in funds sitting in the BOJ’s books. In other parts of Asia, arrangements are being made to use giant imperial gold caches to finance mega-projects. We have detailed, concrete knowledge of these plans but, in order to avoid sabotage, cannot report them at this point.

The new Chinese government, for its part, is pushing ahead with its plans to replace the dollar with a new gold and asset backed international trading currency.

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Caro ~ Be The Change You Want To See In The World! Don’t Wait For Others To Bring Peace

Spirituality & The City | May 15 2012

Bonjour tout le monde !

Yesterday another Monday. Mondays are the days, where  one can read the all the new channelings, Ben Fulford reports, more channelings and again more comments from people who since years do believe that NOW is the moment. NOW it will happen. It must, doesn’t it ? Since how many years do they read the same things over and over again ?

I don’t want to judge or to tell anyone in what to believe. I just offer my personal perception of reality.

Any union created for the sake of bringing peace to the world means by definition in our 3D reality, that the “Good” will fight against the “Bad”. Please be sure, that by creation of a “Peace Union” there will be an opposition. This is duality, this is the 3D we live in. This is part of the game.

I believe we have to take the next level of this game, step out of duality thinking. How many peace warriors walked and still walk in this reality ? Quite some.

And how many years do people follow with big hope all kind of channelers, who apparently pass on information from benevolent aliens, or those who talk since a long time of the White Hats, White Dragons… The belief, the hope of a hero, a savior coming to bring us what we want, well it will not happen like this. As long as we remain in duality thinking, and this is duality: Good against the Bad, Light against the Darkness… There will be AGAINST. There will be fight.

When I write “This will not happen” then this is my personal belief. It doesn’t mean I don’t respect any other perception. I do. But I just don’t believe in it. I don’t try to convince or act against anyone. I just read every Monday more or less the same things. Some people do read this since 30 years. If you do some research, you will see that not much changed.

You all know about the projects, when thousands of people meditated and concentrated on crime in big US cities. Crime dropped significantly. They did not fight. They just stepped out of duality, into their higher selves. Into their hearts. And it spread. Crime went down by 25%. And no White Hats/Dragons, no benevolent aliens were there to assist…

Now let’s imagine, more and more people waking up, realizing that living through their heart, living compassion and understanding. We are all one and connected. There will be the 100th monkey and a shift of reality. It can only happen, if we want it to happen. If we feel it, create it. We cannot force peace upon others. It will just be another fight, war.

We have free will. Our minds are manipulated through media, food, gene manipulation and so on.

But our hearts are not.

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Ben Fulford (Jan 9 2012) ~ Copies Of Secret Financial Documents Published

Benjamin Fulford | January 9 2012

From Ben “The attached documents were sent by a source linked to Ferdinand Marcos and have been confirmed as genuine secret government documents.”

Click here to view documents


Updates On Various Treasures Recently Found And Support For James’ CMN Broadcast

Gillian | January 3 2012

I have withheld comment these past days concerning the back and forth re the accuracy of James’ statement on CMN. I personally found it to be very credible — more so, in fact, than much of the related information shared by D Wilcock and Ben Fulford.

My reason for this is I find the extant system – all aspects of it – to be too corrupt for any real change to occur from within.  Lawsuits are unlikely to make headway except they find their way to the one or two members of the judiciary who are not bought off. And even when they find their way to those gems of integrity, lower court rulings in favor of the plaintiff are often overturned at higher judiciary levels when the US Government is the defendant.

What is required is something from outside this corrupt game. And that is what James’ group offers.  Others seem to share my view on this.

Here are links to some interesting updates sent to me by Vision Keeper:

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VisionKeeper ~ Do Not Succumb To Fear On Any Level

One World Rising | January 2 2012

[VisionKeeper] This post is one I really didn’t want to create, but I feel I must, as we head into our new visions of a new world. While there is great magic in what we are experiencing and the awe of the moment is quite grand, I also believe we have a very rocky road ahead. It just stands to reason with the financial system in the country getting ready to collapse, it is anyone’s guess what we are in store for. I truly believe the dark ones will not go quietly into the night. I am sure they have plans up their sleeves for creating chaos in order to gain control, but that can only happen if we allow it.

As it is known in other legends of the world, the dragonfly is the bringer of messages to be heard. I am hearing clearly that I must speak to the matter of fear. In this world of illusion we have all be floating around in for an eternity it seems, the main mode of control has been fear. The dark ones are masterful at creating it through lies, violence, war, hate you name it. False flags are their middle name. Create the problem, take away more of our rights because of it and destroy the supposed enemy to gain more control in the world. It is an age-old ploy to get their way. It has been used by many a dictator.

So here is the message: It is imperative not to allow ourselves to succumb to fear on any level. We have learned through Ben Fulford that there are all kinds of steps being taken behind the scenes to secure this country when the duck tape holding it together begins to come apart. There is a new financial system in the works, there are new people of light willing to come forward and guide this country to safety, the release of free energy patents and much more we do not know about.

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Steve Beckow ~ Evidence Corroborating David Wilcock’s Recent Allegations (Philippine Gold, Platinum, and Cash)

The [Occupy] 2012 Scenario | December 30 2011

[from Steve] –  Reader Udo Pelkowski contacted me some months ago and offered to share with me a great deal of information on gold and platinum bullion stored in the Philippines.

I declined at the time because I didn’t consider I had the time or resources to carry out the type of investigation needed to corroborate the story.

Udo has contacted me again and reminded me of his previous inquiry.

The work of corroboration has now been done by Neil Keenan, David Wilcock, Ben Fulford and others in the series of articles and interviews around the $134 billion bond sting and the existence of untold quantities of gold and other precious metals around the world.

Udo supplies us with photographic evidence of one such cache in the Philippines. I’m sure he’ll have more to share about this subject later. I note that he discloses this material probably at some considerable risk to himself, even as David did, and honor his courage in doing so.

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