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Jean Haines ~ Neil Keenan Update: Response To Karen Hudes

JeanHainesBlog  November 7 2013

Keenan is forced to clear the air one more time, as Hudes spreads misinformation Keenan

Ø Hudes would have had help from the Family – if she hadn’t tried to undermine Keenan

Ø Where’s the gold? Not in the Vatican, Karen…

Ø Speak whereof you know – Keenan on the Asian gold and why it won’t be going to the World Bank

Ø Update on funding and Nelu’s fight for freedom

Ø Keenan rebounds from attack – back in action

Michael Henry Dunn November 6, 2013

It is old news by now that picking a fight with Neil Francis Keenan is a bad idea. Certainly Karen Hudes had an instructive experience in that regard the last time around, as may be seen in this writer’s last post on the subject of her misinformation. It is also apparent to all that the bankster/bloodline cabal loves to see in-fighting within the freedom movement. Neil Keenan has much better things to do with his time than fighting off misinformed smears. But when he perceives an attack, his 29-and-0 Golden Glove fighter’s instincts kick in, and he hits back hard. Mr. Keenan clearly believes it is too late in the game to allow misinformation (whether accidentally or deliberately spread) to create fog on the battlefield – which can lead to “friendly-fire” casualties. The guns need to be pointed in one direction – at the enemies of humanity.

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Ben Fulford ~ Ben Fulford Cross Examines Karen Hudes (Audio)

BenjaminFulford  November 5 2013

You can listen to the audio here. It is at the bottom of the Neil Keenan interview. ~G

Ben writes ~ Here is a free link to the Karen Hudes interview. There have been a lot of dirty tricks used, including serious agency hacking, to prevent this from coming out. Please take a look while you can. The video was edited to remove slanderous comments made about Neil Keenan but somebody put them back. This time they were removed again but if they re-appear, please realize anything said about Mr. Keenan was false. He has our full support in his efforts against the cabal. The links are here:

Michael Henry Dunn ~ Neil Keenan Update: NFK Sets The Record Straight As Karen Hudes “Mis-Speaks” And Ben Fulford Missteps

JeanHaines  September 19 2013

Ø  Neil Keenan aggressively moves to confront Benjamin Fulford’s misrepresentation of the Monaco Accords in an online dialogue with World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes

Ø  Fulford goes fishing – who will cash his notes?  Not Neil Keenan, who knows an illegal move when he sees it

Ø  Karen Hudes steps outside her area of expertise – makes major gaffe on Monaco

Ø  Who is M1?  Not the cabal-appointed and long-dead Ferdinand Marcos…

Ø  Sukarno was chosen by the nations – Marcos was appointed by the cabal

Ø  Cracks in the freedom movement?  No.  Just the guy in the driver’s seat setting the record straight

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Ben Fulford (July 29 2013) ~ Notice To Readers


Ben writes ~ Notice to readers. This month I will be on sabbatical away from the internet and so have prepared the next few newsletters based on topics that are not time sensitive.

I will not be publishing Ben’s article this week on Shift Frequency. Those interested in reading Ben’s preview go here. ~G

Ben Fulford (July 22 2013) ~ Long Hot Summer A Prelude To More Action In The Fall


To understand what is going on now, look back at the fall of the Soviet Union. While in retrospect it seems like it happened overnight, at the time it seemed to take forever. First there were strikes at a Polish shipyard and other troubles that went on for months before suddenly the Polish Communist government fell. Then there was similar strife in Germany for what seemed like forever until, overnight, the Berlin wall fell. So it went in spurts and stops until the Soviet Union itself collapsed. The situation in the West is now similar; governments have fallen in Italy, Spain, Greece, Australia, Japan and elsewhere but the big Kahuna, the corporate government of the United States, is still standing. However, under the surface tension is building and something fundamental is about to give way, possibly in the autumn.

Take a look at the photograph below:

fulford_whitedragonFrom left to right are Benjamin Fulford, spokesperson for the White Dragon Society, Chodoin Daikaku, liaison for the world’s martial art’s societies and “Alexander Romanov,” gnostic Illuminati Grandmaster. They posed for this picture last week after agreeing on a plan of action to save the world.

First of all, all the people studying martial arts around the world can be reached by analogue means via Chodoin’s network. His often controversial personal political views are irrelevant to this. What matters is the principle of martial arts to never strike the first blow but to defend yourself vigorously if you have been struck. That blow has been struck. It can now be proven beyond any doubt that a faction within the Western elite has been planning to murder 90% of humanity. This attack is still going on in the form of forced sterilization through vaccines, the release of bio-weapons, attempts to create mass starvation and multiple attempts to start a full scale nuclear war. In order to stop this, if it comes to that point where no other choice is possible, then the martial arts network can use non-digital communications to mobilize a 200 million person army.

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Ben Fulford (July 8 2013) ~ As US “Pivots” To Asia, Russia Charges Into Europe And The Middle-East

Benjamin Fulford

Egyptians revolt against Morsi government

Last week’s regime change in Egypt reflects a bold geopolitical chess move by Russia’s Vladimir Putin. In response to the US draw down of its forces in Europe and its’ “pivot” to Asia, Putin has moved in force into the Middle East. The end game will mean Russian control over European energy supplies. As a result, the center of Western European power will shift from France and Germany to Russia and Germany. The Germans have already secretly agreed to this. The Americans will be too busy dealing with China and Asia to be able or willing to do much about this new balance of power.

This is just the most visible sign of moves by the White Dragon Society, the Asians and the BRICs alliance against the criminal cabal that still clings to power in Washington D.C. and a few European capitals.

Cabal surrender has now become inevitable. Representatives from the committee of 300, the BIS and the Federal Reserve Board have already indicated they are willing to fork over trillions of dollars to finance a campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. They have also hinted they may do this by cashing some of the untold trillions of dollars’ worth of bonds they issued in exchange of Asian historical treasure, including some of the ones shown in last week’s newsletter. Negotiations on this issue are expected to last through the summer so, no announcement is expected before the Autumn.

However, representatives from the Vatican, the British Royal Family, the Japanese Imperial Family, the Russian government and the Chinese government, among others have all made it clear that no major power group is against the White Dragon Society’s goals. The problems at this point are now more technical and logistical issues of how to make a move from psychological agreement to practical moves on the ground. For example, representatives from the Federal Reserve Board are now saying that the people who issued all of those trillions of dollars’ worth of bonds to the Asians in the 1920’s and 30’s never intended to “bankrupt the US.” Perhaps they thought the Asians did not know the difference between the paper money they burn as offerings to their ancestors and the money they use to buy groceries. The Chinese know the difference and are insisting the people who issued these bonds must pay their full value.

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Ben Fulford (July 1 2013) ~ Trillions Of Dollars’ Worth Of Bonds Now In The Possession Of The White Dragon Society


Last week, representatives of Asian groups asked the White Dragon Society to help them cash trillions of dollars’ worth of historical bonds issued by the Federal Reserve Board. The WDS agreed on the condition the funds be partly used to finance a massive campaign to end poverty, war and environmental destruction. For example, here is a picture of one of a set of 60 boxes each containing $125 billion worth of bonds:


If the Federal Reserve Board and the BIS refuse to cash these historical bonds, then the relentless campaign against them will continue. This campaign has so far removed from power Pope Maledict, J. Rockefeller, Queen Beatrix of Holland, 26 top Pentagon generals, the CIA head Petraeus, Hillary Clinton, the King of Saudi Arabia and many others. Last week, in a major cabal defeat, Sabbatean mafia stooge Julia Gillard was removed from the Prime Minister’s office of Australia. Next will be anybody else who stands in the way of efforts to save the planet including Ben Bernanke and Barak Obama.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was removed from office 3 years ago immediately after he had agreed to use new energy technology to remove salt from sea water in order to turn the Australian desert green, according to MI6 and Australian Secret Intelligence Organization (ASIO) agents. The coup that removed him was arranged by Federal Reserve Board agents, the sources said. Immediately before he was removed, a warning of an impending nuclear terror attack against Japan was given to the Australian embassy in Tokyo to deliver to Kevin Rudd, ANSIO agents say. However, the embassy instead warned the Feds who initiated the move to ouster Rudd.

Australian military and security types are now going to insist that the murder in 1967 of Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt be properly investigated.


The trail will lead to Henry Kissinger, multiple sources say. From there the trail will go to the gangster families who own the Federal Reserve Board. In other words the investigative trail is grinding towards them on charges of both murder and the issuing of fraudulent bonds.

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Ben Fulford (June 10 2013) ~ Open Battle Raging Between Sabbatean Cabal And Military Industrial Complex


The recent cabal controlled corporate media frenzy of “disclosure” about things like NSA eavesdropping, politically targeted IRS tax investigations and the Bilderberg meeting are signs of full blown panic. All these disclosures seemed to be timed to distract public attention from last week’s pentagon and US agency supported love fest summit meeting between US President Barak Obama and Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

The erupting trade war between Europe and China and the posse of economic hit-men trying to ruin Japan’s economy are also signs of and intensifying battle over control of the world’s financial system and thus the future of our species.

The attacks on Japan’s economy are motivated by the fact the Abe government just announced $32 billion in economic assistance for Africa in a sign Japan is no longer handing its foreign currency to the cabal in order to finance Zionist wars. They are also motivated by the fact that Japan’s government has just begun to do the obvious and eliminate its “200% GDP debt” with the stroke of a pen. Well known mainstream economist Jeffery Sachs last week admitted to this writer, at a Japan Foreign Correspondent’s Club press conference, that there was no theoretical reason why Japan’s government could not just print yen, buy up all the outstanding Japanese government bonds and put them in the garbage. Sachs, who heads the Earth Institute at Columbia University, was also very enthusiastic about the big Japanese plans to modernize Africa saying they were very concrete, detailed and realistic. Of course the corporate propaganda media representatives, or more likely their bosses, did not want to let the world know that Japan’s government had made a decision to break free from Sabbatean debt slavery. Unlike tiny Iceland, Japan is the world’s third largest economy and its biggest creditor nation. Its’ breaking of ranks with the G7 debt-slavery cabal is truly historical.

The other big move in Asia that was under-reported was the resumption of negotiations between North Korea, Japan and South Korea. The goal supported by all parties, including China, Russia and the Pentagon, is regional peace.

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Ben Fulford (May 13 2013) ~ New Moves Afoot To Break Financial Deadlock


The ongoing battle over control of the global financial system has entered a new phase with some heavy under the radar maneuvers, according to Chinese government, Illuminati, CIA and Asian secret society sources. Despite the departure of the old pope, the surrender of the Rothschilds and the neutering of the Bush family, a stalemate has continued with the Rockefellers, the new Pope, Queen Elizabeth, Obama, the Japanese Emperor and other old world order power-brokers refusing to finance a major campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.

In order to break this deadlock and free human potential, a secret campaign has now been started to identify and deal with the precise obstacles to freeing humanity from financial slavery. This will mean more and more prominent people will be suddenly vanishing from public view, according to members of several different secret societies.

For example, have either George Soros or Nat Rothschild been seen in public recently? Also, Japanese right wing politician Shintaro Ishihara has dropped out of view again despite the appearance of a reported double on TV following his long “hospital stay.” We do not condone “disappearing” people and hope they all make a public appearance soon so that we can confirm they are alive and safe.

Nonetheless, some very dangerous people are justifiably angry at various mass murder campaigns carried out at the behest of the Sabbatean mafia, are very impatient with the ongoing deadlock and are not easily held back.

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