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Laura Bruno ~ People Are Concurrently Inhabiting Vastly Different Realities

Laura Bruno’s Blog | August 16 2012

Below I’m sharing a video of my friend, Bill Ballard, talking about something I’m seeing a lot of these days: namely, that people are concurrently inhabiting vastly different realities. Some people shift in and out of different realities; others find that people they used to relate to suddenly seem light years and quantum leaps away.

The Universe continues to sort itself as options rise to consciousness. The old paradigm of default denial no longer works. Everyone gets a choice here, and I see some clients, friends and family members rapidly discarding old beliefs and embracing an expansive New, while others choose this moment to dig their heels into the quicksand of old structures and old thinking. If we can observe this display with curious non-attachment to others’ outcomes, then we will find this time joyful, fun and freeing. If we allow ourselves to get dragged into others’ drama or judgments, we risk yanking ourselves into a reality we’d rather avoid.

Instant manifestation becomes increasingly “instant” for those who’ve allowed themselves to begin their awakening and Ascension. This activation brings with it responsibility to discipline ourselves in what we allow ourselves to imagine. During sessions and client updates, I’m seeing lots of instantaneous “cures” of previously long-term, non-budging illnesses, injuries and/or situations. I’ve also noticed that when someone calls me for a Medical Intuitive session and I sense an energy blockage, they have much less “time” to shift those energies before something major hits the physical reality. Dis-ease moves from an energetic disconnection into cancer or a life-threatening accident very, very quickly these days. I encourage everyone to surround yourself with healing emerald green light the moment you even *think* you might have some kind of illness. White light works for general protection. Your imagination and your body have both become much more powerful this year. You can use that to your great advantage or disadvantage. You decide.

As always, working with angels, faeries, Reiki, prayer and positive imagining works wonders. Watch your words; pay attention to how you program your reality. And don’t forget to have fun! As the Hopi say, “This could be a good time.”

Here’s Bill sharing his thoughts on the latest twists and turns of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride



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Cathy Lindsey ~ Cardinal Square June 24, 2012 (Thanks Bill)

via Bill Ballard | Astro Eyes | June 24 2012

Today, June 24th we are experiencing for the first time in recorded history an exact Cardinal Square between Pluto and Uranus. This is a very powerful day. We first started to experience the Cardinal square back in the spring of 2010. Since then, we have gone through a lot of changes and transformations in our lives and in the lives of those around us. Most all the changes have been for the good in the long run.

So what is so different about this exact square? Since this square first formed in 2010 it has never been exact by degree and minute. Today this square for the first time in recorded history is exact by degree and minute in Cardinal energy. Pluto in Capricorn is at 8 degrees of Capricorn and 23 minutes, and Uranus in Aries is at 8 degrees and 23 minutes. One continuous flow of changeable, transformative, and urgent energy! These 2 planets have been wreaking havoc, causing disruptions, changes, and rebellions for the last couple of years, both in the world, and in our personal lives. Now the energy is stronger!!

The Cardinal Square consists of Uranus in Aries squared by Pluto. Uranus (the constant of change, thinking outside the box and into the future, with a focus on community and humanity), is in Aries (the warrior, the initiator, the winner, ego). Uranus in Aries is saying we need to change and think outside the box and into the future. We need to focus on community/humanity. We need to move from “Me” to “We.” Uranus in Aries is being squared by Pluto, the planet of transformation. Pluto only cares about the transformation of your soul and the soul of the Earth. Pluto does not care about ego, what kind of car you drive etc. It only cares about your soul. It demands integrity and respect for all. Pluto is in Capricorn (which rules Corporate America, the Government, the Banks and the Military). These planets are in Cardinal signs – cardinal energy – which means birthing of new, urgency, and change!

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Bill Ballard ~ Official Release Of My eBook “The Great Awakening”

Gillian Grannum | June 15 2012

As has been reported by Aquarius Channelings WE DID IT! “It has been confirmed by the Council of Elohim that we now have more than 144,000 people upon the Earth that are at least 5th level initiates and who have achieved and are now living in the frequency of Christ Consciousness.

Fifth level initiation is referred to as the “Resurrection”. This demonstrates full mastery over the pull of matter. We completely return to the Monad and merge with the Group I AM while retaining a physical “light body” form. This is the attainment of 5th dimensional consciousness which is characterized by the experience of oneness.

The 144,000 was the number needed to trigger the mass advancement of the race including the great domino effect among all other Planetary Light Servers, which now number in the several million across the globe. This 144,000 Christ Harmonic is able to greatly strengthen and raise the rest of us (and Humanity) into direct experiences of Christ Consciousness as we continue advancing in our remaining initiations.”

* * *

Gillian says ~ Bill’s eBook “The Great Awakening” describes the process undertaken by this brave light warrior/light worker to break through the control grid and center himself in his heart chakra – to ignite and activate the love reality of Source energy – All That Is – on Mother Earth. As you will see his journey was not an easy one. He had to contend with energies filled with denial and non-acceptance of his inner realizations concerning the great shift and awakening taking place during the 1982-2012 “nano-second” in time described by the Pleaidians.

Bill has requested that his eBook be released without charge to all who are interested in reading his story and receiving the assistance required at this time to open the heart chakra and participate in the ascension. We have included the link below for you to download this important and timely work. For those of you who can afford to do so, we have enclosed information in the back of the ebook concerning how you may make a donation for this work. Please know that all contributions are gratefully accepted with appreciation, thankfulness, and love.

Download The Great Awakening (black background)

Download The Great Awakening (white background)

Blessings to you all!
Bill Ballard/Gillian Grannum


Bill Ballard (April 28 2012) ~ Depleted Uranium Factory In Japan Exploded. Cloud Heading To USA In Next Days

Shift Frequency | April 28 2012

What a trip! All this just keeps getting more interesting all the time.

3,400 Containers of Depleted Uranium exploded in Japan a few days ago… Wowzers! News is not in the global news feeds “yet.”

If you are in the USA don’t be playin’ in the rains these next weeks (or anymore for a while) unless you want to glow in the dark.

4/27/2012 — Cloud of depleted URANIUM heading towards Hawaii and West Coast USA

Bill Ballard

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Bill Ballard ~ Leaving the Old World Behind ~ I’m Going to the Next Level

Bill Ballard’s Blog | April 14 2012

This Final Battle of Light and Dark has got to shift. I feel that time is now. Continuing the battle the way we have played the game these past years seems fruitless now. So many other Light Warriors as my-self are becoming exceptionally weary of the burdens we have been taking on. Not that our Light grows dim, but that the expose and intensity of all and what we have exposed is simply becoming overwhelming.  And yes, that continued focus does keep the vibrations we wish to achieve in a lower state. I look at the 1000+ messages I have been receiving each day about the details of the planet wide Big Picture and I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. Mother Earth feels these dark energies too and cries for the shift. I feel it is time to break ties and get this show in gear. It is time to say goodbye to Old 3D Earth!

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Bill Ballard ~ Incoming X Class Solar Flare Hits Earth March 9th – Be Prepared!

Bill Ballard | Shift Frequency | March 7 2012

This morning just after midnight 2 separate “X” Class Solar Flares began hitting Earth from their release 3/5/12. About the same time those flares began hitting Earth, about 2 am this morning there was another far larger Solar Flare that was released from the sun. It will definitely hit Earth on 3/9/12. You can view this flare this morning at the link below.

X5.4 Solar Flare Update/Quake Watch!

When this next flare hits Earth on 3/9/12 it has the potential to cause major power outages globally. There are many of us who are now finding via our info shares, that this also affects the global Earthquakes too. There has been steam from extinct volcanos occurring throughout the SE USA this past week. WE are realizing the pressures from these solar flares do definitely have some kind of an impact on the global earthquakes. This info is only now being compared. To see how this flare is directed and will hit Earth on 3/9/12 please view this short movie at this link.

NOAA forecast for CME from solar flare of class X5.4 on March 7, 2012

Knowing the possibilities and what these flares may potentially do to our infrastructure. You may wish to think about having some extra foods, water, fuel, and possibly alternative ways of foods preparation.

With Unconditional Love for All That Is,
Bill Ballard

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Bill Ballard (Feb 5 2012) ~ Cleaning House For The 5D Shift Starts With Ego

Bill Ballard |  Shift Frequency | February 5 2012

Dealing with ego is something each must address.To do so we must identify what ego is within the illusion.

The Role And Purpose Of Ego

Ego consists of all we have known, been taught and think ourselves to be. It is the aspect of Self that informs individual and separate experience. These individual experiences feed our souls – the mind aspect of Creator Source – and allow Source to experience and know the lower material levels of consciousness.

Ego identifies who we are. It separates and makes us feel special regarding our accomplishments. It can be vain concerning how we appear or what we have that allows us to compete with others. It provides that mental edge – that secure feeling that keeps us from experiencing fear resulting from how small we really are in human form.

Think back to all those times you might have built yourself up by comparing yourself favorably to others and putting them down. Ego works that way. It needs others who are “separate” to compare itself with.

When we advance on the spiritual path and start realizing who we are on a higher level  we don’t compare ourselves to other ascended beings. We don’t think “because I do this or have that realization I’m more ‘ascended’ than St. Germain or Lady Master Nada.”  It would certainly be silly to compare ourselves in a way that promotes lower vibrational separateness. Indeed, as we ascend we increasingly recognize our oneness and connectedness with each other within All That Is. We know ourselves as individual cogs in one giant cosmic transmission.

Ego allows the experience of individualization and separation. Ego is a tool of consciousness that recedes as we step into higher levels of vibration and consciousness. Ego allows us to experience our individuated selves – the physical being that we become while incarnate. But ego does not transcend lifetimes.

For example, if I remember what I did in my last lifetime it would be strange indeed to hear me say, “Man, I was a fantastic Rocky Mountain sheep herder last lifetime. Yes, I held the Light in some of Colorado’s darkest times in the 1800s. Look at me and what I did last lifetime. Wasn’t I marvelous?”

In other words once you have completed an experience what do you gain by continuing to gloat about who you have been?

In point of fact we are eternal! We are not mere perceptions of former lifetimes.

We each experience unique lives in which we feel, think, and witness all that goes into the communal Akash. We are scouts compiling data though personalities inhabiting a physical body. The ego is this physical body.

Who Are We and What Is Ascension?

We are far more than just body. We are consciousness. To really make magic happen we must awaken to who and what we truly are. We must recognize the smallness of who we think we are from the ego perspective. We must let this go so we can move to a higher level of consciousness.

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Bill Ballard (Feb 2 2012) ~ Super Solar Flares And The Incoming Big Buzz

Bill Ballard | February 1 2012
Shift Frequency.com

One of the largest solar flares in history was unleashed January 27 2012. It marked entry into full consciousness for those choosing ascension. This is the single greatest event in  history activated to raise the frequency of both Earth and humanity. This frequency increase marks the beginning of humanity’s return to an awakened state.

We have been asleep since the Fall of Atlantis. This is the time we have been waiting for! Be thankful you are alive on Earth.

Steve Rother (at ~minute 8 of this video) discusses what’s going on.  The actual CME is shown towards the end of the video. It represents the first of many CMEs to pulse this year.

There will be the naysayers who fear what is happening as these solar flares continue throughout 2012. By law of attraction that fear may be their own demise. These flares may indeed cull all who decide not to redirect their focus to their spiritual development. It has been said repeatedly that all who decide not to ascend with Mother Earth will remove themselves from the coming 5th dimensional New Earth. The solar flares mark the beginning of that time.

Everyone has the choice to ascend. No one is being left out! The opportunity is inclusive to all who choose and do the inner work.The task involved in moving to new Earth is that of re-centering consciousness from head to heart, and making a firm decision to ascend. Time for that decision is indeed short.

These solar flares are unleashing ever higher frequencies. There is no other way to look at what’s happening.  These higher frequencies affect and raise the vibrations of all that is encountered. The Earth and all consciousness located here is being lifted into higher and finer levels of frequency. This frequency increase can be uncomfortable even to those who have prepared for some time as we vibrate at ever-increasing rates into realms to which we are unaccustomed. Sometimes it takes a while for my physical being to attune to these higher vibrations. It is a bit like drinking too much coffee and experiencing an effect of anxiety or a rush in adrenaline. The impact is that of increased bliss – sometimes too much bliss – for those who are heart-chakra activated. These sensations are felt as a tingling in every cell of my physical body and energy field.

This speeded-up vibration will be uncomfortable for those not working to increase frequency. They will increasingly sicken from the impact of the incoming radiation and all the man-made pollutants in the environment. The pollutants on earth are now toxic for  3D-4D life forms. Those choosing to remain ego-based do so because it is necessary for their soul’s growth. This year will greatly aid in their lessons.

Earth School and dimensional mastery is about vibration. That is as simple as it gets. All levels of consciousness – that which we perceive as physical and tangible – is nothing more than various levels of vibration. We are consciousness which lowered itself into very slow vibration to experience a physical separation from Source. That game is up! That cycle is now coming to an end. It is now time to remember who and what we truly are.

We do this simply by raising our vibration. The easiest way (without all the details) is just Be Love! There are some who are shown how and why it all works. These individuals relate their intuitive knowing to help others who are desirous of expanding their consciousness.  I, for example, channel my higher self when in an expanded state of awareness through my ego living this life’s incarnational experience. I blend the two as  best I can.

If you desire to ascend state that to be your choice. It must be stated with heart-felt sincerity and broadcast to the universe. Once you have done so know it to be so and begin your personal spiritual work.

Turning inward is that work.  That is where the true You will be found.

All external to your heart is illusion! That illusion is created by the thought and the emotions you choose to entertain. All truth is found within you, locked within your DNA.


The solar flares unlock DNA encoding and cause life to vibrate at a faster rate. That faster rate of vibration is raising Earth and all choosing to go with her into the higher 5th dimension. Dimensions are levels or octaves of vibration that we either exist in or attune to. The levels of life and consciousness around us which we don’t perceive vibrate at levels we are not currently attuned to. We are moving rapidly into a state where all that is now unseen becomes visible. Don’t freak out! Understand what is happening. Or simply be love. Learn to just be!

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Bill Ballard (Jan 24 2012) ~ Doing the Dimensional Slide

Bill Ballard | January 24 2012
Shift Frequency.com

The Dimensional Slide. It sounds like some New Age dance step and in a way it is. As frequencies rise and spiral into the center many are experiencing contact with parallel dimensions and other realities.  As frequencies elevate the veils become thinner and we find ourselves shifting into alternate realities – all happening in the now.

We know thought creates reality and vibrations allow access to various dimensions. However, as we near the center of the 2012 spiral (coming ever closer to the point of oneness) there is something else also happening. Various possible realities are conjoining. Multiple possibilities of All That Is are manifesting before our eyes.

There is a choice that each must make. It is, “What do I wish to manifest from this illusion for my own future self to experience?

For many years we’ve been told this time would come – the time of merging timelines. This reality has now arrived. Many are now perceiving these parallel experiences and stepping into them. Many are becoming aware as they witness and/or feel moments of alternate possibilities. From my perspective these are the possible choices we can shift into for various experiences.

This is what mastery is about – that we create exactly what we intend and not step off into another cycle of lessons because we could not master our thoughts and emotions.

This subject gets deep as I ponder it. How best to express this in words?

I had experiences of this as a child. They seemed to occur as various encodings were unlocked for my spiritual growth. When I look back to those magical experiences from this time-frame it seems dimensional slides were what had actually occurred.

It is all about the possibilities of alternate realities. As we experience a slide we shift from the current reality we experience into, for a moment or more, other existing realities where our souls are also incarnated. As you know consciousness and our true selves are far greater than what the ego experiences in this life – in this body.

Yes. You have the ability to raise your frequencies and shift consciousness up and down your Antakarana to experience different dimensions and levels of consciousness anchored at various chakra levels. But you are not just what is on the Antakarana connected from Mother Earth’s Sacred Heart through you and back to Source. There are many additional fragments of yourself in alternate realities – parallel universes – experiencing all the alternate choices that were possible for you to experience in this current incarnation.

This is a deep subject, a bottomless pit in itself. What I’m saying is when you experience a meshing – a conscious touching of alternate realities while your current life plays out – it is a decision point, an opportunity to go in another direction. It is a chance to walk through a doorway that has opened when two probable realities merge for a short time.

Is this what Jesus meant when he spoke of the End Times, saying two would be in the field and one would be taken? It sometimes seems to me a doorway opens that I could step through, a portal  manifesting in this reality I am used to. Do I have choice? I think so. This is no doubt why each must master experience by controlling thought and emotion.

Messages concerning mastery of thought and emotion keep arriving. That what we decide to picture in our minds is what creates and manifests our reality. As Mother Earth shifts into the higher 5th dimensional vibrations thoughts and emotions manifest more instantly. This is especially the case as we individually raise our personal vibrations.

Mother Earth’s shift into these higher vibrations is a big problem for those who have not learned to control/master personal thought, emotion and mental pictures. It is now a time of great responsibility for our personal behavior. This is what the End Times and the separation of Wheat and Chaff is all about.

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