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Gregg Braden ~ The Role Of The Heart In The Law Of Attraction [Video]

MerlinWorldDotCom | August 1 2010

Gregg Braden talks about the role of the human heart in the Law of Attraction’s manifestation process. Thoughts that are believed at true or possible become beliefs and the vibration of the beliefs is sent out by the heart in the form of an electromagnetic frequency which affects the atoms around us.

AA Michael ~ Creation Needs To Have The Input Of Each Of You

Ron Head | January 17 2013

Our message today is about allowing your minds to expand into areas which are perhaps new or perhaps long left unexplored. For quite some time now you have allowed us to focus your awareness upon certain goals, and you have done very well. Now you have reached a sort of plateau, a place to gather yourselves and orient yourselves toward your purposes.

Take stock of your deep desires, both those current and those you felt far back in your memory, those you had given up on. Choose those which make your heart light and happy. Do not place any importance upon the opinions of others. When you are in your heart space, they are not there with you. Impossibility is not there either.

As big as your heart space is, it still will only hold you and those who can help build your lives of pure joy and abundance. This is the place to be true to who you really are. This is the place where we would like you to place your workbench. Look around you now. Notice that there are a great many new and shiny tools that you never had before. See the brand new boxes and containers of supplies. Open them and see the brilliant light reflect off of the contents. Now you are prepared to build whatever your heart desires. From now on, you may, and we wish you to, come back here as often as you like.

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11-11-11 Gateway of the Heart

Magenta Pixie | November 8 2011

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