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Mike Bundrant ~ The 7 Elements Of Your Psyche That Serve As The Gateway Into The Matrix

NaturalNews February 22 2013

This article defines the psychic gateway into the matrix of illusion that we live in.

The illusion is a threat. From within it, we unconsciously seek out destruction and fool ourselves into believing it is OK. The destruction happens on an individual and global basis.

The bigger problem is, we actively hide the facts from ourselves through amazing feats of mental gymnastics. This is why it is nearly impossible to convince anyone what it really going on in the world – or within the walls of their home – or inside their own mind. The illusion is pervasive and overwhelming.

The seven facts that follow are the result of months of work searching the lost archives of psychology and philosophy – obscure papers you’ve never seen in out-of-print volumes, written by people you have never heard of. These heroes should be household names, but they have been deleted by modern mental health – but that is a longer story that predates World War II.

Below I use examples of how the illusion affects individuals, but you will see how it applies to the entire population. Please read slowly and carefully when you have time and space to absorb it. Some people need to reread the facts and storyline several times before it begins to make sense. I have tried to distill it down as far as I can, write in layman’s terms and keep it as brief as possible.

By the way, you won’t see this until you realize it applies to you. I have had to work on myself consistently for months now, opening my own eyes so that I can pass this information along. It has been the most liberating experience of my life and I continue to work at it daily. I hope you see it, too.

See the gateway. See the exit. That’s how it works.

1. When you were born, you could not tell the difference between truth and falsehood

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Jonathan Benson ~ Multiple Vaccine Doses Have Resulted In Up To 145,000 Child Deaths In Past 20 Years

NaturalNews | January 24 2013

The recommended childhood vaccination schedule has changed dramatically over the years, with children now receiving upwards of 30 vaccines, including multiple combination vaccines, before the age of six. And in many cases, doctors and nurses administer half a dozen or more vaccines all at once during a single visit to make sure children get all these shots and to save time. But according to data compiled from the government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), as many as 145,000 children or more have died throughout the past 20 years as a result of this multiple vaccine dose approach, and few parents are aware of this shocking fact.

In a study recently published in the journal Human & Experimental Toxicology, researchers evaluated the overall number of hospitalizations and deaths associated with vaccines administered between 1990 and 2010, and compared this data to the number of vaccines given at one time to individual children. Hospitalizations and deaths resulting from one vaccine dose were compared to those of two vaccine doses, in other words, and the same all the way up to eight vaccine doses. Researchers also evaluated overall hospitalization and death rates associated with getting one to four combined vaccine doses, five to eight combined vaccine doses, and one to eight combined vaccine doses.

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Miles O’Brien Riley ~ I Am Always Happy Because I Choose To Be

Inspire Me Today | December 24 2012

Have you noticed lately how many people when they say “Goodbye” (which actually means “God be with you” – a blessing more than a farewell), also tuck in a little “I love you”? I pray that there were a bunch of them earlier this month in Newtown, Connecticut.

We sometimes address the problem of evil by asking “Why do bad things happen to good people?” That, of course, is the wrong question. The real question is, “What are we going to do about it?” Even though we often feel so powerless in the face of evil.

One cartoon shows a child asking God: “How can you permit such violence in our schools?” And God answers: “I’m not allowed in your schools.”

Lots of finger pointing: it’s the guns, or the video games, or our divorce rate, or that over half of our children are being raised by a single (working) parent, or the meds that the shooter was – or wasn’t – taking, or the ad nauseam media coverage offering blueprints for other enraged crazies, or the violent wars worldwide, or the feeble politicos who fail to provide persuasive, prophetic leadership, or the example we give to our kids that major conflict is resolved by bombs and bullets…

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Vicki Savini ~ Childhood Is Simply Too Precious To Ignore

Inspire Me Today | November 21 2012

I’ve learned that childhood is simply too precious to ignore.

Have you ever stopped to think about how your childhood affects you? Childhood is the ground level in this life. It is our foundation. We simply cannot say, ‘What happens in childhood stays in childhood,’ because the truth of the matter is, it doesn’t stay anywhere.

Our childhood is our base for this life that we lead, and without a strong foundation, we struggle to navigate the waters of life. The good news is… it’s never too late to create a strong foundation for your children or yourself.

Within the first five years of our lives, our core beliefs are set. What are core beliefs, you say? Core beliefs are beliefs that we have about ourselves or life in general that are deeply engrained within us from a young age.

An empowering core belief might be, “The Universe supports me and all is well.” A damaging core belief might be, “I’m not worthy or I’m not enough.” These core beliefs are formed early in life, during childhood, as we watch, listen and learn from our parents, caregivers and teachers.

We all have some empowering core beliefs and some harmful core beliefs. Unfortunately most of us have a tendency to hold onto the negative longer than the positive in life. If you’re feeling ‘stuck’ or a bit discouraged, I can guarantee you that there is a damaging core belief at the root of that feeling.

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Caro ~ The Blindfolds

Spirituality & The City | June 19 2012

There is so much beauty around us.
We are all one.
One with all that is.
I want to reach out to all the souls.
The time has come to be able to finally see the true beauty within each human being.

Open your eyes, open your hearts.
See, feel, experience the taste of freedom.
Unconditional love sets us all free.
Blindfolds are being taken off.
I can see them on the floor, lying around on the streets as people drop them while they walk. There is so much to discover.

The veil is lifted.
We are back to where we come from.
We are within.
We are complete.
Peace, Love and Compassion are lived.
Believe it, be it.
Nothing can stop you from feeling compassion. Nothing.

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March 12 – 18 ~ Doreen Virtue’s Weekly Oracle Card Reading

4 Angel Therapy | March 12 2012

The week starts off well, especially if you “let go and let God” and allow your inner child to enjoy the changes that are occurring. Mid- and the end of the week find you pulling back from others a bit and becoming introspective. Allow these changes to occur naturally.

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