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Jonathan Turley ~ China Will Soon Be Able To Import Cooked Chicken Into U.S. Without Labels Of Origin

ChickenChinaThe Obama Administration has quietly opened up the U.S. market to Chinese chicken – a move that alarms some public interest groups. Many consumers avoid China foods, including pet foods, due to a long series of contaminated and poisoned products coming from that country. Now the U.S. will allow four Chinese poultry plants to send processed chicken to American markets while hiding their origin. The problem is that by cooking the chicken, China can avoid new country-of-origins labels (COOL) at delis and other stores — resulting in consumers eating Chinese food products without knowing it.

The Chinese plants passed inspection and will be able to start processing chicken that has been slaughtered in the U.S. or other countries. This follows a hold on the operation after outbreaks of bird flu occurred this year in China, causing human illness and death. Continue reading

RT News ~ World News Links (Sept 23 2014)

Majority of Catalans want independence from Spain – poll

Catalonian separatist supporters wave estelada flags in front of Catalonia's Parliament before the approval of a regional consultation law in Barcelona (Reuters / Albert Gea)

Catalonian separatist supporters wave estelada flags in front of Catalonia’s Parliament before the approval of a regional consultation law in Barcelona (Reuters / Albert Gea)

Almost 60 percent of Catalans support independence from Spain according to the latest poll, which also revealed that Catalans have no fear about their future as a sovereign European state.

The results of the new survey by the Omnibus Opinion Studies Centre have shown that out of 1,600 samples taken from the Catalan population, 87.6 percent would accept the outcome of the November 9 referendum, while 9.1 percent would not.

In addition, 58.8 percent of Catalans strongly agree or somewhat agree that Catalonia should have its own state, while 31.9 percent answered that they are fairly opposed or totally opposed to living in an independent country. Continue reading . . .

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X22 Report ~ Episode 473 – Sept 22 2014 [Audio]

U.S. Coalition Falling Apart, Countries Say ‘No’ To Syria Strike


  • Italy manipulates its GDP numbers to show a recovery is in process.
  • Existing home sales are plummeting and the real estate recovery is now over.
  • FATCA hurting Americans.
  • China looking to dominate gold market, its going physical.
  • Ebola is now contained in two countries.
  • Afghanistan now has a new leader and is ready to sign the bilateral security agreement to keep US troops in the country.
  • The tribes of Yemen have overrun the US puppet regime.
  • U.S. coalition is falling apart, Germany, France, UK and Australia will not strike Syria.
  • John Kerry still pushing that Assad used chemical weapons with no evidence.
  • ISIS used chlorine gas in Iraq.
  • Veteran tried to enter the White House.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

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Dave Kranzler ~ Banksters Gut Silver To Protect Fiat Paper Ponzi [Audio]

It’s the same old song, silver gutted by Bankster cartel paper in order to protect their fiat Dollar Ponzi scheme. Dave Kranzler joins us to discuss what’s next and how low silver could go despite the very real demand for PHYSICAL metals throughout Asia.


Dave’s site: http://investmentresearchdynamics.com/

SF Source SGTreport.com  Sept 21 2014

RT News ~ World News Links (Sept 17 2014)

‘Dope mobile:’ Vatican librarian’s car carrying cocaine, cannabis detained in France

Vatican Library and Archive Director Jorge Maria Mejia (AFP Photo / Str)

Vatican Library and Archive Director Jorge Maria Mejia (AFP Photo / Str)

Using an official Vatican car to transport cocaine and cannabis did not help two Italians to avoid justice. Diplomatic plates failed to protect the two smugglers as they were stopped and arrested in France.

Two Italians, 30 and 41, whose names have not been revealed, are now in a French prison.

There are varying reports on where the arrest was made. Local sources say the incident took place at a French border checkpoint, while AFP reported the two were detained at a toll station near Chambéry, in the French Alps.

When law enforcement searched the Vatican vehicle, they found four kilos of cocaine and 200 grams of cannabis.

It appeared that the car belonged to the Argentine Cardinal Jorge Maria Mejia, 91, retired librarian of the Holy See, who is now recovering after a heart attack.

According to reports, the Cardinal’s private secretary had given the car to the two Italian men few days earlier, to take it for its annual checkup. French RTL radio said the two men used the car to drive to Spain to buy the drugs, assuming they would be protected by the diplomatic plates. They were reportedly on the way back when French police stopped them.  Continue reading . . .

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Paul Craig Roberts ~ Washington’s War Against Russia

“If Washington’s hold on Europe is so powerful that Europe is willing to endure a major disruption of its energy supply as the price of its vassalage, Russia will know to cease its futile attempts at diplomacy and to prepare for war.” – P C Roberts

PaulCraigRobertsThe new sanctions against Russia announced by Washington and Europe do not make sense as merely economic measures. I would be surprised if Russian oil and military industries were dependent on European capital markets in a meaningful way. Such a dependence would indicate a failure in Russian strategic thinking. The Russian companies should be able to secure adequate financing from Russian Banks or from the Russian government. If foreign loans are needed, Russia can borrow from China.

If critical Russian industries are dependent on European capital markets, the sanctions will help Russia by forcing an end to this debilitating dependence. Russia should not be dependent on the West in any way.

The real question is the purpose of the sanctions. My conclusion is that the purpose of the sanctions is to break up and undermine Europe’s economic and political relations with Russia. When international relations are intentionally undermined, war can be the result. Washington will continue to push sanctions against Russia until Russia shows Europe that there is a heavy cost of serving as Washington’s tool.

Russia needs to break up this process of ever more sanctions in order to derail the drive toward war. In my opinion this is easy for Russia to do. Russia can tell Europe that since you do not like our oil companies, you must not like our gas company, so we are turning off the gas. Or Russia can tell Europe, we don’t sell natural gas to NATO members, or Russia can say we will continue to sell you gas, but you must pay in rubles, not in dollars. This would have the additional benefit of increasing the demand for rubles in exchange markets, thus making it harder for speculators and the US government to drive down the ruble. Continue reading

X22 Report ~ Episode 467 – Sept 15 2014 [Audio]


  • Retail sales are declining and many of the big retailers are in big trouble.
  • The sub prime auto bubble is about to burst.
  • Manufacturing is now declining.
  • China announce a yuan clearing house with France and the UK will be issuing yuan denominated bonds in preparation for the yuan to be the world reserve currency.
  • FBI facial recognition online.
  • IMF in talks with West African nations to bail them out.
  • Yemeni tribes cut off talks with government.
  • Libyan tribes say they were hit but unidentified planes.
  • Russia wants to help with the fight against terrorism.
  • President Obama says if Syria strikes a US plane he will attack Syria.
  • Reports the Yemen terrorist organizations are planning a terror attack on the US.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

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Ben Fulford (Sept 15 2014) ~ The Nazionists Are Losing, Europe Is Surrendering, Japan Is Close To Revolution

“Meanwhile, back in the Middle East, the situation remains on a slow boil. US corporate government “acting President” Barack Obama has reacted to the situation in a way that can only be described as psychotic.” – B Fulford

That school yard taunt “liar liar, pants on fire,” pretty well describes how the world views what passes as government in the United States, Israel and their few colonies. Nobody believes their tall tales about aliens, ebola, beheadings, race riots, airplane shoot downs etc. They have lost the ability to manipulate world events.

The clearest sign of the imminent defeat of the Nazionists came in Europe last week. On September 10th Russia reduced gas supplies to Europe, on the 11th the US announced new sanctions and on the 12th the EU indefinitely postponed a free trade agreement with the Ukraine. The free trade agreement with the Ukraine was supposedly the reason for the fascist coup that took place there, so postponing it indefinitely looks very much like the EU surrendering to Russia. Furthermore, the new US sanctions hurt Exxon and BP, companies vital to the US economy, far more than they hurt Russia.

The P2 Freemason lodge is saying they have already reached an agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin to reform the current world political structure in order to make it more fair and inclusive to the people of the planet. They say the obstacle to this goal is the rogue US corporate government.

The British government, for its part, has reacted to the situation by agreeing to issue the first ever Renminbi denominated government bond issued outside of China.


This is equivalent to the UK making a public repudiation of the Federal Reserve Board debt slavery instrument misnamed as the US dollar. Continue reading